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CPAC 2019 - the Generation Gap
The conservative conference ended with a divide between the older and younger attendees. Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. I don’t see a generation gap. I see only cuckery. There is no conservative movement. Concepts like conservative and liberal are meaningless.

    I’m happy Michelle Malkin gave her speech. It was great. However, a Western male (who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) should have given a speech like Michelle’s.

    Ann Coulter was banned from CPAC a couple of years ago because of her immigration stance. She’s great on immigration, but that’s it. Once we get the immigration problem solved, she is useless. She is a negrophiliac who has stated that we owe American blacks for slavery. Yeah, right.

    Nick Fuentes is a Roman Catholic and defender of the Faith, which means he would accept black/Asian priests-popes. This is a problem.

    Tiana Lowe thought “cheesecake” and provocative statements about the patriarchy and capitalism would help her advance her career. No.

    These 4 people cover age groups from the 20s to the 50s, from Millenials to a Boomer.

    We need serious, consistent, brave people. The above are just a mish-mash who have no clue that we are trying to save the West. If you asked them to define the West, they would have no clue what you were talking about. If you explained to them what the West is and what has to be done, they would either run away or call you a racist. If you told them about IQ and its relation to race, they would not want to hear it.

    Nationalism is good, but the West is facing an existential crisis from blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims. We have to think in terms of Western nationalism.

    The GOP is trying to shift from immigration to socialism –

    Socialism is not the problem. The Third World invasion is the problem. Socialism can work in a homogeneous country with high IQ people. It can not work in a mult-culti country with low IQ people, i.e., Venezuela. It can not work if there are “(((Hungarians)))” in a country.

    Biology is first, beliefs are second.

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