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Andrew Bacevich: A Memo to the Publisher of the New York Times
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When Russia moved into the Ukraine and seized Crimea in 2014, it got more than its share of (bad) media coverage in the United States, as it did when it intervened in Syria the next year. So just imagine what kind of coverage Vladimir Putin’s favorite nation would be getting if, almost 17 years after it had launched a “Global War on Terrorism,” Russian troops, special operations forces, airplanes, and drones were still in action in at least eight countries across the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Niger, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen (and, if you felt in the mood, you could even throw in the Philippines in Asia for good measure).

Imagine the outraged front-page and top-of-the-news overviews we would be getting more than a decade and a half later when it came to that never-ending Russian global war and the rubble, the chaos, the dead and displaced it continued to create. There would be critical discussions aplenty of what it meant for one of the planet’s great powers to pursue such wars without end. In official Washington, the protests would be savage, the language harsh beyond imagining, the critiques unyielding and fierce. There would be blistering assessments of that nation as it continued to pursue such disintegrative wars across vast stretches of the planet without the slightest indication that their end was anywhere in sight.

What’s strange, as TomDispatch regular Andrew Bacevich, author of America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History, suggests today, is that in the press, the rest of the media, and official Washington, such overviews, such critiques, such assessments are almost completely absent, even though everything about the above description remains on target — except, of course, for the name of the country pursuing that global war so relentlessly and disastrously.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, American Military 
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  1. Patriot says:

    There is no outcry because these wars are good for Israel and the USA arms industry.

    Israel ia surrounded by enemies, and thus needs America to destroy or bribe or regime-change these nations.

    The USA is a big and wealthy nation and can easilly afford the $4 Trillion and 8,000 dead USA servicmen.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  2. “When Russia moved into the Ukraine …”

    Excuse me! Who in their right mind is going to bother reading an article whose opening sentence is a grotesque distortion of the historical facts. Anyone who doubts this can do a quick internet search on “Victoria ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland”. For those with short memories, Ms. Nuland was caught coordinating a US-manufactured coup against the legitimate government of the Ukraine. When EU diplomats suggested that this coup was both ill-advises and illegal, Ms. Nuland’s response was, “Fuck the EU!”

    The interesting question is why the United States would manufacture a coup against an elected government whose legitimacy had been publicly and officially certified just a few years earlier by both the USA and the EU. A government which, furthermore, had an election scheduled within a year of the time the USA manufactured its coup; an election which all parties agreed was as likely to be as honest as the one previously certified by the USA and EU.

    The answer is relatively easy to find. The legitimate government of the Ukraine had arranged highly favorable terms with Russia for future energy supplies. This would both tie Ukraine closer to Russia and threaten US control of European energy supply lines. This posed a serious threat to US plans for world hegemony. What better way to prevent this threat than the tried and true strategy Kermit Roosevelt employed against Mosadeg in Iran back in the early 1950s.

    Ukraine is on the border of Russia. Ukraine actually translates as “borderland”. Furthermore, since the time of Peter the Great, Ukraine was an integral part of the Russian empire, more a province of Russia than a colonial possession. When the USA topples a legitimate government with close ties to Russia and replaces it with a dysfunctional, fascistic regime, whose foundation is an overt hostility towards Russia, one should hardly be surprised if Russia reacts to protect itself against this overt US aggression.

  3. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    When Russia moved into the Ukraine and seized Crimea in 2014,

    Writer is giving us the US propaganda version of what happened. Crimea rejoined Russia to everyone’s relief, bailing out of the dysfunctional country they were in and ruled over by an illegitimate coup dictatorship guided by Washington. They were handed over in ’54 and decided to come back rather than become slaves of NATO.

  4. @Patriot

    I think you missed the context.

    But as to Israel. She does have enemies. Many are enemies because one Israel’s first acts as a nation state was to engage in foolish war against Egypt. Not only did Jews violate internationalism law when the state of Israel was re-established, she actually violated the standards of the Torah. Her series of unjust behavior, wanton theft and unfair treatment set in motion every fear those in the region had about an Israel being so set. It’s bad enough to have enemies by destiny, but provoking that dynamic is unwise.

    As a member of the global community, it is expected that Israel behave as a responsible member. I have found no special dispensation for Israel to behavior in the hostile and destructive manner she so engages. I have little issue with the promises or even being God’s chosen. But being God’s chosen comes with some very heavy responsibilities. And among them is to be a light of God, an exemplar of God. And while in ancient times the rules for acquisition were very tough —- the game has changed significantly and Israel is expected to act accordingly. That is within the bounds of international conduct and in good faith.

    If she believes she is to have the land she should engage in the process of negotiating it out and or making purchases. But the imposition of settlements, actually y midsize cities in Palestinian territory is both illegal, unjust and provocative.

    All states, well most states have enemies. Israel will have to stop relying on US power alone and begin a process of engaging her neighbors, enemy or not. Currently, there is no reason to be supporting a destabilizing civil war in Syria. And our behavior on her behalf is troublesome to say the least and and at worse, is itself against the law. We have no authority to be in the sovereign territory of other nations minus an invitation.

    One can embrace and love Israel without condoning everything she does because of careless scriptural interpretations by Torah and NT scholars. And the provocation to engage in mayhem so as to hasten the end times —– near apostasy and in no manner reflective of Christ or the Apostles.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  5. I think some are gravitating to the wrong cue.

  6. @EliteCommInc.

    Ooopsss, this posted before I could catch it.



  7. Russia, of course did not “seize Crimea” The Crimean people decided to secede from Nuland’s illegal Nazi regime in Ukraine and voted by over 85% to request reunion with Russia. The evidence that Russia has “moved into Ukraine” is as sketchy as the Assad did the nerve gas bullshit.

  8. Groupthink and confirmation bias are the most dangerous things occurring in the western world.
    This phenomena is going to be the nail in our dying paradigm.
    Our economic system is in perilous shape. We have increased the debt ratio from 2007 6 fold.
    Corporate earnings are only an aberration due to stock market manipulation and not from actual productivity gains. . Most western banking institutions are all leveraged to the max hence r in the red IE Deutsche Bank is 700 billion EUROS in the red. The bond market is just a hair trigger away from imploding.
    Like the article so rightly alludes to the blatant and fragrant dis regard for international law by PAX-AMERICANA AND THEIR VASELS EU. But hell the RUSSIANS ATE MY LUNCH WORKS SO WELL when one wants to obfuscate and gas light from reality and the true nature of reality with in a global context.

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