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What Would Crime In America Look Like if the 1965 Immigration Act Had Never Happened? 83% White Missouri, Where Blacks Are 15 Times More Likely to Commit Homicide Than Whites...
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What Would Crime In America Look Like if the 1965 Immigration Act Had Never Happened? 83% White Missouri, Where Blacks Are 15 Times More Likely to Commit Homicide than Whites…[The Color of Crime in Missouri,, September 19, 2019]:

Missouri represents the American past, largely untouched by Hispanic mass immigration. It is 83 percent white, less than 12 percent black, and less than 5 percent Hispanic. Republicans dominate the state legislature. The governor and both senators are Republicans, and the state has strong Second Amendment protections.

The state is an interesting laboratory for black/white differences in crime rates. Interestingly, Missouri is the most dangerous place to be black. The homicide victimization rate for blacks is 46.24 per 100,000, which is twice the national rate for blacks and 17 times the national rate for whites. Who’s doing the killing?

According to the Missouri Uniform Crime Report (MUCR), 408 suspects were arrested for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter in 2018. Two hundred eighty, or almost 69 percent, were black. One hundred twenty-six, or just under 31 percent, were white, despite the 83 percent white population.

This means blacks were 15.5 times more likely than whites to be arrested for murder—and in this case, Hispanics are lumped in with “whites,” so the black/white difference is probably even greater.

It would be hard to argue that arrests of blacks reflect some kind of “police bias.” Murder is the crime all police departments take most seriously. The idea that the authorities are rounding up innocent blacks or deliberately letting off white killers is ridiculous.

There are many homicides in St. Louis, which had an estimated 135,150 non-Hispanic whites (about 42.9 percent) and 149,895 blacks (about 47.6 percent), with much smaller numbers of Hispanics, Asians, and mixed-race people. Who’s doing the killing? The city’s police department reports that in 2013, 2014, and 2015, over 95 percent of homicide suspects were black. The 2018 report listed 187 homicides, and over 83 percent—or 156—of the victims, were black. Twenty-six were white with one Hispanic and one “other.”

The latest report lists just 79 suspects, of whom 70 are black. Many killings have no suspect, which reflects the city’s low homicide clearance rate. Not even 40 percent of killings result in an arrest.

The GOP dominates Missouri, because a coalition of color has no demographic clout or electoral dominance in the state. Thus, gun rights thrive.

There’s a lesson here for Republicans, but few would dare understand them…



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  1. HT says:

    Socio-economics? (Please turn on your sarcasm detector.)

  2. The Show-Me State?

    More like the Looks-at-Muh State!

    Without murder and mayhem these people would have little to rap about. Have you ever heard a rap about crime prevention?

  3. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:

    Moral of the story is no matter how much they irritate you or try to get it your face, don’t take the bait. Their predatory instincts have learned to integrate modern technology to ruin you.

    Here’s a story of a group of Boston (Roxbury) “teens” who were behaving so badly at a local McDonald’s that they were asked to leave. When they didn’t, 911 was called. The white cop shows up, they behave worse, mob him, and get him angry, all of it while recording with their cellphones.

    The “teens” eventually left McDonald’s, went back to school, and likely in part to get out of any trouble they were in for ditching classes, they wove their tale of overt racism. According to the “teens” and their “parents” (aka mothers or grandmothers), the cop was rough with them, and called them the n-word and monkeys. The cop was suspended, the mayor condemned him, and the police commissioner and DA Rachel Rollins (there’s that name again) went personally to the school to apologize.

    Again, what is completely ignored was that these kids were skipping school and likely committing criminal acts in the McDonald’s. But now they are suddenly the “traumatized victims”. Of course, this is the DA looking to legalize crime for blacks in Boston.

    The thing is, they’ve got the cellphone video as evidence. If he said what they claimed, they’d know it immediately. The fact that they all say “the investigation is ongoing” means that all the video probably shows is the cop getting angry, possibly swearing. The “investigation” just deals with how the DA is going to make the cop a racist after the fact.

    The pension must be damn good to want to be a cop in a black area, especially if you’re white. They are just going to constantly harass you or worse, all the time with their phones drawn, hoping to record you get angry or say something inappropriate, and then they will gleefully run and ruin your life, because they know the administrators in charge care more about virtue signalling to the “community” than the truth. I can’t imagine this officer in 2019, or any officer in a major city, doesn’t know these games criminal black “youth” play and would fall into their trap and actually say out loud what they claimed he said.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @animalogic
  4. I grew up in Ma’zurah during the 80’s on the Lake of the Ozarks

    I had 7 kids in my class at school. K – 12 all rode the same bus together.

    100% White.

    I never knew what I had until a teenager when Houston Texas became my home and the first experience I had with Racism when a Mexican girl told the teacher out loud in class that she refused to work with me on a class project because I was White.

    I was so confuse and hurt: I was excited and anticipating my interaction with this girl, the likes I had never seen except on television. I had done nothing to this girl, why does she hate me?

    13 years old was the age I realized that everything I had been taught up to that moment by academia, the church, and Gov had been a lie

    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @ShermanFan
  5. (aka mothers and grandmothers) of course.
    And I looked up R Rollins her family portrait is a gaggle of black kids and mixed , no dad in the pic . Shocking!

  6. @Baron Munchhausen

    Houston has been turning to sh*t since 79 ,maybe earlier. The whole county is infested. Unless you have to live there I’d leave. Or try to move to the west side of the inner loop.$$$ maybe downtown.
    I left in 16’

  7. You need to go further back to understand the causes of high crime rates in Missouri.

    “In 1517, Fray Bartolome de las Casas, feeling great pity for the Indians who grew worn and lean in the drudging infernos of the Antillean gold mines, proposed to Emperor Charles V that Negroes be brought to the isles of the Caribbean, so that they might grow worn and lean in the drudging infernos of the Antillean gold mines. To that odd variant on the species philanthropist we owe an infinitude of things …”

    (Jorge Luis Borges, A Universal History of Infamy)

  8. unit472 says:

    The garbage can here in SW Florida is overflowing with diversity. Here a 20 year old Guatemalan, armed with an bayonet tipped SKS rifle with two negro accomplices and a (white?) getaway driver rob Mohammed Hameed, seedy immigrant shopkeeper. On the way out of the store with their massive haul of riches, Amado, the greasy Guatemalan, decides to stick Mohammed in the head with his bayonet and, for some reason, the rifle goes off and Hameed takes a round to the head as well!

    The greasy Guatemalan was out on probation after his earlier arrest for burglary on Long Boat Key where he explained to the arresting police officer he was entitled to take the homeowners TVs, Kayak and other property because the homeowner ” probably had 3 houses ” then called the officer a ‘pig’ and began spitting on him! No doubt one of Obama’s “Dreamers”!

  9. No, without mass immigration since 65, the black percentage of the population would be 30%.

    Notice that while mass immigration lowered white share of the population, the black share remained constant.

  10. Very large numbers of the white population have become a food source and” host” for a parasite black population. Anyone with more than three active brain cells can see this as it takes place around them. This parasite species survives by sucking the life force from the host through welfare payments, crime, street drugs and a Communist/Liberal destructive policy of equality and “helping the poor” which increases the level of poverty. This can be seen nationally and internationally as the third world hordes overtake and invade modern civilizations.

    At the moment we have a nearly 50% population living off the “host” population of the other 50%. As the parasite population over breeds the “host” population they then elect themselves into local and national office. This then increases the power of the parasites through a corrupt policy know as “rights”. Today every degenerate, criminal, welfare leech, sexual pervert, psychopath and other freaks all have “rights”. If they know how to read and write they can fill out government forms which will give them more free money taken from the host.

    This army of victims and parasites take great “pride” in their victimhood. Living in their own self induced state of “self pity” they celebrate by having parades, protest, riots, sit-ins and fat women rallies in Washington where they dress up in giant vagina costumes and pussy hats which proves that many pf the “host” population have become parasite who now feed on their own.

    As those beings with more than three functioning brain cells start to see through the bullshit and lies they move away to safe areas (aka…white flight) and decide to arm themselves (aka…gun nuts).
    People who are opposed to the blood sucking leeches are called every name in the book such as bigots, racist, white nationalist and Nazis. Since these bigots and racist no longer have any “rights” they are slowly losing their freedoms. Soon there will be no middle class left to feed the “poor”. Who will the parasite class feed on when the host is gone. They will feed on each other. It might make a good weekly TV reality show.

    • Agree: Augustus
  11. “Soon there will be no middle class left to feed the “poor”. Who will the parasite class feed on when the host is gone. They will feed on each other.”

    This is why we/I will never give up our guns.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  12. Augustus says:

    After reading the story, I’m betting the kids are perpetrating another race hoax. Let’s see what, if anything, they recorded.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @Realist
  13. One rotten apple ruins the whole barrel.

    Fewer orcs is always better, but their nature never changes.

  14. Very un-sightful comment. Black crime has absolutely nothing to do with the restrictions(or the lack of, as you say) of the previous Immigration Act(s). Black crime is black crime. I don’t see the Chinese do these things. I don’t see the Indians (dot) doing these things. I certainly don’t see the Indonesians doing these things. Or the Koreans. Or the….. You get my point. Don’t attribute black crime and degeneracy to people who don’t deserve it. There are valid criticisms against the current immigrations policies, but you’re just destroying your own credibility by posting such nonsensical articles

  15. @Baron Munchhausen

    It wasn’t a lie, rather a utopian misrepresentation of facts.

    Love one another.
    —except, some of the others want to cheat, beat, rob, and/or murder you.

    Extend grace and mercy. & If he demands your cloak, give the shirt.
    —except that some see this as a sign of weakness and an opportunity to do you grave bodily harm. A camel’s nose under the tent, if you will.

    The problem is that far too many are turned off by their own judgement and reasoning because of a cultural or societal construct.

    Your church/peer group/family says being biased against anyone is bad, so you try to just be good to everyone.

    Meanwhile, many Hispanic and the majority of black families teach their youngins that white people are bad/evil/rich/etc.

    Your group wasn’t wrong, but very foolish to not teach awareness and the reality of life. You can understand that statistically East St Louis at night is a bad place and to avoid ALL blacks in that situation. That doesn’t make you racist, it simply means you possess a level of DISCERNMENT.

    Such as it is here. Sure, a few folks may cheer the dragging death of an innocent man, but the overwhelming majority are sick and tired of reading the same old story, over and over, about black crime, disadvantaged youth, racism, only to experience in their own lives the criminal, selfish, ego-centric, violent behavior that is undeniably prevelant within the culture of Black males in the United States.

    It isn’t racism. It is the sad reality of life after 50 years of the Great Society.

    • Agree: Love Street, Augustus
    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  16. @Anonymous

    Funny isn’t it. Cop can get into trouble for racism with little /no evidence, but go & shoot someone dead, of whatever colour & there’s about a 90% chance that they’ll be convicted of nothing, & at least a reasonable chance that they’ll suffer nothing but a Admin’ issue.

  17. Realist says:

    Let’s see what, if anything, they recorded.

    We will never see it.

  18. On the subject of intra-racial crime, didn’t someone here recently quote a statistic that stated that a white victim/black killer situation happened something like 25x more often than a black victim/white killer? If so, does anybody know where that statistic came from? I’d love to use it, the next time someone tries to argue about how violent white people supposedly are.

    I tried doing a little math, myself, from some stats I found online, and came out with an estimate of roughly 12x more often. However, like many of these things, they lumped “Latino” in with “white” in an attempt to soften the numbers a bit.

  19. @ShermanFan

    A lot of wisdom, garnered through decades of reality.
    One of your best posts.

  20. Based on stories my mom tells of life in Jersey City prior to my time on this earth, it was a microcosm of the inter-social, inter-ethnic melting pot we all heard of but never got to see.

    The states, with no malice or difference, that the separate enclaves that sprang up in JC (Ginnie-town, Jew-town, Polish section, German area… her descriptions) all melded together in somewhat perfect harmony. You would shop around to each section based upon their expertise. You might pick up a fresh chicken in the Jewish section. Or some really good Italian sausage in ginnie-town. Or some kielbasa in the Polish section. Everyone would talk. Everyone would share. It sounded like the fucking paradise we thought we were gonna get.

    The only section no one went to was the black section. She has many delightful names for them. I’m sure you’ve all heard them and they certainly roll of your tongue with great ease.

    There was no reason to go there…. because there was no reason to go there! It was a ghetto. It was always a ghetto. As far back as humans can recall, wherever blacks congregate turns into a ghetto. The black section was kept under a tight wrap by the JCPD and there wasn’t a black face to be found in the force. There was no black on white crime – at least none that was ever repeated. If a black was foolish enough to attack a white woman… well, that’s what Bayonne was for. They’d be found down at the shipyards, facedown in the mud.

    They were kept to their own and that’s what kept the rest of the civilized society moving forward. That’s when America was great! By the time the 60’s and me rolled around, the writing was already on the wall. The communists that infiltrated our government put in place a set of rules and laws which moved a violent sub-set of humanoid bi-peds into general population under the protection of the police, state and federal government.

    The world we lived in will be forever and ever marked by these decisions, yet it really is a simple as a pebble in your shoe.

    Remove the pebble and you remove the problem.

    It’s not like your foot was cut off or your leg was broken. There was an unwanted thing added to your space. An impediment. An irritant. The remedy is clear to everyone but the leftist politician. Actually it’s clear to him too, but he’ll move heaven and earth t keep you from correcting the problem.

    In fact, now that he knows you’re willing to walk around with one stone in your shoe…

    “Meet my refugee friends!”

    • Agree: Lancelot Link
  21. No place to shop in the blagg section back then?
    I bet there were a few Likkar stores ,pawn shops and street drug dealers at least.
    But you are right, absolutely no reason to go to the ghetto.

  22. anarchyst says:

    There’s more.

    Yes, our “obsolete farm machinery” is a problem, and has been for a long time, but another “elephant in the room” is many of today’s immigrants.

    There used to be a time when just about ANY immigrant who set upon the shores of America was not only grateful, but willing to shed his “old world” ways and support his adopted country.

    He might have not known the language, and found some American customs and practices “strange”, but he fully embraced the idea that he could be an AMERICAN. He not only embraced the American ideal, but made damn sure that his children fully appreciated the land in which they were born.

    Contrast that to today’s immigrant, who is only concerned about one thing–American dollars. Today’s immigrants care not about the founding principles of this country, the Constitutional principles in which our rights are endowed by our Creator, that our “rights” are not granted by government, and that the most important thing about being an American is the sense of freedom that he doesn’t want for himself or his offspring.

    Today’s immigrant brings his “old-world” customs and squabbles here, demanding that native-born Americans kowtow to him and change THEIR ways to accommodate his “old-world” ways.

    Their children are not encouraged to become Americans and fully assimilate, but are required to maintain their “old-world” customs and ways, even if they run counter to American customs and mores.

    These old-world customs and ways quite often are criminal in nature, and do nothing to endear them to native-born Americans. They just do not want to assimilate. In fact, they DEMAND that us native-born Americans change “our ways” to accommodate them.

    Many immigrants, once here, will bring their elderly relatives here to sponge off the Social Security system, even though they have not paid a penny into the system.

    Welfare and social services scams are common. Those immigrants who run retail businesses receive special “loans” from the federal government–loans not available to native-born Americans.

    Russian immigrants are expert at running Medicare scams. Middle eastern types run welfare “bridge card (EBT)” scams.

    Foreign-owned retail businesses run an EBT card scam in which they pay EBT recipients 50-cents cash on the dollar. When they are “caught”, they feign “language difficulties, and are quite often given a “slap on the wrist” and told not to do it again.

    Jews are even more brazen. They have whole jewish communities that openly flout “civil-rights” and “anti-discrimination” laws with impunity. These communities will not allow anyone not of jewish persuasion to buy real-estate or attend the so-called “public schools”. You see, these communities are “jews-only”. In addition, they are massive users of the social welfare system, out of proportion of their number. They may be financially successful, but are expert at hiding their income so they can receive welfare and social services “benefits”. Gaming the system, indeed…

    In Michigan, the social services system allows muslims to claim up to four “wives” as dependents–one “wife” and three “relatives”.

    Native born white Americans who need help are quite often refused, while immigrants waltz in and get all kinds of “help”.

    Today’s immigrants do not deserve to be here and should go back to where they came from.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
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