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Life Under Trump
Night Terrors and Daytime Hopes
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The night after the election, this long-time pacifist dreamed she shot a big white man carrying an arsenal of guns. He was wandering around a room full of people, waving a pistol and threatening to fire. Someone pushed a gun into my hand and said, “Shoot now, while his back is turned!” I shot. Blood seeped from a hole in his back. He fell. I woke up stunned.

And the election results had not changed.

Night Fears

More bad nights have followed, filled with dreams in which people who know me well accuse me of terrible things I haven’t done or of failing to protect people in my charge.

And there have been nights when my partner and I hold each other in the dark and whisper our worst fears. Some of these are personal and selfish: Under the new regime, will I still be able to get the meds that keep me going? Will I have to work for money until I die to keep my health care benefits? Because I turn 65 next year, will I miss the 2017 Medicare cutoff and fall under Paul Ryan’s plan to turn that program into a voucher system?

Some fears are national: How can the two of us, and the organizations we’re connected with, continue to shield the vulnerable in an era when a white supremacist serves as the president’s chief strategist?

Some are global: Can we hold back the rising seas that are already closing over island nations on a planet where Donald Trump promises to abandon the fight against climate change and walk away from the historic Paris climate accord?

And then, it’s back to the personal again: Just how vulnerable are we, two middle class white lesbians in our sixties, during a Trump presidency? In the 1980s and 1990s, we used to wonder why the two things our “gay leaders” thought we wanted most in the world were to join the Army and get married. Now, the question isn’t what we’ll be able to do, but what we won’t be able to do.

Admittedly, the two of us will never again need the right to an abortion that a Trump-influenced Supreme Court will probably devolve to the states, essentially abrogating the Roe v. Wade decision. But I did need it in 1975, and I thank God I had it. On the other hand, such a court could easily decide to revisit its 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which invalidated sodomy laws. It’s easy enough to forget now that, as recently as 1986, in Bowers v. Hardwick, the court opined that no one has “a fundamental right to engage in homosexual sodomy.”

But the terror that’s shaken us the most is that, in the coming years, we might witness the final collapse of the rule of law in this country. I’ve spent the last decade and a half writing about torture and other war crimes committed in the global “war on terror.” First, the Bush administration brought us two illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with “enhanced interrogation techniques” and a permanent extralegal prison at Guantánamo Bay. The Obama administration followed with its policy of extrajudicial murder by drone, and undeclared but very real wars in Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Between them, they twisted and warped and finally broke domestic and international laws of all sorts.

But the past two administrations at least gave lip service to the rule of law. In Donald Trump, we have a president-elect who has said he will simply ignore the law if it gets in his way. In a primary debate last March, he insisted that the military would follow any order he gave — whether to torture detainees or to “take out” the families of suspected terrorists. When debate moderator Bret Baier pointed out that soldiers are prohibited from obeying an illegal order, Trump answered, “They won’t refuse. They’re not gonna refuse me. Believe me. I’m a leader. I’ve always been a leader. I’ve never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they’re going to do it.” Apparently he got some advice about saying such things in public; the following day found him walking back the comments, acknowledging that “the United States is bound by laws and treaties and I will not order our military or other officials to violate those laws.” But it’s pretty clear what he really thinks about the binding power of law.

There’s so much to worry about with a Trump presidency. Why does contempt for the rule of law stand out for me? Part of the answer is that by making laws we human beings both recognize and secure our need to live together. In the thirteenth century, Thomas Aquinas defined a law as “an ordinance of reason for the common good, made by [whoever] has care of the community, and promulgated.” It’s still a pretty decent definition: a reasonable rule made for the good of everyone in the community, rather than for one particular group, by those with responsibility for ensuring that good, and made public so that everyone knows what the law is and how it operates. No secret laws. No secret courts. A premature medieval democrat, Aquinas allowed for the possibility that the one who “has care of the community” might, in fact, be a body of elected representatives, or even the community as a whole.

The law is not sexy. It’s not click-bait. But it can, for instance, be the protective wall between a group of people designated as less than human and those who hate them (though that is, of course, not Trump’s idea of a useful wall). That’s only true, however, if the law is enforced. International law could also be the barrier, the wall, that protects the world from a country that for the past 15 years has behaved like an angry two-year-old giant, stomping around the world, waving missiles and smashing things with its outsized feet. Or it might have been, had Barack Obama not begun his presidency by promising that he (and therefore the rest of us) would “look forward as opposed to looking backwards” when it came to the crimes of the Bush administration.

That failure to respect the law made it clear that, in twenty-first-century America, some people are exempt from it. Obama continued,

“And part of my job is to make sure that, for example, at the CIA, you’ve got extraordinarily talented people who are working very hard to keep Americans safe. I don’t want them to suddenly feel like they’ve got to spend their all their time looking over their shoulders.”

I think people who have extraordinary power should spend a good part of their time looking over their shoulders. And more to the point, we should be able to look over theirs.

It appears that the International Criminal Court has finally been looking over the CIA’s shoulders. In its annual report, issued earlier this month, the chief prosecutor indicated that she will likely open a full investigation into “war crimes of torture and related ill treatment, by U.S. military forces deployed to Afghanistan and in secret detention facilities operated by the Central Intelligence Agency.” The report observes:

“These alleged crimes were not the abuses of a few isolated individuals. Rather, they appear to have been committed as part of approved interrogation techniques in an attempt to extract ‘actionable intelligence’ from detainees.”

This is the first move the ICC has made to investigate U.S. war crimes and so to hold this country to the standards of international law. We’ll see how far the effort goes. The court’s jurisdiction here is murky indeed, because the United States is not party to the treaty that created it.

Day Dreams

I teach ethics to college students. The Wednesday morning after the election I threw out the lesson plan for the day (a lecture on institutionalized state torture). Instead, we considered the election. We watched a few videos: the live feed of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, Trump’s victory speech, and CNN commentator Van Jones’s unfiltered reaction to the election (“this is a whitelash”). Then I invited my students to discuss how they felt about Trump’s stunning victory.

A young white woman started the conversation by saying how angry she was at the “uneducated white men” who voted for Trump. I asked my students what percentage of people in the U.S. they thought had four-year college degrees. (The answer is roughly a third.) “That means,” I said, “that two-thirds of the people in this country don’t have the chance to go to college. If they are uneducated, it is not entirely by choice.” I went on to talk about the real pain of watching your income shrink, and losing the work that defined your place and your value in a society that measures everything in dollars and cents. I suggested that even as we abhor the political choice to support a candidate who openly declares his racism, misogyny, and contempt for Muslims, disabled people, and the rule of law, we can still respect that pain — and the humanity of those who feel it.

An Asian American woman began to cry a little as she described her terror not only for herself, but for African American and Latino friends who are more vulnerable than she is.

I can understand her fear. Between the day after the election and Monday, November 14th, the Southern Poverty Law Center had already logged 437 reports of hate incidents, many of them involving “direct references to the Trump campaign and its slogans.”

I’ve been remembering the times I’ve been yelled at, contemptuously addressed as “sir,” or chased down the street by people who’d discerned that I’m a lesbian. Donald Trump has spent the last year telling people that their hatred is a good thing, and to feel free to express it with physical violence. It’s no wonder some of us are a little scared.

In another class a few days later, an Indian American student told us two stories. The first was about an African American friend of hers at the University of California, Berkeley. She was walking away from a post-election anti-Trump demonstration on campus, when she found herself surrounded by a group of young white men. They began to taunt her. And then they did the thing that Trump boasted his fame allows him to do. They grabbed her pussy. She ran, and fortunately they’d had their “fun” and didn’t follow her.

The second story was about my student herself. “I was on the BART [our local subway] going to visit my grandmother this weekend,” she began.

“I noticed a group of white men around a very young woman, about 18, wearing a hijab. They were making fun of her and calling her names. So I went and sat down next to her and told her to ignore them. When we got to her stop, she was afraid to leave, afraid they’d follow her. I had another five stops to go, but I couldn’t let her leave alone, so I got out, too. And so did the boys. They followed us out of the station and stood near us yelling as the young woman waited for her ride to come. They started to get closer, and her ride still hadn’t made it, so I called a Lyft, and rode with her to her home.”

My student’s courage humbled me.

No New Normal

The full-time faculty at my university has been working for months without a contract. We’ve had a change of administration, and the new regime is fighting hard against a demand for a very modest salary increase. To put the struggle into words, my colleagues have made buttons sporting a red circle and the words “new normal” with a red slash through it. I’ve been wearing one to show solidarity with my full-time colleagues. Since Donald Trump’s election, I’ve taken to wearing it off campus as well. It seems like a particularly appropriate slogan these days for those of us who don’t want the new normal to mean a return to a very old normal. Having it on makes me feel a bit braver and a bit more hopeful.

We need hope now, so we can face a world in which hopelessness, despair, and the tears of my students could also become the new norm. Hope doesn’t mean pretending that the danger isn’t very clear and very present. If your tastes run to good left rhetoric, there’s the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s suggestion in his Letters from Prison that we should combine pessimism of the intellect with an optimism of the will. In an article on “The Indifferent,” he wrote, “To really live means to be a citizen and to take part.”

That’s a sentiment not so different from what my students read in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. Human beings, says Aristotle, are political animals; we live best when we live as citizens. He also believed that our best qualities are habits we get by practicing them. “We become just,” he says, “by doing just acts.” So you might think of hope as a habit we build in ourselves by doing hopeful things. Think of each of us as assembling it like a rock wall from bumpy stones that don’t necessarily look like they’ll ever fit together. Hope is the wall we can build, stone by stone, to fence in a future Trumpian autocracy.

A few rocks in my personal wall of hope:

It’s 1984. I’m in Nicaragua traveling with 15 other people jammed into the back of a tiny pickup truck, bouncing through dangerous territory. It’s the height of the war the Reagan administration has illegally funded against the left-wing Sandinista government, which was installed after the ouster of a U.S.-backed dictator, Anastasio Somoza. The road we’re traveling down goes through territory controlled by the CIA-backed Contra rebels. We’re heading toward a town called San Juan del Bocay. We round a bend and the land flattens out, revealing a barn standing in a field. Someone who has clearly learned to read and write since the 1979 Sandinista revolution has painted a slogan on the side of the building in careful block letters: “Nosotro vencimo Somo libre Nunca volveremo a cer esclavo.”

The spelling is terrible; there’s no punctuation; and since, like all Nicaraguans, the writer doesn’t pronounce the letter “s” at the end of a word, he or she doesn’t even realize that it’s there, as in “nosotros” — “we.” But it doesn’t matter. The meaning couldn’t be clearer. “We won. We are free. We will never go back to being slaves.”

When people decide that they are human beings and not beasts of burden, that is a genie no one can shove back into the bottle. Over the last 50 years, groups of people in this country have one by one fought for and claimed their full humanity: African Americans, women, LGB and now T people, those with disabilities, immigrants of whatever documentation status. Trumplandia may not yet recognize our humanity, but we do. You can’t shove that back in the bottle either.

It’s the Thursday after the 2016 election. I’m riding my bike towards campus when I see a phalanx of San Francisco police lining Valencia Street. Then I realize that there’s a mid-day, mid-week march coming down the sidewalk. As I get closer, I see that they’re all middle school students, shouting and carrying signs like “Dump Trump” and “Love Trumps Hate!” I stop and call to them, “You’re going to finish what people like me started.” They cheer for themselves and their own astonishing courage. You can’t shove youth back in the bottle. As the folksinger Holly Near sang decades ago, “You can’t murder youth, my friend, youth grows the whole world round.”

It’s 7:45 a.m. on the Friday after the election. I’m entering the building where I teach my 8:00 class. On the door, someone has taped up a simple black and white notice:

“To all those hurt by
recent election
Lets mourn and then
Lets organize.”

Details follow about where people can meet “to openly discuss methods and ideas to sidestep this horrific election result.” That meeting, says the notice, is to last from “1:00 p.m. — till whenever we come up with something.” It ends with this observation: “We can be the change we wish to see, we just have to embody it.” There may be a comma splice in that last sentence and an apostrophe missing from “lets,” but again the meaning is clear. These young people are the inheritors of everything my comrades and I have worked for so much of our lives.

The day after the election, I made a rare post on Facebook:

“Bad enough we gave the world 8 years of G.W. Bush. Now this. We hadn’t figured on the depth of hatred and despair in this country. Now to pick ourselves up and get back to work. No emigration for this woman.”

I’m an old dyke, a little ragged around the edges, and prone to the occasional night terror. But I’m too old and too stubborn to cede my country to the forces of hatred and a nihilistic desire to blow the whole thing up just to see where the pieces come down. I’ve fought, and organized, and loved too long to give up now. And Trump and the people who run him can’t shove me — or any of us — back in that bottle.

Rebecca Gordon, a TomDispatch regular, teaches in the philosophy department at the University of San Francisco. She is the author of American Nuremberg: The U.S. Officials Who Should Stand Trial for Post-9/11 War Crimes. Her previous books include Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 United States and Letters from Nicaragua .

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
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  1. fnn says:

    Yet Hillary was continually telling us that she was ready to go war with Russia via a no-fly zone in Syria. You had to believe her given that she had already destroyed Libya and was on board with the proxy war against Syria from day one. A left-wing Peak Oiler says even the hillbillies in the sticks knew how dangerous Hillary was:

    To understand why a town that ran off the Klan was a forest of Trump signs in the recent election, it’s necessary to get past the stereotypes and ask a simple question: why did people vote for Trump? I don’t claim to have done a scientific survey, but these are the things I heard Trump voters talking about in the months and weeks leading up to the election:

    1. The Risk of War. This was the most common point at issue, especially among women—nearly all the women I know who voted for Trump, in fact, cited it as either the decisive reason for their vote or one of the top two or three. They listened to Hillary Clinton talk about imposing a no-fly zone over Syria in the face of a heavily armed and determined Russian military presence, and looked at the reckless enthusiasm for overthrowing governments she’d displayed during her time as Secretary of State. They compared this to Donald Trump’s advocacy of a less confrontational relationship with Russia, and they decided that Trump was less likely to get the United States into a shooting war.

    War isn’t an abstraction here in flyover country. Joining the military is very nearly the only option young people here have if they want a decent income, job training, and the prospect of a college education, and so most families have at least one relative or close friend on active duty. People here respect the military, but the last two decades of wars of choice in the Middle East have done a remarkably good job of curing middle America of any fondness for military adventurism it might have had. While affluent feminists swooned over the prospect of a woman taking on another traditionally masculine role, and didn’t seem to care in the least that the role in question was “warmonger,” a great many people in flyover country weighed the other issues against the prospect of having a family member come home in a body bag. Since the Clinton campaign did precisely nothing to reassure them on this point, they voted for Trump.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  2. Anonymous [AKA "Heterosexual still natural"] says:

    We hadn’t figured on the depth of hatred and despair in this country. ….I’m an old dyke.

    Well I suppose dykes hate men, so what should we expect: “Love trumps hate.” Or “Hate Trump, I’m a dyke.”

    • Replies: @boogerbently
  3. this long-time pacifist dreamed she shot a big white man carrying an arsenal of guns. He was wandering around a room full of people, waving a pistol and threatening to fire. Someone pushed a gun into my hand and said, “Shoot now, while his back is turned!” I shot. Blood seeped from a hole in his back. He fell.

    I have no hope for the left at this point. They are totally sick, self-absorbed fantacists divorced from reality with no idea just how pathetic and repulsive they are to any normal human being. Wish I could put a positive or humorous spin on this, but the full depth of the psychological depravity of the left has been on full display since the election, and it is very sad.

    • Agree: Kiza
  4. TheJester says:


    I apologize for being so deplorable, having two university degrees in Philosophy and my coursework completed for my doctorate in Philosophy … and I still don’t meet your expectations for a Trump supporter. (I later picked up another masters in IT since it’s nice to have a job.) Of passing interest, my academic specialty was also ethics and logic, which I taught at three major universities until the Vietnam War and the draft disrupted my life plan.

    I do have one question: I always included a section on abortion in my ethics classes … pro and con. I invited Planned Parenthood and ministers from a number of mainline Protestant churches as guest speakers to get the pro and con, only to discover to my surprise that it was all “pro”. In the “pro” literature, there was also an essay by a feminist of the era who argued that getting pregnant was like a fly invading a damaged screen door and, therefore, the occupants of the room had no responsibility for the sickness visited on its occupants. Is this what happened to you … that damned fly?

    • Agree: Jim Christian, Dan Hayes
  5. @Tim Howells

    PS: Here’s a thought experiment. Suppose that a Republican wrote an essay expressing his deep disgust with the election of Obama and saying that he dreamed of shooting a big, dangerous Black man in the back and watching him bleed. Would that be considered suitable for publication? How much credence would be given to the remainder of the essay?

  6. Kirt says:

    Uh – this is a joke, right?

  7. Escher says:

    Trump waved the rainbow flag in one of his public appearances, and defended the rights of the gay community to live without fear of being targeted by extremist muslims. What more does he need to do to stop showing up in your fevered dreams?

    • Replies: @ogunsiron
  8. RudyM says:

    I hope the author will look at who the victims of documented (especially video-taped), election-related attacks have been since the election (or for the last year, for that matter).

    Some examples:

    I also hope she will consider the number of already proven hoax claims about hate crimes.

    I agree that Trump’s at times cavalier statement about the law have been worrisome. I voted for him primarily to stop Hillary, who was disqualified, in my mind, thanks to the significant role she had already played in the destruction of a number of other countries; as well as the very real risk that she would get us into a nuclear war with Russia. I also liked Trump’s position on the TPP and similar agreements, as well as his adamance about enforcing immigration law.

    Remember that rule of law talk?

  9. RudyM says:

    I hope the author will look at who the victims of documented (especially video-taped), election-related attacks have been since the election (or for the last year, for that matter).

    Not to mention the ongoing disproportionate black on white violence which is, at the very least, keeping pacing, but going by my subjective impressions, seems to be increasing. Maybe I’m just paying more attention to it.

    The cat is out of the bag. The goodie-two-shoes SJW smokescreen is not going to work.

  10. LouSurfer says:

    Most inane and wrongheaded thing I have ever read at unz. She must be proud.

  11. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Sexual Assault”

    Sheesh, gimme a break.

    It’s not like Trump ever referred to women as “cu*buckets” or said he wants to “shove my fist her up a**.”

    These women are hysterical. And if they really want to fight ‘misogyny’, go after Rap and Pop music culture.

  12. You are using logic. It won’t work with the author of this ridiculous article. She is driven solely by irrational emotions. She is a typical “professor.” Isolated from the real world and delusional.

    The disgusting thing is that she teaches ethics and still proclaims how happy she is that she killed an innocent child 40 years ago. Sure it was her body, but she selfishly snuffed out the life of another body (her own child) for her convenience. And she is proud of it. Or perhaps she is really tortured by it and uses this virtue signaling to mask her disgust at what she did.

  13. An ugly old dyke who considers herself “educated” outsmarts herself thinking I believe her lie that anyone ever chased her ugly-dyke-ass down the street. And then what happened when they caught you, Rebecca? You forgot the rest of the story. Did they beat you, rape you, strangle you? Are you possessed of Olympic speed and they never caught you? Liar. The false fear/terror meme is so worn out. And yet she feels superior to me, the deplorable who knows a pathological liar’s words when they back up in my drain. I love it when the mentally ill, their ugly moods outrunning their meds, pen these screeds that lay bare the depths of their ugly and self-important souls. She’s so encapsulated in the liberal world, she has no clue of anyone’s existence outside the liberal-dyke-academic bubble.

    From inside that bubble she slanders, lies and perpetuates a festering political philosophy that sodomy and the gay/dyke/tranny sexual depravity is not only ok, but to be put up in all our faces, another reason Trump won. And she justifies it with notions that anyone cares enough to chase her down the road. That’s one of the many mistakes Gordon and her foul ilk made, their miscalculation, their sheer hubris of the past ten years especially. These feminist perverts, while tolerated, aren’t supreme. Maybe they were just brought up short. Gordon is NOT mainstream, she is not normal, only on the campus is she normal. In the world at large, especially the Muslim world she defends to no end, she and her ilk gets thrown off a building, horsewhipped, stoned to death for being”queer” as queers say.

    They really are perfect, these feminists, especially the dykes and homos. In their hubris, they demand that not only are we to forgive their destruction, we’re also to celebrate it with them. The real mainstream just told them differently. Little wonder her nightmares. And someone better send the Secret Service to look into these “Academics” that not only fantasize about killing Trump as this Rebecca Gordon does, but that tweet out threats and exhortations to others to do the same. Professors that want to kill Trump are spreading like a persistent rash.

    Who would suspect an old dyke, after all?

  14. @Tim Howells

    PS: Here’s a thought experiment. Suppose that a Republican wrote an essay expressing his deep disgust with the election of Obama and saying that he dreamed of shooting a big, dangerous Black man in the back and watching him bleed. Would that be considered suitable for publication? How much credence would be given to the remainder of the essay?

    How much credence would be given such a statement? Enough that would have the Secret Service at your door for an extended chat. But this self-described old, ugly dyke, we’re supposed to understand SHE has permission to say these words. And Tim, it is deplorable for you to notice.

  15. In response, I really can’t improve on a post made a while back by BenKenobi:

    “They wanted evil white men, now they shall have them.”

    I’d like to talk to Rebecca Gordon about separate countries; we really aren’t one people at this point.

    • Agree: BenKenobi
    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  16. BenKenobi says:

    Oh my… where to begin.

    This is gonna be a fun comment section.

    “and heeeeerrrre come the pretzels!”

  17. Wally says:
    @Tim Howells

    Bingo, Tim.

    It’s hard to imagine that any people could be so lacking in morality and ethics.

    I thought I had seen it all until the post election displays by what can only be described as psychopathic, mindless leftists. Their sense on entitlement, bald face lying, and advocacy of violence against whites is mind bending.

    Their personal lives have become so empty that they can only find pleasure and satisfaction in hurting all that disagree with them.

    Having said all that, I must say that they are becoming truly dangerous. This is not going to end well.


    Curious how the LGBs try to incorporate blacks into their agenda. Blacks are by far the most intolerate of those like Rebecca Gordon.

    • Replies: @Michelle
  18. BenKenobi says:
    @Tim Howells

    I got a real chuckle out of the three consecutive hate hoaxes she elaborated.

    One of them even seems like a complete rip-off of the #I’llRideWithYou nonsense out of Australia a while back.

    Oh and PS: we’re all glad you got that abortion too, Becky.

  19. utu says:

    Reading this I realized that no compromise is possible. It is either us or them, them like Rebecca Gordon. They must be stopped. ¡No pasarán! If we want to save the western civilization.

  20. Jason Liu says:

    This is why I keep saying middle class white women are the most pathological and deranged leftists in America.

    In a just world, people like Rebecca would be seen for what she really is. A member of the out-of-touch academic class who teaches verbose fluff, contributes nothing, and effectively lives her life in the teenage-girl sanctum of college campuses where she and other immature kids can pretend minority identity grievances are Very Serious Issues.

    She claims to care for rule of law, yet does not mention the massive extralegal invasion by illegals aliens that led to this political situation. She takes at face value anecdotes and claims of hate crimes, told by the same people who clamor for victimhood with whom she’s surrounded herself with. Her ethics evidently does not include criticism of equality or pluralism, which makes me think modern western “ethics” is not so much a philosophical system as it is a front for undisciplined compassion.

    Society is not school. It is not an experience-sharing circle. It is not a project for sheltered women to turn into their hugbox. Nor is it experiment to be defined by mild social ennui. We don’t live in a speculative fiction novel because overemphasis on who feels oppressed by what is detrimental to civilization. If you want that, Salon is that way ——————>

    The Unz Review should understand that being a critic of American interventionism does not make one’s views on social issues legitimate. There are plenty of nationalists and folks on the right who could do it just as well.

    • Replies: @Kurt van Ghoye
    , @dahoit
  21. DrEvil says:

    She’s the reason people voted for Trump. You’re welcome.

  22. CCZ says:

    For all of their self-proclaimed intelligence, I am always amazed that these leftist intellectuals, seeming to lack any introspection, fail to see how all of their complaints and attacks can be turned 180 degrees and voiced in exactly the opposite way with the substitution of a few words and phrases.

    Ms. Gordon said:

    “But I’m too old and too stubborn to cede my country to the forces of hatred and a nihilistic desire to blow the whole thing up just to see where the pieces come down. I’ve fought, and organized, and loved too long to give up now. And Trump and the people who run him can’t shove me — or any of us — back in that bottle.”

    I say:

    But I’m too old and too stubborn to cede my country and its accomplishments (and the values of Western Civilization) to the forces of multi-cultural hatred, jihad, and a nihilistic social justice warrior desire to tear the whole thing down just to celebrate diversity and see the disappearance of the working class and Euro-American culture and people who fought and continue to sacrifice to ensure individual rights and opportunity. I and my parents and generations before them loved this country and fought, sacrificed, and organized for it for too long to give up now. And Hillary and the globalist elite who run her and the arrogant celebrate diversity multi-culturalist counterfeit intellectuals who despise America can’t shove me — or any of us — back into a bottle.

  23. 1RW says:

    LOLOL. This old, self described Dyke’s despair is a joy to read.

    No country has ever succeeded by catering to sexually degenerate freaks and and aggrieved racial minorities. The only things this leads to, that history has shown, is collapse or fascism. She and her ilk are indeed #sobrave for bringing Trump’s election about.

    And I have no pity for her, not because of her deviancy, which she may or may not choose, but because she has doubtless spent decades poisoning the minds of America’s young people with her hatred of what is right and good. If she ends being abused in a nursing home, abused by Nigerian or Philipino nurses, and never visited by grand children she aborted in 1975, it will be just desserts.

    • Replies: @Thomas Fuller
  24. Realist says:

    The left loves to state that more people with a college degree voted for Clinton than Trump.
    What they don’t do is break down the field of study (major) of the Clinton voters with a college degree. A very large amount of the degrees are in useless studies like women studies, black studies psychology, history of fine arts or any of the other touchy-feely bullshit degrees. Very few are in STEM studies.

  25. I don’t understand. This whole thing seems delusional… where is she getting her information and why isn’t she applying the slightest bit of scepticism to that information? It says she teaches in the philosophy department at the University of San Francisco but I don’t know how she could get that far with these levels of credulity. Do they just hand out philosophy degrees and jobs to anybody who can string a few words together?

    When I did philosophy at least two of the mandatory electives were in elementary logic. I’m guessing that’s not the case at the University of San Francisco. The website says: “Philosophy prepares students to think. Logic, ethics, morals, reasoning; what’s more practical than a pragmatic brain?” Maybe she somehow skipped the logic and reasoning elements in her philosophical career.

    On Rate My Professor she gets mostly ‘Awesome’ and ‘Good’ reviews. Only one I could see rated her ‘Awful’ and said the class was biased. Surprising given the content of this nonsensical article.

  26. Urim says:

    The war is held on ordinary people as well. Government can spend $200K to get transgender men to wear condoms and this actions are supported by the media and, as a result, by many people… That’s the real war of today. It’s hiden, but it is real.

  27. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Gosh, must be one of those ‘uneducated white guys’ since I’ve only got 63 hours of college credit, had to dropout to work full-time and never made it back.

    Where was all this angst when your buds Hill and Bill were tearing this country to shreds, Bill with his chumminess with Wall Street, tossing the unions overboard and making radical changes to commodity and financial laws, including killing the important Glass Steagall law forbidding TBTF banks from gambling with our money?

    Where was all this anger when your friend Hill was giving ‘thumbs-up’ to the illegal bombing campaign that destroyed Libya? Where were you when Hill and Obama set in motion the ongoing catastrophe that is tearing apart Syria?

    Did you get upset about the obvious ‘pay to play’ inherent in the Wikileaks emails about the corrupt Clinton Global Initiative, which only spends 10% on the actual goals, the other going for salaries, bonuses, first-class travel, etc?

    I could go on and on, Obambacare and Honduras, for example, but I’ll let you get back to sleep so you can dream about killing more white guys.

  28. @Tim Howells

    I think we all know the answer to that one!

  29. n230099 says:

    [insert screeching brakes sounds here]

    “…the Southern Poverty Law Center had already logged 437 reports of hate incidents…”

    Earth to Becky…Earth to Becky…come in please…Earth to Becky…

  30. That’s a lot of hysteria going on there.

    I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here, at great peril no doubt, on one assertion:

    “… in the coming years, we might witness the final collapse of the rule of law in this country.”

    Beg your pardon, but isn’t using the courts to inscribe into the pantheon of human rights things like abortion and homosexual sodomy and marriage in contravention to duly passed laws of the local populations’ duly elected representatives not a flagrant flouting of the rule of law?

    • Replies: @Joe Franklin
  31. wow says:

    I teach ethics to college students.
    That you have to teach college aged people “ethics” is another reason why Trump won!

    I teach my son ethics, I don’t need you to do that toots, let alone pay for it!!!

    Basically this author should be on food stamps with a career like this…aside from the fact she sounds totally unhinged.

    It is safe to say we could eliminate 75% of a degree paths in colleges and no one would notice!!!

  32. @fnn

    While affluent feminists swooned over the prospect of a woman taking on another traditionally masculine role, and didn’t seem to care in the least that the role in question was “warmonger,

    I noticed that as well.

    I live in a neighborhood full of “professionals,” most with “advanced” degrees, and I’m shocked and appalled at their insensitivity for the “other.” All the female neighbors I talked to about the election were stunningly immune to my charge of “warmonger” and “baby killer.” All they cared about was seeing a “woman” as prezydint.

    As a result, I lost what little respect I had for the brain dead snobs. I will never take any of them seriously ever again; not that they or anyone else cares.

  33. We’re taking up a collection to buy Play Doh and coloring books (age-range under 5) for you and those of your students suffering from a similar psychological defect. I’d characterize this as hebephrenia except for the observation that your emotional development seems to have ceased long before adolescence, somewhere in infancy.

    BTW: Have you ever asked yourself how many of your students artfully parrot back to you the crap you feed them because they realize you are literally a crazed, hate-filled, ideologue bitch who would flunk them if they did otherwise? I suspect that a lot of them may actually be sane, emotionally mature adults. I’d be willing to bet that some may even have quietly pulled the lever for Trump and/or against Clinton in the private security of the voting booth.

    If the entire establishment had not gotten on board defeating Trump; if the MSM had not falsely smeared him at every opportunity and spiked any stories that revealed Clinton as an alcoholic sociopath who had demonstrated nothing but incompetence, corruption, and an apocalyptically dangerous predilection for war-mongering; if those same MSM had not secretly rigged the debates to favor Clinton; if Clinton had not out-spent Trump five or ten to one; in other words if the electorate had been presented with an honest picture of Clinton and Trump, then Trump would have won this election by a landslide in both the popular vote and the Electoral College.

    I think people like you and Clinton are conscious on some level of how truly loathsome you are to most of humanity. That is why people like you worked so ceaselessly during this past election cycle to prevent an honest discussion of policies and personalities. However, personalities like that shared by you and Clinton operate under a multitude of debilitating psychological impediments. Two of these are a grandiose over-estimate of your competency and a corresponding inability to appreciate the worth of others. These tend to trip you up when attempting to perpetrate a con like the one Clinton and her associates tried to pull off this last election.

  34. @Tim Howells

    I agree, but I also find the “right” equally appalling and disgusting though for different reasons. While I never had any hope for the fake libs, I lost all hope for the fake conservative clowns with the election of Doofus Bush.

    I vote for another Deluge.

  35. When I was a student in Britain last century at one of the world’s better known universities, the rot in Academia was already very apparent. My friend Liam, a philosophy student, was of the opinion that, outside of the Physical Sciences and Maths, Philosophy would be the last department to succumb. The intellectual rigour of Philosophy protected it from the attention of charlatans and hacks who had invaded Social Studies and the like, so he argued.
    My argument was that intellectual rigour would only be preserved if the Appointments Committee maintained it by appointing intellectually rigorous staff.
    Obviously, The Appointments Committee – or whoever performs these functions – of San Francisco University have thrown intellectual rigour out the window long before they appointed a corrupt and dishonest creature like Rebecca Gordon as a lecturer.
    My old Philosophy Dept, I don’t know its present standards. But one of my old Departments has appointed a woman as Professor. I was told bluntly by a retired staff member that she was chosen because she was a woman and a lesbian, to meet quota requirements.
    I strongly suspect this applies to Rebecca Gordon as well.

  36. pyrrhus says:

    Crazy cat lady dyke turns out to be even more delusional than one would expect….You are human detritus, I pity your students.

  37. I think you guys are being kind if rough on the old girl. Sure, she’s obviously coo-coo-bananas, but she was awesome in Harold and Maude!

  38. Dr. X says:

    If only half of Prof. Gordon’s fears about Trump become true, I will consider his presidency to have been an unqualified success.

    If all of them become true…

  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is why I keep saying middle class white women are the most pathological and deranged leftists in America.

    If by “middle class” you meant “government workers, government contractors, and the affluent”, you would be correct. It takes an income >$100K to produce an article like this.

  40. It is safe to say we could eliminate 75% of a degree paths in colleges and no one would notice!!!

    For sure. Little more than a racket. Society in general would be better off if 95% of the “institutions of learning” were wiped off the face of the Earth. What farces!

    The author of the article sounds like a typical philosophaster!

    [Annually] our university heads as a rule pray only for the greatest possible number of freshmen to squeeze money from, and do not care whether they are educated or not, provided they are sleek, well groomed, and good-looking, and in one word, men of means.

    Philosophasters innocent of the arts become Masters of Arts, and those are made wise by order who are endowed with no wisdom, and have no qualifications for a degree save a desire for it.

    Theologasters, if they can but pay, have enough learning and to spare, and proceed to the very highest degrees. Hence it comes that such a pack of vile buffoons, ignoramuses wandering in the twilight of learning, ghosts of clergymen, itinerant quacks, dolts, clods, asses, mere cattle …

    – Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholoy (1621), Part 1,Sect.2, Mem.3. Subs 15. Pg. 201 Burton

    Burton was schooled at Oxford and elected a life fellow of Christ Church, a college of the university in 1599. He became a bachelor of divinity in 1614 and later vicar of St. Thomas’s Church, Oxford.

  41. Not sure if this is supposed to be funny or sad.

    She should be more alarmed by her obvious symptoms of dementia, rather than election results

    Possibly, just another angry screed from an embittered old lesbian nearing the end of a wasted life, though.

    Perhaps its more comforting to create an elaborate fantasy about an evil straw man Trump, than to contemplate the harsh reality, that any hope you had of a legacy ended up in an abortion clinic dumpster.

    • Replies: @Alden
  42. @1RW

    just desserts

    Apple pie? 🙂

    BTW this article is very high-grade trolling. Not quite up to the level of God-Emperor Trump (who, after all, has just trolled the entire British government by tweeting that Nigel Farage should be its U.S. ambassador), but pretty impressive all the same. She hits all the right buttons and even manages to refer to that malevolent hunchback, Gramsci, whom one can, with reason, style the grandfather of political correctness.

    Bullseye, madam! Keep it coming!

    • Replies: @Langley
  43. @Jason Liu

    I like the cut of your jib man. You should be a cabinet member. Your portfolio will be to drain the ivory swamp.

  44. nsa says:

    Total parody…..even silly homo academics aren’t this deranged

    • Replies: @Wally
  45. Broad Generalization Warning: The American Left really doesn’t get it. Maybe if actual history was studied instead of “The Effects of Ethiopian Oppression on Womyn’s Struggle for Uterine Independence” but who knows?

    The Democratic Convention of 1968, The “Days of Rage” in 1969, North Vietnamese flags and Ho Chi Minh chants at demonstrations helped sweep Richard Nixon into the White House. The Dems’ commitment to identity politics and reflexive anti-US stance on most everything helped Trump to his Electoral College vote majority.

  46. Kyle a says:

    This was better than any Monty python skit and we didn’t have to suffer through terrible English physical comedy to actually get it.

  47. I myself have never met a collitch “educated” and self congratulated “philosopher” who was anything more than a prideful and empty cheat.

    Farmers take more pleasure in looking at the heads of grain that are bent over and bowed toward the ground, but those that tower aloft owing to their lightness the farmers think are empty cheats; so among the young men who would study philosophy: those who are most empty and have no weight, have assurance and a pose and a gait, and a countenance filled with a haughtiness and disdain which spares nobody; but, as their heads begin to fill and to accumulate some fruitage from their lectures and reading, they lay aside their swagger and superficiality.

    And just as when empty vessels are being filled with a liquid the air inside is expelled by the pressure, so when men are being filled with the really good things, their conceit gives way and their self-opinion becomes less inflexible; and, ceasing to feel pride in their philosopher’s beard and gown, they transfer their training to their mind, and apply their stinging and bitter criticism most of all to themselves, and are milder in their intercourse with others. They do not arrogate to themselves, as before, the name of philosophy and the repute of studying it, or even give themselves the title of philosopher; In fact, a young man of good parts, on being addressed by this title by another, would be quick to say with a blush:

    I am no god, I assure you; why think me like the immortals?28

    Plutarch, Moralia, How a Man May Become Aware of His Progress in Virtue
    as published in Vol. I
    of the Loeb Classical Library edition, 1927*.html

  48. ogunsiron says:

    He’s a white male so it doesn’t matter what he does. He is tainted with original sin and there is no redemption available for people like him.

    Thanks Ron for this “triggering” short glimpse into the sick academic leftist mind bubble. It reminds us of the nature of the enemy. It reminds us that defunding humanities and social science must be a priority.

  49. Yes, Rebecca, you should be afraid. You should be as afraid as normal Americans (which does not include you) have been disgusted as liberal fools and degenerates have turned this country upside down, destroyed its history and culture and attempted to corrupt our children. You feel frightened? Good. Leave. You and your multi-cult friends are not wanted or needed here. We have had it with your nonsense. I am supposed to have sympathy or pity for a couple of old female sodomites smelling like an unclean kitty litter box, who have spent their lives trying to ruin my precious country? I am supposed to feel sorry for a gang of aliens who were never invited to come here? No, the time for “tolerance” is long over, as you liberal fascists have made all too clear over the last eight years. You will NEVER hold power in this country again, if we have to load 30,000,000 of you in cattle cars and dump you in Guatemala. Don’t like it? You will like it a hell of a lot less when San Francisco is put under martial law because of its illegal refusal to recognize Federal law. Go cry yourself to sleep……and keep a cardboard suitcase packed.

  50. ogunsiron says:

    a group of young white men. They began to taunt her. And then they did the thing that Trump boasted his fame allows him to do. They grabbed her pussy. She ran, and fortunately they’d had their “fun” and didn’t follow her.
    Yeah that totally happened. To a black woman. In Berkeley of all places.
    The unfortunate truth is that a not insignificant number of women are deeply into *fantasizing* about this kind of stuff. I picture the alleged grabbee as Berkeley “frizzy haired mulatto” chick torn between her natural attraction to athletic young white men and her anti-white conditioning.

  51. Flavius says:

    Kudos to Unz. I knew it was bad, but this bad???
    This is one of the most revealing essays I’ve ever seen on Delusional America – the counter Reed. I know, or hope, that this is the tip of the tip of the lunatic left, but wow, just wow, and I’ve been around a bit. This woman belongs in quarantine.
    Come to think of it, she already is and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I started reading, found a lot of violence, of the cowardly kind, in the first lines, and quit.

    The beginning was enough to know what will follow.

    Some commenters say the author, I’d rather say the source, of this outburst of violence is an “old ugly dyke”.

    I say the problem with the ugly is they devote their life to attacking the non-ugly, while the non-ugly mind their own business. The latter’s indifference leads the ugly being over-represented and more influential than they should.
    Non-ugly people are careless and irresponsible.

  53. Langley says:

    “If your tastes run to good left rhetoric, there’s the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s suggestion in his Letters from Prison that we should combine pessimism of the intellect with an optimism of the will. In an article on “The Indifferent,” he wrote, “To really live means to be a citizen and to take part.”

    Thank you for being so open about your political alliances.
    Most Cultural Marxists try to hide their hatred of America.

  54. At bottom, the business is quite simple. First scare him — and then reassure him. First get him into a panic with a bugaboo — and then go to the rescue, gallantly and uproariously, with a stuffed club to lay it. First fake him — and then fake him again. This, in substance, is the whole theory and practise of the art of journalism in These States.

    In so far as our public gazettes have any serious business at all, it is the business of snouting out and exhibiting new and startling horrors, atrocities, impending calamities, tyrannies, villainies, enormities, mortal perils, jeopardies, outrages, catastrophes — first snouting out and exhibiting them, and then magnificently circumventing and disposing of them.

    The first part is very easy. It is almost unheard of for the mob to disbelieve in a new bugaboo. Immediately the hideous form is unveiled it begins to quake and cry out: the reservoir of its primary fears is always ready to run over. And the second part is not much more difficult. The one thing demanded of the remedy is that it be simple, more or less familiar, easy to comprehend — that it avoid leading the shy and delicate intelligence of the mob into strange and hence painful fields of speculation. All healthy journalism in America — healthy in the sense that it flourishes spontaneously and needs no outside aid — is based firmly upon just such an invention and scotching of bugaboos.

    And so is all politics.

    And so is all religion.

    H. L. Mencken, A Gang of Pecksniffs, ed. Theo Lipmann, Jr. (New Rochelle, NY: Arlington House, 1977), p. 65.]

  55. Aside from my belief that gays are born gay, she it nuttier than a fruitcake, and dissolute beyond redemption.

    As I have stated over and over and over :


    it really doesn’t matter what their field is, they are almost all hardcore communists and the main culprits in the ongoing destruction of world society.

    What really pisses me off is that such a lunatic has huge amounts of tax-slave dollars deposited into her account every month for basically : nothing.

    Authenticjazzman ” Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  56. Disgusting liberals. In pursuit of their own perversions, they would be willing to sacrifice civilization itself. And they claim “courage” when it is us on the right that have to hide ourselves and constantly fear being terrorized.

    This is why they must be stopped.

  57. Caterina says:

    This sign holding woman is just one of the millions of Americans deceived by leftist media. They taught a libelous hatred of Trump and have taught the same about conservatives for two generations. These politically bigoted news opinion readers should be held liable for the ignorant masses running around burning Portland and LA.

  58. J1234 says:

    I’m an old dyke, a little ragged around the edges, and prone to the occasional night terror. But I’m too old and too stubborn to cede my country to the forces of hatred and a nihilistic desire to blow the whole thing up just to see where the pieces come down.

    No, you’ll only leave us when an Islamic terrorist pops you for being who you are. And I think we’ve been living in the heyday of nihilism since the 1960’s.

  59. Wally says:

    Yes they are.

    This dyke, who I’m certain never had an abortion or was ever screwed by a man, is but one of many inciting violence against whites.

    The question remains:
    What is law enforcement going to do about these dangerous types?

    The threats and incitement cannot go on much longer.

  60. Alden says:
    @Sandy Berger's Socks

    Is she had the baby, she would have raised it to be another generation of a White hetero hating activist liberal. The child would be 41 now plenty of time to have teenage liberals.

    Remember, Nancy Pelosi as a good Catholic has 5 children all ultra White hetero hating liberals like herself.

    Thank god Hildabeast just had one child who hasn’t gone into politics yet. What if she had taken several years off from destroying America and had 3 or 4 kids including ambitious boys? They would be congress critters at least by now.

    • Replies: @Sandy Berger's Socks
    , @CCZ
  61. @Anonymous

    I could only get this far.

    “…… in an era when a white supremacist serves as the president’s chief strategist?”

    I’m assuming the rest is liberal lying/whining also.

  62. @Tim Howells

    That seems to be the liberal MO,
    BE what they claim to hate.

  63. @Kirt

    I could only get this far.

    “…… in an era when a white supremacist serves as the president’s chief strategist?”

    I’m assuming the rest is liberal lying/whining also.

  64. @Kirt

    Sadly, no.
    They’ve come to actually believe their own lies.
    Soon, they’ll be hiding their own Easter eggs.

  65. BenKenobi says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    I am both honoured and humbled that another member of this community has quoted me here.

    Thank you, sir.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  66. Rurik says:

    schadenfreude vs. noblesse oblige

    with the election of Donald Trump, I’ve made a specific effort not to seem to be gloating to the people I know who’re disappointed, to say the least. I also have mighty reservations about some of the things Trump has said about torture, for instance.

    but for some…

    some people so unspeakably execrable, like this vicious, rancid cunt, I can’t think of anything more satisfying than for her to feel the weight of ten thousand white male fist pumps suffocating her in a mountain of bubbling spluge

    The law is not sexy. It’s not click-bait. But it can, for instance, be the protective wall between a group of people designated as less than human

    has this collage professor of ethics ever noticed that the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees “equal protection” under the law? And that means that it is patently illegal for even universally hated and poor “white men” to be discriminated against? Affirmative Action IOW? But has this ugly (I checked ; ) festering hag ever had so much as one word to say in condemnation of such egregious and illegal treatment by our government against “a group of people designated as less than human”?

    No, like the SPLC, sees too concerned about all the “hate crimes” that have occurred since the Trump election. I read one where some teenage boys were seen with a confederate flag on their truck. Horrors!

    but did she notice or even care one whit about that white man who was savaged by those orcs for being a “Trump voter”?

    I consider her anecdote about the men who grabbed the black woman’s pussy as a fabrication and a lie. Stuff like that simply does not happen.

    When Trump acquiesced to one of his many admirers and accommodated her, it was as he described; welcomed. A far cry from the assaults and rapes that working class white men are all too accustomed to seeing their daughters suffer at the hands of the first class citizens this hate-consumed slag gushes about.

    For most liberals and progressives who are disappointed that Bernie lost, being as they’re basically decent people who feel the powerful are too out of touch and that minorities still need a hand up, I’m always gracious and indeed, sympathetic.

    but for this kind of snake in the grass, gangrenous, castrating gorgon, I couldn’t be happier than to imagine she’s going to have the worst nightmares of her vicious ugly little life under a Trump administration. Heh

    • Replies: @iffen
  67. Gort says:

    Dear God! To think I sent my four children off to college thinking I was doing what was best for them. And these are the tenured, defective droids that lecture them. And me out a couple hundred thousand to boot. I knew it was bad, but not this bad. Father, forgive me, for I know not what I do.

  68. Dear Prof. Gordon,

    Although I am a reader of the new every day articles in I am writing to inform you that not every reader is typical of the troglodytes who filled the comment section to your article today with ugly sentiments. I’m suprised none of them denounced you as part of the Zionist conspiracy. That sort of thinking is also found with some frequency in the articles presumably selected by Mr. Unz the editor. Mr. Unz is quite the provocator sometimes.

    I presume Ron Unz had your permission to publish it.

    I thought your remarks on St. Thomas of Aquinas and the rule of law in polities was competent and always bears repeating. You shouldn’t take Trump’s incendiary remarks during the campaign literally. He had to get elected and pretty much anything is permitted in standing for election. To get a sense of the man, I recommend a video clip of him testifying before a US Senate committee in 2005 regarding the plans for rebuilding the UN building in Manhattan. (36 minutes)

    He apparently met Sen. Sessions at that time, the Attorney General to be once confirmed.

    I fail to see quite why the election of Trump frightened you and your companion so much — the expression of which fear leaving you open to the gibes of the commentators — and why you so much misunderstand Trump’s position and why you accept the obviously calumnies of the man as a bigot, racist, misogynist, xenophobe, etc. drummed up by the media and Hillary’s campaign. Were you not appalled by Hillary’s rant about the basket of deplorables who would vote for her opponent? Or the orchestrated and conveniently timed bevy of beauties brought forth to denounce Trump’s libidinous attentions. As you well know, it is impossible to grab a pussy. The inarticulate Trump meant to say “grab some pussy” a common synecdoche in the male American vernacular. As I imagined he would, subsequent to his election Trump has walked back many of his stated positions, those regarding abortion, health care, climate issues, etc. He is chosing the personnel of his administration slowly and deliberately, a good sign. Wait and see! As Sarkozy said to Segolene Royale in one of their debates for their presidential election, after she angrily listed the things that angered her, Calmez-vous, madame!”

    Best wishes,
    name redacted

  69. Rehmat says:

    Take it easy Ms Gordon – Israeli leaders says Donald Trump riding the White Supremacist Horse is good for the Zionist entity.

    On November 21, 2016, Yaron London in Op-Ed at Israeli newspaper YNet said that Western White supremacist groups and individuals who support President-elect Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim and non-White immigration views, are in fact Israel’s allies as long as they don’t call for the mass expulsion of American Jews like Muslims.

    “A world view which supports white supremacy matches our government’s interests. If Trump’s people are more disgusted by Arabs than they are by Jews, we have struck quite a good deal. Trump and his friends see Israel as a forefront against the barbarians, and they are not exactly very observant,” wrote London.

  70. CCZ says:

    Ms. Professor Gordon also writes for War Times/Tiempo de Guerras whose principals ( ] include Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and writer/activist Jan Adams, whose biography states that “She currently works as a consultant to progressive groups seeking ‘help when you have to make a fight.’” Ms. Adams personal blog links to which includes the note: “For every deplorable DT nomination for a cabinet or other senior federal post, I’m starting a Facebook fundraiser for an organization poised to oppose or mitigate the Trump agenda in the corresponding policy field.” (with a “guest fundraiser” for the Southern Poverty Law Center).

  71. @Alden

    Yes, you might be right.

    Although, I hate infanticide, probably better in the end, that she didn’t have or raise any children.

    I’d have thought her aversion to men, shrew like personality and hatchet face would have made it more likely that she would be struck by lightening or something than of her ever becoming pregnant and requiring an abortion..

    Just look a her picture and reread this article and you’ll realize what great odds she overcame.

  72. Boris N says:

    When I first read the title I was ready for a satirical piece. But the more I was reading, the more I understood it was all that serious. I might be crazy but I’ve read that all that just for the sake of it, just for a fun. It could be a satirical piece. And whatever the reaction it could cause I’m glad to know that the Unz Review respects another opinion and can give a lesson or two about the real meaning of free speech. As some said in the comments it is really unbelievable that similar but mirrored piece from the right point of view could appear on any left periodical or the MSM.

  73. Boris N says:

    As for the alleged White youth gangs harassing the minorities. I do not know if it’s true or all made up (the Left have been lying so often that nobody have left faith in them), but in a real world it is rather the youth gangs from the minorities who are harassing others. In a real world it would be rather Sharia patrols who would harass women for not wearing hijab than vice versa. Liberals think that everybody forgot about Munich and all such thousand cases. But no, people did not forget, especially those who encounter those “innocent” minorities everyday. Europeans must know it better than Americans.

  74. Boris N says:

    And my dear Americans, after having read the article and some comments, say me please again, why are you so obsessed with abortions? Yes, I really mean it, Americans are obsessed, just crazed about this issue. Nearly in every second political discussion, especially when there is a conflict “the Right vs. the Left” they throw in abortions. Every second damn discussion. Every American, left or right, are eager to bring this in at every opportunity. Why are y’all so obsessed? I probably sympathize the American Alt movements, but on many issues I’m a classical liberal and this obsession repulses me. What is their business after all, if some women do not want to give birth to their potential babies? What is the personal interest for some hardcore Texan Christian if a careerist business woman from New Jersey or a junky from Illinois will dumb her baby? What will you personally gain from it if they won’t? Why is it bothering you? Why do you want to control others? Why not instead of banning everything, to promote a better fair society when people just won’t have reasons not to raise children? I mean many do not want to give birth just because they cannot afford it. Why is this not bothering you? Why do you not care about the poor and their life? The deep social inequality which is inherent in America? Why do you want some more millions of poor single moms with their unwanted children deprived from a good life and having no future? And it is just a part of the problem, woman may have hundreds of reasons not to give birth. But why to ban everything, why to demonize those poor women and send everybody “wrong” to jail?

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Mis(ter)Anthrope
  75. @Authenticjazzman

    What really pisses me off is that such a lunatic has huge amounts of tax-slave dollars deposited into her account every month for basically : nothing.

    I’ve been thinking along similar lines; this is the type of thing that happens when government confiscates the fruits of our labors and bestows them on their anointed ones in essentially unaccountable ways. (Remember the several TRIllion unaccounted for by the Pentagon and announced by Rumsfeld one day PRIOR to 9/11?)

    And actually, those tax slave dollars and the subsequent sinecure are for worse than nothing. They fund utter degeneracy such as so vividly displayed above.

  76. Wally says:
    @Boris N

    Hey Boris, Trump won. Hurts don’t it?

    • Replies: @Boris N
  77. @Boris N

    It is the fact that she claims to be proud of it. Maybe it is good for society that vermin like the author don’t reproduce, but it takes a very sick mind to be proud that you exterminated your own child.

    Aside from whether or not it should be legal or whether it is a net good for a low life not to have a baby, the bottom line is that abortion does involve killing an innocent child. A normal person can only view that as a tragedy. Not something that should be worn as a badge of honor.

    • Replies: @Boris N
  78. @BenKenobi

    It was one of the best quotes I’ve seen. It was my privilege to honor you; you have no need to be humble, although it becomes you. Keep up your good work!

  79. Michelle says:

    I grew up n Oakland from the age of 10. I was born in Oakland, but my mom married a NAVY Engine man when I was 4 and we moved around a lot, before moving back to my place of birth.

    You cannot imagine the racist incidents that I have seen, and have been the victim of, all perpetrated by Blacks. Any Black author, in any memoir, tells stories of white people “Asking to touch Black peoples’ hair”. This always makes me laugh, as I had the experience of Black girls forcibly doing my hair into Black hairstyles, during Geography Class, with the warning that “You better not change your hair”. The constant demand from Blacks to “Tie my shoe, slave!” Of course, I was constantly fighting with Blacks and finally just began to cut school as often as I could. My sister was forced into a garbage can and had milk poured over her by a mob if Blacks in Junior High. I was frequently molested by an oversized Black kid during math class. He used to reach back and caress my leg. I got in a fight with a Black girl who constantly robbed a retarded girl in my typing class. Not to mention, Black men who would pull up to a bus stop that I was waiting at and say heinous and threatening things, often in front of my mother when I was 12, 13 and 14. Just too many incidents to even catalogue. As an adult, being spat upon and called a “White bitch”, is de rigueur.

  80. grapesoda says:

    lol bitch is worried about some shit that happened in a dream

    Be glad you live in a first world country otherwise you’d be dead. Your type would never survive.

  81. iffen says:

    I consider her anecdote about the men who grabbed the black woman’s pussy as a fabrication and a lie.

    Sometimes The Truth needs help with saying what it is supposed to say.

  82. dahoit says:

    Exactly why I claim Jewish women are the most ignorant and corrupt people on the planet.
    They think everyone is crazy like they are.
    And that they teach is even more alarming.

  83. dfordoom says: • Website

    But I’m too old and too stubborn to cede my country to the forces of hatred

    The sad thing is, Rebecca, that you are the face of hatred in your country. You really need to learn to stop hating people who dare to disagree with you. It’s particularly sad that at your age you’re still thinking like a teenager. Growing up is hard but you should make the effort.

  84. Art says:

    Sorry – but “Life UNDER Trump” – is exactly what this women needs to settle herself down! She is entirely to high strung for her own good.

    This selfish ***** needs a good strong man, if you know what I mean. (wink- wink)

    Piece — Art

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  85. @The Alarmist

    Beg your pardon, but isn’t using the courts to inscribe into the pantheon of human rights things like abortion and homosexual sodomy and marriage in contravention to duly passed laws of the local populations’ duly elected representatives not a flagrant flouting of the rule of law?

    Queers enjoy many illicit federal civil rights not listed in the constitution:


    1. Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus
    2. Sodomy protected as a federal civil right
    3. Elective abortion-on-demand protected as a federal civil right
    4. Pornography protected as a federal civil right
    5. Queer propaganda in public schools
    6. Subsidized Queer AIDS and STD treatments and medicines protected as a federal civil right
    7. Queer AIDS hysteria promoted by the federal government at
    8. Mandatory national health insurance plan coverage for Queer elective abortion, tranny surgeries, and queer STDs
    9. Government anti-discrimination laws for Queers
    10. Government war mongering and propaganda to impose Queer protected class entitlements on to foreign nations
    11. Queers activities supported in military recruitment and promotions
    12. Federal govt. sponsored marriage licenses for Queer licentiousness
    13. Queer promiscuity promoted as mandatory inclusive socialism
    14. Government NEA grants promoting obscene Queer artwork
    15. Federal hate speech prosecutions in favor of Queers and other protected classes of diversity
    16. Queer sodomy of children re-labeled generic molestation by federal government and mass media
    17. Preferential immigration, citizenship, and asylum policies for queers
    18. Government tax breaks and subsidies for Queer owned or employed mass media businesses
    19. Queers intimidate government-sponsored psychologists to certify queers aren’t degenerate and crazy.
    20. Queers use federal government to force private businesses to service queer degenerate activities, such as abortion, sodomy, and STD proliferation.

  86. @Art

    “She is entirely too high strung”

    She is not “high strung”, she is a raving lunatic like millions of other leftists.

    People like her vote for HC, E Warren , Nancy P, Harry R, because they are : “Doing something for women”, and they hate DT because he is, according to their deranged worldview, a racist, mysogynist and homophobe, and they hate VP because he is not a communist, and he does not red carpet gays.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa”society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz artist.

  87. Miro23 says:

    For me this is the Ellen DeGeneres problem.

    If Obama and his crowd think that there’s no one more deserving of the US’s highest civilian honor than Ellen DeGeneres, that just goes to explain why the Counter Cultural PCs just lost the election. They live in a bubble, and the consequences flow from here.

    I’ve met older middle class lesbian couples in the UK who were respected doctors, head teachers etc. same as anyone else and “toleration” didn’t come into it. Everyone knew about their lesbianism but nobody cared.

    However, lesbian DeGeneres is a different story. She’s a leading activist that wants to force lesbianism into mainstream culture – equal to heterosexual marriage, equal to children (Disney characters) and equal in school teaching.

    As it happens, the US voted against this along with the rest of the Counter Cultural PC package but that doesn’t mean that Ms Gordon has to get hysterical about “white supremacists”, shooting “big white men” dreams and “hold each other in the dark and whisper our worst fears”.

    It’s just democracy, the public wants lesbianism to remain a minority activity without schoolchildren being given “alternative lifestyle” lessons as part of the curriculum. It’s entirely the right of the public to reach this democratic decision and have it enforced.

  88. Boris N says:

    You’ve missed. I’m not an American, not a Democrat, not a H. voter, not even a leftist (in the American sense). You’ve just ridiculed yourself with your comment.

    But who will always loose, that’s 95% of Americans. You are living in the most working people unfriendly country in the developed world, and you’ve just elected another populist among others who will do nothing to change it. Granted, neither T. nor H. would do anything ground breaking to improve your life. So both the joy of T.-ists and the mourning of H.-ists look ridiculous. You all have lost.

  89. Boris N says:

    I do not care. Both of your camps are ridiculous for everybody who is not an American and is not indoctrinated with the American views about life. Those of you who are boasting about their abortion look stupid, I agree, but those of you, who blame women for alleged baby murders, had better be concerned about the insecurity of American mothers. Do you know that the USA is the only country in the developed world which have no pregnancy or maternity paid leave and the unpaid leave is the shortest? And hardly anybody of you, both the Left and the Right, have a damn about it. You’d rather be engaged in subjective and dogmatic arguments about when a fetus becomes a human.

    • Replies: @Mis(ter)Anthrope
  90. dahoit says:
    @Tim Howells

    I was a cancer patient on chemotherapy a while ago;Her dream reminds me of my own chemo dreams;I blew up a hostage in one of the nightmares.
    Better(or worse)than acid.

  91. dahoit says:
    @Jason Liu

    No,its Jewish women who are pathological wackos,not white women,they went Trump,mostly.
    And yes,they are delusional men haters.

  92. CCZ says:

    And if she had given birth, she might very well have practiced:
    Raising Race Conscious Children (and started at age Day 5).
    October 30, 2015 by Sachi Feris


    I often get comments from readers of Raising Race Conscious Children, who have babies or young, pre-verbal children. These parents tell me that they are interested in this work, but feel it is a little early to be talking about race. This is not meant as a defensive posture. Their inclination that it is “too early to start” is just the honest reflection of what they have been taught, by a color-blind legacy, about talking to their very young child about race.

    This past September, I was reminded on a very personal level, of how early one can start. My newborn son was 5 days old and I picked up “Baby Faces,” a simple board book with images of children from diverse racial backgrounds.

    “Look at all the different children,” I observed out loud to him. “This little girl on the cover has brown skin. And she and her family might call themselves Black or maybe they’re biracial.”

    A quick caveat based on concerns of past Raising Race Conscious Children workshop participants: When I’m looking at a picture book, I identify the images of people by race as a simple way of naming race explicitly. In the real world, I often add something to the effect of “We don’t really know what someone’s identity is without asking them.”

    As I turned the pages, I commented: “This baby has light skin like us that we call White,” and “This baby is Asian…he might be Korean… or Chinese or Japanese.”

    As I closed the book, I said: “You know, it’s nice that there is a baby with brown skin on the cover but I noticed that most of the babies in the book are actually White.”

    And then I thought to myself:

    “This is why parents should start with babies! How easy it is to practice explicit race talk with a baby! What a unique opportunity to try on words that, based on research particularly about White people, may feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar.”

    A baby, who doesn’t talk back, can give new parents a perfect space to practice talking about race. This is why, of course, in Raising Race Conscious Children’s workshops, we ask participants to pretend they’re talking to a baby.

    The goal for these new parents is for talking about race explicitly to become familiar and comfortable. As a result of explicit race talk, “White” and “Black” and “Multiracial” will be words that their children will hear everyday as a matter of course. So that, indeed, these children see race (as all children do whether or not their parents commit to being race conscious). The children parented by race conscious parents will be race conscious themselves.

    Because we are reminded that, all too often…race matters.

  93. @Kirt

    Gotta be a parody.

    Otherwise…who bitch dis is?

  94. @Boris N

    “I do not care.”

    Me neither.

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