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'Our Hearts Are Breaking': NZ Readies to Bury Mosque Attack Dead | al Jazeera English
People in Christchurch have been gathering to pay tribute to those who died in Friday's attacks. Survivors have been telling their stories of how they escaped the ...
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  1. Harbinger says:

    This public mass grief is almost as vomit inducing as the princess Diana debacle, where people all cried yet never knew her. Do they shed a tear for the hundreds of thousands dead Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans whom their politicians supported military intervention? Never knew any of the dead and won’t be shedding any tears, that is IF THERE WERE ANY or it wasn’t another psy-op. Ten years in prison for possessing the video in New Zealand? Could it be because they don’t want CLOSE EXAMINATION by the public, who may see it’s fake? And immediate calls to ban guns and most certainly outlawing nationalism in the very near future? And then like 9/11, 7/7, Boston, Sandy Hook etc, there just happened to be a police terrorist drill/mock terrorist attack that day as well?

    If anything it shows the public to be the heavily brainwashed, mass indoctrinated, ignorant, zero critical thinking ability, over emotional, weak, gullible, foolish sheep they all, overwhelmingly are.

  2. Whose hearts are breaking. Not mine! They were breaking when all those Muzzie attacks were happening under Obama in America and Europe and under President Trump! All the Whites that were being slaughtered by Muzzies with Cars,Trucks,Guns.

  3. A few years ago, no one would have believed the Kiwis could have been a contender for the West’s number one ultra-liberal nation. After all they where the only Anglo nation with a nationalist/populist party in parliament (albiet full of indigenous Maoris). However, the Scando’s have really taken their eye off the ball since 2015, and open fascists now gain over 18 percent of the vote in Sweden. And don’t even talk about Denmark’s immigration policies. Meanwhile Canada’s going all populist and wannabe Yellow Vestie and jaded Justin’s looking increasing like the Commonwealth’s version of Macron.

    Hence, the opportunity is definitely their for the Kiwis to take top spot. How many white western leaders wear a Muslim head scarf to commemorate dead immigrants?

    Serious Pokemon points. A UN appointment can’t be far away.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  4. Medvedev says:

    How come I didn’t see Muslims grieving after hundreds and hundreds of terrorist attacks in the US and Europe alone?
    When thousands of White/Black/Hispanic Christians have been killed since 9/11?

  5. I ask myself everyday. Why do a race of people with a barbaric religious past choose to go to countries that do not want them or share their views. I have no desire to go to Haiti or Liberia. I couldnt immerse myself in that culture and feel like I’m welcome. Is there charity for whites in non christian countries. Why is it that white countries have to take in everybody but we are not welcome anywhere else. They only come for the freebies then try and push their agenda on us. What about our rights. what about our rights to freedom of association?
    Sick of it all.

  6. anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:
    @unpc downunder


    Islamic scarf with un-Islamic skin-exposing scoop-neck dress

    most western women merely look ridiculous attempting to “respect” Islamic headgear.

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