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Training to be a Violence Interrupter in Majority Black Washington D.C., Clarence Venable (Black Male) Shot to Death by Black Male as He Left Training Class
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What percent of homicides and gun violence (nonfatal shootings) in Washington D.C. are committed by blacks?

Serious question.

It’s probably close to 99 percent, with a margin of error of 1%.

Conspiracy theorists can engage in wild ideas all they want, but Ockham’s Razor helps us understand the murderer of Seth Rich was probably just a black criminal (as are virtually every murderer in the city).

But as the latest murder victim in Washington D.C. is eulogized by the Washington Post, one is left with the clear picture white people are being blamed for black gun violence. [The death of a man training to be a violence interrupter should spur D.C. to action, Washington Post, November 30, 2019]:

CLARENCE VENABLE, a 40-year-old with young children, was shot to death Nov. 22 in Southeast Washington, becoming the city’s 152nd homicide this year. His murder got more attention than is usual in a city that sadly has become too calloused about the killing of black men. Mr. Venable had been training to be a violence interrupter, so it was a cruel irony that someone who had wanted to combat gun violence instead became its victim. Some saw that as a reason for hopelessness. Instead, Mr. Venable’s death should be a spur to the District — both its elected officials and members of the community — to double down on efforts to combat violence.

Homicides in 2019 have increased 6 percent over the same period last year. In 2018, killings increased nearly 40 percent from the previous year. If trends continue, the District would be on track to see its highest homicide numbers in a decade (although thankfully that would still be a far cry from the 479 people killed at the height of the crack epidemic in 1991). As troubling as those numbers are, equally unsettling is the recent finding of a Post poll that 1 in 3 District residents reported that they or someone they know has been menaced or has been the victim of gun violence in the past five years.

The problem is more pronounced in the city’s poorer neighborhoods. Nearly half — 46 percent — of the residents who live east of the Anacostia River in Wards 7 and 8 said they or someone they know has been shot or threatened with a gun since 2014. “You get down low, and once the shooting stops, you run,” said one Northeast resident who grew up in Anacostia, explaining how she reacted to a drive-by shooting. That is something you might expect to hear from someone who lives in a war zone, not in the nation’s capital.

Well, this is what you might hear about in a community entirely devoid of white people and boasting a population close to 100 percent black.

Even those training as violence interrupters are gunned down by other black people.

The entire gun control debate should be centered around race and who/whom is committing the bulk of firearm violence (fatal/nonfatal) in America, but as always, white people are the easy target to constantly belittle in every article where black gun violence should be the primary focus.

Rest in peace, Mr. Venable. In trying to prove Black Lives Matter, you were gunned down by a fellow black male who you were being trained to help interrupt from committing violence…

Against fellow black people.

Obviously, all of this is the fault of white gun owners and the NRA… right?


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  1. Violence interrupters.

    That’s what I load my gun with.

    This is more akin to convincing some idiotic savage that their juju is stronger than the enemy’s juju and that the bullets from their guns can’t hurt them.

    Walk right up to that machine gun nest and stab them!

    Hard to feel sorry for such followers.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  2. Another tragedy caused by evil and privileged white people. I’ll leave it up to the bruthas to explain how that’s possible.

  3. anonymous[297] • Disclaimer says:

    Most of those hired as ‘violence interrupters’ are gangbangers themselves who supposedly have given up their criminal careers and are now put on a payroll to stop violence. However, suspicions are that they’ve never really changed and are just milking the do-gooders. After all, this person’s death doesn’t look very random so he was probably still at it which is why he got shot.

  4. Let´s face it … “training to be a violence interrupter” is just cute circumlocution for “getting paid to not murder anyone for an appreciable amount of time”. FIFY

    It´s no different from the London stabber. Good riddance 😛

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  5. I hope he’s awarded his violence interrupter credential posthumously.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  6. Better to just pull out and move to the suburbs.

    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @Augustus
  7. El Dato says:

    It’s pretty admirable to volunteer as “violence interrupter”. It must be like freestyle climbing. The probability that there will be an irrecoverable major problem at some point in the future is pretty large.

    Generally, violence is interrupted by pointing a hollow stick-of-steel at the Violent One and making him lie on the pavement.

    And to perform the whole feat city-wide, you better take control and erect barricades, demanding “laisser passer” to get through. Should be really easy, this is the era of the ubiquitous remote terminal after all.

    I’m sure the military goons have some ideas on how to control cities since at least Vietnam.

  8. The public sees the lies.  “Da bilence” happens in the ‘hood, not in flyover country or even suburbia; Deep State demands for YT to hand over his guns are obviously aimed at the innocent instead of the guilty.  YT has zero mass-media voice, but says loud and clear that he is not buying it.  He says it at the ballot box and at the gun store.

    The Deep State says “we’ll disarm you for your own good (and leave you at the mercy of these savages shooting up their own neighborhoods)” and YT says “nope, ain’t havin’ none of it.  Specially not when their violence interrupters can’t even keep their own sorry selves alive.”

    • Agree: Augustus, HammerJack
  9. Washington D.C. already has about 3800 “violence interruptor”, they are called “police officers”.

    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  10. Augustus says:

    Shots rang out today as violence interruption itself was interrupted. Violence interruptus has failed as a prophylatic against gun deaths.

    Next week the community turns to bullet interruptus. Hang in there Mr and Mrs America, at this rate politicians will end murder within the next 20,000 years or so.

    • LOL: Swamp Fox
  11. Gunga Din says:

    I’m no longer surprised by stories like this. For blacks, it’s just the norm. BTW, did anyone catch what happened at the Ole Miss-Miss. State fooball game? One of the Ole Miss groids, after scoring a TD, got down on all fours and hiked a leg imitating a dog taking a leak. Again, no longer surprised, just their norm.

    • LOL: AR in Illinois
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  12. Augustus says:

    “Better to just pull out and move to the suburbs.”

    Yes, pulling out IS a great example of violence interruptus.

  13. Swamp Fox says: • Website

    Violence interrupter. I’m going to emblazon that on my Taser.

  14. I’m sorry. I feel awful. Really.

    But my reaction to reading this headline was…laughter. A lot of it.

    I know. I’m a terrible racist.

    I feel awful.

    (But I can’t stop.)

  15. OT:

    Mass shooting in New Orleans after football game, except it was at 3am, long after the game was over. The comments on the story are great.–abc-news-topstories.html

  16. “Conspiracy theorists can engage in wild ideas all they want, but Ockham’s Razor helps us understand the murderer of Seth Rich was probably just a black criminal (as are virtually every murderer in the city).”

    A. E. Housman discusses this FALLACY in “The Application of Thought to Literary Criticism.”

    If most men die of heart disease, then this man, discovered on the battle field and riddled with machine gun bullets, almost certainly died of heart disease.

    EACH case must be examined INDIVIDUALLY, else what’s a coroner for?

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  17. eah says:


  18. Watch “White farm murders in South Africa – Race hate, politics or greed? | Foreign Correspondent” on YouTube

    When I see produce in the grocery store from SA, I do not buy it.

  19. @Lost in Illinois

    Of the most competent, disciplined, and motivated by a love of the rule of law in any city in America.

  20. @Lancelot Link

    Is stopping a bullet considered violence interruption?

  21. @nokangaroos

    nokangaroos———It is somewhat entertaining to list Black career options.Hair braiders,weave specialists,community activists,etc.Now we have White taxpayer funded “violence interrupters. Not nearly as funny as “authentically” African names,but worthy of an occasional eye roll.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  22. @Gunga Din

    I keep thinking nothing will surprise me. I keep getting proven wrong. We need separation from these creatures. I know scientists say we’re all the same species but I simply don’t believe it.

  23. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    I’d love to know how much grant money was set aside for this program, and what the average salary is for a “Violence Interrupter”

  24. Off topic:
    I’m very surprised the left-leaning Omaha World Herald would print this article, titled, “Who Are The Racists?” written by a black man named Walter E. Williams, a professor of economics at George Mason U.

    Former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said that racism in America is “foundational” and that people of color were under “mortal threat” from the “white supremacist in the White House.” Mayor Pete Buttigieg chimed in to explain that “systemic racism” will “be with us” no matter who is in the White House. Sen. Cory Booker called for “attacking systemic racism” in the “racially biased” criminal justice system.
    Let’s follow up by examining Booker’s concern about a “racially biased” criminal justice system. To do that, we can turn to a recent article by Heather Mac Donald, who is a senior fellow at the New York-based Manhattan Institute. She is a contributing editor of City Journal and a New York Times bestselling author. Her most recent article, “A Platform of Urban Decline,” which appeared in Manhattan Institute’s publication Eye On The News, addresses race and crime. She reveals government statistics you’ve never read before.
    According to leftist rhetoric, whites pose a severe, if not mortal, threat to blacks. Mac Donald says that may have once been true, but it is no longer so today. To make her case, she uses the latest Bureau of Justice Statistics 2018 survey of criminal victimization.
    Mac Donald writes: “According to the study, there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide) between blacks and whites last year, including white-on-black and black-on-white attacks. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90%, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10%.
    “That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012-13, blacks committed 85% of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15%. From 2015 to 2018, the total number of white victims and the incidence of white victimization have grown as well.”
    There are other stark figures not talked about often. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting for 2018, of the homicide victims for whom race was known, 53.3% were black, 43.8% were white and 2.8% were of other races. In cases where the race of the offender was known, 54.9% were black, 42.4% were white and 2.7% were of other races.
    White and black liberals, who claim that blacks face a “mortal threat” from the “white supremacist in the White House” are perpetuating a cruel hoax. The primary victims of that hoax are black people. We face the difficult, and sometimes embarrassing, task of confronting reality.
    Mac Donald says that Barack Obama’s 2008 Father’s Day speech in Chicago would be seen today as an “unforgivable outburst of white supremacy.” Here’s what Obama told his predominantly black audience in a South Side church: “If we are honest with ourselves,” too many fathers are “missing — missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men.” Then-Sen. Obama went on to say, “Children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison.”

    White liberals deem that any speaker’s references to personal responsibility brands the speaker as bigoted. Black people cannot afford to buy into the white liberal agenda.White liberals don’t pay the same price. They don’t live in neighborhoods where their children can get shot simply sitting on their porches. White liberals don’t go to bed with the sounds of gunshots.
    White liberals don’t live in neighborhoods that have become economic wastelands. Their children don’t attend violent schools where they have to enter through metal detectors.
    White liberals help the Democratic Party maintain political control over cities, where many black residents live in despair, such as Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago.
    Black people cannot afford to remain fodder for the liberal agenda. With that in mind, we should not be a one-party people in a two-party system.

  25. @HammerJack

    “There’s only once race, the human race!” many claim, “There’s only one breed, the dog breed!” said no one ever.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • LOL: HammerJack
  26. Dave453 says:

    African and asian elephants are different species

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  27. Blacks are the true conservatives. They are deeply concerned with education,fighting crime and economic freedom. They are very religious. Enterprise zones. LOL!

  28. Whites are the only race that obeys laws. Every other race practices racial nepotism and works to cheat the system.

  29. @Dave453

    Thanks, I learn something new every day!

    Apparently though it’s even more than that: there are two species of African elephant, and the Asian elephant is from an entirely different genus!

    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Sick of Orcs
  30. Alfa158 says:

    That’s the thing about many aspects of biology, there are a lot of fuzzy areas, so the definition of species seems to vary. One definition is that members of the same species can reliably interbreed, but that definition is not always the one used. I think it might be more accurate to use the example of dogs and cats and say humans are one species but with multiple breeds. However imagine the screams of outrage reaching a new pitch if we started referring to ourselves as breeds, regardless of how accurate that might be.

    • Agree: HammerJack
    • Replies: @Trevor
  31. @HammerJack

    I know scientists say we’re all the same species

    Chimpanzees and bonobos are inter-fertile and produce fertile offspring, but they are classed as different species because of their massive social/behavioral differences.  They can’t fit into each other’s groups.

    Sub-Saharan Africans are as genetically different from Europeans as coyotes are from the N. American gray wolf.  Pygmies and such are massively and obviously different from Bantus, and Koisan likewise.  If it wasn’t for Boasian equalist ideology, they would all be classed as their own species.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  32. Trevor says:

    Ability to interbreed does not necessarily make two animals members of the same species. At best one can conclude that it is highly probable that they are members of the same genus. But sometimes even different genera can interbreed (given the opportunity). An example might be the African and Asian elephants mentioned above. If the overall DNA is close enough and number of chromosomes match they can likely interbreed and produce a hybrid. Human classifications are constructs that do not determine the breeding capabilities of organisms, although breeding capabilities may be used in defining classifications.

    There is plenty of scientific evidence to support a hypothesis that negroids are a different species (or even a separate genus between homo and pan) – even more so than for many other animal classifications such as chimpanzees, elephants, and others that are broken down into different species and genera – if consistent taxonomic principles were applied.

    However, since about 1950 this cannot even be discussed by scientists without destroying their careers. James Watson, Nobel prize winning discoverer of DNA, certainly understood the implications of his and subsequent work by others.

    He was villified by the media and the scientific community for merely hinting that SSAs were different and unlikely to succeed.

    Of course this is all kind of meaningless. In reality, they are what they are regardless of how labeled and classified. The problem is the leftist/liberal/PC rejection of truth and suppression of open discussion of anything contrary to their preconceived ideology.

    • Agree: HammerJack, Mr. Rational
  33. @HammerJack

    Asian elephants are better at math and are found in Asia, African elephants didn’t do nuthin’ and are found on

    • LOL: Swamp Fox, HammerJack
  34. Alden says:

    Does anyone know how Conflict Resolution became Violence Interrupter?

    This has been going on about 55, 60 years. It’s government and foundation funded NGOs to give unemployable blacks an alternative to welfare pay check. There are thousands of these save blacks from themselves tax funded NGOs all over the country.

    Wrangling blacks is a big business.

  35. @HammerJack

    I was recently looking at lime trees. The three most popular ones, Persian, Key, and Kaffir look pretty close to me, both plant and fruit. They are all interfertile, but considered to be three separate species. A Swede and a pygmy are considered to be the same? Only a taxonomist who knows that his career depends on noticing some differences while ignoring other differences could reach or stretch to that conclusion.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @AnalogMan
  36. Our Prince Valiant was a criminal himself, got busted for drugs, probably went WRAT and got killed for his trouble.

    The violence interrupter thing is a joke, just like BBQ parties for peace, walks for peace, nothing matters because the core of the issue is they’re ALL criminals. For all the reasons, they aren’t going to stop killing each other and us, if they get a chance. The Black community will try anything, except of course lock up their criminals.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @brandybranch
  37. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Yes. And this extended discussion above, which began with what I sort of meant to be a joke, has actually convinced me that “separate species” may well be a meaningful and accurate way to think about this.

    It helps that (as often happens at we have some contributors with genuine, specific, and relevant knowledge.

  38. CDebussey says:

    “Violence Interrupters.” That’s funny.. And so the idea is, if someone has life experience in certain situations that somehow makes them qualified to bring about change, or lead the way so to speak. That may work in some arenas, but with this particular problem it simply won’t. If history or current events has shown us anything it’s that there’s no stopping this runaway train, and if people were honest they’d admit that it’s becoming far worse. So much so that the answer for some is decriminalizing theft and other so called petty criminal activity to give the appearance of a reduction in crime. I literally weep for young Caucasians today. 30 or 40 years from now if the US is even a nation anymore our congress is going to look like a cross section of sub Saharan Africa and the Iranian parliament, barring a massive revolt while we still have the numbers. Anyone that wonders what things are going to look like in a couple of decades need no further than South Africa and the slaughter of whites there. And if you listen carefully enough to the suffering guilty white idiots in the US, you’ll hear that we deserve the oncoming retribution.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  39. @James J. O'Meara

    Further to Mr. O’Meara’s comment, I can’t help wondering why the usually focused Paul Kersey brought this matter to the fore when its contextual-relevance quotient lies somewhere between 0.3% and zero. Try as I might, I can’t dismiss the irritating sensation that an ax is being ground somewhere near the edge of my field of audibility.

    Are we meant to be distracted from something? If so, from what—or whom?

    • Agree: CDebussey
  40. @CDebussey

    So much so that the answer for some is decriminalizing theft and other so called petty criminal activity to give the appearance of a reduction in crime.

    I think it’s time to put an end to “decriminalization” by decriminalizing defense of one’s own person and one’s own property (including by businesses) wherever such policies are either announced or de facto imposed by e.g. refusal of police to investigate or arrest, prosecutors dropping charges or courts allowing little or no bail for perps.  Victims would be entitled to use force against criminals without liability for either criminal offenses or civil damages.  Wrongful prosecution for such use of force would be punishable by treble financial damages including lost income and hefty per-diem for time wrongfully incarcerated, trebled again for malicious prosecution.

    Medical facilities would be required to demand cash up front for treatment of perps injured in such uses of force, to avoid placing the cost on the public.  That would eliminate a lot of perps, as the trauma centers and even basics like pulling bullets and splinting bones would be unavailable to them.  Many criminal careers would be radically shortened.

    That would eliminate most of the “tyranny” part of the “anarcho-tyranny” being used by the left to destroy this country so they can rule the rubble.

    • Replies: @CDebussey
  41. AnalogMan says:
    @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    When the first Portuguese explorers rounded the Cape and sailed up the east coast of Africa, they encountered Arab sailors who were engaged in trading African slaves and other commodities. When they asked the Arabs what were those black beasts living in Africa, they replied that they were “Kaffirs”, or unbelievers. Much as a European might have described them as “heathens”. The Portuguese took that to be an ethnic appellation, and for centuries thereafter it was used in that sense without any malicious intent.

    However… inevitably the word became associated with the reality, including its negative connotations. Now, the word “kaffir” (which you may not say in Africa) implies an inferior substitute for the real thing. For example kaffir corn (millet), kaffir beer (made from millet), or kaffir budgies (flies).

    This principle is well known in the South African advertising industry. If you advertise any product primarily to the Babuntu market, they will not buy it, since they assume it must be an inferior product. They want the one the White people buy.

    Without knowing anything at all about the subject, I would not buy a kaffir lime tree.

  42. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Swamp Fox

    You mean you didn’t donate to Violence Interrupters ? How racist of you.

    He was probably murdered because some blacks saw his pale beige skin and thought he was White.

  43. CDebussey says:
    @Mr. Rational

    What’s good for the goose. Great reply.

  44. “Ockham’s Razor helps us understand the murderer of Seth Rich was probably just a black criminal (as are virtually every murderer in the city).”
    Don’t forget Ockham’s Broom; which is, literally, the impetus for the SBPDL blog.
    Keep up the good work, Mr. Kersey!

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