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James Petras
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Introduction: Significant changes in Latin America have mystified writers, journalists, academics and policy-makers who purport to comment on developments in Latin America. The case of Bolivia and two term President Evo Morales (2006 – 2014) is illustrative of the utter confusion in political labelling. A brief survey of his ideological pronouncements, foreign policy declarations and... Read More
Bolivian fascists have seized power in five of the richest states in Bolivia, forcefully ousting all national officials, murdering, injuring and assaulting leaders, activists and voters who have backed the national government – with total impunity. Ever since Evo Morales was elected President over 33 months ago, the Bolivian far-right has taken advantage of every... Read More
Evo Morales’ Pursuit of Normal Capitalism
Many progressive overseas academics, politicians, journalists and commentators have glowingly characterized the Evo Morales regime as ‘radical’, ‘revolutionary’ and part of an ‘anti-imperialist bloc’. Academics as diverse as Noam Chomsky, Ignacio Ramonet, Emir Sader, Heinz Dietrich, Marta Hanecker and Immanuel Wallerstein have described Evo Morales as part of a new leftist wave sweeping Latin America.... Read More
Ideological blinders and sheer ignorance of elementary facts frequently prevent politicians, journalists and political activists from understanding developments in Latin America. This infirmity is not confined to any single point in the political spectrum – even if the ostensible political preference and perspective may be at polar opposites. A reading of the pronouncements and writing... Read More
A realistic assessment of the electoral victory of Evo Morales requires knowledge of his recent role in Bolivia?s popular struggles, his program and ideology as well as the first measures adopted by his regime. In the recent past innumerable leftist intellectuals, academics, journalists and NGOers have mindlessly jumped on the bandwagon of a series of... Read More
The major media overlooked Communist spies and Madoff’s fraud. What are they missing today?
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
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