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Christian Lives (Also) Matter
In the past year two mass shootings happened in a house of worship. One shooting caused international outraged and calls for more censorship. The other ...
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  1. Weaver1 says:


    you tweeted “they” as singular, but that is incorrect. “He” is singular neutral. When in doubt, “he” is the pronoun to use.

    I write this respectfully. I’m not currently on twitter, so I just post here.

    On topic, I agree of course. There is and has long been an obvious double standard.

  2. Mr. Anon says:

    Interestingly, I haven’t heard much of any talk about guns or gun control in the wake of the mass murder in Pittsburg. Why is that? Talk about gun control is usually the first word out of the left after crimes like this. But this time it doesn’t seem to be.

    • Replies: @Rufio Panman Fan
  3. Double standards, logic, reason – these don’t work anymore. The only thing left is separation. I know what Soros does, but he does this with the assistance of the Roman Catholic Church. I know this because I’m a cradle Catholic who left the RCC, but I still follow RCC news. Cuck pope Frannie is behind the black/Muslim/Asian invasion of Europe. It’s RCC cucks and Zioevangizer cucks who are causing our problems. Universal church and universal brotherhood are the evil beliefs destroying the West.

    The idiot who shot up the synagogue is just insane. It is insane anti-Semites like him who are another source of our problems. Brother Nathanael rants about the Jews, but as I have asked many before – where should we put the Jews? The Jews have a country, Israel. It is up to Westerners to start repatriation/segregation for blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims.

    You point out how Jennifer Rubin and others are blaming Trump for this and many other things. Yet, I don’t hear any Republicans defending Trump. Mutt Dumney, Little Marco Rubio, Lyin Ted Cruz, and others – nothing but crickets. Many of these are anti-Trumpers. These cowards will not defend the West and the people who make-up the West.

    This will not go on much longer. The Roman Catholic Church has collapsed. RCC cucks in the USA know this and have begun to hint at it. The homosexual priest crisis will close most RCC churches in the USA by 2020. The Orthodox Church is getting the whites who are leaving the RCC. The few remaining RCC churches will be for homos and illegal aliens. The Orthodox Churches will be racial/ethnic so population transfers will be easier to accomplish.

    This attack on the synagogue should get rid of the few, idiot neo-Nazis out there. We need a movement that is strictly for the West. The economics of the party are not important. It is the racial/ethnic component that is important. Since this movement will be for the West only, it means blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims will not be a part of it. A Western movement will have its own media, which again, would not have blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims in it.

    I constantly read and hear whining about how the Jews own the media. Stop whining and do something about it.

  4. @Mr. Anon

    Midterms. They can’t have a message of taking away rights when they can push the narrative that Trump enables jew hate somehow with his constant kowtowing to Israel and sacrificing his favorite child to Moloch.

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