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Scranton, 2015
Photo by frank drewett | CC BY 2.0
Merciless news weasel, with  ballistic vest, battening of human misery and degradation. Often mistaken  for Mike Hammer or Philip Marlowe, though Clark Kent  would be more accurate.
But Maybe That’s Good For Americans?
Welcome to the Birthplace of Trumpism
Who was corrupting the American political system?
City’s Own Report Confirms Charlottesville Police, Politicians Conspired to Suppress Unite the Right Rally
The Deceit and Double-Think of Mark Steyn
Islamophobe Mark Steyn
Trump Should Already Have Acted On DACA, TPS…And Birthright Citizenship
SS United States in Pennsport, 2014
Amanda Hess and Manohla Dargis on the Weinstein-Spacey-Louis C.K. affairs
Whiteness is a birth defect
Jewish oligarchs fund crimes against humanity
Voting NO!! On Inexplicable DHS Pick Kirstjen Nielsen
For Which I Will Probably Be Lynched
Photo by Tyler Merbler | CC by 2.0
And The Historic American Nation
Pledges of loyalty to Israel are un-American
The Extraordinary Case of Macklin Fleming and Affirmative Action
Berry Library at Dartmouth: not a \"safe space\" for white students, assaulted by \"Black Lives Matter\" demonstrators in 2015.
International Elections Support Immigration Patriotism—And In Kenya, Obama’s Tribe Lost
The Virtues of Disunity
Authoritarianism, Immigration and Obeying the Tribe
A Libertarian Strategy For Social Change
2017 compared to 1917
The Inconceivable Evil Of John McCain—“Man Of Blood”
And there’s nothing they can do about it
An undercover reporter secretly records how the Israeli Embassy directs local groups
One Hundred Percent Good
Mao and Family
A Study of Northern Inattention
More in Ideology
An interview with journalist Chris Hedges
It should be called the Leona Helmsley tax plan, only the little people will pay taxes
Enforcer For Democrats (And, Tacitly, Conservatism Inc.)
Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences
Mounting Proof That Alt Right Charlottesville Five Are Political Prisoners
Where are all those congressional emails?
On the Rise of Reactionary Hatred and How to Fight It
Why Charlottesville Patriots Can’t Prosecute Antifa Thugs
Right Wing Flaps Wildly; Our Precious Bodily Fluids Safe
Signaling the Greatest Narrative Collapse in Modern History
The Power Elite in the Time of Trump
Paul Ryan’s Plan Undercut Trump’s DACA Ban Would Unleash New Wave of Instant Democrats
A Preliminary to Going into Hiding
NATIONAL REVIEW, Kevin D. Williamson and the Pointless Persuasion
The Corruption of Charlottesville, VA
It’s Totalitarian, It’s Captured the Democratic Party, and It’s Coming for America
We Will At Least Be Less Bored
The Retreat Of Law—And Law Schools
MSM (and GOP) Charlottesville Hysteria
Category Classics
Confederate Flag Day, State Capitol, Raleigh, N.C. -- March 3, 2007
Stuart Monk /
The sources of America’s immigration problems—and a possible solution
spirit of america /
An alliance of pro-immigrant Democrats and anti-immigration Republicans could finally fix our broken system
Not What Tom Jefferson Had in Mind