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Aviva Chomsky: The Fight Over the Criminalization of Immigrants
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Forget Emma Lazarus’s poetry and the Statue of Liberty; you really don’t want to be an immigrant in today’s America. As Dara Lind recently pointed out at Vox, being an immigrant or the child of one (even if you’re a U.S. citizen) now means living in a “miasma of fear.” That’s the conclusion of two recent studies of immigrants of every sort, including those who are permanent residents and their children. And who could be surprised in an American world in which, from Donald Trump’s future wall on the border with Mexico to Attorney General Jeff Session’s court assault on California’s immigration policies, the very idea of being an immigrant has been transformed into a vision of crime, gangs, drugs, and that biggest bugaboo of all in our era, terrorists? Since Trump’s first day in the presidential race in June 2015 when he denounced Mexican immigrants as “rapists,” he and his associates have never let up. Demonizing the very idea of immigration, at least from “shithole countries,” which turn out to be just about anyplace not run by white people, has been the order of the day.

As in Europe, so here, the new right-wing populism has engorged itself on a diet of immigrants, refugees, and Islamist terror. And in a world that’s coming increasingly unglued, particularly under the pressure of Washington’s never-ending war on terror across much of the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa, we’ve undoubtedly had only a taste of what’s still to come. We already know from figures released last year by the U.N. refugee agency that in 2016 there were an estimated 65.6 million displaced people on this planet, almost 23 million of them refugees (that is, people who had actually crossed at least one international border), startling numbers of them children. Those figures haven’t been matched since the end of World War II.

And that’s just a beginning, given those that, in the decades to come, are likely to be uprooted by the ravages of climate change (and the droughts, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and potential wars that will be associated with it). One U.N. estimate suggests that, by 2050, up to a quarter of a billion people may be displaced by its effects and such figures could prove underestimates. As Todd Miller has written, “By 2050, 10% percent of all Mexicans between 15 and 65 might be heading north, thanks to rising temperatures, droughts, and floods.”

So, as a subject, immigration is likely to be alive and well in 2050, by which time god knows where the present criminalization of the immigrant will have gone. That’s why it’s so important to talk a little sense when it comes to the overheating world of the American immigrant, as TomDispatch regular Aviva Chomsky, author of Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal, does today.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Ridiculous article. America takes in more immigrants that any country on earth. But countless Third World refugees often bring their failed habits/talents with them. Enough is enough. These lawbreakers are a burden on US taxpayers and American civilization. Limits on immigration are normal and sensible. Can you name any country of merit that allows unlimited immigration?

    Back when most all the ‘huddled masses’ were entering America via the East Coast, Ellis Island not only processed and vetted these white, European immigrants, but sent many back because they were deemed ‘unfit’. That’s life. Standards must be met. High standards (including demographic ones) are what made America great.

    America is an English-speaking offshoot of Western Europe, complete with the traditions, complexities and history that comes from that extraordinary continent. Not everyone can migrate here and not everyone belongs here. This is nature and human history speaking.

    • Replies: @GinevradiBenci
  2. Commie Jewess: “America’s Jewish-supremacist oligarchs aren’t the problem, it’s the poor white goyim masses. Replace them with noble savages, who will make better slaves for the Chosen Ones”

    • Agree: CalDre
  3. cezanne says:

    why the hell is this writer even on this site? the whole article is full of liberal talking points, many of which seek to disavow the torture and atrocities that some immigrants bring to any nation that will harbor them. There truly is a new disease that the CDC must look into before it infects and destroys entire populations, it’s called liberalism. I pray to God in Himmel that you do not contract this deathly virus!

    • Replies: @Joe Correa
  4. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The US already has 330M people in it. That’s quite enough. We don’t want to live in a human anthill of a billion. What is the mental block that this writer and all the rest of these immigration fanatics have that they can’t grasp this extremely simple idea?

    • Replies: @GoyimYisrael
  5. @anonymous

    It’s all about Jewish domination under the guise of socialism. White genocide makes unchallenged eternal Jewish domination much easier.

    Tikun Olam doesn’t mean go along and get along. It means “Repair the World”, from above, as the Chosen Ones, or gods unto goyim.

    And as soon as the white people are successfully ethnically cleansed, they’re unleash JDL 2.0 on the schvartzes. Just like last time, when Malcolm X and MLK named The Jew.

  6. Ron, if i wanted to read neoliberal.txt drivel, I’d google up Vox or The Atlantic. I understand you want to present a broad array of opinions, which means left wing authors will appear here, but kindly get a better class of leftist. The current crop of cat ladies and rabid beta males are less than impressive. When Tom dispatches his shitlibs, he’s not sending his best. There’s plenty of other more worthy leftists like the people from Attack the System, Moon of Alabama, and Land Destroyers than these WEIRD bourgeois Reds.

  7. More click bait from Mr. Engelhardt, desperately seeking even faux readers for his useless blog site. And on this site one of the most pathetic contributors is the ever witless, Aviva Chomsky, a proof by example that intelligence is not always inherited. Can’t this guy, Engelhardt, be replaced with a decently intelligent and knowledgeable voice from the left?

  8. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Immigration is invasion, especially if it never stops.

    What is being criminalized by the globalists is patriotism and nationalism

    White people are being denied the right to preserve their own homelands.

    Leftists like the Chomskys defended the right of Vietnamese and Algerians to kick out immigrant-imperialists from Europe, but they say white people have no right to defend their own nations from invasion-immigration.

  9. @mark green

    The article is exemplar of Immigration Derangement Syndrome—unless we throw open the doors and accept everybody/anybody, we are racist, anti-Semetic, homophobic, zenophobic, etc etc—poppycock. The world is full of people of all pursuasions and levels of civilization in far greater numbers than it ever was. USA and Europe cannot be transformed (if not too late already) by hoardes of folks who have never known civil culture, contribution to the society, and education. More and more of those who come just take—and feel it is their right to do so because of some perceived disrespect in the recent or distant past. I and mine make no apologies. Bring something to the table—or ‘Get Out’

    • Replies: @Anon
  10. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Immigration is Invasion.

  11. bjondo says:

    The Liberty Statue is OK. Nice gift from France.
    Maybe move it to Detroit or KC or OKC.
    Why is the “poetry” needed? Whose idea was that?
    Forward “poem” to Birobidzhan along with Aviva, Noam, Saul Wolfowitz, Frum, Foxman, ilk.

  12. @cezanne

    The header of the site reads

    The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection

    A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media

    That of course includes nauseating open borders drivel, AKA the other side’s opinion and arguments.

    Uncle Ron wants us to have a balanced diet.

  13. Hope they are fearful enough to leave.

    This thinking is why I have doubts about revealed religion:

    You can do anything to anyone, no matter the cost, if it fits your goals.

    Stalin is a prime example, though Marxists love it in general.

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