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no editing just talking.

I will happily debate or talk to the alt righters.

in the 1980s we had all the same guns as today and yet the first and only school shooting was in 1989 and it was by an adult not a student, which resulted in the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons...

This joyous video, produced by Radiance of Résistance تألق المقاومة, features a young Ahed Tamimi, Rand Bilal Tamimi and Janna Ayyad--dancing to one of their favorite songs, by...

original props to this lady.

Good of him to admit being wrong and apologizing. I can't get 911 kookers or skeptics to call me to i started calling facebook and recording the speaker with my phone.

So youtube yanked the sound away from the first video. If this happens again then go here. Sydney Dec 2016, My...

I hope I am wrong. Enjoy Easy CE46 0000 00E3 7B38 Medium 5DDC 0000 01B6 4369 Hard 4B1A 0000 02F4 C9BD.

Sydney Dec 2016, My self and Maram S. (Syrian girl) gave a talk about the ongoing wars that led up to the current conflict in Syria. Originally I was invited by Western Sydney University. Things...

UK lawyers: Remove Saudi from UN Human Rights Council add me on Patreon

UK lawyers: Remove Saudi from UN Human Rights Council.

I decided that because kookers cannot maintain more than two pieces of information at a time that I would break it down in baby steps and address each issue one at a time. This video is being...

I decided that because kookers cannot maintain more than two pieces of information at a time that I would break it down in baby steps and address each issue one at a time. This video is being...

Fundraiser Information on the conference YOu need a ticket to get in. If you are in DC...

Final Article Trip to DC donations and Audio Book

A reading of the evidence presented by Vanessa Beeley regarding the UK FCO & USAID multi-million-financed White Helmet organization embedded with terrorist factions inside Syria, also funded...

psychology of the left. they just hate hierarchy because it means their a superior, and they ain't it.

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Happy MLK Day.

Chosen ones Strike again.

In response to my earlier video which is here

Obama bombed 7 countries. But he didn't publicly call them shit holes. He just murdered people and aided Al Qaeda in Syria, but with did it with respectful language.

disqualified from having an opinion for being the wrong color. how is that not racism. Excuse me you are not allowed to speak because you dont have the correct biology. Racism begets racism.

The Most Neutral Video and you know they will say it is not suitable for advertisers automatically before it is even done loading.

Gilad Atzmon talks 911 and identity politics

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this has been up on and Patreon for days THE AUDIO BOOK The Separation of Business and State.

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On PressTV this has over 10k dislikes.

2nd time uploading My Patreon


Audio Book Podcast 1-27min on Media creating the weak representation and opposition it wants, 27min Steven Crowder, Shapiro and other SJW bashing careerists...

All the Woo9dsheds ANC Report Movie of the Jewish terrorist...

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Article about Israel's Projection Trailer and film about the terrorist state

Get the film here Only $4 and after we sell 200 I will make it free on youtube.

Cities are not holy. You can make anything holy because it doesn't mean anything since it is based on fiction.

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This guy is a lawyer? He's throwing up Mythology as History. Imagine if Christians just started saying Noah's Ark was a Historical event or that the Tower of Babble, Story of Samson, Jonah...

Film Exposing the Kushners and how Jewish Billionaires use bribery blackmail and threat to fleece money from the state