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Why Is the NRA Afraid to Admit the Reality of WHO Is Committing Gun Violence in Virginia (Or in America)? In 2017 Virginia, Blacks Were 7.89 Times More Likely to Commit Homicide with a Firearm Than Whites
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Previously on SBPDL : In 2017 Virginia, Blacks Represent 19% of the Population of the State, But 60 Percent of Homicide Suspects

Gun violence has a color in Virginia (a 62 percent white/ 19 percent black state). But we aren’t allowed to talk about, nor base social policy on how a particular race uses firearms for violent acts, or why white people disproportionately use guns to commit suicide.

In fact, many of those in power would applaud the latter.

According to the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV):

FIREARM HOMICIDE IN VIRGINIA • The firearm homicide rate in Virginia increased 28% from 2008 to 2017.

We know homicides in America are largely intraracial (though black-on-white crime is out of control), so we can easily deduce most of the firearm homicides discussed in this study for 2017 in Virginia were either black on black or white on white. There were 99 white people murdered by firearms in 2017 Virginia, compared to 240 blacks murdered by guns.

As previously stated, the shooter – based on FBI and police data- in white firearms homicides was more than likely a white person; conversely, the shooter in the firearm deaths of blacks was a black individual.

Based on this data, we are able to determine black people were 7.89 times more likely to die by gunshot in 2017 Virginia than whites. Or, black people were 7.89 times more likely to murder someone with a firearm in 2017 than white people.

Again, none of this factors into discussions about gun control or the 2nd Amendment (because the NRA/Republicans/right-wingers are too afraid to discuss gun violence and race), but it’s important to bring this data out in a logical fashion.

Moral of the story: don’t base social policy on individuals and we should be spending vast sums of money to stop the suicide epidemic of whites (with firearms).

Never forget: anyone pushing gun control is only trying to disarm white America, who legally own their firearms.

Post-Script – Black Police Chief of 44% White/42% Black Norfolk, Virginia Admits the Truth: Blacks Represent 94% of Shooting Suspects in the City


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  1. D-FENS says:

    The NRA obviously doesn’t want to upset their negro membership and the substantial dues they pay.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Augustus
  2. Based on this data, we are able to determine black people were 7.89 times more likely to die by gunshot in 2017 Virginia than whites. Or, black people were 7.89 times more likely to murder someone with a firearm in 2017 than white people.

    Yeah, but when wypipos use guns, they only use them to slay Black Bodies. Negroes only use guns in self-defense. At least, this is what I learned when I used to watch MSM television. I might be hazy on the details but I’m sure I have the broad strokes right.

  3. we should be spending vast sums of money to stop the suicide epidemic of whites

    As you state, ‘TPTB’ consider this a feature, not a bug. Along with their sacralization of negroes, their continuous flood of third-world migrants is making the white race an afterthought in this country. You know, the people who created the nation and built it from scratch (I’m not counting picking cotton–I’m just racist like that).

    White people are the only race with the intelligence and anything near the critical mass ever to form an effective opposition to ‘TPTB’ who are also known by other names, in particular ‘TWMNBN’.

    But even intelligent people can be brainwashed, if you try long enough, and hard enough; and if you own the channels through which information is disseminated.

    So, what does the future hold for these white people who choose not to commit suicide? I’ll tell you: Dispossession, Disenfranchisement, Enslavement.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  4. “Or, black people were 7.89 times more likely to murder someone with a firearm in 2017 than white people.”

    If they tried a bit more they could make that full 8.00 and we could label them as “Octaroons of Oblivion”. Perhaps Virginia could use this phrase and make a family event around black culture which SJW’s can feel uncomfortable going to! Maybe even out of state fools!

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  5. AliceRH says:

    This is such an interesting article. In england we never have blogs as radical as this, and it’s really refreshing.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  6. Gunga Din says:

    13/50. More accurately, 3/50. G. Wallace was right: Segregation now, segregation tommorrow, segregation forever.

  7. You answer your own question in the title — because they’re all “too afraid”.

  8. RickTen99 says:

    The same song just a different band. These stats are the same in every city, state and county. There usually isnt a crime problem it’s usually a negro problem. Politicians, news outlets, sociologists, and the assorted lot of restorative justice prosecutors and police officials cant or won’t tell the truth when it involves the negro crime wave.

    • Agree: Augustus
  9. m. says:

    can’t be telling no truth about poc

  10. @AliceRH

    In 2019 truthful commentary is considered radical.
    I hate to say but Western Europe is doomed.
    The USA is right behind you .

  11. AliceRH says:

    I’m completely taking the piss.

    Why are you so obsessed with black people? Western Europe is also full of middle aged peadophiles, bankers propping up the cocaine economy by buying a gram every day, medical companies fuelling the opioid crisis, crooked cops accepting bribes to grant drug cartels permission to traffic women and children. And they are all white, middle aged males.

    Get a grip. Your blog is pitiful.

  12. unit472 says:

    I was trying to find out what happened to the remaining 9 negroes who conducted a smash and grab robbery of a downtown LA ‘Shoe Palace store. Three died and a fourth was critically injured when they crashed their auto fleeing the scene while the other two car loads or criminals got away. I couldn’t find any updates.

    What was interesting was I came across all these other robbery stories at Shoe Palace stores. In Howell, New Jersey, Austin Texas, Fremont, California etc. Who knew being a shoe salesman was a high risk occupation. Maybe Al Bundy had a tougher job than the TV show depicted.

  13. Piglet says:

    OT: Violent criminals are attacking New Jersey Transit employees. NJT bravely and forcefully responds, not by cracking down on the criminals, but by offering training to its employees to “de-escalate” the violence and “manage situations.”

    If those in charge won’t seriously lift a finger to help its own employees, much less passengers, I see no reason to even consider riding the system ever again.

    This reminds me of the rampant daily violence being committed on Asian kids by dindus in Philadelphia public schools, so the schools gave the Asian kids brochures on how to avoid annoying the dindus and bringing the beatings upon themselves. (Yes, the school system is run by and for dindus.)

    With assaults on workers rising, NJ Transit increases employee training to avoid violence
    October 29, 2019

    NEWARK, N.J. — Responding to an increasing number of physical assaults on NJ Transit employees, NJ Transit will offer more training to try to help those employees avoid violence.

    The “de-escalation training” will include a “Train the Trainers” program from Rutgers University’s National Transit Institute, offering techniques for bus and rail operators as well as NJ Transit police. An NJ Transit press release says all employees who work with the public on buses or trains, and as police officers, receive training on managing situations to avoid the possibility of violence. The new program “will be more robust and help to reduce assaults,” the agency says.

    Bloomberg reports that 27 NJ Transit employees have reported assaults on trains or on rail property from January through July, according to Federal Railroad Administration data — four more than the combined total for calendar years 2016-2018.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  14. In other news….

    The headline pretty much tells you everything you need to know, the comments are a hoot to read though.

  15. @AliceRH

    Western Europe is also full of middle aged peadophiles, bankers propping up the cocaine economy by buying a gram every day, medical companies fuelling the opioid crisis, crooked cops accepting bribes to grant drug cartels permission to traffic women and children. And they are all white, middle aged males.

    Notice anything in common about all of those?  None of them are going to kill you on the street just for thrills.  Most are no direct danger to anyone at all.

    Why are you so obsessed with black people?

    You mean, aside from them being well over half the murderers in the USA, an even bigger majority of the armed robbers, carjackers, vastly more likely to be welfare parasites, turn schools into war zones, and vandals, criminal assailants, arsonists and rapists towards Whites to the point they create “no-go zones”?

    Aside from all that, you mean?  Just mean-spirited, I guess.  Hope your worship services at the Church of the Holy African are uplifting and leave you in a good mood.  I gave that up for Lent.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  16. I’m sure the people at NRA headquarters in Fairfax are very much aware of the black-white discrepancy in rates of crime, especially crimes committed by use of firearms, and the use of firearms in white suicides. But, in fairness to the NRA, it cannot advocate the two logical conclusions that flow from these findings: (1) blacks, especially urban ghetto blacks, should be disarmed; and (2) suicidal whites should be disarmed. As blacks are the objects of veneration in the present national religion, any measure to disadvantage them would be used as a tool to demonize the NRA, possibly leading to its banning as a racist, terrorist organization. (San Francisco has already declared the NRA to be a terrorist organization and the pressure that will be put on the NRA by the next Democratic administration will be relentless-I give the NRA about a 50-50 chance of surviving until 2030 in anything resembling its present form.) The second conclusion would give the gun-grabbers the argument that they need to disarm all whites as potential suicide risks.

    I agree the NRA leadership is probably racially cucked (although a Life Member, I no longer follow the organization), but I don’t see how the organization has any good alternatives on the racial front.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @Gunga Din
  17. Augustus says:

    The NRA has been under constant media fire since the school shooting in Florida. They have Governor Cuomo trying to illegally stop them from bank loans, LaPierre’s financial problems, etc. Talking of race for them now would be stupid, as it would allow the media to really go after them as racist. A short time back the NRA had reciprocity in sight, but now they are struggling for survival. They still want Trump reelected and Republicans to win back the house, so they can make another run for reciprocity. I hope we get it

  18. Piglet says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    That incident took place in a very black part of the DC area. Other than occasionally driving past there on the Beltway, I never go there, and I definitely don’t get off the highway to eat at a groid-operated and groid-infested restaurant. If the locals don’t kill you, the groid-prepared food might.

    The good news is that everyone involved in this incident is almost certainly a dindu so there’s no loss.


    Meanwhile a Florida man is saved from death in a home invasion by his 8 months pregnant wife. 2 people broke into the residence and this is got ugly quickly. Wifey retreated to the bedroom, got the AR-15 and shot one intruder, scaring the other off. The shootee, who died about 200 yards away after leaving the place he wasn’t welcome. The family is white but who are the master miscreants? Describe the people who did this!

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  20. @Mr McKenna

    You left out, “Revolutionary Violence”.

  21. HT says:

    NRA is afraid of the racist label just like other organizations but they really do need to point out the facts of life regarding gun related violence.

  22. @Mr. Rational

    I suspect she’s a black person outraged by the truth being spoken. Either that or a morally preening and virtue signaling brain dead white person. In either case, it’s a moron.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  23. @Lancelot Link

    I saw that story the other day, no description of the perps shot, of course. My views on that story was how good of a woman she was, who didn’t panic when she saw what was happening, but had the awareness to retreat to get a loaded AR-15, and know how to & willing to use it. That’s a keeper right there.

    • Agree: Lancelot Link, Gunga Din
  24. @AliceRH

    Get a grip. Your blog is pitiful.

    So step up to the plate. Refute the things that you read here and believe to be untrue.

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water
  25. Augustus says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Ahahaha. You’re right, the comments were fantastic!!! I couldn’t help but laugh myself silly.

  26. Augustus says:

    “Training to avoid violence.”

    Avoiding violence would require transit workers to quit their jobs. Are they being taught that? It’s not optional for most of the employees. Of course that isn’t what is being taught. It IS time to consider better options.

  27. Augustus says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    In fairness to the NRA, when that fool McCarthy was Police Supertendent in Chicago the NRA said, “Chicago doesn’t have a gun problem, but they have a gang problem.” That’s probably as close as they could get to the truth without being labelled racist.

  28. @AliceRH

    You’re not the first Alice to fall down the rabbit hole.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  29. eah says:


    Some may be long-time SBPDL readers who remember the 2014 murder of Nathan Trapuzzano in Indianapolis, one of the worst crimes covered on the old SBPDL — recall his wife Jennifer was pregnant at the time, and had their daughter (Cecilia) less than a month later — I was interested in what had become of her:

    For Cecilia — a very short (10m) documentary where Jennifer Trapuzzano shares her memories.

    Jennifer Trapuzzano’s Instagram page — their daughter is 5 y/o now, and she seems to have found someone new.

    A Love So Strong — her website.

    While I did not and never could understand why she forgave the killer (both of them were devout Christians; she said that’s what her husband would have wanted), all-in-all she is an impressive woman.

    • Replies: @loren
  30. KenH says:

    Unfortunately most gun clubs require an NRA membership, and if it weren’t for that I may not be a member as a protest to their black outreach efforts. One of their main spokesman is a black man named Colion Noir who Tucker has on periodically and although he does just fine as a spokesman and in articulating the pro second amendment position the NRA is using him to prove a) they aren’t a bunch of gun toting, racist white men and b) as a cynical ploy to get more blacks to join.

    It pisses me off that most organizations with large white memberships always have to play down and disprove Jewish media characterizations of them and the NRA has fallen right in to that trap, so are coddling blacks in the hopes that they will join in greater numbers. The NRA, like other right of center political organizations, idiotically thinks this will make them impervious to Jewish media assaults upon them.

  31. Gunga Din says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    I, too, am a Life Member. What the NRA needs is an unapologetic firebrand that will, among other things, have the nerve to call out anti second amendment people as traitors and say that America doesn’t have a gun problem, it has a negroes with guns problem.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  32. El Dato says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Speaking to reporters at the scene, Donelan confirmed the fight was “related to the release of the sandwich.”


  33. Like all systems, organic and inorganic the NRA needs to expand. The White population in the USSofA is stagnating therefore the NRA feels it needs to reach out to the Negroes and soon the so-called Hispanics in order to keep growing. I don’t know what the ruling members of the NRA really think about Negro crime but they have to keep it to themselves. If they even slightly appear to be raycist they know they will suffer economically. Look at what happened at buffalo wild wings out in Napervile Ill, nonstop new coverage about racist Whites. Look at how many places of business suffered if even a trace of racism was sniffed. I’m a member but I hold my nose when giving them my membership money but they are between a rock and a hard place. If you are a prominent member of society or have a business you had better be careful because the Negro and his enablers are very powerful.

  34. @AliceRH

    I thought we were radical and refreshing??

    Here’s the difference between the blacks and all the other vile miscreants you named:


  35. From an institutional perspective, sometimes it’s just best to let the grass roots do “the noticing” and the talking.

  36. @Sick 'n Tired

    The headline pretty much tells you everything you need to know, the comments are a hoot to read though.

    What is the police spokeswoman (who looks like Rachel Dolezal) standing in front of? Looks like an Escalade, Volvo, or Cube, but not quite.

  37. @Lancelot Link

    Lancelot——While young and stupid,i once bought a house at the edge of a Black neighborhood.I expected gentrification.I got vibrant diversity. Fortunately i unloaded this house onto the back of a greater fool.I even made a small profit. I would prefer locating near a Superfund site to Black neighbors.

  38. loren says:

    the old SBPDL was better and we lost the ‘body in front of KFC’ story, etc.

    it was [imo] due to Pizza gate pedogate [its real] and Ambrose kane was struck down then, as well.

  39. @Sick 'n Tired

    The thing that surprises me about that Popeye’s stabbing, is how many people are surprised over it! I know that area of PG County; I’m surprised that MORE people weren’t stabbed over it. And, if it wasn’t a chicken sandwich today, it would be over a pair of shoes tomorrow, or because someone cut someone else off in traffic the next day, or someone looked at someone the wrong way after that.

    One of the funniest comments I saw, in another forum, was “if this was a black person stabbing another black person, we black people need to do better as a community.” When I saw that my first thought was what do you mean “IF”…you know DAMN well it was!

    Apparently, there were two other areas in Maryland where there were incidents. One in Edgewood MD, or someplace like that? I think this one was just a fight in a parking lot. But then another one, that I thought was much more disturbing…from what I can gather a white man who had already bought a chicken sandwich started shouting the N-word, got beat down in the parking lot, forced to apologize, and had his sandwich stolen. Something smells fishy on that one though…no white man with any common sense, in a bad neighborhood is going to just start shouting the N-word for no reason. I’m sure he was provoked into doing it. I’m sure nothing will come of it, but seriously, that’s assault and robbery. Hopefully the attackers in that one would be brought to justice.

  40. Augustus says:
    @Gunga Din

    The NRA more or less did that in Chicago. The said Chicago doesn’t have a gun problem, but they do have a gang problem.

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