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How are China's high-speed rail tracks laid? Check out this video, which is filmed at a construction site in Sichuan Province.

Turn earth into lovely figurines! Click the video to find out how the folk artists in Fengxiang County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, are doing wonder to clay.

For Chinese living and working in war-torn Afghanistan, Spring Festival offers one of the rare occasions for celebration and Chinese diplomats in Kabul have been trying to offer them more.

Chinese New Year celebrations are being held all over the world, with millions joining in the festival fever, to mark the Year of the Dog.

Were you able to do this at age 7? These kids from Wuqiao, China dream of one day becoming world-famous #acrobats!

A Chinese "railway couple" who are constantly on the go. Find out about the amazing bond that has kept them inseparable at heart.

North Korean cheerleading squad amazes audiences in South Korea as they stage performances on the sidelines of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

New Year blessing! World's longest bridge that stretches 55 km over the sea is ready to open. It connects Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Macao.

It''s the Russians turn to celebrate the end of winter -- at their annual Maslenitsa festival. Maslenitsa is a traditional Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday, celebrated during the...

In almost every culture, dinner tables during important festivals are always full of symbolic dishes. That is the same for Tibetans, who are celebrating the Tibetan New Year. Papza mogu is...

Chinese Consul General in Houston and Houston Mayor, joined by NBA players, lion dancers, and acrobats sent their greetings in celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year during a basketball game...

Shaolin monks perform fast and powerful kungfu at the Shaolin Temple in central China's Henan Province. Shaolin kungfu is a complex art taught mainly by oral formulas handed down from generation...

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Giant panda cub Yu Bao gets into trouble when showing off stunning "gymnastic skills" at a zoo in Chongqing, China. A friend of him rushes to help. Click...

Shaolin monks wow visitors with animal-style kungfu, mimicking movements of tiger, eagle, snake and toad.

In honor of the Year of the Dog, three figures of Chinese stars as well as a group of homeless puppies were specially brought to Madame Tussauds in New York.

Um al-Noor, the first female taxi driver in Syria's Aleppo, showed self-reliance in times of war and hardship. Um al-Noor lost everything when the war raged in Aleppo and found herself alone...

Amazing night view of the Daming Lake, a hot scenic spot in east China's Shandong Province! A light show here attracts visitors during the Spring Festival.

Stunning! Dozens of self-driving cars pass through world's longest sea bridge on Lunar New Year's Eve. The vehicles were powered by Baidu's Apollo technology. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge...

In 60 years, from 1 to 135. Spectacular bridges on the Yangtze River are reshaping the region along the 6300-km waterway.

Explore Beijing's Grand View Garden Temple Fair with Xinhua! Acrobatics, clay figurines, delicious snacks and an imperial procession based on the famous novel Dream of the Red Chamber –...

LIVE: Largest Chinese New Year celebration outside Asia! A vibrant parade and spectacular performances are staged in London to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year. #ChineseNewYear #LunarNewYear.

Safeguarding "Sky Road" to Tibet. Father and son's one-minute reunion at railway station in Xining, China. SHARE to your friends. #ChineseNewYear.

There will always be a cup of coffee ready for them,” said Mrs. Zamora, owner of a coffee planation in Costa Rica, after a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan...

The Tibetan New Year coincides with the traditional Spring Festival this year. Check out this video for how Zanba pastry, a traditional Tibetan New Year delicacy, is made.

Lunar New Year's Eve is a time of family reunion for hundreds of millions of Chinese. But for this daughter and her mother, the reunion only lasted two minutes.

Kung Fu master doing a handstand on two fingers. #MartialArts #KungFu.

Heartwarming: A Chinese young man puts on 10 kg to help his father lose weight. While working out together at the gym, they have found out that what has changed is not just their body shape.

A joyous #LunarNewYear for pandas around the world.

FBI admits it failed to act on a tip that Florida high school shooter "wanted to kill." The 19-year-old suspect has been arrested and charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.

Happy New Year! 300 drones dance in the sky to send New Year greetings in Guangzhou, China. #LunarNewYear #ChineseNewYear.

A daring rescue! Italian teenager jumps into train tracks to rescue a two-year-old boy in Milan.

Find out the story behind construction of the oldest existing steel bridge on the Yellow River, and how it brings China closer to the rest of the world.

A network of freight trains covers 35 Chinese cities and 34 European destinations.

A powerful #earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico cuts power and damages homes. The tremor was felt as far away as Mexico City, setting off seismic alarms and causing people to flee swaying buildings...

Make each day counts in 2018: China's special forces soldier Gao Zhenwei.

Altars are set up in China's Tibet for a rich and prosperous year ahead.

Nasdaq stock exchange marked Chinese Lunar New Year with a special bell ringing ceremony on Friday morning. Chinese Consul General in New York Zhang Qiyue rang the opening bell on the...

A robot designed to help readers at Shanghai Library has attracted visitors' attention since its debut this year. About 1-meter-tall, with a touch screen as its "face", the android stands beside...

Each year, the city of Korla in China's far West welcomes hundreds of swans to stay for the winter.

It's #ChineseNewYear and there is high demand for lanterns by craftsmen in Weifang, east China.

An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale jolted 4 km South of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Mexico.

People hold candles during a vigil for the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, the United States, Feb. 15, 2018. Seventeen people were killed...

Happy New Year! Greetings from 17 giant panda cubs born at a research base in Sichuan, China. #LunarNewYear #ChineseNewYear.

Spring Festival greetings from President Xi Jinping in 2015, 2017, 2018 #SpringFestival #XiJinping.

Wanna celebrate the Lunar New Year in a unique way? Come to east China's city of Qufu, where the ancient philosopher Confucius was born. Families gathered here to enjoy special folk customs.

For thousands of years, porcelain has been crafted from clay and fire. China Album invites you to potter around China's Jingdezhen, the "porcelain capital", to learn more about this delicate...

Some 300 km south of Beijing, Zhaozhou Bridge is the world's oldest single-arch bridge with a history of 1400 years. It has withstood floods, wars and quakes, and is witnessing change...

Nikolai Lukashenko, the youngest son of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, has sent Chinese New Year wishes to President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan. Nikolai also showed off...

Afghanistan has been plagued by war for almost 40 years since 1979. Wang Qiuhong runs a Chinese restaurant in Kabul. Now, she is busy in preparing food for Chinese in Kabul to mark the Chinese...

LIVE: Fireworks light up Sydney sky for #ChineseNewYear. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is bathed in an auspicious red glow as the city welcomes the #YearOfTheDog.

Grandpa, father and son. Three generations of a family work at the same train station in a remote village of north China. Chinese New Year means more than the busiest time for the Zhangs. Find out.

Giant pandas are celebrating Chinese New Year in their own very unique way. Find out.

LIVE: Enjoy a street of fanfare and festivities! #ChineseNewYear celebrations in Bangkok, Thailand. #LunarNewYear.

The Prison Theater Company is a social impact project from the Shakespeare Forum that began in 2009 in the penitentiary of Saint Martha Acatitla in Mexico City. It aims to promote rehabilitation...

China's J-20 stealth fighters and Su-35 jets in combat training. The J-20, a new medium and long-range fighter jet, has entered service with the PLA air force. #J20 #stealthfighter.

The Chinese community in Argentina, which makes up one of the largest of the immigrant communities in the country, is preparing to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Many Chinese...

A joint operation between the Salvadoran attorney general and national police has successfully seized a number of assets from international criminal gang, MS 13. The operation, dubbed 'Cuscatlan',...

Douglas Flint, the UK Treasury's Belt and Road Envoy, says the country is very enthusiastic to participate in the initiative proposed by China.

LIVE: Dragon dance, face-changing and stunning acrobatics! Enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration in style in Osaka, Japan.