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Jordan B Peterson

The Democrats: Apology and Promise (v1.2)
I posted a variant of this video yesterday, but upon further consideration decided that this mode of presentation was more appropriate, and therefore chose to ...
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  1. Alfa158 says:

    Jordan must have a mouse in his pocket because I see no sign of this “we the Democrats” he is talking about. What incentive does he think that the Democrats have to change course or tone? What they are doing is working, and will eventually succeed. Demographics is destiny, anyone can see what has happened in many states, most particularly California. All the Democrats need to do is keep doing what they have been doing and the inexorable changes will compete the process of making the US an empire under single party rule. I don’t think anyone else in the Democratic Party besides Jordan is suffering from any remorse over the crushing of their enemies. He is kind of a charming anachronism of a country rapidly disappearing into history, a country that was much more than a combination strip mall and motel.

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