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Why Don't Whites Kill One Another as Blacks Do? Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Laments "Unequal Violence" in City as Blacks Responsible for Almost All Fatal/Nonfatal Gun Violence
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Milwaukee is a cool midwestern city. Its proximity to Chicago (and Wisconsin’s generous welfare program) meant it was a magnet for black people fleeing the consequences of blackness in the Windy City.

What happened to Milwaukee? It was inundated with blacks from Chicago. The result? Basically what happened to Chicago when it was inundated with blacks courtesy of the Great Migration. [In one of America’s most segregated cities, there’s unequal violence and unequal justice, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, July 10, 2019]:

Brenda Hines carries three small stones in her purse.

One for hope.

Brenda Hines, of Milwaukee, carries prayer stones and gives them out to other grieving mothers.

One for healing.

And one for justice.

She reaches for the clear, smooth stones every day, sometimes tumbling them in her hand for more than an hour, other times gripping them tightly for a few seconds.

She holds the stones as an act of prayer. They might disappear into her purse, but she can still feel their weight.

Devoted to God and her family, Brenda’s life has been guided by forces she cannot always see.

At 13, she boarded a Greyhound bus to Milwaukee to take care of her great-aunt. At 21, she became a mother and raised four sons in the deeply segregated city, which some experts call one of the worst places in the nation to raise a black family.

She thought her family had defied the odds through faith, hard work and love.

Then, on a cold November night, someone fired a dozen shots into a car.

The driver, Brenda’s 23-year-old son Donovan, was hit by multiple bullets.

He crashed into a nearby house and died.

Unequal cities, unequal violence

Violent crime in Milwaukee is unequal, victimizing African American residents more often than their white counterparts.

Criminologists and other academics have long focused on individual choices and risk factors, such as illegally carrying a gun or selling drugs, when it came to explaining who gets shot and why — but a growing body of research is showing systemic factors may matter more.

When public health experts wanted to figure out how violent crime is linked with structural racism, they looked at decades-old housing maps. Their results were published last year in the journal Social Science and Medicine.

The maps, created by the federal government in the 1930s, explicitly used race to determine creditworthiness and investment risk within neighborhoods. Areas deemed “unworthy of economic investment by virtue of the races, ethnicities, and religions of their residents” were shaded red, the study said.

The researchers examined Philadelphia and found those redlined areas today are more likely to be the places where violence is most common.

In Milwaukee, the same pattern appears.

Present-day census tracts don’t match up perfectly with the historic redlined neighborhoods.

But of the tracts that fall mostly within the old red boundary, 36% of residents’ incomes are below the poverty line — 9 percentage points worse than the citywide poverty rate of 27%.

From 2014 to 2018, the homicide rate in these neighborhoods was 13% worse than the number for the city as a whole, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis found. The nonfatal shooting rate was 28% worse than the citywide average.

The researchers in Philadelphia carefully noted their work did not prove the “insidious confluence” of structural racism and concentrated violence.

But, they said, it gave “historical dimension” to earlier studies that found racial disparities are “as much an issue of place as they are of people.”

The maps reinforced and deepened segregation that persists today. That segregation is connected with poverty and crime. And it leads to unequal victimization.

Last year, a black resident in Milwaukee was eight times as likely as a white resident to be shot and killed, according to the Journal Sentinel analysis.

“Unequal violence?”

Isn’t this just an admission of a simple statement: where you have blacks in Milwaukee, you have violence; where you have whites in Milwaukee, you have peace?


Again, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel tells us segregation is too blame for blacks killing/shooting other black people, as if proximity/access to whiteness is a deterrent to violence; conversely, the phrase “unequal violence” seems to indicate the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel desires more white people to be victims of the type of violence black people uniquely create in Milwaukee… and Chicago. Baltimore as well.

Exposing white people to be victims of violence is the type of true equality the good writers at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel seem to be advocating, as they inadvertently admit communities lacking vibrancy and color (boring old, all-white communities) are safe havens for civilization and social capital.

The TL;DR version of this story: black communities are full of violence, which journalists blame on segregation; white communities are full of peace and prosperity, which journalists blame also on the legacy of segregation. To remedy this “unequal violence,” it would appear journalists hope to redistribute black violence by integrating neighborhoods, and letting whites see the world they long ago via white flight.


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  1. There’s no mystery here. Leftist politicians in Milwaukee offered gibsmedats as bribes to Africans-in-America in exchange for their votes, and hordes moved in from Chicongo with their hands out.

    Then Africans behaved as Africans will, and everyone is shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, to see violent IQ-55 savages behaving like violent IQ-55 savages, recreating the Afrikan Utopia of mud huts, tin-roofed shacks, and infants roasting on sticks wherever they go, almost as if they were genetically programmed to do these things. SHOCKED!

    Who could have predicted it? Who could have seen it coming? Certainly not anyone who saw all the exact same thing happen in Detroit, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Newark, Camden, Jersey City, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Compton, Houston, Haiti, Nigeria… Am I right, fellas? Am I right? There was no possible way to predict this. It was just bad luck, and purely a coincidence that the exact same population does all the exact same things everywhere on Earth that they live. Am I right?

  2. “The maps reinforced and deepened segregation that persists today. That segregation is connected with poverty and crime. And it leads to unequal victimization.”

    Maps may have reinforced and deepened segregation that persists today but do the maps enjoy it?

    If this segregation is connected to poverty and crime which are known “gateway conditions” to unequal victimization how do we import the right people to the magic dirt or how do we get the magic dirt to the persons unequally victimized, living in poverty and crime due to segregation deepened and reinforced by maps?

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  3. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    Just got done arguing with a progressive who couldn’t choose between his two arguments:
    1) No, PoCs aren’t more violent than whites, you ignorant fool.
    2) Well, OK, PoCs are more violent, but there are reeeeeeeeasons, and excuuuuuses, you uneducated fool.
    They don’t give a fig about the truth. They’ll say any lie.

    • Replies: @Astonished
    , @Sick of Orcs
  4. This is the race equivalent of FAT people blaming thin people for obesity. Every business must make accomodations for those occasional 500 pounders or they are in violation of the ADA act. Like wise we are to applaud diversity. We should welcome Affirmative Action,while pretending to ignore the consequences of low iq on the actual job. That might work at the Post Office,but i would like my surgeon to be at least semi-skilled.

    • Replies: @Astonished
    , @95Theses
  5. These redlining gripes seem to confuse cause and effect. And “Violence victimizes African Americans” is like saying, “Losing victimizes Pittsburgh Pirates.” These are self-inflicted wounds, people.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  6. I was just commenting over on Sailer, in regards to Jerry Hall being Mick Jgger’s “discards”, that I’d seen rural whites get in horrible fights when one man, who previously had had a relationship with another man’s wife before he married her, made a remark about “sloppy seconds”. Both parties took a pounding, one clearly won, but neither died and after that it was over. They avoided each other, still do, but there was no retribution.

    Amongst blacks there would have been ‘gunplay’, e.g, the offended would have shot the offender, and maybe several bystanders, either there and then or later. The homies of the bystanders would have then shot the offendee, or his homies,<i. und so weiter. Eventually the hotblooded bucks would have killed each other enough that particular beef would die out, but by then new ones would arise.

    Eighty years ago blacks tended to use razors instead of guns because negroes caught out and about by John Law with guns or switchblades went to jail. If a negro had a gun in his house or in the trunk of his car where it wasn’t accessible he wasn’t bothered, and respectable blacks with pocket pistols were mostly left alone if they weren’t in bars or places like that. Same with black street hookers, who all packed derringers or .25 automatics. They’d get busted for peddling a**, but if they were not threatening white people the guns would be confiscated and destroyed, then they’d buy another.

    We are different people, and if blacks are to live amongst whites it is they who must adapt or leave. Some have adapted sort of well, many can not.

    During a recent lunch with an acquaintence this was discussed. He-the son of now retired missionaries to China and Africa-said that eventually it won’t matter. When the Chinese take over they’ll just shoot the hood rats in the back of the head and send the spent casing and a bill to the executee’s family.

    And they will pay it promptly.

    • Replies: @Astonished
  7. It may just be locally.It may just be my perception.However,i am seeing more White children in public than i have for the last 25 years. Perhaps there is hope.

  8. Violence among blacks can be attributed to low IQs, low impulse control, and elevated rates of psychopathy. Violence among blacks is pathological; not sociological.

  9. @Known Fact

    “Losing victimizes Pittsburgh Pirates.”

    If we just moved the whole team to Dodger Stadium they would start winning! (Magic Stadium theory) 😉

  10. @Pepe the Frog

    No mystery,just an inconvenient truth.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  11. Wait, they can’t make us kill each other, can they?

    I mean, for diversity sake?

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  12. unit472 says:

    In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, I took a look at the Bahamas Islands. It was once 75% white but is now almost 91% black. Apparently ‘white flight’ took place after the Royal Navy used the islands to resettle slaves it freed during its 19th century campaign against the slave trade. In more recent times its relatively high standard of living as compared to the rest of the Caribbean region have attracted Haitians who now comprise 20% of the total population of just under 400,000.

    Despite being an independent black run nation with whites making up less than 5% of the population ( excluding tourists), the Bahamas murder rate ranks 6th in the Western Hemisphere just behind Jamaica and Belize.

    Despite the obvious lack of there being no conceivable ‘racial oppression’ in a 90+% black nation its violent crime rate mirrors that of the US negro population with young black males most likely to commit and suffer from homicide. On a more positive note, black run businesses are dominant in the Bahamas, there being no competing ethnic groups, so reconstruction after the hurricane should be possible and I have heard no reports of looting ( yet) on ZNS Bahama, the local news channel.


    • Replies: @unit472
  13. Yeah, fuck your ‘unequal violence’.

  14. I lived in Milwaukee for many years. It used to be that blacks were limited to the north side of the city, which is a total shithole. But increasingly they come into the other parts of town as well, including the nearby suburbs of Greenfield, Waukesha, West Allis and Wauwatosa. The result is predictable: more crime, more problems. Bradford Beach downtown used to be nice but you can’t go there at night anymore because it’s nothing but blacks from the north side hanging out.

    Around 2011 there were some incidents, one of which gave Colin Flaherty the title of his book White Girl Bleed A Lot. That was when a group of blacks attacked a group of whites for no reason whatsoever in the Riverwest neighborhood on the 4th of July. Riverwest is notorious as a neighborhood that is right on the border between the black and white parts of town, and it’s routine for black criminals to rob and assault whites there. The local news and the local cops bend over backwards to avoid mentioning the obvious racial nature of the crimes. There used to be, or maybe still is, a writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who was famous for always referring to black criminals as “knuckleheads.” This was before people started saying “youths” as the more preferable euphemism. “Some youths ran through Mayfair mall attacking people, destroying property and stealing.” Oh, those knuckleheads.

    The more serious incident around that time was when large numbers of blacks randomly attacked whites at the Wisconsin State Fair. I think that was 2011. The State Fair used to be a fun place for high school and middle school kids to hang out at night in the summer. But now they can’t because they changed the law in response to what happened. Rather than have an honest talk about black crime and black dysfunction – black dyscivilization – they change the law so that everyone suffers.

    Whites in Milwaukee are hopelessly liberal Scandicucks like the people in Minnesota. They will continue to take this shit and cover up for the criminals in the midst and not talk about it and then talk instead about why they eventually moved to a different part of town because it has “good schools.” Right.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Love Street
  15. HT says:

    Blacks are responsible for none of the bad things they do. Even when they murder each other at alarming rates, it is somehow whitey’s fault. And the preferred solution by the Left is not stopping black violence, but just to make sure it is directed toward whites instead of other blacks. You could not make this stuff up.

    • Replies: @getaclue
  16. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    It’s a well-known fact that fat people are victims of placement of drive-through fast food restaurants in their neighborhoods or on the routes they take for business or pleasure.

    As for black violence, all should soon be well. Walmart will henceforth no longer sell handgun ammo, so it should cut down access of gang-bangers to Winchester White Box.

    Problem solved!

    • LOL: Augustus
  17. @donvonburg

    Black ghetto culture use Social Violence at astonishing levels.

    In a marginal society, like the criminal subculture, a reputation for violence is a very valuable thing. If people think you are crazy, apt to “go-off” they treat you with more deference, fear to push your buttons. It is the perfect example of Machiavelli’s observations on fear and love—both are nice, but if you have to pick one it is better to be feared than to be loved:

    Beating on enemies would work, but members of other groups have friends and, sometimes, long memories. That could easily escalate well beyond what you are prepared to deal with or want.

    So how about victimizing someone traveling alone or at least with no large male companions? An outsider, but not an enemy. A relatively easy mark…

    Understand this—the Status-Seeking Show can violate almost all of the rules of normal social violence and that is the point. The SSSer is trying to show his craziness, his willingness to break social rules. So they won’t necessarily attack someone of their own social level (the norm in the Monkey Dance). Beating a child or woman shows craziness; beating a superior—like shooting a cop or ambushing the boss, is taken as both crazy and brave, no matter how safely the ambush was set up.

    They also have no need to follow the steps of the Monkey Dance by issuing a challenge. The SSS is not limited in damage like the normal MD, either. A savage beating, knifing, or killing all satisfy the Threat’s purpose.

    Understand this—each type of violence serves a purpose. It might make no sense according to the way that you look at the world, but your worldview is small and limited and, most importantly, does not matter when someone is trying to kill you. The Threat’s worldview is the one that is calling the tune.

    Samuel Colt gave us the equalizer. Ghetto blacks took this to heart, so that the skinniest runt among them can now prove what a badass is he, just by leaning out the rear window and doing a mag-dump.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  18. @gutta percha

    The ideas we all embrace are not held in the “deliberative” part of our minds.

    It’s all kept in the site juxtaposed with emotion (and emotion doesn’t learn.)

    In essence, today it’s FASHIONABLE to believe in equalism, blank-slate, magic dirt, etc. A person who has little or no personal experience asks the question: “What should I believe about race?” The impulsive mind wants to “fit in,” so it asks the deliberative mind, the part that does logic, to decide the answer.

    The deliberative mind looks around, sees what “everyone else believes” (the fad) and rubber-stamps the impulse to embrace equalism’s absurd answer to all Black underperformance: muh racism.

    ANY and all attacks on this tightly-embraced belief, no matter how well-documented or logical, simply cause the believer to defend his or her belief, no matter how absurd.

    Do you think you could have talked a Heaven’s Gate member out of his or her belief system, especially after they’d spent years, close to two decades even, embracing it?

    Equalist Cult members would metaphorically take cyanide before they’d change their beliefs. Trying to reason with them is an utter waste of time. People believe FIRST, THEN they justify (rationalize.) It’s a defect in human cognition.

    The willingness to ignore the wrongness of one’s beliefs manifests best in what I call the Biehl/Ruenzel subcategory of Darwin Awards, i.e., when your false belief in Equalism gets you killed.

  19. Black people doing the job that White people don’t want to do.

  20. “Violent crime in Milwaukee is unequal, victimizing African American residents more often than their white counterparts”

    Well Africans are Africans of course, no one can change that. Maybe in another thousand years the Africans can become civilized. In the meantime I guess we will have to weather the storm or keep moving farther and farther away. The problem is that their population is growing very rapidly. In the USA their population at about 1800 was roughly one million and they are currently at about 40 million.
    The black population in Sub-Saharan Africa is at about 1.2 billion and growing rapidly. Soon there will no place left to run if current trends continue.

    • Replies: @Sinistre
  21. Any aspect of White society that is not entirely dysfunctional will lead to some sort of inequality of results.

    This appears to be the current year definition of racism.

  22. …victimizing African American residents more often than their white counterparts

    Correction: there are no white counterparts.

    You’re all on your own in this and everyone knows it.

  23. @gutta percha

    They don’t give a fig about the truth. They’ll say any lie.

    Shitlibs learned from (((the best))) how to detach words from their definitions, that way they can never “lose” an argument and can reset their nonsense for another day.

  24. @Astonished

    I have had great success changing people’s deeply held belief on a one on one basis–it can be done.

    It has to be done in a non-threatening and indirect way.

    Little contradictions have to be pointed out in a very specific (anecdotal) way–to start.

    The trick is to pick one topic and let them explain their view on it. (Usually you will get the conventional wisdom.)

    Let them talk.

    Then I say something like: “So you are telling the seas will rise in the next (_) years and then the Eastern seaboard will be under water. So do you think New York City will have to be evacuated?
    When do you think that will happen?”

    Let them dig their own hole. Make sure you understand their answer and repeat it back to them.
    “Five years? That is what you think?”

    Then you spring the trap.

    “So what about an island like Martha’s Vineyard. How long do you think that will stay above sea level?”

    Let them talk.

    “So when do you think Martha’s Vineyard will have to be evacuated?”

    Then you point out:

    “I thought Obama believed in global warming. He said it was settled science.

    If he believed that why is he buying a house on Martha’s Vineyard.”

    Then you shut your mouth and let them babble incoherently.

    Do not respond to whatever they say. (Let their hamster run.)

    Then move on to the next step another day.

    They will come to you.

  25. Continued:

    This was the approach mastered by the science fiction writer Philip K . Dick.

    The protagonist would see one small detail that was out of place–and then eventually their entire reality would come crashing down around their heads.

  26. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    I agree with what you say! However. what I am seeing now are progressives deliberately lying. The most trenchant example I can give happened a month ago. One of the Bernie Bots at our weekly poker game, an Uber driver, stated he felt safer picking up blacks in the projects than picking up white MAGAs.

    He KNOWS better, since his son has been stuck up TWICE by black thugs, and his daughter once, and his family has never been attacked by whites. It was a damned LIE, for the purposes of virtue-signaling AND gratuitously demonizing Trump voters. It infuriated me, and I’ve cut off him and ALL my friends, because this era of accelerating deceit and ignorance is more than I can bear any longer.

    The viciousness of progressives in public is growing rapidly. They’ve decided to attack us, the voters, instead of just the politicians and policies they hate. They will tell ANY lie to justify their thirst for power. The “news” media is behind them 100%. This depresses me more than I can express.

  27. Piglet says:

    A long-time friend lives in Milwaukee. He’s now in his 70s and half a dozen years or so ago he was jogging in his neighborhood when a pack of “yoofs” came up behind him and knocked him down. He got up and, assuming they wanted to rob him, asked, “Why did you do that? I don’t have anything on me.” (Indeed, it was obvious he was dressed for jogging and had with him nothing of value.) One of the yoots said, “We’re not robbing you. We just like to beat up white people!” And with that the biggest one in the group stepped forward and smashed him in the face, knocking him out cold. He was actually pretty lucky, though. A little lower and his jaw would have been broken. A little higher and he might have lost his sight in one eye.

    He has since moved out of his house and now lives in a retirement home. It started off well, with good staff and activities for the retirees, but the owner sold it and the new owner cut out the activities, fired the good staff and brought in sullen orcs to replace them. (I’m sure they are paid less, and they provide less, too.) My friend is not happy with the changes but going elsewhere would make no difference because it would be the same anywhere else.

    The new owner is white, which goes to show you that whites can be YT’s enemy too.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  28. Judging from this article, none of us on here are doing our parts to help increase the levels of violence in our community. So we don’t make the black communities look bad with their high crime statistics I suggest we all:

    · Start selling illegal drugs to supplement our incomes.

    · Assault random strangers walking down the street who are either weaker than us (kids/elderly), or we outnumber 3+:1

    · Have more kids with random women from one night stands or have know for less than 2 weeks

    ·Teach your kids that skool has no value, other than a place they get free breakfast & lunch, see their friends, find baby mamas/daddys, and play basketball. If their teacher tells them to do their classwork, they can beat them up with zero consequences.

    · Shoot/stab/assault anyone who disagrees with us or makes us mad. Someone disrespects you by cutting in line, or wearing a color shirt/hat you don’t like…handle your business

    · Take pride in going to jail for commiting crimes, claim innocence even though you were caught of clear video, covered in blood, with illegals drugs & guns in the car you were driving while posting FB videos of the guns & drugs earlier

    · Starting a massive brawl at a restaurant after your meal is a great way to get out of paying for it. This includes children’s birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese, Mother’s day brunches at Red Lobster, Waffle House, ect

    · Stop shopping online for merchandise you want, just get a bunch of friends together and flash mob whichever store has the stuff you want. Make a game of it

    . Sign up for every type of government handout possible. EBT, SSI, disability, Section 8, get a few of your kids & family members declared handicapped so you can get paid for being their care giver.

    · Do drive bys on your neighbors if they have made you mad, to many Christmas lights, BBQs, took the last turkey leg, chicken wing, last glass of Kool Aid, won’t loan you their car, ect

    · If you need pocket change, rob a gas station, pizzaria, or any other store you happen to be walking by at the time

    · When the holidays roll around, drive your $50k SUV to whichever location is giving out free turkeys. Bring a few family members and drop them off around the corner, so they can walk up and each get a turkey as well. Make a day of going to multiple locations, so you can sell the extra turkeys for cash to supplement your EBT cards.
    This works for toy drives as well, and the toys can be returned for cash or gift cards after Christmas.

    These are just a few suggestions to try and do our part to make increase “da bi’lence” in our white communities, please feel free to add your own thoughts & suggestions.

  29. @Lancelot Link

    Start importing soil from places like Beverly Hills, Dubai, Geneva, Darien CT, and other areas where wealth is concentrated. Then build on top of it, problem solved.

    • Agree: Lancelot Link
  30. “Violent crime in Milwaukee is unequal, victimizing African American residents more often than their white counterparts.”

    I can’t say enough how this style of writing disturbs me. It’s like the “violent crime” is some kind of mysterious fog that forms above the Great Lakes and rolls in to plague innocent blacks in their once-peaceful neighborhoods. No, the “violent crime” IS African Americans.

    I just saw another example of this, something like, “Hispanic motorists are disproportionately affected by drunken-driving deaths.” Gee, how does that work? Everyone’s a victim, no one is ever responsible.

    • Replies: @Astonished
  31. Violent crime victimizes black residents? Uh….no. Black residents victimize each other just as they victimize businesses and drive them out of their neighborhoods thus creating the food, shopping and entertainment deserts they complain about as well as the lack of job opportunity deserts.

    Take any other so called minority population/ethnic group and they’ll create their own enclaves such as Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Tokyo, Little Mexico etc which will become thriving tourist districts with interesting shops and restaurants as well as cultural events/celebrations. Visitors and residents won’t be getting shot up, raped, mugged, beaten, robbed and killed and the businesses won’t be getting robbed or shoplifted blind either. Also, unlike blacks, the residents won’t be screaming for someone to provide them with all the things they need and want either~ jobs, stores, entertainment venues etc. They’ll create them for themselves.

    That being said, there’s good reason why black millionaires won’t even try to open any businesses etc in black communities to “raise them up” and, instead, stay as far away from them as possible. They know their own and what a miserable doomed to failure experience it would turn into and how it would be far more trouble than it’s worth.

  32. @gutta percha

    That’s some kind of experience your prior buddy had. I wonder if it ever occurred to him that his daughter could have been Channon Christian.

    Your experience is another brick in the wall I see, a wall that says worldviews are headed for a catastrophic collision. I once wondered how brothers in a family ended up on opposite sides of Lincoln’s War.

    I no longer wonder.

    • Replies: @gutta percha
  33. @Justvisiting

    Yours is an excellent approach for the person who thinks he is capable of holding his own. Many more people are self-aware enough to realize they cannot defend their beliefs, and the moment you begin to ask them specifics they’ll hate you for it.

    I think, specifically, about the unwisdom of doing this with family. (unfortunately.)

    You nailed it when you note the importance of nailing down their specifics. It turns out that most leftism rests on vague sophistry, and the more specific it gets, the more absurd it appears.

    “Fairness” (or equity) is particularly funny when distilled to “what do you mean, exactly?”

    I do respect your claim of success. I cannot say claim similarly and learned that I was best off to remain silent lest I alienate family. At my age that’s a particularly bad idea.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  34. @Stormin Gorman

    Knuckleheads have more bone than brain in the head.

  35. unit472 says:

    I have to withdraw my comment that there has been no ‘looting’. It apparently has gone beyond that in the Abaco Islands. I had wondered why Trump had dispatched USCG helicopters to the area but there are now American citizens returning who are reporting that civilization has broken down. That people are fighting for food.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  36. @Sick 'n Tired

    Excellent summary,and oh so true . The nerve of these ….
    And we pay that(tax)everyday.

  37. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    At the poker game, which we’ve played weekly for 13 years, all the other players are progs or default-libs. None of them ever reads anything. They only know what they see on TV. I was the only conservative, and we had a successful truce going all that time.

    If I talked about politics, I would make self-deprecating jokes, like “I tried to sign up for Trump’s Space Force, but I washed out. They won’t even let me on the ground crew!” They would earnestly spout the stupidest things, like “Cuba has a $5 cancer cure, but they keep it secret so that no capitalist can ever profit from it.” I would roll with harmless nonsense like that.

    They were always so confident in their ignorance, and so sure of themselves, even though they are all stupider than moronomorphic rocks. They get all their news from Samantha Bee and Seth Myers, etc. But they still maintain that annoying progressive conceit that they are better “informed” and “educated.”

    I began to read the Mueller Report. I tried to explain it to them, but they would immediately shout me down, I guess because the talking heads on TV are more believable than a guy who actually read the f*cking thing.

    During the Kavanaugh debacle, our local Republican HQ was spray-painted all over with the word “Rape” by some subliterate progressive. I asked my poker friends, what do you think of the Kav thing? Their reply was giggling: “Kav has chubby chipmunk cheeks!!” That was their sole takeaway from that outrageous inquisition by lying witches.

    Then came this evil outrageous lie, and I took it so badly that I’ve had to shun EVERYBODY, because all I see around me now is deceit and ignorance. I can’t STAND it anymore.

    • Replies: @Astonished
  38. Augustus says:

    Iny, no, in equality, nope, any quality of duh biolence is easily explaned by one word. Since you axed me, white privilege. Wait, dat maff stuff be hard, y’all! TWO words: white privilege. Y’all so ignernt y’all don’t even know what ah’m saying.’ Unnerstan!

  39. El Dato says:

    This is why pogroms are deployed when the background noise gets too annoying. It chills the restive minorities out:

  40. El Dato says:

    The universe never disappoints.

  41. Anonymous[152] • Disclaimer says:

    Another kind of redlining:

    Why not simply reserve a Carribean Island as dumping ground and let those people fend for themselves, come Hurricane or not?

    • Replies: @Astonished
  42. @Astonished

    The trick is to never tell them _what_ _you_ think.

    Just gently punch holes in what _they_ think.

    When their reality has been smashed (which can take a while) _then_ you can begin to share your world-view.

  43. Augustus says:
    @gutta percha

    Don’t let that lying, virtue-signalling, cab driver upset you. I learned over the course of my lifetime, that reality is on the side of the patient. Wait until that guy or one of his family is diversified to death and actually say, “I told you so.” Some say that makes me weak, but others say,”Augustus is always right.” Either way, wise or weak, reality is reality. Many never see it. Be thankful that you do.

    • Replies: @gutta percha
  44. @Jim in Jersey

    Jim in Jersey———I don’t remember the source of this question,but here goes. How do you get Whites to kill at the same rate as Blacks??? Answer——Assassinate an Arch Duke.

  45. @gutta percha

    gp—–What your virtue signaling Bernie Bot claims on poker night,and what happens on his cabbie job are probably 2 different things. Since is is still a live cabbie,i bet he never goes near the projects.He never “discriminates”,he just didn’t see the 6’4″, hoodie wearing black guy,waving both arms.

    • Replies: @gutta percha
  46. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    Thanks! I’m not wishing him harm, or hoping he gets his karma. I am despairing over the overwhelming deceit and ignorance of this awful era. I miss the America I grew up in, and I fear it is gone forever. I miss having friends. Talking only to people on the internet isn’t the same.

    • Replies: @Astonished
    , @Augustus
  47. Angharad says:
    @gutta percha

    GP – did you call him out on the spot? I would have, and have done so. Call BS on the SPOT. Ask idiots like that who they think they are lying to. And laugh in their face.

  48. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    “What your virtue signaling Bernie Bot claims on poker night,and what happens on his cabbie job are probably 2 different things.”

    As I said, I know he was lying. It’s the lying and the ignorance, everywhere I look, that bothers me.

  49. @Non PC Infidel

    Black (mostly afleet) millionaires know that if they opened up a business in a majority black neighborhood that it would only be a matter of months and the business would close up shop for not turning a profit. A most definite lose/lose situation… and they know it, of course by being one of them.. they can relate, they know their own better than anybody else…

  50. getaclue says:

    Preferred Solution? Gun Control for Whitey.

  51. I relate – I do not tell anyone except those who also voted for Trump that I did
    The brainwashing is painful

  52. Sinistre says:

    See Linh Dinh’s thread recent post on flight to Philippines.

  53. @Sick 'n Tired

    I loved your comments!! What is with the constant begging for da black chirren? Gifts & gift cards @ Xmas
    The backpack scam @ the start of the school year – wtf? Who needs all that crap?! They try to get the deluded to donate gift cards for clothing- not for nothing isn’t that their parents job?
    After all if they work they get EITC without paying any taxes @ all!
    When did all that donating of resources become a thing you were expected to do?
    At the start of the school year we got marble cover note books, pens, pencils, loose leaf paper & binder, maybe an eraser, pencil sharpener or a pencil case.
    Our parents paid for everything- they did not go with their hand out to any agency or person to pay for their children’s needs- in fact we were taught that it was shameful to apply for welfare or take charity of any kind

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
  54. ‘Last year, a black resident in Milwaukee was eight times as likely as a white resident to be shot and killed, according to the Journal Sentinel analysis.’

    …and blacks are eight times as likely as whites to commit crime in general.

    • Replies: @loren
  55. 95Theses says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Good analogy.

    Although, actually it doesn’t work so well at the Post Office. I’ve been retired for a few years now but, oh brother, do I remember well a certain Black mechanic who was regularly assigned to work with me, yet spent most of the day looking for ways to get out of answering calls to repair machines or clear jams. Close to being completely useless. And it mattered not how much I complained about this individual – he was untouchable.

    Yeah, I totally get not wanting a substandard surgeon cutting on you, but it’s still important to have a co-worker who is willing to do their share of the heavy lifting.

  56. @Astonished

    Pretty hard to argue with your logic. A perfect summary of why many people ignore reality, even when it is right before them every single day.

  57. @gutta percha

    Be careful what you write; I now know approximately where you live. (chuckles, because the spray paint thing is news with which I was familiar.)

    If my conjecture is correct, you’re much more likely to find kindred spirits at the local (indoor only) pistol club (it has a tree in its logo.) I’m not a social person (I have an expanding family for that), but it sounds like your prior social circle was mentally stunted, to say the least. I thought only people my in-laws’ age (80’s) still got their “information” from the Idiot Box.

    • Replies: @gutta percha
  58. @Known Fact

    “Violent crime in Milwaukee is unequal, victimizing African American residents more often than their white counterparts.”

    I can’t say enough how this style of writing disturbs me. It’s like the “violent crime” is some kind of mysterious fog that forms above the Great Lakes and rolls in to plague innocent blacks in their once-peaceful neighborhoods. No, the “violent crime” IS African Americans.

    I share your view of this style; the woman who wrote it is white, but she’s gone full Native-African because the entire thesis is that “violent crime” is a magic talisman, a spell, and it has volition.

    Her entire piece indicates belief that
    1. White people have magic.
    2. White people refuse to share that magic with blacks.
    3. Blacks deprived of white people’s magic have no agency.
    4. Blacks’ lack of self-directedness (agency) is white people’s fault.

    She might as well state that, if white people were decent instead of filthy racists, they’d subsidize the cost of dispersing all those black people in slums to white neighborhoods, and “everyone knows” that black violence would end.

    Yes, insane.

  59. @Anonymous

    I’ve stated that the USA should buy out everyone on Puerto Rico (it’s practically a foreclosure sale now) and turn it into an island prison.

    Those who insist on living as savages are simply dropped off. Forever. If their family objects, they get to accompany them. It’s in the tropics, food grows on trees. No reason for delivering food, fuel, or anything else.

    Anyone trying to leave gets strafed.

    No more feeding and housing savages for dozens of years in the state pen.

    Europe tamed its most aggressive individuals by hanging people for just about anything during the Middle Ages. It culled the population of the genes for impulsive violence.

    Unless blacks are Darwin-Awarded before they can reproduce (or their families are exposed to the harshest of Nature’s culling, a la being dropped off to fend for themselves on an island) then the genes that code for impulsive violence will continue to propagate.

    Biology is complex, but it’s just as implacable as is gravity.

    • Replies: @Hillbob
  60. Krinsh says:

    So the studies proved it wasn’t ‘institutional racism’, just thugs being thugs? Imagine that.

  61. @gutta percha

    The Internet is bad for your mind.

    SBPDL and lots of other stuff are useful to read, up to a point, but if you spend too much time on Doom Porn it literally warps your persona. I found I had (and have) to distance myself from it, as it’s like hanging out with people who pull you down.

    The parallels between today’s USA and the Western Roman Empire of 2000 years ago are stunning. The dominant form of high level communication was literally Sophistry, where rhetoric was used to gain applause from the audience, not actually debate actual reality. The public was addicted to professional sports (especially blood sports) and most of the time the rulers were fools (and even when they weren’t, they were still powerless to stop the decline of their civilization.) People were impulsive, behaving as permanent adolescents, and wisdom was shouted down, its proponents attacked. The Western Empire eventually was overrun, and the population fell precipitously.

    Yet here we are.

    We don’t choose the times in which we live. I believe that civilization in the USA peaked about 100 years ago, and despite rising living standards most of the last century, what constitutes our foundation has eroded the whole time. I can’t go into a store without seeing weird or banal tattoos covering fat-asses, pierced this-and-that reminding me of Mel Gibson’s Apacalypto Aztecs, and people speak like they can’t string two coherent thoughts together.

    But I have kids, and grandkids, and I hope for the best for them even as I assume they’ll be surrounded, as am I, by a widening ocean of clueless Idiocracy.

    We read about this crime and that outrage, but we need to recall that this is in a Very Large Country. I’ve never had a gun pointed at me or a knife waved at me. I’ve never been robbed. I don’t know anyone who has been raped. This informs me that, while I am not stupidly walking around on White all the time, the odds favor my being safe on a daily basis.

    The trends of the last 40 years are idiotic, but they’re trends. FADS. We don’t know when they’ll change, but change they will.

    In the meantime, I decided to teach myself to play the piano. If I love Western Civ (and I do), then the best thing I can do is participate in it.

  62. @95Theses

    That’s long been my theory of the ‘going postal’ problems that plagued the USPS back in the day.

    Where else is a black man (or woman) going to find a job that pays that well and gives family benefits to the ignorant, lazy and stupid?

    When someone in that situation loses a plum position like that, they snap. Being black certainly doesn’t help either. It’s not like they’re going to think it through or talk themselves out of it.

    Nope, just grab a gun and shoot the guy next to you. That’ll teach’em.

    USPS seems to have eradicated the problem. Hasn’t been a post office shooting in a long time.

    I think they resolved it by never firing the useless, arrogant or worthless. They promote them.

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
  63. We read about this crime and that outrage, but we need to recall that this is in a Very Large Country. I’ve never had a gun pointed at me or a knife waved at me. I’ve never been robbed. I don’t know anyone who has been raped. This informs me that, while I am not stupidly walking around on White all the time, the odds favor my being safe on a daily basis.

    There are a lot of personal safety concerns and anecdotes shared here but that isn’t the main issue.

    The main issue is that that a group of deluded egalitarians are driving our cities into ruin and the country will follow if something does not change. The opposition party is just as foolish and maintains a cult like belief in capitalism as if the market will always fix everything. It won’t fix everything and in fact there are third world countries that have been capitalist longer than America.

    • Replies: @Astonished
  64. Astonished——-Do learn to play the piano.It is a worthy skill. I would rather have talents and accomplishments than wealth. As Robert Heinlein said, “Specialization is for insects.”

  65. @John Johnson

    The main issue is that that a group of deluded egalitarians are driving our cities into ruin and the country will follow if something does not change. The opposition party is just as foolish and maintains a cult like belief in capitalism as if the market will always fix everything. It won’t fix everything and in fact there are third world countries that have been capitalist longer than America.

    The deluded egalitarians are a fact of our current condition.

    Do you think that a mass movement in the year 200 AD could have reversed the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire? I do not think history is moved by conscious, organized movements of humans. All evidence I see points to unconscious, herding movements that are not in any way related to deliberation, reason or logic.

    This is the curse of how our brains work. It is the engine of cyclicality in human events, and it will never end (until humans become something not-at-all-human.) Very few people can think in abstractions. Few people can do predictive logic. All people use their “System 1” (low energy, snap-decision) cognitive tracks to make a host of decisions. And we all tend to be very poor judges of our own thoughts. We “go mad in herds.”

    My point? Worrying about the Big Picture is useless. It’s not in our control. I take prudent precautions to see to my own safety as best I can. Reading about the Eloi who refuse to realize they exist in a predator-present environment doesn’t really help me much when essentially ALL of them do things that I’d NEVER do. And when my fellow citizens line up to enable the predators even more, nothing I do will stop them. It’s a fad…and they are herd animals. We all are, but some of us know the risks and at least attempt to curb our herding behavior.

    We are Nock’s Remnant. (Read Isaiah’s Job, Nock’s article from the 1936 issue of The Atlantic for a full exposition, it’s widely available on the Internet.) We don’t change the course of the river, but we will be the people who rebuild what our deluded-masses neighbors destroy.

    It’s history in a nutshell.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  66. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me!

    Yes I live in Rockford, I haven’t kept that a secret here.

    “your prior social circle was mentally stunted”

    Everybody in Rockford is mentally stunted. I don’t have the resources to move out, and if I did, I wouldn’t know where to move.

    “find kindred spirits at the local (indoor only) pistol club”

    I belonged to a local gun club for several years. Guess what? All THOSE guys get their news from TV too, and none of them read anything either as far as I could tell. I had to quit the club because one of the members got belligerent with me on the range, and I saw red, and knew I had to quit. I don’t want to get into physical fights with anybody, let alone armed men. Too many control-freaks and idiots there, and plenty of other problems too.

    There really aren’t any kindred spirits for me. Everybody I know IRL has let me down or shafted me in one way or another. But social isolation doesn’t bother me one tenth as much as the plague of overwhelming deceit and ignorance and hatred that’s descended upon America. It’s January 1861, and nothing can fix that.

    Thanks again!

    • Replies: @Annie Oakley
  67. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    “did you call him out on the spot?” I let him know I was onto him, and angry. Afterward I emailed him the mugshot of the black thug that attacked his son earlier this year, and asked him if that face-tattooed thug looked like a Trump voter to him. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Replies: @95Theses
  68. @loren

    ‘did you mean 80?’

    No. seriously.

    I casually check this whenever I find data. It’s remarkable: one city, another city, the US or Canada — or a whole different set of blacks in Britain. Blacks descended from slaves; blacks straight from West Africa. Arrests, incarceration rates, victim surveys — whatever.

    Wherever they are and whoever they are, blacks keep generating numbers suggesting they are between six and ten times as prone to commit crime as other races. You can say blacks are criminally inclined about as safely as you can say East Asians are short, or Irishmen are susceptible to sunburn.

    The conclusion is unavoidable; so long as you give them the freedom to do it, blacks are much more likely to commit crime than other people. We can either accept black criminality or strip them of many of the rights the rest of us enjoy.

    It’s really pretty simple.

  69. @Jim in Jersey

    I think they resolved it by never firing the useless, arrogant or worthless. They promote them.

    Bureaucrats refer to this method as positive discipline. Many a bureaucrat has endured countless hours of positive discipline seminars. After the influx of black employees positive discipline became the norm and firing anyone became damn near impossible.

  70. Those lefty idiots really ruined a nice city!

  71. nymom says:

    Probably tougher policing would cut down on the violence in black communities as a lot of that violence is retribution after an assault, theft, rape beatdown of family member or actual killing of another black person by a black person…but then everyone would complain that the cops were racist for being so hard on them.

    I recently witnessed a near riot on U-tube when a black murderer received only a 5 year sentence for killing another black person. The victim’s family started trying to break thru the cordon of deputies and court officers to get the perp claiming 5 years was not an adequate sentence…we will be seeing more of these sort of courthouse behaviors as these various sentencing projects move forward…

  72. Hillbob says:

    Who knows? An Australia might come of it.

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  73. @Astonished

    Astonished———As far as true herd animals go,women have a lot in common with cows. Many of them just love that feeling of belonging. Most of them would rather walk on hot coals than accept personal responsibility. Discretely listen to some female to female conversations.Vapid. The 19th Amendment killed the American Republic

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
    • Replies: @95Theses
  74. @Justvisiting

    Excellent comment. Perhaps one day Mr. Kersey could come up with a guide about how to argue with shitlibs. It would be great if everybody here had a manual they could refer to.

    It’s the same with me:

    “All races are equal and differences are due to racism, bla bla bla”

    “So, you don’t believe that there are any differences in intellect or temperament between blacks and whites?”

    They think a bit, the truth hits them but they say “No, of course not”.

    “So, do you think there are physical differences between blacks and whites? Seems to me like many blacks are an awful lot stronger than whites.”

    They usually half heartedly concede that point.

    “So, since you agree that they are physically different, is it really a stretch that they might be mentally different, too? Evolution and everything…”

    The shitlib is usually mute at this point, they will often just completely change the subject.

  75. nymom says:

    It is only African-Americans that are so much bigger and stronger than your average white man. Looking at Africa in news shows and online videos the white Afrikaners appear to be much bigger and stronger than the average black person over in South Africa…at least for the men.

    So I am not sure if that physical difference is true across the board. It appears to be an African-American thing.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Sick 'n Tired
  76. AnalogMan says:

    Africans are very various. Masai are tall, pygmies are small. As you have noticed, in South Africa many blacks are smaller, and lighter-skinned, than the west Africans that were your main slave stock in America.

    The reason for that is that the original inhabitants of South Africa, the Khoi-San people (Bushmen and Hottentots) were and are not true negroes. They were exterminated in the eastern part of the country by the invading Zulus and Xhosa. At least, the men were; the women were retained for purposes of copulation, hence the smaller, lighter succeeding generations.

  77. @Astonished
    I do not think history is moved by conscious, organized movements of humans. All evidence I see points to unconscious, herding movements that are not in any way related to deliberation, reason or logic.

    This is extremely fatalistic and denies the role of the individual in changing history.

    Look at how much Marx altered Western society just by writing a few books.

    His books are still valued by millions of naive leftists even though they left entire nations in ruin.

    WWII probably wouldn’t have happened if not for Marx. Hitler wouldn’t have gained popular support if the Communists weren’t trying to take the country and add it to the Soviet Union.

    It sounds to me like you have given up on thinking you can change anything. Maybe that makes you feel better but societies are absolutely influenced by a small group of individuals. Most revolutions are led by less than 100 people.

    • Replies: @Astonished
  78. Looking at Africa in news shows and online videos the white Afrikaners appear to be much bigger and stronger than the average black person over in South Africa…at least for the men.

    So I am not sure if that physical difference is true across the board. It appears to be an African-American thing.

    This is correct. The Bantu are smaller on average than Western Europeans. There are some taller tribes like the Maasai but it’s really a Hollywood myth that Blacks all over the globe are physically stronger than Whites.

    African Americans are descended from slaves that were cross bred with large Whites and American Indians. They were bred to be larger just as one breeds horses or pigs. It’s not PC but that is what happened.

    Welfare dysgenics has probably played a role as well. Black women were basically told to get pregnant if they wanted a check. I suspect a lot of the problems with Black violence has to do with dysgenics. Basically the women are more likely to select for large and aggressive mates since they aren’t expecting reliability anyways.

  79. 95Theses says:

    You do realize this is also referred to as the Socratic method? That’s not a criticism, just an observation.

    And, as you have demonstrated, it is a very effective approach.

  80. 95Theses says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Are you aware of this 1998 study undertaken by scholars John Lott – yes, that John Lott – and Larry Kenny? I am sure you will find it more than a little interesting (and provocative for the ladies) as it concerns the 19th Amendment.

    (This is a Searchable Text PDF.)

    How Dramatically Did Women’s Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government?

  81. @95Theses

    Reminds me of a black sow mail delivery person we had for awhile. She would arrive at my dead end street and proceed to stuff all the mail for all the houses in the first mail box at the beginning of our road. The person whose mailbox was getting stuffed with all our mail got pissed off and complained to the post office that he didn’t work for them and it wasn’t his job to deliver our mail to us. A lot of us complained about the situation as well. Turns out that the black sow was doing that on every route she was assigned. The post office just kept moving her around to different areas when the complaints became too loud and numerous.

    In a normal business, her failure to perform as well as the numerous complaints would have been well documented, disciplinary action taken and, if the behavior continued, termination would follow. Being a lazy black idiot shouldn’t be a defense against termination for a well documented pattern of non-performance/non compliance.

  82. @Hillbob

    “Who knows? An Australia might come of it.”

    Not if the vast majority of those deposited on the island were black. You’d just wind up with another Haiti.

  83. Paul says:

    Most black-on-black murders (gang violence, drug violence, etc.) are just scum killing scum.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  84. @95Theses

    95 Theses—-Thanks for the link.If i thought this “theses” would change one “princess” vote at work , i would nail it to the front door.

    • Replies: @95Theses
  85. @Non PC Infidel

    Non Pc Infidel——–At one time i had the same,exact situation.You don’t think this behavior could be genetic do you?????? Many other equally bad situations are also tolerated in private businesses. Everybody is afraid of either getting NAACPed ,or mugged by Uncle Sam

  86. Brenda Hines carries three small stones in her purse.

    If I were Brenda, living in Chocolate Milwaukee, it wouldn’t be rocks I’d be carrying in my purse.

    That being said, very high on my list of things I’m not very concerned about is black people shooting each other.

  87. Anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    The scientific problem that is inherent in the never-ending search for the vapor of “structural racism”, as a cause of African criminality rates, is the lack of a significant low-violence African control group anywhere in the world.

    The control group is obviously the violent group. As such, it is inherently free of statistically significant influence from variables.

    “Structural racism” is a witch hunt born of switching the violent control group for the subject group. As evidenced by the unstated continuous effort to create low-violence subject groups from the high-violence control-group through the introduction of uncommon variables like hyper-funded school systems (beyond what White children get), desegregation and busing (no other race needs to be in proximity to other races to do well), affirmative action (see desegregation), etc.

    This attempt at molding the control group has failed, and so now they default to the only approach they have left: working from the assumption that the mythical control group is non-violent and that there are unknown variables creating a violent subject group.

    Its an intellectually pathetic show meant only to keep their “high education” liberal voters from recognizing the Three Card Monte game by subtly switching the subject and control groups every so often.

  88. @nymom

    The reason American & Caribbean blacks are stronger is due to selective breeding during slavery.

  89. Trevor says:

    “Most black-on-black murders (gang violence, drug violence, etc.) are just scum killing scum.”

    =Misdemeanor homicide.

    They should report it separately in its own category so it is clear what it is and the anti-gun leftists are less able to conflate it with white gun ownership.

  90. @gutta percha

    GP – I hear you on cutting people off.

    My brother who lives in an all white town, with two white boys, and one beautiful red-headed white grand daughter. Stalked my FB page many years ago during the election. Made horrible comments about Trump and other MAGA supporters. Left disgusting orange man bad shit on my wall. I cut him and his liberal wife off.

    I reminded the dumb ass that he personally benefited from living in an all-white sundown town in the 60’s and 70’s. And the reason it was a nice town, not because of Jesus, Church, good skoos, it was the demographics! We’ve not spoken in almost 3 years and I really don’t miss him. We were never that close to begin with and he’s always been (looking back in the rear view mirror) a virtue signalling cuck like your poker friends. And he’s my blood brother!

    My in-laws are Scandicucks as one illustrious commenter put it (I’m using that one) think I’m a horrible racist nazi. It’s always been tense between us. My husband finally realized what cucks they are, (actually they’re a light form of liberal communists) and no longer talks to them.

    Funny when it comes to tax time they’ll poke through every GD deduction they can get to avoid paying federal and state income tax, but they want YOU to pay more to take care of orcs. It’s quite sickening. Hypocrites.

    I’m quite rude to progressive white cucks like your poker friends and my family. It’s almost come to blows a few times, but things simmered down.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  91. @gutta percha


    I feel your pain. I do. I get that isolation where I live in the South. It would be a very lonely place for me here if I didn’t have my husband. We have made one friend with a man who lives here. One friend in 9 years!

    We’re in the process of moving and have secured property at another location. Far friendlier, whiter and people just seem different. I’ve used my innate intuition to suss people out. Different cities and locales have different energies. Even though my current AO is pretty white, it has a dark dense energy. And it’s gotten worse since I’ve lived here. More race mixing, mudsharks, and weird people that I’ve never seen before.

    I don’t want to give too much information as I know the enemy is reading these posts. PK you have my permission to give GP my email addy.

  92. @Non PC Infidel

    You have made an astute observation.

    Now ponder how many Affirmative Action Twofers have been hired by every branch and agency of government at every level, from NASA to the FBI to your town’s school system and police department. Several uncomfortable facts immediately become apparent, and a number of questions you might have been asking yourself for a while suddenly have answers, though probably not pleasant ones.

  93. @Annie Oakley

    It may be some comfort to you to understand _why_ these folks think the way they do.

    They are cargo cultists at heart.

    Obama gave you the key to their belief system when he said “You didn’t build that.”

    In the cargo cult stuff just mysteriously appears–nobody actually created it with labor or capital.

    Now if you lived in such a magical kingdom then of course sharing and caring is the only reasonable response–no-one created it so no-one should benefit more than anyone else.

    Only the “selfish” and “bad people” would take more for themselves.

    This cargo cult mentality is a byproduct of the prosperity of western societies.

    Electricity is like magic.

    The grocery stores full of an amazing variety of food is like magic.

    Shopping on-line for an almost infinite variety of goods is like magic.

    etc., etc., etc.

    The “cargo” appears miraculously on the “island”!

    All they have to do to get their share of the stuff is say the correct incantations (political correctness) so they can keep their job or remain in their social group.

    (If they tell just a few lies or play just a few games with their taxes they still get to stay on the island…)

    _You_ are the crazy guy on the island who refuses to believe in the cargo Gods!

  94. @Angharad

    I’ve called out a few people on hypocrisy, and they usually try to just ignore, change the subject, or get mad and play the victim.

    For example, last year when there was this whole backlash against White people calling 9-1-1 on black people, I mentioned that there have been times when a black person called 9-1-1 on me. The response was mostly “Well you probably deserved it”, “So? What’s your point?” etc. But, it would usually stop the conversation cold and it would move on to something else.

    Or, when it was the in thing to point out how blacks and latinos, as a percentage of population, are more likely to be killed by the police than Whites, and what an outrage it was, I would respond with, but why is there no outrage that Whites get killed more often than Asians? One guy responded back with “Maybe Whites commit more crimes than Asians.” When I asked him if he wanted to carry that rationale out a bit more to its logical conclusion, the conversation moved on to something else.

    Tell them that their little precious is more likely to die choking on a ham sandwich in the school cafeteria, than by the bullets of a mass shooter while at school, and really watch them loose their crap.

  95. @Justvisiting

    I think you have just reinvented r/K selection theory.

  96. @Justvisiting

    JustVisiting——–Yes !!! Cargo Cult is exactly the right label for 50% of the American people One 40 female at work,a 40 year old White female with a master’s degree,can’t understand why Uncle Sam can’t help “all the little people”. I tried explaining that Uncle Sam isn’t the economy.Uncle Sam is a parasite that lives off the economy. Blank look. “Damn,just look at your pay stub.”, said i. Blank look. I walked off to prevent a stroke. If the grid collapses,and modern life grinds to a halt, i fully expect her to be texting new age prayer requests on her dead phone.

  97. @95Theses

    Good link — and of course it’s only gotten much worse since 1998

  98. @John Johnson

    Look at how much Marx altered Western society just by writing a few books.

    “Marxism” isn’t new. It’s as old as human civilization. Marx just popularized it in his time, it’s a cyclical thing.

    WWII probably wouldn’t have happened if not for Marx. Hitler wouldn’t have gained popular support if the Communists weren’t trying to take the country and add it to the Soviet Union.

    WWII wouldn’t have occurred without WWI’s Allied victory (and the resulting collapse of Czarist Russia and the punishment of the Treaty of Versailles…and it’s contribution to German rage and the rise of the Nazi Party.) WWI and WWII were essentially a single war with an intermission.

    WWI was a stalemate and would almost certainly have ended in a negotiated peace had not Wilson brought America into the war. It was the USA’s involvement that turned the tide against Germany and its allies, and enabled France and Great Britain to grind Germany under boot heel. (The starvation blockade of Germany didn’t end with the Germany’s surrender, which is just one of many wartime atrocities.)

    Wilson would have had NO UNIFIED USA to bring into the war had Lincoln’s War to prevent Southern Secession failed. Lincoln’s war ended the “voluntary” compact of the post-Revolutionary Period, and arguably was THE event that sealed the United States’ fate as an empire.

    In other words, each event in history was made (essentially) inevitable by prior events.

    I don’t view my position as “fatalist.” I see history as a tapestry with a continuous thread, and I see the “leaders” of each day as simply the clowns who jumped in front of the marching band, clowns who then tell themselves and us all that it is they who direct the parade route. I see the marching band as choosing the route, and when the band changes direction, a different clown gets in front of it and claims to have directed the change.

    The times choose the leaders, not the other way around. People’s understand of causality has the direction reversed. But we are all a little bit like Cargo Cultists. We see what happened and we assume that it was (1) inevitable and (2) a product of the poster boys plastered on TV (or the wall prior to TV.) In that sense it was not inevitable.

    In another sense, it was. Every boom is followed by a bust. It’s a fractal, so the bigger we rise, the harder we fall. In hindsight we’ll pick out the “reasons” it happened.

    • Agree: 95Theses
  99. bro3886 says:

    “What do you expect to happen when the resources that people need in order for their families to thrive and for neighborhoods to thrive are not there?” [ Jamaal Smith] said.

    The resources being white people’s money and abilities. As succinct a summation of the parasitic relationship between blacks and whites as you’ll find.

  100. Augustus says:
    @gutta percha


    I know how you feel. Since the ’80s, if not sooner, I’ve said this is not the country I grew up in. Now I’m old enough (73) that I raised a family and grew apart from my friends while investing my time on my stepchildren. Now they are all virtue signalling, woke liars and sneaks. My wife left me, and I’m not allowed to see the great grandkids. But life goes on and I have a great girlfriend who’s kids love me. No matter how bad, things can change.

    • Replies: @95Theses
  101. 95Theses says:

    You’re a little older than me (mid-60s) and, like you, I am revolted by how today’s youth have no sense of history or values. I do remember those virtues which America once represented and made her the shining city on a hill. The average person with whom I may converse informally has a woefully untutored understanding of the principles upon which this nation was founded, and – almost as tragic – has fully absorbed the Leftist–Liberal central premise of the belief in universal equality.

    Personally, I think we are witnessing its destruction and – short of a sackcloth-and-ashes moment of national repentance – I don’t see how America will ever recover its former greatness. And I hate to be the pessimist.

  102. 95Theses says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Heh. Truly. It’s another on of those “Oh, if only … ” moments.

  103. 95Theses says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Sad. But I will tell you that it isn’t only the fault of management. The union was just as much to blame. Don’t get me wrong – my union was several times very helpful in winning grievances against the many irrational and hostile actions of managerial staffers. They, like a public defender, are legally obligated to provide representation for the malingerers as well as the productive. They are a necessary evil.

    My particular “White Man’s Burden” (I’ll call him Lenny – not his real name) smoked like a chimney and would leave his assigned unit (without telling me, naturally) within 15 minutes of clocking in to take his first of many unauthorized smoke breaks to calm his nicotine fix. Not only that, but one of our female supervisors (his smoke buddy) would join him on this first break – knowing full well he was not where he was supposed to be. This was a daily routine.

    Lenny also had almost zero troubleshooting skills, would perform substandard work which was frequently left to me to correct, bailed out of repairing what we referred to as “wrecks” (mail jams so catastrophic it would knock off drive chains and disable an entire machine – usually for a minimum of 30 minutes), and jive-talked his way through problem solving. Had no business being a mechanic and everyone knew it.

    What can one do?

  104. 95 Theses———Sorry to hear about your Lenny.There is nothing you can do about Lenny except quit and find a different job.However, your new job will also come equipped with a new Lenny or La-Lenny. They are a protected species just like alligators. My daughter tried to get rid of a La-Lenny for incompetence.I tried to warn my girl,but she wouldn’t listen. As i predicted,my very competent daughter lost her job. Just keep your mouth shut and soldier own.

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