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New Documentary Reveals Racist Narrative That Fueled Response to Laquan McDonald
"In spite of all of the facts we have about this case, in spite of the video, in spite of all of the evidence that has come forward, those facts are not enough to secure ...
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  1. eah says:

    Amy Goodman (a Jew of course) is like a broken record, featuring anything that will help demonize Whites and ‘racist’ America, while ignoring the plague of disproportionate black violent criminality (unless it’s to somehow blame it on Whites): how many Blacks shot other Blacks in Chicago last weekend (and treated by White and Asian surgeons)? — not to mention black single motherhood and all the taxes Whites pay to provide welfare to Blacks.

    Without getting into the details of the shooting and whether it was justified: McDonald was another useless young black male — no father in his life — he had a significant juvenile criminal history — police were called because he had a knife and was behaving erratically — when confronted by police he refused to drop the knife and was shot — via a settlement his family hit the ‘ghetto lottery’ — the racial grievance industry, which includes people like Goodman, has been playing it up ever since.

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