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  1. RamZ, dude, we have our homeland. 2040 is here. The war has started. There is no other land for us.

    I voted for Trump just to upset the apple cart. He has done this. We need to start focusing on 2020 and new candidates. We need to vote out the Senators who voted against Trump’s emergency declaration.

    The non-whites you talk about are illegals and will be deported. We’re not going to get involved in Venezuela. Look at what happened in Syria. The neo-cons tried to get us into a war with Syria and it did not happen. People protested against attacking Syria and they will protest against intervention in Venezuela.

    Here’s something else people don’t talk about. Everyone criticizes Javanka, but I would not be surprised if Kusher works closely with the evil, Ziocuck Mike Pence. Here is a youtube with Ziocucks babbling that the immigrant invasions of Europe and our southern border are blessings in disguise.

    As I constantly state, it is the Roman Catholic Church and the Christian Zionists who are the worst. Because of Pence, the Ziocucks have access to Trump. As bad as Trump is, he has to stay alive because Pence is infinitely worse. We are in a tough spot right now, but we will overcome.

    The Democratic party is collapsing. Diversity destroyed it. Diversity destroys everything. This is a bright spot.

    Ann Coulter is angry at Trump, but again, she is a negrophiliac. The illegals and other immigrants are one issue. Once we solve this one, we have other issues, i.e., giving blacks their own state.

    Styx666 is good on the gun issue and tech censorship issue. New media like Gab and Minds are cutting into the Facebook/Google/Twitter monopoly. Even if the GOP cucks refuse to deal with the censorship problem, new alt media is starting to solve it.

    Again, we have to focus on voting out the cucks and RINOs.

  2. Exactly! Great video. Trump has betrayed us…totally.

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