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Christchurch - the Wages of Multiculturalism
Multiculturalism breeds violence. It is time to end this experiment. Let's respect each other's homelands and live in peace. No more wars. Like my videos?
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  1. m___ says:

    We now grade you as for real.

  2. Good for the Israelis. I want to see Gaza scenes on our southern border. We can start with rubber bullets and water cannons.

    The evil of multi-culturalism is a Western European and American problem caused by the most evil, oxymoronic beliefs ever – the equality of people and universal brotherhood. And, once again, it is the cowardly, schizo Western male who is at the root of our problems.

    First, let’s step back at look at the world. Eastern Europe, Japan and Iceland are fine. These countries control their immigration. China is collapsing and will not be a problem in the future. I like to give credit where credit is due and the Chinese have done 3 good things. Their high abortion rate has made them the fastest aging country in the world, they have caused a schism in the Roman Catholic Church and they are eliminating their Muslims. None of these countries believe in the equality of people and universal brotherhood.

    In the West, we have two groups who are causing our problems – the Roman Catholic Church and the Christian Zionists. The males in these groups have become such pure believers they are now incapable of dealing with immigration, IQ/race differences, defining what the West is and how to defend it. Here is an article written by an RCC white cuck male –

    His first sentence states that “egalitarianism is the radical error of our time. If we do not attack it at the root, we will find we have nothing of cultural or spiritual value left to conserve.” What this cuck cannot logically figure out is that blacks/Asians/Muslims/Jews are not equal to Western peoples. What this cuck cannot deal with is that black/Asian males are not equal to Western males/females. I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. This RCC cuck really wants to convert every person on earth. This is not going to happen.

    Next, the Christian Zionists are completely unhinged. They are pushing some one-world government nonsense that is never going to happen. We are actually living in a variation of the Tower of Babel time. Countries are separating. People are separating. The only difference is that English is the international language so we will be able to communicate. Also, Christian Zionists believe in the equality of people and universal brotherhood. The Orthodox Church, which predominates in Eastern Europe, is a protection against the insane ideas of the RCC and Zioevangizers.

    Here is a statement from an Australian that nails who is causing problems in the West –

    We need more Western males like him. We already have countries. We have to repatriate/segregate blacks/Asians/Muslims/Jews.

  3. Hi RamZ. I don’t your youtubes on Unz. I like posting on Unz instead of youtube. Are you going to put your youtubes from yesterday and today on Unz? Thanks!!!

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