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Rajan Menon: Tweeting in the Rain
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Whatever you may think of President Trump, it’s important to be fair to him. You might have noticed that, on his recent trip to France (“five days of fury”), officially to mourn and praise America’s war dead on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, he managed to miss his first scheduled ceremony. It was at a cemetery where some of those American war dead were buried. He skipped it, thanks to a little uncomfortable rain, and came late for the second of those events at the Suresnes American Cemetery just outside Paris (this time complaining publicly about the rain). As TomDispatch regular Rajan Menon reminds us today, such acts brought a good deal of derision upon the president in Europe and here (or rather in the world of everywhere that we know as the Internet). What went unreported amid the mockery and the presidential excuses (the presidential helicopter couldn’t fly in such weather… security concerns…) was something I now exclusively report here. The president was absent for a reason he was far too brave to publicize: those “bone spurs” that had prevented him from taking part in the Vietnam War half a century ago were acting up again! So give him credit for silent heroism.

And let me mention one other thing about his Paris visit while I’m at it. An official close to the president (so close he may exist only inside my head) revealed to TomDispatch that The Donald’s advisers wanted him to give his speech at that second cemetery under a banner that would have read “Mission Accomplished.” Out of modesty (a word normally not associated with him), he refused. He felt that, until he could do more than — as Menon describes today — simply cause chaos among America’s allies or further encourage the splintering of the European Union and the NATO alliance, such an act would be presidentially immodest. He now reportedly swears that, as a Trump-praising evangelical minister recently put it, he’ll only stand under such a banner if he can truly “kick-start the end times.” Otherwise he fears he might repeat George W. Bush’s mistake.

Okay, I admit it. I’m just messing around with you, but Rajan Menon isn’t. Check him out and, in doing so, be reminded that a future Trumpian world increasingly looks like no laughing matter.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump 
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  1. JLK says:

    He golfs an awful lot for a man with bone spur problems in his feet.

  2. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh, the Papier-mâché Progressive can do witless humor, too?

    Cool. But Mr. Engelhardt wouldn’t be where he is today without straight men like President Wilson. Remember? He kept us out of war — for a few months, before working with the illustrious Congress to send those boys over there to be forever honored and respected. He may not have served, but without President Wilson TomDispatch wouldn’t have an Armistice .. er .. Veterans Day to work into this hypocritical bilge every year just before shopping season. On his shoulders stand the last century’s progressive icons FDR, HST, LBJ, WJC, BHO, HRC .. forward!

    Those professing peace while working on behalf of either Team Blue or Team Red aren’t to be trusted.

  3. Stogumber says:

    Being a European myself, I cannot remember to have read anything about Trump missing opportunities to visit American soldiers’ graves. Or anything derisive in this context. American soldiers’ graves are no matter of European interest, Europeans having so many graves themselves.
    The big subject in the European media was the conflict between Macron (“patriotism”) and Trump (“nationalism”). Nevertheless the media had to admit that Macron is extremely unpopular with French voters.
    And mark, this doesn’t mean that I carefully avoid to read derisive comments about Trump. I could never avoid them – popular sites like “web” or “t-online” with which I can start my laptop or write my mails have a daily supply of news about how gross Trump is.
    So Mr. Menon (“such acts brought a good deal of derision upon the president in Europe”) should not be trusted.

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