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Media Gloats About Censoring Opinions of 37% of Americans
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Thirty-seven percent of American citizens are socialist or communist. That’s far more people than voted for either Hillary Clinton (28% of eligible voters) or Donald Trump (27%) in 2016.

The majority is voiceless. A privileged minority rules. The United States is a political apartheid state.

If the left were allowed on the ballot in this fake democracy, given space in newspapers and on television, invited to join political debates, and if it wasn’t brutally suppressed by the police and FBI, the left wouldn’t need to wage a revolution in order to take over the country. Leftists could easily win at the ballot box, if America were a real democracy.

Media censorship plays a major part in the conspiracy to deny the majority left its rightful role as the nation’s rulers. Socialist and communist Americans read newspaper editorial pages and draw the false conclusion that they’re members of a lunatic fringe. More than 1,000 papers — yet not one single leftist opinion columnist or editorial cartoonist on staff?!

Leftist Americans exist by the millions but many are isolated from one another. They watch CNN, MSNBC and Fox News and figure they’re all alone. None of the three major cable news networks employs a single left-wing commentator. They go to the polls but there’s no left party on the ballot. Or if there is, they’ve never heard of it and don’t want to waste their votes.

To be a leftist in America today is analogous to how black people felt until recently while watching TV: You don’t see anyone like you. The powers that be want you to feel like the Invisible Man, as though you don’t exist, as though you don’t matter.

American politics is a party to which you have not been invited.

There used to be a little space. In the 1990s, lefties like me were granted occasional mentions in The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and NPR. Even Fox News had us on to serve as punching bags. Shortly after 9/11, we disappeared along with the Twin Towers, relegated to a few blogs and alternative weeklies. Now newspapers and cable TV news and corporate news websites never give space to representatives of the left. (Don’t email me about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s a Democrat, not a leftist.)

Ashamed and afraid, the gatekeepers used to have the decency to keep secret their suppression of people whose political sin is that they really, truly believe that all humans are equal.

Censorship with a smile is no longer enough for America’s corrupt news media. Now they’re brazenly contemptuous and impressively thorough. They even seek to elevate censorship of the left to a proud American value!


On May 12, the Times ran another in a string of hit pieces on RT America, a television network it described as “the cat’s paw of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.” RT, the Times complained, “amplifies voices of dissent, to sow discord and widen social divides. It gives the marginal a megaphone and traffics in false equivalence.” Imagine that: Giving airtime to people we’ve always censored! “Voices of dissent” must never be “amplified.” They must be silenced.

This has become a standard talking point.

“RT America has a modest audience, exploring stories of dissent, injustice and poverty within the U.S. that it says American news outlets ignore,” NPR sneered in 2016, as if dissent, injustice and poverty were standard fare on corporate media outlets. Anyway, if RT’s audience is so small, why is the political establishment so worried about them?

Even the formerly liberal Guardian has gotten into the act: “Fringe opinion takes centre stage (on RT),” it wrote in 2017. “Reporting is routinely bolstered by testimony from experts you have never heard of, representing institutions you have never heard of.” It is true that RT rarely interviews “experts” like John Bolton and William Kristol, neocon architects of the Iraq War who, despite their evil idiocy, pop up everywhere from CNN to Bill Maher’s show. Far more often, they interview people who have been right year after year about issue after issue — people like me.

I get interviewed by RT often. (Disclosure: I am a frequent guest on RT’s sister radio network Sputnik News and draw cartoons for them, too.) Never once have they told me what to say or not say. I wish I could say the same about many “mainstream” U.S. media outlets.

Many attacks against RT originate with the U.S. government’s national security apparatus. The Times piece blithely cites the RAND Corporation, Molly McKew, a right-wing lobbyist for the anti-Russian government of Georgia and the director of national intelligence to support its allegations. A 2017 report issued by the DNI groused: “RT’s reports often characterize the United States as a ‘surveillance state’ and allege widespread infringements of civil liberties, police brutality, and drone use. RT has also focused on criticism of the U.S. economic system, U.S. currency policy, alleged Wall Street greed, and the U.S. national debt.”

Notably, the report did not question the accuracy of those assertions.

It certainly didn’t suggest that the U.S. stop doing all those things that make it look so awful.

To U.S. corporate propagandists the solution is clear: Censor more and censor better.

Make censorship good.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Censorship, Socialism 
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  1. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    All is not lost. Beware leftest as they actually can make a revolution happen.

  2. fnn says:

    Didn’t you get the news that Russia is no longer socialist? BTW, remember that Huey Long was running against FDR on a program of taking most of the wealth away from the rich and wound up being assassinated by the “deranged” head of the Louisiana State Medical Society. Huey was probably the last serious “socialist” (probably in the way you mean it, since I don’t think you want to recreate the Soviet Union) politician in American history.

  3. Muggles says:

    If you want something like objective news about the US you need to look elsewhere. RT may have a pro Russia bias but so what? Their reporting on the US political scene is untainted by the corporate MSM propaganda line that is fed daily to news stenographers. Unlike American media, RT doesn’t demonize the US or refer to it as “the enemy” like hyperbolic American news. American “journalists” love war as much as the Generals in the Pentagon. So enemies are needed, here and abroad.

    No, objective news about Russian politics might not be RT’s best beat. But at least you know that. Here all the media (major) pretends they are objective. Yet they all hate Trump, some more than others. There is no dissent about green politics, abortion, feminism, gays, the joys of diversity, more welfare for everyone, Trump as Satan, migrants are better than citizens, homeless are superior to the productive, etc.

    Russians might want to see what the US media says about their country. Read Le Monde to see how the UK looks to the French, etc.

  4. Kudos TUR for posting Rall. Can’t say I agree with his politics, but I do appreciate his cartoons.

    • Agree: nokangaroos, FB
  5. American social and cultural discourse: Pretty useless… which is why you gotta find esoteric means to suggest what you really mean.

  6. BADmejr says:

    While reading this article, I had to guard against my own biases against what one being a leftist means to me. After all, how can one claim that the left is censored by the MSM? Yet, in many ways the whole left/right dichotomy is a false one. As an example, I would be labeled by the so called mainstream as a right-wing extremist white suprEEEmacist, or some other such nonsense, but there are several traditionally “leftist” ideas with which I agree. Although there are many reasons I would disagree with the following, it can be argued that both the “true” right and left (if there is such a thing) are both marginalized by the powers that be. If the “real” left truly is a force that stands against the current elites, then it is surely marginalized as is my perspective.

    I have never read anything apart from this article by this author, but he never mentioned support for all this degenerate bullshit that typifies our idea of the left, such as a belief in impossible equality (as opposed to equal application of the law/standards, which, of course, will never lead to equal outcomes). I know I am socially conservative and certainly not economically so, at least not in the sense of deregulation of mega-corporations and tax cuts for the wealthy.

    I’m just rambling now. My point is that as an “evil neon-nazi,” I am willing to approach ideas from either the left or the right in an objective manner. Would the anti-racist haters offer me the same tolerance? That is obviously a rhetorical question.

  7. Good luck on your communist revolution. I’m actually pretty glad you guys don’t have a seat at the table. Most people, myself included, like things like the stock market, consumer choice and gun rights. Commies threaten all of those things.

  8. Anonymous[329] • Disclaimer says:

    Traditional Left-Right politics are finished in the US. It’s all about globalist NWO and White Genocide now. Choose wisely.

  9. Anon[631] • Disclaimer says:

    The primary thesis of communism is the destruction of nations.

    Do we give cancer a say in the body?

    The will to preserve of national integrity should be the starting point for democratic participation. The will to destroy the system contradicts any justification for the privilege to participate in it.

    As is the case for all revolutionaries: if the communists want their world, they are going to have to take it in an armed revolution. Which, as we know, they are planning to do.

    My perspective is that if we can see hem coming then they should be wiped out before it gets to armed revolution. Similar to how the Russian and French monarchies should have wiped out the revolutionary forces before they committed their massive atrocities.

  10. Please write an article about Bernie Sanders. He calls himself a socialist, but refuses to support the Green party or the Socialist party, corrals socialists to join the Democratic party, then says he will support whoever the corporate Democrats choose for President.

    From my blog:

    Jun 4, 2019 – Impeach Them All!

    Like most Americans, I’m tired of the impeach Trump BS. If you ask why impeach Trump, people can’t really say, they just don’t like him. I can provide a list of reasons to impeach any of our past Presidents. Remember President Obama’s kill list, when he okayed the assassination of US citizens abroad without a trial? Remember when he sent US troops into Syria with no Congressional okay? If the Democrats don’t like Trump, choose a populist Democrat to run against him who will win easily. But the corrupt machine will choose a corporate approved warmonger who advocates open borders and transgender rights and calls anyone who opposes his ideas a racist Russian lover.

    The strangest Democratic candidate is Beto O’Rourke. He lost a senate race to Ted Cruz in Texas so thought that proved him Presidential material. He attracted some interest with his open borders advocacy, but foolishly thought to distinguish himself from other candidates by criticizing Israel. This is why his news coverage has fallen to near zero, except when he advocates open borders ideas (aka immigration reform) that corporate media tycoons love. The only good Democratic candidate is Tulsi Gabbard, which is why she gets zero news coverage. Bernie Sanders gets some coverage since he is the most popular and undermines the Green Party, but he already promised to support any Democratic candidate after they cheat him out of the nomination, just like last time.

  11. FB says: • Website

    Wow…Ted Rall is on UNZ now…?


    (Don’t email me about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s a Democrat, not a leftist.)

    Thank you…thank you…thank you…

    Great to see a real intellectual writing here…[other than the venerable PCR…]

  12. Precious says:

    Ted, when you are done feeling sorry for yourself, are you available to answer some questions?

    Thirty-seven percent of American citizens are socialist or communist…The majority is voiceless…

    When did 37% of Americans become the majority? Wouldn’t the 63% be the majority? And how many of those 37% are fake Americans? Meaning immigrant aliens(regardless of their paperwork) living in the US who don’t care about Americans and America?

    If the left were allowed on the ballot in this fake democracy, given space in newspapers and on television, invited to join political debates…the left wouldn’t need to wage a revolution in order to take over the country

    So the left is waging a revolution to take over the country? On what moral basis do they wage this revolution?

    Leftist Americans exist by the millions but many are isolated from one another. They watch CNN, MSNBC and Fox News and figure they’re all alone. None of the three major cable news networks employs a single left-wing commentator.

    Have leftist Americans not heard of Twitter, Facebook or Youtube? Why were Trump supporters able to figure this out in 2016 and get together and elect Trump? Why are you and leftist Americans stuck on fake news?

    Now newspapers and cable TV news and corporate news websites never give space to representatives of the left. (Don’t email me about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s a Democrat, not a leftist.)

    If AOC had lost the primary and not been elected to office, would she then count as a leftist? If not, how do you distinguish between your “true” leftism and her fake leftism? How do you know your 37% of (fake) Americans would side with you and not her?

    whose political sin is that they really, truly believe that all humans are equal.

    On what basis do you believe that all humans are equal? And in what way are they equal? Intellectually equal? Morally equal? Physically equal? Theoretically equal? Why is it that you believe all humans are equal despite every attempt to measure human beings shows that we are not equal at all?

    And if everyone is equal, then why do 37% of the equals get to tell the other 63% of the equals that we should live under a communist or socialist government?

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @Henry's Cat
  13. FB says: • Website

    Ted, when you are done feeling sorry for yourself…

    I think the only ones Ted is feeling sorry for are indoctrinated fools like yourself…

    • Replies: @Precious
  14. Precious says:

    I think the only ones Ted is feeling sorry for are indoctrinated fools like yourself

    No FB, I don’t have your problem.

  15. Ol' Hippy says:

    Reading this surprised me by the higher! percentage of real leftists in the US. We truly are silenced in as many ways as possible. The only other category dismissed more are my fellow atheists. And the corporate(MSM) goons call Sanders or AOC socialists. LOL

  16. Matra says:

    Rall is good on lots of issues but it’s funny to read this then go to his Twitter account and see a link to his essay at the obscure alternative news source known as The Wall Street Journal.

  17. This is spot on. There is no left in America. Hasn’t been in my lifetime.

    Everyone in America is suffering from rightwing authoritarian insanity. People actually think that Obama or Clinton are leftists. WTF?

    Obama, Romney, Clinton, Thatcher, Santorum, Gingrich and Trump all land in the same rightwing authoritarian zone. The only leftists we have are very mild leftists like Sanders, Stein and Nader. No libertarians anywhere on the map.

    Why do Americans hate freedom so much? What are Americans so afraid of?

    I’m a real leftist. Please, let me explain.

    I believe very strongly in people owning guns to protect themselves from tyrants. The 2nd amendment is not for hunting and it has no exceptions. The “left” has always had the stronger case for gun ownership.

    Some people look at the MSM or Jew York Times and see “leftists.” When I look at the MSM or Jew York Times I see rightwing authoritarian fascists and shameless promoters of war. Unlike most Americans, I do not love the war.

    I believe in sound money, that does not devalue like fiat currency, balanced budgets, no debt for the corporations that authoritarians love to call “government”, what some would call fiscal responsibility. I believe it would be nice if America practiced the rule of law, or tried a free market. Not sure if there ever was a “rule of law” in America, if there was it was never enjoyed by many and has long gone out the window. I know the u.s. has never practiced anything like a free market. America practices the ten planks to the communist manifesto and has for years.

    I believe that people can do anything they want as long as they do not harm anyone else. I think that many queers have gone completely insane. There really are only three genders. Many gay men tend to be petri dishes and incubators for all sorts of exotic diseases because of their lifestyle choices. But I believe in freedom, so I believe in freedom for others to do any stupid shit they like, so long as they do not harm others (without consent).

    I believe in voluntarism. Most forms of coercion by “authority” are unjust and often evil.

    I believe we should not destroy the planet. I love nature and I think it is horrible the way humans are making the world uninhabitable for so much life on earth.

    I think greed is a mental illness, and a root cause of so much suffering we see in the world today.

    I think people like John Bolton are dangerous psychopaths and should never be allowed anywhere near any sort of power. I believe he is a war criminal who should be executed for his crimes.

    I believe the dominant culture and most of it’s members are completely insane. Too many Americans believe in “big government” and love their slavemaster too much to be trusted.

    I stopped believing in the corporation some call “the government” years ago. It is really an evil criminal enterprise that is a threat to us all.

    I hope Americans can stop being so afraid and one day learn to love freedom.

    • Replies: @Oleaginous Outrager
  18. @Adam Smith

    Shocker, a libertarian with a child-like, childish view of the world.

    “I see rightwing authoritarian fascists”. Of course you do, cuz you’re the REAL leftist, and real leftists are pure and holy and blameless and could never be authoritarian. What this country needs is REAL leftism, cuz nobody’s ever tried it, amirite?

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  19. @Oleaginous Outrager

    Perhaps I’m childish, but…

    The culture war is being fought by differing factions of hard core rightwing authoritarians. It seems to me that the only reason people are calling the democrats or the new york times “leftists” is because fox news hypnotized many people into believing that the democrats and the new york times are somehow to the left.

    Ever wonder why “liberals” are leading the way on censorship?
    Ever wonder why antifa looks and acts like a bunch of fascists?

    I do not believe that any society has ever tried libertarianism. While Stalinism may have indeed been a form “leftism”, it was truly plagued by authoritarianism and the jewish killers running the gulag system.

    Perhaps I’m childish, but…

    It seems foolish to keep trying the same old worn out authoritarianism that is destroying the world. Borrowing a thousand billion each year to have more foreverwar is destroying the value of the currency and enriching the banking overlords. The nations of the world are 250 trillion dollars in debt, the u.s. is 22.3 trillion in debt. This is clearly insane. The cost of servicing the federal debt for the fiscal year 2018 was 523 billion dollars. For 2019 it is projected to cost 900 billion. Are they going to borrow those dollars into existence too? Is this not modern day slavery?

    Every municipal corporation across the land is in debt. Many of them are insolvent. According to the economic policy journal 32 states were bankrupt in 2010. According to forbes 40 states cannot pay their bills in 2018. How is this sustainable? It is clearly insane.

    War is destroying countries and creating the refugees that come invade western societies. I don’t really blame the poor for fleeing violence. I really don’t blame the poor womb productive Guatemalan mothers for coming here and taking advantage of all the free housing, free medical etc. that the locals are not entitled to. This is the fault of the policy makers. Stop destroying their counties and stop the handouts and they will not come. I’d rather we take care of our own people first. I know, more childishness, amirite? :0)

    Probably better to just let the homeless shit in the street until some serious health crisis erupts. Being an adult means giving up on silly utopian fantasies.

    War is the leading cause of pollution and environmental destruction. War is pretty good at helping to fix the overpopulation problem but it seems to me there are better less immoral ways to deal with it. Oh, I forgot, we can’t talk about overpopulation because we need those glorious children to pledge as collateral for our ponzi scheme economy. So… Do we wait for the overpopulation problem to take care of itself in a few years when there are no more fish in the sea, or do the anglozionists start a nuclear war first. War seems pretty childish to me.

    I don’t understand why authoritarians love war and punishment so much.

    Authoritarianism is a mental illness that is destroying the world.
    I think it is time to give libertarianism a chance.

    • Replies: @Precious
    , @Mr McKenna
  20. Good comments Adam Smith. There’s nothing childish about desiring a better world (the only childish thing would be to believe that change will come without struggle)
    I’m never sure about libertarianism — I prefer the idea of bottom up democracy.
    A significant part of our current problems is that far-far too many people simply don’t care about our governance. This is a problem across the West.
    Many simply don’t pay attention. Many are too busy with day to day survival. And many just like the status quo — as long as they can choose from 26 brands of tooth paste, 597 brands of beer & 2 brands of political party they’ll be relatively happy. Ignorance is bliss….

  21. Precious says:
    @Adam Smith

    If you want to read about a couple of peoples that did have libertarian societies, then I highly recommend reading about the Acadians of Nova Scotia and the early Icelandic settlers. I would argue a careful reading of their history shows that libertarian society certainly can work and results in peace and prosperity. However, both of those societies did not have a few things that we in America do have…

    1) Black people
    2) Jewish people
    3) Asian people
    4) People of Central and South America

    Those two societies were also frontier societies, it isn’t clear how well a libertarian society would work in a big city even if everyone in that city were white.

    Perhaps if we colonize space or settle in Antarctica we might see a future libertarian society, but part of the reason we have a more authoritarian society today in America is because we keep importing people who like authoritarianism. You are welcome to try and persuade them that they will like libertarian if they just try it, but it would be easier to just ship them back to where they came from.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  22. @Precious

    You can’t count. Genius. Stop trying. You don’t have enough fingers.

    • Replies: @Precious
  23. @Precious

    You never heard of the Eddas, obviously. Early Iceland was hardly a “peaceful” and “prosperous” state. Sheesh.

    • Replies: @Precious
  24. Rall is very observant, but he has a different definition of “left” than do the MSM and fringe media like talk radio.

    Paleoliberals like me believe that we should have Medicare for all (like European and other developed countries), strong organized labor, government-guaranteed clean air and water, gun control, reproductive rights, free schooling for anyone capable of succeeding, minimal “defense” budget needed to protect the country, no nation-building, and so on. Like the rest of the rich world has. Those are the people who are cut out of big media – Michael Parenti, James Kuntsler, Joseph Stiglitz, George Monbiot, …

    OTOH, plenty of air time and newspaper column inches are given to Eugene Robinson, Leonard Pitts, TNC, self-loathing white guys, radfems, and other professional victims, and of course old, rich “liberals” like Pelosi and Schumer. None of these professional “leftists” ever mentions the issues in my first graph – their entire spiel is to bash Drumpf and flog their own personal gripes. And in this way Big Media (including NPR) provide “balance” to the unabashed fascism of Fox and talk radio.

  25. Precious says:

    You can’t count. Genius.

    I am very intelligent but I am not a genius.

    Stop trying. You don’t have enough fingers.

    ^I see you are upset.

  26. Precious says:

    You never heard of the Eddas, obviously. Early Iceland was hardly a “peaceful” and “prosperous” state. Sheesh.

    I notice you don’t dispute the Acadians, which is the better example. But as I understand it, the Icelandic commonwealth was a pretty good deal.

    Iceland was still uninhabited long after the rest of Western Europe had been settled. Recorded settlement has conventionally been dated back to 874…The land was settled quickly, mainly by Norwegians who may have been fleeing conflict or seeking new land to farm. By 930, the chieftains had established a form of governance, the Althing, making it one of the world’s oldest parliaments. Towards the end of the tenth century, Christianity came to Iceland through the influence of the Norwegian king Olaf Tryggvason. During this time, Iceland remained independent, a period known as the Old Commonwealth, and Icelandic historians began to document the nation’s history in books referred to as sagas of Icelanders. In the early thirteenth century, the internal conflict known as the age of the Sturlungs weakened Iceland, which eventually became subjugated to Norway through the Old Covenant (1262–1264), effectively ending the commonwealth.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  27. @Precious

    Yeah, I can copy and paste Wikipedia too. But I don’t because I am not as stupid as you.

    The Eddas are medieval Icelandic tales of constant butchery. Idiot.

    • Replies: @Precious
  28. Precious says:

    But I don’t because I am not as stupid as you.

    Actually I am much, much smarter than you. That is because I have an IQ of 149.

    The Eddas are medieval Icelandic tales of constant butchery.

    But the commonwealth was still prosperous, I won’t bother to cite it, you can read wikipedia.

    So you can’t just have white people to have a libertarian society, you need the people to be Christian as well. Congratulations obwandiyag, it only took you three posts and two of your temper tantrums to correct one half of one of my sentences.


    ^obwandiyag talks about himself here. He refused to even address anything else I wrote.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  29. @Precious

    I got its number now. You’re, I mean your a cheesy internet liar. Very common.

    Tries to change the subject when I prove it wrong. Very common. It’s in the Luntz playbook.

    • Replies: @Precious
  30. Precious says:

    You’re, I mean your a cheesy internet liar.

    No, I am not like you obwandiyag. My IQ of 149 is measured by my GRE scores.

    Tries to change the subject when I prove it wrong.

    No obwandiyag, I don’t use your methods.

    Would you like to get back to the subject now? Or would you like to throw another temper tantrum ranting about me?

  31. @Adam Smith

    War is pretty good at helping to fix the overpopulation problem

    Alas, if only that were true it would be one thing in favor of war.

  32. @Precious

    If the level of censorship is so great, how does he even know that 37% of the public are socialist/communist?

    I suppose if the censorship was relaxed, that 37% might balloon to 97%.

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