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Despite my usual agreement with Sam Goldman on historical questions, I beg to differ with him in his judgments about what kind of alliances European Jews should be making in view of the anti-Jewish sentiments that is now apparent among many Muslim immigrants. In my view, Jews would do best supporting those parties, typically on... Read More
Kenneth Minogue is a distinguished figure for serious students of political thought. A longtime professor (now emeritus) at the London School of Economics, president of the Mont Pelerin Society, and the author of provocative works on nationalism, ideology, and egalitarian democracy, Minogue is one of the most illustrious representatives of what survives of the European... Read More
There has been considerable commentary over the possibility that the terrorism in Norway will trigger a reaction against “conservative” websites and will stifle legitimate debate over immigration and asylum policies. If one reads the European media, it is clear that there is considerable debate over the recent wave of new arrivals with those on the... Read More
It is commonly believed that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. In the case of Alexander Boot and his celebrated son Max, we may have a grand exception to this rule. It is indeed hard to associate father and son in either their views or their prose. While the son grinds out neoconservative... Read More
A young Turkish colleague recently complained to me that Freedom House’s Annual Report lists Turkey as only “partially free” because of its speech restrictions but gave France high grades although that country is at least equally restrictive about what one may say or publish. It seems the Turks will prosecute writers for suggesting that their... Read More
My father embodied the Old World spirit since lost in multicultural America.
My father was not the nicest person I have known. His temper was legendary, and despite his middling physical appearance and a bald pate that he had acquired in his thirties, he prided himself on his supposed good looks. He held grudges with extraordinary tenacity, and he never let us forget who had done him... Read More
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