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While Waiting for Metro Transit Stop in Minneapolis, White Man in Wheelchair Violently Attacked by Two Black Teens
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Previously on SBPDL: Black Career Criminal “Randomly” Targets White 5-Year-Old Boy, Throws Him Off 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America and Police in Minneapolis Refuse to Call Mass Black-On-White Attack a “Hate Crime”: Claim White Person Attacked Was “Impaired”.

What is it about white people being attacked by blacks in Minneapolis? And what is it about the media and the state (police) doing everything possible to protect black criminals from the law-abiding public? [‘You Have To Be Alert Constantly’: Community In Shock After Man In Wheelchair Robbed On LRT, Minnesota CBS, September 27, 2019]:

Two 14-year-old boys are suspected of attacking a man in a wheelchair and robbing him on a light rail platform near the state Capitol.

The robbery was captured on surveillance video, and the images are disturbing.

The incident happened Sunday, Aug. 25 at 4:30 in the afternoon. The video shows the two boys on bicycles approach the man, eventually knocking him over and stealing what appears to be his cell phone.

The man was sitting in his wheelchair on the eastbound platform when the attack happened.

From two different angles, the two teens are seen harassing the man. He tries to hide his phone, but they continue to go after it, eventually grabbing it and knocking him backward before taking off.

Metro Transit riders who watched the video were shocked.

“This is a person in a wheelchair. Oh, my goodness. That is just, wow.” She added, “What do we do? You can’t go out; you have to be alert constantly,” Shari Coleman said.

Bethany Tolo said, “That is horrible. I cant believe somebody could do that to a guy in a wheelchair. I mean, to a person in general.”

As chilling as this video is, according to the most recent public statistics, it’s relatively rare. In 2017, Metro Transit reported 184 robberies on Metro Transit bus and rail lines — that’s out of nearly 82 million rides.

A Metro Transit spokesperson told us it’s safe to ride the trains.

Police know who the two 14 year old suspects are, but it is unknown to WCCO whether they were taken into custody. A Metro Transit police report on the issue is mostly redacted and sheds little information on what happened.

Remember what we learned just the other: the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2018 Survey of Criminal Victimization Shows Blacks Committed 90% of Interracial Violent Felonies Between Blacks and Whites.

Of course, the corporate media is only interested in highlighting those statistically rare cases of white-on-black violence, or when a group of white teenagers in MAGA hats smirk at a member of a protected race.

Serious question though: is there any video evidence of two white youth attacking/robbing a black man in a wheelchair? Is there any video evidence of a group of white youths attacking a black man, and beating him senseless (as just happened in downtown Minneapolis)?


More importantly: why would the Metro Transit police report be so heavily redacted? Is yet another mass transit system, like BART in California, trying to stop white people from engaging in pattern recognition when it comes to who/whom is committing crimes in Minneapolis (Pattern Recognition a Greater Sin than Black Criminality: BART Officials Protecting Black Criminals from “racially insensitive commentary” and Blacks Represent the Vast Majority of Those Banned From Riding BART, Though BART Officials Withhold Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ‘Stereotypes’)?

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  1. I left this story about 5 or 6 years ago when I first starting leaving comments. It’s worth repeating.

    One Summer I was riding my bicycle through Washing Square Park when I saw a tall thin guy sitting on the pavement. He was crying. I stopped to see what was wrong. He was crippled and a little retarded and told me two black guys had stolen his wheelchair. There was a police call box on the corner of Third Street and Thompkins and I rode over and called the local police station.

    A lady answered and I told her what happened. She asked me if I was kidding. I told her no I wasn’t kidding, two black guys stole his wheelchair. All she said was “Fucking savages”.

    She called a cop car and when they pulled into the park I waved them down. While the cops were talking to the guy I asked him how long ago did this happen. He said about a half an hour ago. About ten feet away there were at least fifteen people sitting on park benches peeping over their newspapers. I lost it. I started yelling at them for not helping this poor guy. One of the cops put his arm on my shoulder and said “Relax kid, we see this kind of stuff all the time”.

    My memories of New York are etched into my mind and I will never forget them.

    The best cops in America walked the streets of New York City. They were giants.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
    , @Augustus
  2. Just Teen Boys on bikes ..
    Right! More like full grown predators.

  3. Hmm and looks like they were using city bikes. Boy is this gonna be some cringe for libs.

    As chilling as this video is, according to the most recent public statistics, it’s relatively rare. In 2017, Metro Transit reported 184 robberies on Metro Transit bus and rail lines — that’s out of nearly 82 million rides.

    So one every other day and you aren’t including adjacent blocks or assaults.

    I really like what liberals have done with the area. The twin cities were just too boring and quiet for them I guess.

    “Last night was one of the most violent nights I have witnessed in my career,” Axtell wrote.

  4. With all due respect I believe the stop this person was at when attacked was in St. Paul. I’ve ridden the light rail in the Twin Cities and am familiar with it.

    There was an attack awhile back on an elderly woman at the Lake/Cedar stop. I believe she was a down on her luck person who’d just shopped at the liquor store right across from the YMCA in South Minneapolis.

    Here it is!

    Oh, and one of my favorite Minneapolis black-on-white assaults. This one happened to a woman who was sexually assaulted by “teens” while cross country skiing with her kids. Apparently while they assaulted her, they claimed they were going to sexually assault her kids. The cops tracked the black rapist teens via footprints in the snow to where they were getting rapey with two girls, aged 16 and 18.

    • Replies: @Alden
  5. In 2017, Metro Transit reported 184 robberies on Metro Transit bus and rail lines

    Which means a grand total of nothing. Many of us who have survived living in negro crime zones (wherever negroes are, that is) will tell you that we learned early on not to report crime. The entirety of the so-called ‘criminal-justice system’ exists to coddle and protect criminals. There are still some good cops out there but above that level the system is completely corrupt.

    Police know who the two 14 year old suspects are, but it is unknown to WCCO whether they were taken into custody.

    Why would they bother? They’re only doing the work prescribed by our friendly national MSM. To at least half the country now, these boys are doing God’s work. Yes, it’s war–actual war–but only one side is fighting.

  6. Diggs says:

    Blacks are truly unique among the races in how they’ll target the most vulnerable people, just as long as they are white no matter what.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @TruthTeller
    , @Medvedev
  7. @Ex New Yorker

    It isn’t just in NewYork, or Minneapolis, this is anywhere there is a significant black population.

    What’s a guy to do? Carry a Gun.

    I talk about the ATL, because that’s what the groids call it, but here’s the deal- blacks are a major problem. They will rob you, beat you, rape your women, and if you’re lucky not kill you, but often times they’ll do that too.

    Check your local laws, unless it is a federal court building, carrying where there is a sign, is a misdemeanor if one refuses to leave. Just carry concealed, everywhere and don’t make a big deal about it.

    Your life may depend upon it.

  8. I’m rather surprised no one has made a cell phone yet with a couple blasting caps built into it.

    “Can you describe the thief? You need to look for a guy in the emergency room with a shattered hand or a hole in his butt cheek”

  9. Before solutions to minimize the orc menace can be suggested, society must be made aware of the true color of crime.

    As Colin Flaherty, P. Kersey and fans of both know, the obstacles only start with societal ignorance and continue with active pushback.

  10. A discussion with friends turn to race this weekend. The blacks were blaming the system, racism, etc. I was having none of it.

    I pointed out that people with kids should not give them a built-in excuse for everything. At one point, one of the South Africans mentioned how all the whites own the farmland. I say just because whites are doing well at something does not mean that blacks would be successful farmers as well if the land is given to them.

    When the discussion turned to the police is when things got heated. A cop was killed in the Bronx this weekend. He tried to arrest a Eric Garner size savage. The savage took his gun and shot him. I mentioned the people throwing water on cops. I called them animals. The next morning, my lady says, “you should not talk like to other black people. You are black too.”

    I can’t remember where I read this. But it is so true.

    “There are three possible forms of discipline in the Universe; any individual or group has a choice of which of the three he will choose—but there is absolutely no escape from the necessity of choosing.

    Discipline you will get, whether you like it or not; your choice is which form of discipline you want, not whether you’ll accept it or not.

    One of the major reasons the Negro people are having so much trouble gaining acceptance is, simply, that the Negroes are not doing an adequate job of disciplining their own people, themselves.”

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  11. Her name is Sherry Ann Kietrys

    34 yr old Taylor woman murdered by a black man with a long history of convictions. James Lindsey 40 is in custody & charged with Sherry‘s murder.
    Dearborn Press &

    R.I.P. Sherry Ann


    Old white men in Minnecuckta and Wiscoon-sin think blathering on about something not remotely related to them is relevant today. I mean, they say we’re still dealing with racism! Isn’t racism the worst crime there is? Thank god these old fools are dying off.

  13. @Diggs

    It’s their natural animal instincts. If you watch enough “nature documentaries” you generally see the predators going after the easy meat. blacks do the same to their own kind.

  14. @Sick of Orcs

    And (((who))) created the orc menace?

    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @Sick of Orcs
  15. loren says:

    Best to find smarter ways to vent. Hate Crime charges to be brought against Vermont man for call to Migrant Justice Center. CAIR is jumping for joy!…/vermont-hate-crime-cha…/

    He could get two years in jail for a prank! He let the air out of a Migrant Justice worker’s car tires. He did not damage the tires and yes, it was stupid, but a “hate crime”? We have too many protected “Classes” in our Country, everybody and anybody can play the , ‘Victim Card’. And yes, he should be required to make restitution but, Jail time for a prank is excessive.

  16. @Lancelot Link

    In age, I am close to being a boomer myself, but just mentioning older fools and their rose glasses perspective on racial issues is just one of our problems as white people. Look at generation Z and the millennials. Plenty of them seem to subscribe to the “just like us” garbage. I grew up in New York City, but fortunately, my parents knew how rotten the public school system was and moved heaven and earth to get us into and pay for private schools. The multicultural rot was bad enough in the 1980’s when I was growing up, but I can only imagine how bad it is today. Somehow we need to organize and start fighting back at multiculturalism and the garbage spewed out by the mainstream media. I really did not become a race realist myself until moving to the South after a stint in the military. Then I saw how bad many blacks truly are, and inclined to violence and not to be trusted.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  17. @Lancelot Link

    Yes, my mother’s generation. The fools that keep voting Dem like it’s 1964. They do this and have the nerve to whine when the retarded Dem polices enacted personally affect THEM. While I don’t wish my mom dead I completely agree with your statement. These people are cucked beyond repair.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  18. m. says:

    a dindu will-do anything

  19. @ShermanFan
    Check your local laws, unless it is a federal court building, carrying where there is a sign, is a misdemeanor if one refuses to leave. Just carry concealed, everywhere and don’t make a big deal about it.

    I’m sure Ex New Yorker is aware of that.

    Most of the people here probably carry a gun.

    What we need are solutions to stop the deterioration of the cities. Concealed carry is good but not everyone can do it and it doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

    These cities are headed for the same downward cycle where Whites leave because of escalating violence, which then hurts businesses and leads them to move elsewhere, which then leads to unemployment, which then leads to urban Democrats blaming economics for violence that actually started before Whites left. This then leads to the usual calls for increased taxes and gun control.

    But the twin cities have one thing going for them which is a freezing cold winter. I always figured this would keep them under the radar but I guess not.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  20. HT says:

    Hate crime laws were never passed to prosecute so called hate crimes. They were passed to demonize white people and continue the charade that only whites are racist. That is why only whites are prosecuted using them even though black on white crime is 27 times worse.

    • Agree: buckwheat
  21. Augustus says:
    @AR in Illinois

    I am a Boomer, and when growing up and attending school the majority of people I knew were not Looney hippies. It’s the years of political correctness pressure that warped the thinking of the followers and those who wanted to rise in their careers. A lot of people learned to regurgitate the platitudes to hold down decent jobs to support their families. Every time I went to work and voiced my opinions, I was treated as one who’s time was up and it was time to move on. Hard on my kids! Very hard! Fortunately, my father had not taught me to bend with every breeze, as he said that only proves a lack of backbone. Still, hard on family though.

  22. Augustus says:
    @John Johnson

    Bigger welfare benefits are more important than cold weather. I worked in the Chicago area and met many young blacks who left for the twin cities after their baby Mama’s got pregnant.

    • Agree: Lancelot Link
  23. I have spent my life living around white people. I’ve learned a lot about them through years of “people watching”. It was in my early twenties that I reached the “age of reason” which was very helpful in understanding how their minds worked. I was not to happy by what I saw. Actually it was kind of depressing.

    In at least the last thirty years I’ve noticed that a large majority of whites have developed a weird type of disease. I call this disease MIND ROT. It seems to be spreading across the country at an alarming rate. I don’t think their is a cure.

    These “mind rot” people vote in liberal “leaders” who care more for criminals than honest citizens. They will send their children to colleges and universities that are surrounded by crime infested ghettos. They join in rallies about gun control but have no plans for disarming street gangs and criminals. Thousands have joined a crusade against “hate speech”. They eat the junk food advertised on TV and are now are the most obese population on earth. Their fight for open borders supports a new welfare class. In their sanctuary cities criminals are released back onto the streets to prowl again on the local population. They want justice reform for criminals but care nothing for the victims. They beat up people on the street based on who they voted for. They preach the glories of communism. Their heroes are thug football players and Hollywood sex perverts, coke heads, fags and pedophiles (which will soon be legal). They are giving puberty blockers and sex hormones to eight year old children and are proud that little Jimmy wants to be a girl. They are the banker boys favorite consumer class and are in debt up to their eyebrows.

    These liberal cucks are dumb as a bag of shit which is why their downtown streets are filled with shit. There in no way in Hell a population filled with stupid people will survive. Their day is coming and it won’t be nice when it happens. The MEEK will not inherit the earth. These fucks are already the walking dead.

  24. @TruthTeller

    Colin will never say who the (((creators))) are.
    No mainstreams will ever say the whole truth because they’ll get SHUT IT DOWNed.

  25. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    I have never, in my 60 years, heard it put any better than your posts from today. Thank you for being on this site. I wish I could stand up and articulate what you have written today.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
    • Replies: @Love Street
  26. @Former Liberal

    I’ve lived in the north and I grew up in the south. I can tell you from my experience that black people in the north are absolute savages compared to those in the south. Of course, in the cities they are pretty much the same north or south.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @ShermanFan
  27. Dumbo says:

    How come there are so many black people in Minnesota? It’s up north, cold, historically Scandinavian and German, no history of slavery, not the biggest hub for jobs etc. But I see that they have a relatively large number of black people in their main cities.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Luludog
    , @Alden
  28. This month marks the hundredth anniversary of one of the worst riots in Omaha history, to the extent that one million dollars worth of damage was done to the courthouse, the mayor was nearly lynched, and the actual lynching of a man accused of rape and armed robbery took place.
    The rioters and those lynching the man were White. The accused was black.
    What followed was severe unrest, with the military covering several streets with machine guns.
    I point out this event not to endorse vigilante activity – the man never had a trial – but to illustrate the reaction of people, black and White, when tensions build to the breaking point.
    A ceremony including political dignitaries, occurred at the courthouse last week and speeches were given about past injustices perpetrated even to this day, against blacks.
    No mention of the grievances of people such as ourselves who see on a daily basis, the savagery of blacks, often perpetrated against helpless, vulnerable White people, such as this wheelchair bound man.
    Certain stories stick in one’s mind. For me, it is of the 84 year-old White woman who hired blacks to pick crops, only to have them invade her home, assault her, break her arms, and if that was not enough, douse her with flammable liquid and set it ablaze. She died soon afterward.
    Where are her memorials?. Was not this an equally atrocious act with the races reversed? Where are the politicians proclaiming that this monstrous black on White violence should never be tolerated.
    I don’t know if the black man lynched was innocent or guilty. But I’m certain of the innocence of the two White people above.

  29. eah says:

    How come there are so many black people in Minnesota?

    There aren’t that many as a population fraction: less than 7%, which is half the national share — but they’re mostly concentrated around Minneapolis/St Paul, which is 18+% black (Hennepin County is about 11% black) — many Somali refugees were resettled in MN (and continue to be) — also ghetto Blacks from Chicago went there looking for better government benefits: welfare, Section 8, etc (same for WI).

  30. Off Topic:

    Prime minister Trudeau committed double nasties, not only once wearing black face imitating Harry Belafonte, but brown face as well, playing Aladdin in a high school play. He is bowing so low at these travesties that he’s got a knot on his forehead. Absolutely unforgivable!

    Got me to thinking: Would a black or a muslim need to apologize to Whites if they once made up as a mime?

    Of course they’re mute on this issue, no?

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Sick of Orcs

    Gun control.

    The ability for black felons to have other people buy guns for them which are linked to two Chicagoland shootings and one Minneapolis shooting.

    Oh, the names are great!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  32. Augustus says:

    Good example of affirmative action and virtue signalling run amok. That school accepts her as a student and this ignorant member of the subspecies pays the school back by trying to ruin the school’s reputation. She had no business being there in the first place.

  33. @Ex New Yorker
    These “mind rot” people vote in liberal “leaders” who care more for criminals than honest citizens. They will send their children to colleges and universities that are surrounded by crime infested ghettos.

    I would add they send off their kids to take extra helpings of White Guilt 101 at the colleges while taking out loans to pay for it.

    The scary thing about this mind rot is that they walk around thinking they are higher beings that should lord over the evil doers.

    I’m not convinced it has anything to do with intelligence. It’s a weird mental block that a lot of White people have from indoctrination. Intelligent people might even be more vulnerable since they are taught it’s the smart and modern viewpoint. White people have a very hard time with the possibility that the system could be wrong. Even a lot of conservatives just assume that the colleges have already done the research and have concluded that race doesn’t exist.

  34. @Ex New Yorker

    I am friends with a married couple who live in Boston, and they have family in S. Florida so I usually see them once or twice a year when they come to visit. We’ll grab drinks or go out to dinner to catch up, and the one thing I noticed the last few years we’ve gone out is how they bash “white people” even though they are both white & went to exclusive private schools.

    Both have good jobs, and are smart, but self hating whites is the only way to describe them. They make excuses for rampant groid crime (no fathers, poverty, systemic racisim, etc). They’re almost apologetic and understanding about why orcs are killing, robbing, and raping, like it’s their fault an entire race is so dysfunctional, no matter where they go. It’s mind boggling to me

  35. Augustus says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    The cops were giants, but unfortunately too often surrounded by a citizenry that is in large part foreign born, and probably has no history of appreciating law and order, freedom, or democracy.

  36. @TruthTeller

    I agree, but the average normie will shut himself down if he thinks he’ll get pinged on the Chosen-dar.

    We’re still at the stage where the serious disparities of racial crime aren’t widely known.

    Nothing less than a documentary will make a dent.

  37. @Anonymous

    Yep, I look forward to exny’s posts too.

  38. “What is it about white people being attacked by blacks in Minneapolis? …. on a light rail platform near the state Capitol.”

    Minneapolis is not the Minnesota State Capitol. That would be the neighbor just across the Mississippi River, St. Paul. The lesser known of the Twin Cities.

  39. anarchyst says:
    @Twodees Partain

    There are differences between blacks in the South as well. It is an insult for a black to be called an Alabama black.
    The blacks on the east coast (Carolina) blacks consider themselves of a “higher class” than Alabama blacks.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  40. @StuckInNYC

    The democrats created a dependency class within the culture, destroyed their families, and blamed the white man, nominating themselves as the saviors.

    • Agree: jack daniels
  41. @Twodees Partain

    Villsack incentivized their relocation to larger cities in Iowa. The crime rates went up dramatically.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  42. @Oil 'n Water

    shitlibs are immune to hypocrisy. A turning point was reached lately when the virginia governor, instead of stepping down for his old photo in blackface, doubled down on the anti-White rhetoric and stayed in office.

  43. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lancelot Link

    I have a female friend who works at one of the big box sporting goods stores at the gun department.

    Well dressed proper English speaking blacks buy guns occasionally but never ghettoish negro males. Ghettoish negro females buy them and it’s obvious they are asking for something they don’t really understand but if they don’t come out and say it’s for someone else it doesn’t constitute a “straw man purchase”. The women have been tutored not to do that. They buy just what you’d think, high capacity 9mm semiauto pistols of the type Jeff Cooper called “crunchentickers”.

    Mestizos come in and often want 1911s in .38 Super, stainless revolvers in .357, that kind of thing. They always have legal ID and it usually goes through OK, but she gets the feeling these guns are going to Mexico. Sometimes they want double shotguns with open hammers with barrels over a certain length which corresponds with Mexican law too.

  44. Luludog says:

    They are willing to brave the cold for all the free shit the libtard politicians are handing out. But I don’t think you need to worry that they’re going to start showing up on the ski slopes anytime soon.

  45. Medvedev says:

    Orcs will attack anyone who is vulnerable (Whites/Hispanics/Asians/Indians)
    91-year-old man beaten with brick, told ‘go back to Mexico’

  46. buckwheat says:

    Nothing these groids do can shock anymore. They reach the depths of depravity almost daily. Follow the Derbyshire rules and be wary of any black within 20 feet of you…..

  47. oliver says:

    Conceal carry permit…don’t leave home without it

  48. Ragno says:

    Is there any video evidence of two white youth attacking/robbing a black man in a wheelchair? Is there any video evidence of a group of white youths attacking a black man, and beating him senseless (as just happened in downtown Minneapolis)?

    Of cuss not!

    If there were, rest assured it would have been Covington Catholic II: the only allowed news story for two weeks, shouted at us round the clock from every venue of communication by a thousand thousand comedians, most comfortably ensconced behind anchor desks or the most prestigious of bylines.

  49. @Sick of Orcs

    Flaherty is a provocateur who points out the endless, obvious Black violence but never mentions the endless Jewish propaganda that causes it.

    The Jewish agitation is called stochastic terror, particularly when the agitation is aimed at provoking gun abuse and consequent anti-gun hysteria.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  50. @anarchyst

    That’s true. In the southern state where I grew up, the cullut folks’ term for “ignorant” was ‘Bama. One of my brothers in law is a citizen of Alabama, and he’s a well educated man, and a gentleman (other than being a Crimson Tide fan and alumnus), but he’s much too pale to be a ‘Bama. White folks from Alabama don’t qualify for the term ‘Bama, y’know. 😉

  51. @ShermanFan

    I can believe it. That’s a natural consequence of such a policy.

  52. Alden says:
    @Lancelot Link

    You’re right It happened in St Paul near the Capitol. That area turned ghetto decades ago.

  53. Sink says:

    This happens when citizens are disarmed…

  54. Alden says:

    1 American black thugs want to get away from the black thugs in Detroit Indiana St Louis Milwaukee and Chicago.

    2 Excellent welfare due to legacy of Farmer Labor Party and German Scandinavian socialism.

    3. Federal government pays Lutheran Catholic and lesser Christian churches to bring savage Somalians to Minnesota.

    50,60 years ago Chicago blacks fled Chicago to get away from other blacks and more generous welfare. Having laid waste to vast swathes of Milwaukee in a few years, they moved north to St Paul Minneapolis.

    Maybe Canada might take them after they’ve destroyed Minneapolis. They’ve already destroyed St Paul.

  55. Alden says:
    @Lancelot Link

    When I was a probation officer a black guy was released from the jail around 8/am. He was arrested at 2/pm trying to use a stolen credit card. He’d robbed 3 people, 2 women and 1 man in those 6 hours between release and arrest.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  56. @Alden

    He’d robbed 3 people, 2 women and 1 man in those 6 hours between release and arrest.

    This is the sort of thing that putting black felons in open-air prisons in Africa would prevent.  Ditto paying bounties for bringing in felons for repeat crimes, dead or alive.  Existential threats like “if you try to rob someone, they can shoot you AND GET PAID” are probably the only way to focus their will on behaving themselves.

  57. @Alden

    Maybe Canada might take them after they’ve destroyed Minneapolis. They’ve already destroyed St Paul.

    Canada ought to step up and admit more of our negroes. If they had more negroes of their own, Trudeau wouldn’t have to dress up and pretend to be one.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  58. @Flahertystein

    Agree ,I’ve brought that up before about Colin. Maybe he knows who is behind all this. But he won’t say it , just like Rush etc. it’s as plain as can be but they won’t name (((them)).

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