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Winners and Losers in Our New Media Moment
Donald Trump, Mass Shootings With an Islamic Terrorist Flavor, and the Rise of the "Spectaculection"
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Sometimes what matters most takes up every inch of space in the room and somehow we still don’t see it. That’s how I feel about our present media moment.

Let me put it this way: I’m a creature of habit, and one of those habits has long been watching NBC Nightly News, previously with anchor Brian Williams and now with Lester Holt. It’s my way of getting some sense of what an aging cohort of American news viewers (like me) learns daily about the world — what stories are considered important and not, and in what order, and how presented.

Here’s one thing it’s hard not to notice: the line-up of stories that we used to call the “news” seems increasingly like a thing of the past. Remarkably often these days, the “news” is a single hyped-up story — most recently, the San Bernardino shootings — reported frenetically and yet formulaically, often in near-apocalyptic fashion. Clearly, such an approach is meant to glue eyeballs in a situation in which viewers are eternally restless and there are so many other screens available. This single story approach is both relentless and remarkably repetitious because a lot of the time next to nothing new is known about the supposedly unfolding event (which is nonetheless presented as if our lives depended upon it). To fall back on the anchor of Avon, it often enough seems like a tale told by a collective idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

What this form of news certainly does is suck all the air out of the newsroom. On some days, when one of these 24/7 events is running wild, you could be excused, at the end of half an hour of “national news,” for thinking that nothing other than the event at screen center had happened anywhere on Earth. And I mean nothing. Not even the weather, generally such a favored subject of the nightly news because it offers disaster in its most picturesquely chaotic and yet expectable form.

Above all, the 24/7, all-hands-on-deck news story obliterates context, or rather becomes the only context of the moment. To offer the most obvious recent example: in the days in which the San Bernardino shootings ate the screen, most Americans would not have noticed that the fate of the planet was being seriously discussed and negotiated in Paris by representatives of just about every country. There was next to nothing but those shootings available — the exploration of the backgrounds of the two killers, their marriage, their arsenal of weaponry, a pledge of allegiance by the wife to ISIS, the contents of their house, what relatives and friends in Pakistan had to say, their bank account, heart-rending tales of those killed, testimony from survivors, and on and on. Even more than a week after the event, it was still the lead story on NBC Nightly News evening after evening. (“San Bernardino Shooters Discussed Jihad in 2013 Before Engagement,” “FBI Divers Search Lake Near San Bernardino Massacre for Clues.”) Viewers might be pardoned for thinking that Islamic terrorism was indeed an apocalyptic threat for most Americans rather than the distinctly minor one it is.

Sucking the Air Out of the Newsroom

Mass shootings, a particularly American phenomenon, seem like the perfect story for our news moment. They are guaranteed to eat any screen and recur so regularly, with uniquely gruesome twists, that covering them has become formulaic. They are the equivalent of no-brainers: disturbed (or disturbing) shooters, horrified victims, blood and guts, grim hospital scenes, the testimony of victims, the rites around the dead, and in the case of San Bernardino the added attraction (or repulsion) of Islamic terrorism.

Put another way, what passes for the news is often enough closer to a horror movie in which, just around the next corner, another nightmare is readying itself to leap out and scare you to death. Maybe it’s not what you really want to see, but once it starts, you can’t take your eyes off it. And that’s the point.

Unfortunately, none of this is actually a horror movie. When these all-too-real events loom so much larger than life and without context, they seem to trigger panic, fear, even hysteria, and a profound sense of endangerment in many Americans; they create, that is, a vision of how the world works and of its dangers that bears little relationship to the place we actually live.

Someday someone will surely figure out how to create a panic, fear, and hysteria, or PFH, index (in a world where nothing should be without its acronym) to measure the effects of this phenomenon. One way to gauge it in the meantime is via opinion polls. In the week after the San Bernardino coverage, for instance, the number of Americans who expressed satisfaction with the way things are going in this country took a “rare” seven percentage point nosedive, according to a Gallup poll. Similarly, a New York Times/CBS News poll found that, in the wake of those shootings, 19% of Americans now believed that “the threat of terrorism [is] the top issue facing the country.” Only 4% had a month earlier.

Another obvious measure, at least when it comes to mass shootings, is gun sales. After San Bernardino and the usual apocalyptic coverage, Americans once again flocked to gun stores to arm themselves. Sales of firearms soared (as did the stock prices of gun makers).

Consider the irony of this. Despite the millions of Americans now “carrying” and the many millions more with guns in their homes, I doubt that an armed citizen has made any difference in any major mass shooting incident. Instead, what all those weapons stored in homes ensure is further death and tragedy-to-come, as any grasp of the true dangers of American life would suggest: new suicides, new wife and girlfriend killings, new toddler shootings, and of course more weaponry potentially available for new mass shootings.


For all of this, the media now bears a certain unacknowledged responsibility. Above all, single-event news throws our American world — and particularly its dangers — out of whack, while playing into irrational fears and prejudices. It helps create news of its own in an increasingly unbalanced country. What it doesn’t offer is perspective.

Now, it’s true that such 24/7 screen experiences are hardly a new phenomenon. I remember well, for instance, the day that President Kennedy was assassinated. I was a college student, sitting in a hole-in-the-wall burger joint when someone stuck his head in the door and said, “The president’s been shot.” And I can remember us all later gathered in disbelief around a television set in the basement of our dorm — there were so many fewer screens then — to watch that 24/7 version of the news. But the occasions on which such things happened were so rare as to be unforgettable.

Though different people might date the onset of our present in-your-face era of news differently, it first made it onto my radar screen with the bizarre spectacle of the 1994 O.J. Simpson “low-speed” car chase. It proved that, with the right elements — in this case, a black former Hall of Fame football star and movie actor accused of killing his white wife — you could glue eyes to any kind of onscreen inanity, including cars creeping along a highway for an hour. You could even draw viewers to “the news” from major televised sports events. It would prove a potentially winning formula for the onrushing world of cable news.

In purely practical terms, it’s easy enough to see why the O.J. paradigm has become such a winner and why just about every few weeks now we seem to experience the equivalent of a Kennedy-assassination-style news experience. After all, it’s no secret that staffs in the news world, whether for television or newspapers, have been shrinking. Watch NBC Nightly Newsand sooner or later you’ll be struck by the way, night after night, the remarkably able Richard Engel, the show’s “chief foreign correspondent,” feels like almost the only foreign correspondent in town, whatever town happens to be in the news anywhere on Earth.

Obviously, if you can focus most of your resources 24/7 on a single story, especially one like a mass shooting where the formula for reporting it is already well tested, it’s going to be far cheaper and more efficient to cover, and when it comes to garnering eyeballs, it’s proven to “work.” It produces ratings. And in that (dare I say it) context, the difficulty of keeping an audience in a world of endless screens, sensations, and sensationalism is clearly a major factor in turning the news into a machine for cranking out instant horror movies.

It’s so understandable, even sensible, after a fashion. That it also helps create a world of imbalance and delusion, and that those delusions help disorder our world in new ways, seems beside the point. There’s no need for the media to take responsibility for any of this. It’s not part of the job or a subject that’s considered in much need of discussion by… well, the media.

Media Trumpery

And let’s not forget another crucial element of this in-your-face media environment: America’s evolving 1% elections and the news landscape that now dominates them. Once upon a time, presidential elections started with the first primaries in the early spring of an election year, revved up with summer party conventions, and went into high gear in the fall, ending on November 4th, Election Day.

Now, media speculation about possible candidates for the next presidential election starts just before that November 4th; that is, four years early. The first “primaries,” actually tryouts before clustered groups of billionaires, take place early in the year before the election. The first “debates” are launched as that summer ends and the first primaries take place just after the actual election year begins. In the intense two-year-plus, money-raising, money-squandering 2016 race to the White House (and other federal offices) as much as $5 billion in ads (up from $3.8 billion in 2012) are expected to flicker across TV screens, as incredible sums pour into TV stations and networks.

Election 2016 is already an eye-popping spectacle. No wonder, then, that television news, profiting so from the expanding election season, would anoint it as a new kind of 24/7 entertainment event. In recent years, this decision has led to a profusion of long-before-the-first-primary “debates,” increasingly organized by TV news departments as political food fights. Similarly, coverage of candidates touring the country has increased as they are goaded to offer ever more incendiary “positions” for the news cycle. In fact, the most recent debates, particularly the Republican ones, have garnered record audiences, larger than any recent World Series game or National Basketball League final. Think of it as the O.J. phenomenon triumphant. And at least one network nabob, Les Moonves of CBS News, is openly cheering it all on. “The more they spend, the better it is for us and: Go Donald! Keep getting out there!” he said in a call to investors.

Turn on MSNBC or Fox News or CNN these days and, even when nothing much is happening, you can sometimes watch election “coverage” hour after mind-bending hour. This is, of course, the perfect atmosphere for an entertaining demagogue with endless surprises up his sleeve. Not surprisingly, the focus these days has ceaselessly been on Donald Trump — what he says and who denounces him and which experts debunk his latest claim and what part of the Republican demographic remains supportive of him when it comes to deporting Mexicans or creating a registry for American Muslims, or shutting down mosques, or simply banning non-citizen Muslims from the U.S.


Each Trump provocation, the reactions to it (which only stoke it further), and the discovery that he’s either lost no ground or gained some among potential Republican primary voters represent another tiny news cycle in our brave new media world and is analyzed as such. There can be no denying that the Donald has a remarkably canny sense of how to up the ante and glue cameras to himself, but far more of the focus of this moment should be on the media, rather than him alone. He is, in a sense, the creature of the new 24/7 media environment, the permanent campaign trail, and the reinvention of the news cycle as a fear machine. He is the spawn of what could be termed our new “spectaculection.” He couldn’t exist without it.

He is the natural-born product of a media landscape in which a single gruesome act of Islamic State-inspired terrorism and workplace rage can become the wallpaper for our American world. It’s an environment in which the threat, including Trump himself, is king, in which prosperity and ratings (for the TV news) mean fear for Americans. In its own way, the mainstream media, like the police and the populace, are arming themselves to the teeth. Donald Trump only makes sense in such a context. His is the extremism of our new media world, which represents the true trumpery of our moment.

The winners of the latest version of the news and election cycle won’t be the American people or the electoral system or a deeper knowledge of how our world works. Those winners will, however, include Washington’s national security state, which has bet its future on American fear, and the Islamic State, for which this media environment is the royal road to a completely irrational, even cockamamie “clash of civilizations.”

In other words, the news is the news, and it couldn’t be worse.

Tom Engelhardt is a co-founder of the American Empire Project and the author of The United States of Fear as well as a history of the Cold War, The End of Victory Culture. He is a fellow of the Nation Institute and runs His latest book is Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Yes. It’s called managing public opinion or more accurately public perception. It’s not news. It’s propaganda. Americans are marinated in it. It has made them stupid.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Anonymous
  2. Veritas says:

    “Consider the irony of this. Despite the millions of Americans now “carrying” and the many millions more with guns in their homes, I doubt that an armed citizen has made any difference in any major mass shooting incident.”

    Wasn’t San Bernadino another “Gun Free Zone”? Which mass shooting has not been in a gun free zone? If one was familiar with elementary statistics, what would one have to conclude?

    And, if an armed citizen makes a difference in a mass shooting, then it doesn’t become a mass shooting. That’s elementary logic, and not all that newsworthy. As an example of a mass shooting that never occurred I’ll cite Jeanne Assam. What, never heard of her? Hmm? Well, if you’re not lazy, you can find top ten lists of mass shootings prevented by gun owners.

  3. Rehmat says:

    San Bernardino shooting’s agenda was to; 1) spread more fear of Muslims, and 2) help ADL to get arms control legislation kosher. The three armed White shooters entering the center were later became a Muslim couple dead in car with their hands tied on their backs.

    American investigative journalist, Jim Stone, posted on his website that this was a make-up shooting after Planned Parenthood attack failed.

    “Two shooters (now the only two suspects) are dead (how convenient) and were shot to death by police in their car. Muslim man and woman. Probably husband and wife. Let us see if this morph the story to two men rather than a man and a woman, because now they already morphed the story from long rifles to handguns and assault rifles, and three shooters to two, who arrived in four cars and left in one. I’m sure situational artificial intelligence has been assigned to comb the web for public opinion and script the story line accordingly, which is why it keeps changing, often in irrational ways,” Jim said.

    California Governor Jerry Brown, Benjamin Netanyahu’s “strategic trade partner” condemned the shooting and vowed that the killers would be brought to justice.

    According to Mother Jones magazine, Democrat presidential hopeful and darling of AIPAC, Hillary Clinton, was discussing gun control at the time when the shooting occurred. “90 Americans a day die from gun violence, homicide, suicides, tragic avoidable accidents. 33,000 Americans a year die. It is time for us to say we are going to have comprehensive background checks, we are gonna close the gun show loopholes,” she said.

    Speaking to CBS News moment after the shooting, Barack Obama reiterated his resolution to bring in gun control to minimize these frequent shootings.

    And who want gun control? Let us hear from horse’s mouth.

    “Jewish community strongly supportive of gun control plus Jewish lawmakers eager to enact new gun control laws may bring Jews into a lead role as the nation debates federal measures to rein in at mass murders at its malls and schools,” Nathan Guttman, editor ‘The Jewish Daily Forward’, said on December 23, 2012.

    • Replies: @Gandydancer
    , @Aschwin
  4. Propaganda, and if the GOP doesn’t buy/bribe some networks, they will never win another election.

  5. How many think gay is OK, aborted fetuses aren’t lives, the world is melting, Islam is the religion of peace, Hillary is being hounded, Putin is a menace….. thank the “news” media.

  6. “I doubt that an armed citizen has made any difference in any major mass shooting incident. ”

    What a remarkable display of the invincible ignorance of liberals.

    Shocking but not in the least surprising.

    Average number of deaths in a shooting rampage stopped by police 14.3

    Average number of deaths in a shooting rampage stopped by citizens 2.3

  7. […] Winners and Losers in Our New Media Moment by Tom Engelhardt for TomDispatch. […]

  8. @Rehmat

    Rehmat is deranged. The terrorists were shot on a public street in the age of near-universal cameras. And in his fervid imagination this took place with their hands tied behind their backs. Wow.

    • Replies: @Stan
    , @Rehmat
  9. “…I doubt that an armed citizen has made any difference in any major mass shooting incident.”

    By definition, if an armed citizen “makes a difference” the incident is less likely to be “major”. Carrying is, of course rare, and the shooters choose locales (e.g., schools, military bases, and other “gun free zones”) where they are unlikely to encounter oppositioin. Number of mass shootings at gun ranges and gun shows: Zero.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  10. Anyone who purports to explain Trump’s appeal without mentioning immigration is of course clueless beyond the power of mere words to correct.

    • Replies: @fnn
  11. TG says:

    Minor quibble: mass shootings a ‘peculiarly american phenomenon’? What planet do you live on? In (wonderful gun-controlled) Mexico alone there is mass slaughter on a scale to dwarf anything in the wild american west. A few dozen women abducted and killed? A bunch of trade unionists machine-gunned to death? The leadership of a modest town gunned down by the cartels? This is so common that it is not even news.

    And that’s just the warm-up for the ongoing slaughters in Guatemala, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Botswana, Nigeria, etc.etc.etc.etc.

    America has a somewhat moderate homicide rate by global standards – and virtually all of that is due to criminal drug gangs etc. The heavily armed American middle class has a homicide rate closer to that of France.

  12. Stan says:

    I am surprised there is even one person who reads Rehmat’s demented posts.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  13. Realist says:

    ” It has made them stupid.”

    And boy has it made them stupid.

  14. @Veritas

    “And, if an armed citizen makes a difference in a mass shooting, then it doesn’t become a mass shooting. That’s elementary logic, and not all that newsworthy.”

    Yes, that was my first thought – a couple I can recall are the attack on the Mormon temple and an attempted West Virginia college shooting.

  15. Tom Welsh says:

    Of course, there is such a thing as the “Fear Index”:

    And novelist Robert Harris wrote a very good, highly thought-provoking thriller about (bordering on science fiction):

  16. Tom Welsh says:

    So please post links to the pictures so we can see for ourselves.

  17. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t watch TV. It has been essential to the infantilization of our country.

  18. fnn says:

    He doesn’t mention trade either.

  19. Aschwin says:

    Prophet Muhammed committed dozens of terrorist attacks against neighbouring tribes and not-so-neighbouring tribes over a period of thirteen years. He ordered the beheading of 800 unarmed members of the Banu Quraish tribe in one exemplary chapter of his military career. Which predecessor of the US government or Mossad organized Prophet Muhammed’s excesses in order to promote stereotypes of Muslims?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Rehmat
  20. actually here are the much suppressed facts. every day armed citizens stop 10 x more crimes with their gun than do the police and yet they shoot one tenth as many innocent bystanders as the polic. yup the police are 1/10 as effective and 10x more dangerous than armed citizens bet you dont see that on the nightly news.If someones going to kill themselves its probably a good thing genetically speaking and does no one any to wives and girlfriends alot of them need a good killing every time I see that I think I hope the others take note of what can happen when you use a man then take his lifes work and children from him.

  21. Ivy says:

    Premature Spectaculection describes the second coming of Hillary, after her aborted 2008 triumphalism.

  22. @Aschwin

    He ordered the beheading of 800 unarmed members of the Banu Quraish tribe in one exemplary chapter of his military career.

    Ringside seats for the surviving family members was a nice extra touch. The Romans didn’t think of that.

  23. @Stan

    I am surprised there is even one person who reads Rehmat’s demented posts.

    It’s an anagram of Mather… as in Cotton. But it could also be Marthe, French for Martha.

  24. Art says:

    There was a school shooting in Canada the other day. They released almost no information about it – the shooter was not identified, the victims were not identified, the gun was not identified, the shooter’s affiliation was not identified. Good for Canada. Kudos.

    The San Bernadine coverage was a crime on top of crime. Yelling fire in a crowded theater is a crime. Because of the fear generated by that coverage, how many more people are going to die around the world?

    How many Americans are killed by Muslim terrorists inside of America? How many times every day do we hear the word “terrorist” from the media? Does the coverage fit the crimes – absolutely not.

    Guess what, the Zionist Jew control the media – who do they hate the most – hmm – Muslims maybe? Who are going to get killed because of the over-coverage – Muslims maybe?

    We are the victims of Zionist Jew terror!

  25. Max Payne says:

    American news broadcasters don’t broadcast news, they broadcast ENTERTAINMENT news. That’s how its always been. I can’t recall a time when a US network actually gave out facts instead of opinions and news instead of gossip.


    Lets just interrupt important political dialogue for some useless.

  26. Rehmat says:

    During the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Muslim fighters fought 78 wars and conflicts in defense of wars carried out by Pagans and Jews.

    The “beheading” of 700 Jews was recommended by the chief rabbis of two Yahudi tribes for breaking a treaty with Muslims not to aid an enemy of Muslims. However, as the Zionist Jews of today, those tribal Jews betrayed the Muslim communities among whom they lived and do business with them.

    Too bad, there was no Jewish Lobby in Arabia in those days.

    The truth about the Prophet of Islam comes from American poet and historian Tamam Kahn in her book, “UNTOLD: A History of the wives of Prophet Muhammad”.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Ignorance is bliss . It’s better .It is heaven when interpreted properly.

  28. joe webb says:

    This article is similar in tone to a piece in the jewtimes today about which I wrote below.
    (It is not well written, so please put up with that aspect) but the Englelhardt piece is just more liberal handwringing and flailing about over the Trump News, which is a seismic shift in US politics and has the liberals panicked.

    Their Sky IS Falling and Englehardt’s kvetching about the News is funny…He’s had the MSNBC follies every day for years, etc. and now that the shoe is on the other foot, you know…squirm and limp and try to evade reality by dragging the stinking herring across the trail of counter-revolution. The media sells the news that the public wants….so what else is new? And the public is afraid of muzzies, blacks, and mexicans, etc. That is just the way it is.

    What should the media focus on anyway, Davos? More boring liberal propaganda.

    Fw: The Anxieties of Impotence (methinks the liberal doth project too much)

    joe webb M


    Subject: Fw: The Anxieties of Impotence (methinks the liberal doth project too much) from today’s NYT

    “The Republican establishment thinks the grass roots have the power but the grass roots think the reverse. The unions think the corporations have the power but the corporations think the start-ups do. Regulators think Wall Street has the power but Wall Street thinks the regulators do. The Pew Research Center asked Americans, “Would you say your side has been winning or losing more?” Sixty-four percent of Americans, with majorities of both parties, believe their side has been losing more.”

    Aside from the sketchiness of the above, with the remarkable absence of Race, like Whites who think the Blacks got too much power and free money and TV omni-presence with white women (blacks got no hollywood nominations cuz they really cannot act, not because they be black), and black predation on whites on the street as well as in shakedown-Programs, and immigration willies on the part of Whites, and the burgeoning growth of populism with Trump, the fact remains ,that as the cliche goes, the Center cannot hold.

    The jewboy calls for more of the same old lame liberal bromides. He has, like The Fed, run out of Options. There is nothing in the Liberal Center that can be revived. Orwell’s elephant here is (admittedly a stretch) Liberalism. It has no idea that it is about to be cut down, just going on munching on its own cliches as the gun magazine is loaded. Unlike Orwell’s elephant that only gets goofy in must once a year, Liberalism is full-time denial , lies, profiteering, and posturing as holder of the High Moral Ground. This has been slow-motion elephant must, wars for the jews, Big Money to the international financiers, and immiseration of the working classes and Whites ground down to 61% of the population, and more darkies being born than Whites. ( And…and, who champions all of this?….Da Jews! who want Whites driven into oblivion by darkie demographics all the better to make Jews Safe…from the only people who potentially will finally understand what they are up to. International Capital tag teams with the White liberals and jews of course….White Race Traitors…the worst. Traitors always get hung up by their feet…the most hated.

    Its bromides, as in the Drug of Diversity Makes us Stronger, has a half-life such that it is now rapidly losing any potency that it once had, the Racial Equality Stupor being aided of course by our White altruism, always trying to Uplift the Darkies…for over 50 years now, with nothing to show for it but more and more black rage. The jews continue their exploitation of White altruism by guilt-tripping whites, who are pretty much done with the Guilt thang.

    The Center has always been logically defined by its margins, both left and right. The Left has been totally discredited in its naked absurdity of communism and 100 million corpses. Its social democracy still has some life in it, but will be squandered on any more Black Lives Matter nonsense, or sympathies for mexican invaders.

    The Right is non-existent in the US inasmuch as any genuine conservatism, never strong in US history due to its Bourgeois character (no aristocracy) was chucked out for Money and me-tooism with regard to race, immigration, and any Realism as to inequality in general. The racial right now uses the term, “cuckservative” to describe how the GOP has been cuckholded by the Liberal ideology. Hence, there is no genuine Right in the US as there is in Europe.

    The Center is ergo without any genuine Right margin, and it is thus that there is no Center, only a Liberal mush for which White Americans have almost complete contempt, per the polls. (Even white liberal women hate Billary more than the pussified White liberal men.)

    Can there be a Center reestablished? Not until the whole electorate moves to a traditional and more European conservatism, with Money values de-emphasized, and Country and Race values restored. (“Identity” is preferred by the European Right, not “Race”.) That lexiconal juggling does not seem to be needed in the US.

    US Whites have had long enough with Blacks and know that their white money to the tune of 15 trillion dollars has been spent on darkies over the last 50 year to no effect, and similarly with Mexicans now, and lack any guilt with regard to Mexicans, while the same half-life of racial bromides with regard to blacks is wearing off quickly as well.

    It will be “I’m not racist, but..,.” Good enough for the Counter-Revolution.

    The Liberal Guardians, mostly Jews, are very nervous. They have much to be nervous about. And Trump is a German.

    Joe Webb

  29. joe webb says:

    My above piece….David Brooks is the writer of The Anxieties of Impotence. Brooks, his cryptic name notwithstanding, is a Jew.

    The Liberal, so accustomed to cavorting and strutting down the Corridors of Power, is now facing The End of the Line. Instead of praise, he hears derision and laughter. He blanches, he foams at the mouth, his every sentence contains the synonyms, memes and whatever for ‘fascism’ and “fascist.” What else has he got, what Words are left? He has only worn-out cliches.

    Sit back and enjoy the show. Hopefully, a few of these Prideful pimps will start jumping out of windows, maybe whole bunches of them.

    Joe Webb

  30. @Rehmat

    Fuck your “peace-be-upon-him.”

  31. bondo says:

    scanning several comments, appears the billions spent by jewry to demonize islam has succeeded.

  32. Firstly, a few people have already mentioned that if a mass shooting is prevented then it does not become a mass shooting. Plus which, examples of incidents have been given where a citizen with a gun did prevent what would have been a mass shooting.

    Secondly, the author says “I doubt…” when the responsible thing to do would be to look it up. If you want to comment on something, do some research. Your doubts are worthless when facts are available.

    Thirdly, mass shootings are not an “particularly American phenomenon.” Again, I’d advise a little research and less pulling things from the depths of one’s rectum.

    Fourthly, people prevent themselves from being victims every single day in the U.S. And that is reason no. 1 why the vast majority of gun owners have guns: For self-defense. Not to prevent mass shootings, for crying out loud.

    And fifthly, I really wonder if I’ll ever live to see the day when hoplophobes decide to mind their own damned business.

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