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Will You Stand with PragerU?
Who wants to live in an America where differing viewpoints are suppressed? Google/YouTube has restricted over 200 PragerU videos and demonetized many ...
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  1. frankie p says:

    I stand against big tech censorship. I do NOT stand with Prager U and its sneaky Zionist agenda of demonizing Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian people who seek the rid their region of the apartheid monster that has caused so much death, suffering and destruction. I do, however, believe that Prager U should have the right to post their videos. They preach a socially conservative message that resonates with many Christians in the US, and I agree with some of those videos, which criticize the Anti-fascist fascists on US campuses, the hypocrisy and militancy of the US “community victimization” left, etc. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that these socially conservative messages are mostly a wedge to keep the fundies firmly on the side of Israel. Oh, my country, I weep for thee.

    Frankie P

    • Agree: MarkinLA
  2. HZ says:

    Shouldn’t those libertarians start they own youtube?

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