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Wright State Faculty Ends One of the Longest Strikes at a Public University in U.S. History - In Dayton, Ohio, faculty members at Wright State University have just concluded one of the longest public university strikes in U.S. ...
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  1. All power to the teachers! Hurray for unions and striking! Now this is real news! Good news! Striking is the best. Anyone who disagrees is either a shill or a boss. College teachers are usually chicken. I am amazed at and heartened by the courage of these Wright Wingers.

  2. What a load of self-serving propaganda — striking to project public goods? Unions exist for one and one reason only — to protect and advance the self-interest of their members. Anyone who believes that tenured (life-time, guaranteed job, working 8 2/3rd months per year, extra-pay for summer, sabbaticals every 7 years) professors are part of the downtrodden proletariat has no clue about the cushy life of a tenured professor, particularly at a unionized campus where the contract ensures virtually zero accountability. The Chronicle of Higher Education every year publishes a survey that lists the annual salaries of professors at most of the U.S. universities. Last time I looked (several years ago) the average salary of a full professor at WSU was a thousand or two short of 100k. Total faculty benefits at WSU, particularly the state retirement system, would make a real member of the proletariat die from envy.

    Fichtenbaum makes it sound like the administration was trying to take away faculty health care benefits, when in fact it wanted to move the faculty union to the same plan as the rest of the university. Universities are caste-systems with tenured faculty at the top. They don’t like to associate with the “untouchables” who cut the crass and clean the buildings, fix the computers and check out their books. Rudy is right about one thing — its about power. That’s all its about.

    The previous administration was led by the smiling fool, ludicrously compensated David Hopkins and supported by Michael Bridges, BoT Chair who was determinedly blind to the staggering incompetence. They presided over the squandering of a 110 plus million dollars in reserves that led to this sorry debacle. Hopkins was fired 5 years too late and Bridges should have been thrown off the BoT years ago. No accountability there either. But what did this strike accomplish other than further destabilizing the university? There are no good guys in this mess — just a gross mix of incompetence, arrogance and stupidity.

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