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Tiana Lowe plans to speak at CPAC explaining how capitalism can smash the patriarchy and free women from domestic slavery. Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. CPAC is useless.
    It’s just a bunch of diverse cucks meeting for I don’t know what or why.

    Tiana Lowe is just another cuck bimbo. She’s young so she has a limited view of history. However, you mentioned Russell Kirk. If Russell Kirk were alive today, he would be a cuck. Russell Kirk died in 1994. Immigration was a problem, but not as bad as today. Also, Kirk converted to the Roman Catholic Church. When he did this, the RCC was a European institution. It is not any more. Here is a link to his wiki.

    Look at Kirk’s 6 principles. These don’t work anymore because they don’t mention IQ and its relation to race. He has a globalist view where he babbles about the “variety and mystery” of human existence. I live in an area vibrating with diversity. There is no mystery in vibrating diversity.

    Western cucks, particularly the Western male, cannot deal with reality. We have to have a paradigm shift in the West if we are to save it. Biology is first, beliefs second. It means defining what the West is not. It is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. When we study conservative writers like Kirk, Buckley, Burnham, Burke, we have to remember that when they wrote their books, the West was not multi-culti. Again, if these men were alive right now, they would be cucks.

    Economics is of little importance. Lowe’s scribblings about capitalism and the patriarchy are insignificant. We have to have people in our movement who can deal with biological realities. Until we do this, we will not begin to solve our problems.

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