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Jonah Goldberg

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Would you read a book written by a guy with this photo as his profile on Amazon? A few months ago,
In a recent assault on the intellectual Left,
In his recent syndicated column “
According to Joel Klein’s March 21 Newsweek column, “conservatives” went ballistic at their annual CPAC meeting in Washington because Obama had dared to question the holy doctrine of “American exceptionalism.” Supposedly Obama committed blasphemy when he observed that the British in the nineteenth century and the ancient Greeks thought of themselves as exceptional. We Americans... Read More
It is a world historical event when Jonah Goldberg—one of our most prominent conservative intellectuals, judging by his book sales and his almost daily TV appearances—
Having read Jonah Goldberg’s turgid tome on the fascist danger spawned by American Progressives and Obamaites, and having listened to his rants against “big government” on Glenn Beck’s therapy hour, it seems to me that his
Austin Bramwell deserves kudos for noticing my hand at work in the
Although I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Jonah praised my scholarship on NRO (Thursday, January 24, http:/liberalism.nationalreview. com/post/?) and that he considers me a paleo “who knows a lot about a lot,” there was one part of his message that troubles me. Jonah is apparently upset that The American Conservative, a magazine for which... Read More
Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning (New York: Doubleday, 2007). Reviewed by Paul Edward Gottfried Reading Jonah Goldberg’s sprawling text is for someone of my years a rude encounter with a younger generation, one that knows very little about the history of civilization... Read More
In his latest column for Tribune Media Services, Jonah Goldberg deals with the question of why in recent years “conservative” websites have not fared as well as “liberal” ones. Apparently back in the salad days of the Clinton administration, everyone who counted was reading or writing for “conservative” websites. But then everything changed dramatically: “liberalism... Read More
Having already seen ample evidence that the neocon Evil Empire is wild about Rudy Giuliani and supports him enthusiastically for president, last week I encountered further proof courtesy of
[with apologies to
Jonah Goldberg has
In his comment "Jews and the War: Listening to Ugly Losers" (NRO March 13, 2003), Jonah Goldberg comes closer to sounding coherent than he does in any other piece of his that I've read until now. Not to say that he's developed the dispassionate discourse style of a C.S. Lewis or a George Santayana. But... Read More
However strange it may seem, I've begun to pity Jonah Goldberg. Despite the inherited silver spoon in his Beltway mouth, and despite his anointed status as one of Bill Buckley's handpicked successors, this pubescent verbalizer can go nowhere these days without running into detractors. I wish my acolytes would show this kid some respect and... Read More
On the same glorious day when the Wall Street Journal ran a feature piece by
Having forced myself, for the sake of understanding the "conservative movement," to read the statement on the midterm election drafted by NR editors and made available online on November 6, I came away, like neoconservative publicist David Frum, struck by the "restrained" character of the new conservative wish list. Beyond the "first priority for Republicans,... Read More
I couldn't help guiltily paraphrasing the Irish nationalist poet W.B. Yeat's
Despite his stated
Having now read Jonah Goldberg's
As someone who in a few months will be approaching his sixtieth birthday and has written entire volumes on conservative movements, I find it amusing to be described in a note sent by National Review Online's Jonah Goldberg to one of my friends, who shall remain nameless, as a "paleoconservative nativist." Save for the application... Read More
National Review Online humorist Jonah Goldberg has mysteriously emerged as an Establishment "Conservative" commissar, mainly concerned with purging the pesky (and distinctly unimpressed)