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Andrew Yang is running for President as the Democratic nominee. What makes Yang an interesting candidate? Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. It was nice of Andrew Yang to say what he said, but he has to go back to Taiwan. He is not a Western male. You are correct in saying that the GOP and cuckservatives refuse to help whites. We have to put more pressure on the types of Western males who are destroying the West: the Caucasian RCC male who accept black/Asian priests-popes, the Christian Zionist who believes present day Jew are the chosen, and the gentile Freemason who believes in universal brotherhood.

    Here is another example of degenerate, Ziocuck and who he thinks will save Christianity:
    The segment starts at 6:35. Towards the end, this Gilbert cuck babbles about how Africans will be coming to the West to re-Christianize it. Pure degeneracy and madness.

    Interesting that in England a black immigrant Christian preacher was arrested for preaching about Jesus:

    I don’t care about this black preacher. He needs to go back to Africa and the Muslims need to go back to their countries.

    You mentioned UBI. I don’t believe most of the stuff being said about replacing most humans with robots. We’ve had people talking about this since the Luddites. Technology does render some jobs obsolete, but it also creates other jobs. Our focus has to be on repatriating/segregating people who are not Western. Once we do this, we can see how the economy is doing and what changes need to be made to the work week. I have no problems with robot labor as long as we deport those who don’t belong in the West. Look at Japan. They use robots more and more and are able to keep their country in great shape. The other reason is because they allow very few foreigners in their country.

    Tawian needs Andrew Yang. We need to confront the Western cuck male and destroy his institutions until he starts to see the light.

  2. Liza says:

    Lots of interesting reading in your comment. However:

    Technology does render some jobs obsolete, but it also creates other jobs.

    Careful, now. This sounds like “Go learn to code.” What, 100 million people doing code, and the rest repairing robots?

    Computer technology, robotics, etc. has passed the point of diminishing returns. And Japan is not in “great” shape, if you will take a closer look. The “grass-eating” men are not becoming fewer in number. And as to their “culture”, maybe you could hunt down their New Year’s Eve popular entertainment show Gaki no Tsukai’s “batsu” game. Degenerate Amerikans seem normal by comparison. But, hey, their economy is in great shape.

    A neolithic society is starting to look good.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @attilathehen
  3. Liza says:

    Holy cow, that is hilarious. Thanks!

  4. @Liza

    You miss my major point – repatriating/segregating those who do not belong in the West, blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims. Once we deal with these groups, jobs will open up. A labor shortage will raise the wages. Coding is the last thing we have to deal with. We can deal with diminishing returns. Cutting off foreign aid and giving it to Americans will also help.

    As to Japan. The Japanese are the only intelligent Asians. Their country is homogeneous. They are dealing with their low birth rate. No country is perfect, but at least the Japanese don’t have to deal with criminal foreigners. The few Muslims in their country are under government surveillance. If there are few Muslims in your country, you don’t have to deal with terrorism. Their island nation is safe, clean and prosperous.

    Eastern Europe is also limiting foreign immigration. Orban and Putin have proposed plans to increase the Hungarian and Russian populations. We cannot do this in the West because of diversity.

  5. Liza says:

    A labor shortage will raise the wages.

    Well, yes, it will, assuming the continuation of a consumerist, materialist society not too different from what we have now except that the darkies will not be here. I would say that a change in mentality would have to occur first – a transformation from a fixation on “standard of living” (lotsa neat stuff, entertainment, endless services) to “quality of life” (more spiritual outlook, more wisdom) and not the other way around. But that is just my opinion.

    No one seems to want to talk about a likely collapse – economic, social, environmental, financial, all occurring at once. Indeed, we are in it now; but how long will the can be kicked down the road? In all the comments/articles/speeches/videos, 99% seem to assume that we just have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and charge ahead and fix things. Well, that is not completely outside the realm of possibility, but I suspect it will look like the “civil” war multiplied by a hundred. In any case, thanks much for replying to my comment. I always like reading your stuff, Attilathehen, and I love your name.

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