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Germany Is Occupied Territory
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  1. Another good one, Bro!

  2. Corvinus says:

    Of course Germany is not occupied territory.

    True, Germany did not sign a peace treaty at the end of World War II, but that does not mean that a state of war persists. A war can be ended in several different ways, a peace treaty being one of them. Now, in the case of the German surrender of World War II, there are two ways we can look at the German Instrument of Surrender.

    One way would be as an unconditional surrender in which all German armed forces laid down arms. It is a cessation of hostilities and effectively leaving the dictation terms for the peace treaty to the victorious party. Effectively, peace dictated by the enemy but peace none the less.

    Another way to look at the cessation of hostilities in World War II is as a modern case of debellatio. This term means, in essence, that one party of a conflict has been completely destroyed, no sovereign territory remains under their control. The Roman conquest of Carthage in the Third Punic war in the second century ended debellatio. Carthage ceased to exist as a nation. One could argue that World War II in the case of Germany also ended debellatio, no sovereign German territory remained.

    The German state effectively ceased to exist as an entity. This would effectively void a debate as to whether or not Germany surrendered or signed a peace treaty as Germany no longer existed. The modern day Germany is a separate entity from the Germany that ceased existed prior to the the surrender of World War II.

    Simply because foreign national troops are within a nations borders does not make it occupied territory. The occupation of western Germany ended May 5, 1955 with the implementation of the General Treaty which formally ended the occupation. The remaining restrictions under the General Treaty were in turn removed in 1990 with the reunification of Germany. Thus, Germany is a sovereign state by every definition of the phrase since 1990.

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