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Reading an online response by someone described as “National Review’s chief domestic policy analyst,” with the mellifluous, politically correct name of “
Recently I’ve been thinking about someone whose name is attached to an
Lissandra Melo /
Today the American media, politicians of all stripes, and public educators will invariably fall into rapturous tones describing the black leader whose birthday is being celebrated, namely, Martin Luther King (1929-1968). King’s birthday is the only national holiday devoted to an individual American whose public observance has been commanded by Congress, and in 1983, this... Read More
My young friend Richard Spencer has observed that whenever neocon employees take “conservative” positions on social issues, they find irreproachably leftwing reasons to do so. Thus when they object to abortion, it is because its advocates and practitioners refuse to extend the egalitarian principle far enough—to the unborn. Or when minicons grumble feebly about quotas... Read More
Jim Kalb’s
I fully agree with Richard’s
Having looked at the “essential reading matter” for the (real) American Right posted on this website (
The responses on this website to my
Joy Stein /
The following address was delivered to the
Richard Spencer’s
The death of Joe Sobran on September 30, after several years of failing health, could not have come as a total surprise to any of his friends. News about his deteriorating condition and the need for divine intervention was steadily provided by Fran Griffin, his alter ego of many years, his longtime publisher, and, not... Read More
Let me begin by registering my agreement with
A respondent to my comments about the leftist mindset of the GOP and movement conservative journalists stated an opinion that I’ve heard numerous times before. This view seems to me counterintuitive as well as undemonstrated: Republican strategists, and cooperative journalists, are flattering minorities and running down the ancestors of Southern Whites in order to appeal... Read More
A young libertarian friend of mine Thomas Woods is, no doubt, making a fortune on his latest book, Nullification: How to Resist Tyranny in the 21st Century, recently published by the Republican-affiliated Regnery Press. Those who are promoting this work are for the most part GOP publicists and FOX-news celebrities. The relevant historical part can... Read More
A question I’ve been thinking about for some time is as follows: Where on the American political spectrum would it be proper to place strong supporters of Israel, including American partisans of Israel’s present nationalist government? What complicate this question are the support patterns for the Israelis and the Palestinians. They cut across conventional ideological... Read More
As I was turning on TV earlier in the week (my wife keeps the set permanently on FOX), I heard
In a commentary for Chronicles (unavailable online), Tom Fleming makes an argument about the increasing irrelevance of the Constitution that I find mostly irrefutable. According to his argument, which is clearly non-neocon in origin, it is futile to try to depend on a tradition of government that arose in radically different circumstances from our own.... Read More
Listening to
Having read
Richard Spencer’s
Last night my wife got me to go to a movie that she assured me was highly recommended. The flick in question
In electronic conversations Tom Piatak, Grant Havers, and I attempted to figure out why
Having read Jonah Goldberg’s turgid tome on the fascist danger spawned by American Progressives and Obamaites, and having listened to his rants against “big government” on Glenn Beck’s therapy hour, it seems to me that his
I’m shocked to hear about
My young friend Richard Spencer is thinking about a career change, and he wisely asked my advice about what he can do in order to be invited on FOX as a regular contributor. Although Richard has loads of charm and sex appeal, he nonetheless lacks the kind of worldview that’s essential for one to become... Read More
Just as I was forgetting how much I loathe the GOP, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell brought me back to my senses. Although McDonnell had previously declared April to be “Confederate History Month,” he apologized in a revised proclamation for having failed to mention the enormous evil of slavery. His mea culpa contains this characteristic PC... Read More
Lest someone
Although Richard Hoste provides stimulating
Reading Larry Auster’s
What strikes me as indicative of the phoniness of the “conservative renewal” now being preached by FOX-news, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the movement noisemakers, is its inseparability from the group that ran this country between 2001 and 2008. It is hard to watch the GOP-peanut gallery parading as redeemers of the Right, without... Read More
Richard Lowry may be the most culturally illiterate journalist now plying his trade. In a
I find myself ambivalent about an issue that perhaps should concern me more than it does. The FOX-news contributor and Republican controversialist Ann Coulter was kept from speaking at the University of Ottawa by protesting leftist students. She had been warned before her trip by the university’s provost, Francois Houle, that “freedom of speech is... Read More
Richard Spencer is right when he
The DSM may help.
In Kingsley Amis's novel
Having just read
After the appearance of Sarah Palin’s ghost-written