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A Blood Libel
What is a Blood Libel? And why was the Jussie Smollett hoax and Kamala Harris' anti-lynching bill a blood libel against our people. Like my videos? Support me ...
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4 Comments to "A Blood Libel"
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  1. Here’s an article about this anti-lynching legislation.

    The black GOP senator Scott from South Carolina (appointed by the East Indian Nikki Haley) worked with Kamala Harris to get this bill passed. The Senate (majority GOP) voted in favor of this bill.

    Who makes up the majority of GOP senators? Caucasian, Christian males. Once again, as I consistently state, it is the cuck Western male (who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) who is the source of our problems.

    Only repatriation/separation can solve our problems in the West. The funny thing about the bill is that it is supposed to promote racial reconciliation. The opposite is happening. 2040 is here.

    2020 will be Year Zero. The cuck Western male will no longer be able to run away from the problems facing the West. Again, as I consistently state, it is the Roman Catholic, Christian Zionist and gentile Freemason Western male who is at the root of our problems. The Jews aren’t even an issue anymore. They have their country. They don’t have any power. It is the cucked Western male who uses the Jews as an excuse for not taking action to save the West. He always blames someone else for his problems.

    The homo ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, just announced that Trump is going to crusade for globo-homo rights.

    They will focus on the Middle East because gays get killed. The only reasons gays get killed in Muslim countries, is because the homo person did not get a fatwa from his mullah. Islam is a relativistic belief system that allows anything as long as a mullah says its kosher. The bachi boys of Afghanistan are an example of this. I have not heard any criticism of this policy from any Catholics or Christian Zionists. This is why I argue against homos from a biological perspective. I always win the argument. The RCC has been taken over by homo priests and trad Catholics are crying about what is going on. There is nothing they can do. The Catholic Church is gone. Not Christianity. Jesus said we are the temples, so priests and preachers are worthless now. Trad Catholics don’t even want to deal with the black/Asian problem in the Catholic Church.

    All of our problems stem from diversity. Diversity destroys. I’m glad that we are having these problems. There is no place to hide. It it time to deal with reality.

    I don’t recall reading much about this anti-lynching bill. However, in light of the Jussie Smollett affair, we have to hold our congressmen and women accountable for their votes for stupid bills like this. We have to focus on turning out of office anyone who voted for this bill and those who will not secure our southern border.

    Again, big picture, it is the cucked Western male who is the problem. Nothing will get done until we deal with him.

  2. If the 1981 guy did the lynching alone, it wouldn’t qualify for the new law, which (as I understand it) needs two or more people. How far back would you have to go to find one to fit? 1940s? But the fact that the 1981 guy was executed certainly negates the need for a law 38 years later.

    When Western Australia brought in laws against “Racial vilification” in the 1980s, the first person charged was an aborigine racially abusing a white!!! It caused some discomfiture.

    That’s the problem with these laws – they are plainly intended to target whites, but of course they can hardly say that in a legal manner. And so, if the laws are applied fairly, the ones who commit the most crimes will be the ones who are charged the most… blacks and leftists.

    But it will be a “who/whom” scenario. The rule of law was a great thing while it lasted.

  3. Jussie told the truth. We need to immediately pass legislation criminalizing the denial of this heinous crime backed up by serious prison time and financially ruinous fines. 6,000,000 gay Black-Jew hybrids have been lynched in the Deep South North Side of Chicago since November 2016. If you deny this you are a bigot that does not even merit the refuting of your slander and should lose your freedom, family, home and livelihood. There is no other way.

  4. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually several highly respected Jewish historians have well documented that medieval jews and even later jews did in fact kidnap white children and murder them for magick rituals they and others go on to document that all judaism not only believes in and practices sorcery but that satanism is also orthodox ron unz website has half a dozen articles going into the details which are fascinating and would be unbelievable if not written and published by jews themselves with citations from jewish texts

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