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Corporate Giants Now Enforce Thought Control
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One of the distinguishing characteristics of a totalitarian system is that not only does the state impose an official ideology throughout society but so do other institutions, as well. The “totality” at which the regime aims means that every sector of the society — the economy, social and cultural institutions, as well as government — tries to make certain that no one and no thing deviates from the pattern of thought and behavior being imposed.

In the New Order now being constructed in this country and in most of the world, Thought Control is enforced not just by the state (“hate crime” laws, public education and selective condemnation of dissident ideas), but also by the mammoth corporations of the “global economy.” Here are several examples of how it’s being done:

When the Supreme Court ruled recently that the Boy Scouts of America are not required to admit homosexuals as members, or hire homosexual scoutmasters, both local governments and “private” corporations immediately started retaliating by cutting off grants and access to important facilities. Several cities denied the Scouts use of parks and other public services, while Chase Manhattan Bank and Textron Corporation “have withdrawn hundreds of thousands of dollars in support to local and national scouting groups nationwide,” as the New York Times reported last month.

The rationale for this kind of ideological disciplining is, of course, “diversity,” in the Orwellian language of Thought Control. “Their (the Scouts’) position,” a Chase spokesman says, “is, on the face of it, in conflict with our commitment and our values on diversity.” Chase’s commitment to diversity apparently does not extend to respecting the Scouts’ different views of homosexuality. That’s why it’s Orwellian.

Go into a Barnes & Noble book store these days, and you’ll discover even more diversity. The giant book chain, which contributes to diversity by driving out of business smaller book stores across the country, now greets customers with a display entitled “Close the Book on Hate.”

The display is part of a joint project of Barnes and Noble and the Anti-Defamation League, which “have come together to help children better understand the richness and beauty of our multicultural society.” That’s sweet — except that the project assumes that anyone who disagrees with multiculturalism, and its agenda of subverting distinctively Western values and institutions, is imbued with “hate” and “intolerance.”

“Intolerance,” the display piously instructs us, “isn’t something children are born with. It’s learned. Therefore, it can be unlearned.” The way to “unlearn” it, of course, is to buy the books on the display table, which would just happen to be profitable for Barnes & Noble. Most of the books seem innocuous enough, mainly a lot of drippy moralism about the “Holocaust” and several kiddies’ books containing cute little lessons in cartoon versions of multiculturalism.

Nevertheless, the purpose is clear: to popularize the idea that insistence on maintaining the cultural integrity of American society is “hate” and “intolerance,” and that those who still believe in such integrity have something wrong with them that can and should be “unlearned.”

Yet, another lesson in how “tolerant” the corporate giants really are comes from the behemoth Wal-Mart. Recently in South Carolina, a gentleman named Maurice Bessinger, who owns a small barbecue restaurant chain and makes his own barbecue sauce, raised a South Carolina state flag outside one of his restaurants, along with the Confederate flag.

It’s not the government Bessinger needs to worry about, but Wal-Mart, which used to carry Bessinger’s barbecue sauce nationwide. Wal-Mart has suddenly dropped the sauce from its shelves. When I called the customer complaint number to ask why, I was told that Bessinger “was involved in activities with which Wal-Mart did not wish to be associated.”

The munchkin with whom I spoke refused to say what those “activities” were, why they were objectionable, or whether the chain also scrutinized the activities of other suppliers to evaluate their “activities” as well. He claimed the Confederate flag had nothing to do with it. My own bet is that you can find plenty of products at Wal-Mart made by slave labor, but slavery — at least the kind that really exists today as opposed to the kind that has been extinct in this country for more than a century — apparently is not “an activity with which Wal-Mart does not wish to be associated.”

Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung could have learned something from these corporate leviathans. The tyranny over the mind that their governments imposed required secret police, death camps, genocide and state terror for generations, and still it failed. The Thought Control these titans of international capitalism are constructing is being imposed without firing a shot — and it may endure far longer than its communist cousins ever did.

(Republished from TownHall by permission of author or representative)
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