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Antifa Attacks Tucker Carlson's Home
Antifa protesters chant outside Fox's Tucker Carlson's home, break door.
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  1. Anonymous[630] • Disclaimer says:

    Not only was his wife at home and was being terrified his children were there too being terrified by this mob. I have not heard anything about the police arresting that mob but they only “dispersed” them. So goes the Washington D.C. police.

  2. Alfa158 says:

    The Antifas can post videos with impunity. The DC police isn’t going to do anything. The FBI isn’t going to do anything. You may recall that all those rioters arrested on Trump’s Inauguration Day were turned loose with no punishment.
    You don’t have to hide your crimes if the people in charge of the system approve of them and are using you as their Sturm Abteilung.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  3. anonymous[739] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, Alfa158 this is true. The official legal authorities in places like Washington DC, Berkeley CA, Charlottesville VA or now my Chicago City simply will not punish Antifa rioters, Antifa punks who attack (bear mace, bicycle locks, M80 fire cracker, mini bombs).

    Instead of just whining about this all the time, we need to recognize reality and understand that there are other ways, other informal and semi formal authorities who punish wrong doing against our people, especially against our elderly and children.

    During Reconstruction in the South semi secret societies were formed to punish the terrible transgressions of drunk Black Freedmen.

    In California prisons the terrible actions of the worst Black gang convicts (homo rape) were punished by mostly Hispanic groups – Black gangs just aren’t doing the murder and mayhem in Southern California that they were once doing in the early 1990s.

    Even in the most dysfunctional majority minority areas of the USA – there are certain groups of White Anglos (White bikers) that don’t get messed with.

    We need to learn from, network with these groups and not just whine and go running to the teacher when we are being bullied.

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