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The Myth of Voter Suppression
Do Republicans win elections by preventing minorities from voting? The Left says yes, but the data says no. Jason Riley, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, ...
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  1. Idiots. What a bunch of patent propaganda.

    Look. Voting machines are rigged. By rich people. In favor of either Democrats or Republicans. Whomever they prefer at the moment. Examples? Voting machines were rigged against Kerry in 2004 and against Trump in 2016. Did you know, just incidentally, that Trump won the popular vote? I’m sure you didn’t. Because you believe propaganda like this.

    I assure you vote suppression happens. In favor of whomever the rich want in power.

    I assure you illegals voting happens. In favor of whomever the rich want in power.

    All forms of vote fixing occur in every single election, in favor of candidates from all sides.

    Cf. The Great McGinty.

    Grow up. Get real. Stop thinking your propaganda organs tell the truth and “their” propaganda organs lie. Sorry. Grownups know it’s all lies.

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