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The Great Replacement in Virginia: the New York Times Brags Non-White Immigration Has Helped Flip Virginia from Republican to Democrat
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Previously on SBPDL: Why Is the NRA Afraid to Admit the Reality of WHO Is Committing Gun Violence in Virginia (Or in America)? In 2017 Virginia, Blacks Were 7.89 Times More Likely to Commit Homicide with a Firearm Than Whites

Well, they now openly brag about replacing white people with a more compliant population group to ensure the posterity of the Founding Fathers watch as their rights are dismantled.

The Great Replacement is real, and it is in advanced stages in the Commonwealth of Virginia. And those employed by the New York Times couldn’t be happier. [How Voters Turned Virginia From Deep Red to Solid Blue, New York Times, November 9, 2019]:

SOUTH RIDING, Va. — Not long ago, this rolling green stretch of Northern Virginia was farmland. Most people who could vote had grown up here…they usually chose Republicans.

The fields of Loudoun County are disappearing. In their place is row upon row of cookie-cutter townhouses, clipped lawns and cul-de-sacs — a suburban landscape for as far as the eye can see. Unlike three decades ago, the residents are often from other places, like India and Korea. And when they vote, it is often for Democrats.

“Guns, that is the most pressing issue for me,” said Vijay Katkuri, 38, a software engineer from southern India, explaining why he voted for a Democratic challenger in Tuesday’s elections. He was shopping for chicken at the Indian Spice Food Market. “There are lots of other issues, but you can only fix them if you are alive.”

Mr. Katkuri’s vote — the first of his life — helped flip a longtime Republican State Senate district and deliver the Virginia statehouse to the Democratic Party for the first time in a generation… But while political leaders come and go, the deeper, more lasting force at work is demographics.

Once the heart of the confederacy, Virginia is now the land of Indian grocery stores, Korean churches and Diwali festivals. The state population has boomed — up by 38 percent since 1990, with the biggest growth in densely settled suburban areas like South Riding. One in 10 people eligible to vote in the state were born outside the United States, up from one in 28 in 1990. It is also significantly less white. In 1990, the census tracts that make up Mr. Katkuri’s Senate district were home to about 35,000 people — 91 percent of them white. Today, its population of 225,000 is just 64 percent white.

Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina are next, all possibly by 2020. The Great Replacement is not only real, but leveling the civilization our ancestors built in the United States and slowly – but surely – erasing the rights we were granted.

Sadly, we are learning they are not inalienable, but easily defeated simply because demography is destiny. And democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount.




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  1. I left Northern Virginia in 2009 having grown up in Fairfax. Between the country and their fucking cops and their ticket-writting tyranny to the Hipanic gangs, to the outright disgust of the general population at the invasion of an Indian over class corrupting the financial institutions, it was past time to leave. Northern Virginia is now a crime ridden shithole, the Indians, Muslims and Hispanics vying for supremacy with Blacks riding the subways out to Virginia, committing robberies and home invasions in Vienna Virginia and bouncing back out on the subway home. The fortune you can earn in Virginia is cancelled by the traffic and now crime of the Third World and DC Blacks 40 miles out from the criminal centers of DC.

    Northern Virginia is doomed. It happened far faster than I thought.

  2. It’s all true.

    The great replacement has been the plan since the beginning of the immigration changes in the sixties.

    Bring in lesser people of color, get them dependent on government support and let them vote.

    What could go wrong?

    Fast forward….

  3. Anonymous[162] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    I have relatives that live in NOVA. They vote for the democrats, and do it enthusiastically. One is a former resident that fled the Chicago area, the other fled New Jersey. Both highly educated (just ask them), zero common sense, but lots of federal government pension money. I loved the state of Virginia. It looks different lately, and it’s not my imagination. They even have an area called ‘mosaic ‘ sums it up nicely.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Beloved sports director at Catonsville Y fatally shot at his home

    Updated: 4:14 PM EST Nov 10, 2019


    Someone shot the sports director at the Catonsville Y multiple times in his home Tuesday night, killing him.

    Jordan Taylor, 31, was a newlywed who met his wife on the job at the Catonsville Y. People at the Y said Taylor had a servant’s heart and a celebrity status there. Kids loved him so much that they would dress up like him for Halloween.

    “He worked here for 10 years. He was a remarkable young man. We have lost a remarkable, remarkable, special human being,” said Sara Milstein, chief marketing and brand experience officer at the Y in Central Maryland.

    Neighbors said the couple moved into a townhome on Clifton Avenue in Baltimore barely a year ago. The neighbors said the couple rarely had visitors but, on Tuesday, three people showed up. According to neighbors, one person hung out at the front door.

    A surveillance camera captured video of two other people in the backyard. According to neighbors, there was aggressive, loud banging on a door that drew the attention of many people nearby.

    “When I opened up my door, before I actually stepped out onto the porch, the movement caught my eye on the side, and that’s when I saw a man in all black. It looked like there was a mask,” said Tiffany, a neighbor.

    Neighbors said they heard the masked man yell, ‘Come on, we got to go,” before hearing a barrage of gunfire.

    Taylor’s wife was not physically hurt. She ran for help, saying, “Someone, please help me. My husband has just been shot.”

    According to police, Taylor died days later, from injuries caused by multiple gunshot wounds.

    Taylor’s co-workers said he would step up for any task.

    “He was a camp counselor. He was a camp director. He was a sports and teen director. He worked with the preschool kids across the street, the before- and after-school kids. He was a coach,” Milstein said. “Kids were just drawn to him like a magnet, and they would chase after him chanting, ‘Coach Jordan, Coach Jordan.’”

    Taylor’s neighbors and co-workers said they are in disbelief.

    “It is really scary. It’s a nice neighborhood. We never had an issue. We have lived here for quite some years,” Tiffany said.

    Anyone with information is asked to call police at 410-396-2100.

  5. HT says:

    What can you do but sit back and watch your country be destroyed by immigrants? There is certainly nothing you can do politically to get it back.

  6. Ken2 says:

    Massive legal and illegal non-white immigration is a form of genocide against America’s white population; we never asked for demographic change and if we protest, we will be labeled as racists. Everyone has to resist these policies. The promised southern border wall will built; the 1965 “Immigration Act” will be repealed; illegal aliens and useless legal migrants will be sent packing; high IQ citizens will be given all necessary moral and economic support to reproduce; and the black criminal cancer will be excised from the body politic.
    These items will only happen when the deplorables continue to take action to control our own destiny.
    More specifically:
    1. Return all political fundraising letters with letters of protest via free Business Reply envelopes. Don’t give the GOP any money. (Since many don’t have free envelopes, it’s worth it to use stamps).
    2. Support immigration restriction groups like Numbersusa.
    3. Support candidates who will fight on our behalf.
    4. Eschew the MSM and find sites the will give us the truth.
    Keep fighting. One day we will be free people in our own land..

  7. @Jim Christian

    to the outright disgust of the general population at the invasion of an Indian over class corrupting the financial institutions,

    Are you saying that people there are upset with the Indian influx? From what I saw, this area has always been blue, with blue whites. I would imagine that actual confederates moved out a long time ago.

    Most whites either cheer on the invasion or simply say nothing.

    Anyways, the Indians are certainly the biggest threat, imo. They are really greasy, immoral, destructive, people.

    • Replies: @Ken2
  8. Piglet says:

    OT: SBPDL readers have commented on this and now it’s in Takimag as well:

    James Kottak used to drum with heavy metal band The Scorpions of “Rock You Like a Hurricane” fame after he was unceremoniously booted out—and mind you, heavy-metal boots are not only hard, they’re very pointy—a few years back for being a lush.

    He now drums with the band Kingdom Come, which is a little sad when you consider that he’s in his fifties and that there’s not much “metal” about arthritis.

    He recently tweeted that he felt modern advertisements were pushing an agenda of miscegenation that reflected nothing he’d ever seen out here in the real world with his bloodshot eyes:

    You know I am sick of every other commercial having inter racial couples…this is not reality. It is Hollywood shoving it down our throat. I don’t have one friend or friends who live in this category…just saying

    It’s a good point. The advertising industry pushes “the swirl” in everything, not only when it comes to portraying couples. Have you ever hung around with “the guys” on a Sunday afternoon watching football, eating guacamole, and drinking beer? Did your group ever include that one black guy you see in all the commercials? No, right? Weird.

  9. @Ken2

    Keep fighting .One day our grandchildren might be free.
    I don’t think we’ll live to see it .

  10. Ken2 says:

    “Anyways, the Indians are certainly the biggest threat, imo. They are really greasy, immoral, destructive, people.”

    I agree. These people are allegedly tech savvy, thus they are given special visas. However, they use what they learnt about us to scam us. On average, I get 10 -15 called per day from Indians/Pakistanis/Afghans who want to reduce my credit card APR to 0%. These calls are designed to give up credit card numbers. These slimy people always contrive new schemes to defraud you. The latest is: they say your power will be shut off unless you pay with a credit card.

    Whenever possible, I always engage these callers by cursing or doing something to annoy them. I like to practice my yodeling.

    • Agree: Love Street, Gunga Din
    • Replies: @loren
  11. @Piglet

    We always bring a token brother to the Airport Inn, Lyodd’s Bar n Grill, & the other see n be seen spots.
    As seen on tv.

  12. @Ken2

    The GOP must be destroyed. They are one half of the Uniparty and fake opposition. They have the nerve to ignore their majority-White base, yet are so weak they couldn’t even keep perverted men out of women’s restrooms.

    Whites deserve a political party backing White interests, which, after all, are American interests, just like American history is White history. Identity politics requires we adapt or die. A new party is needed.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
    • Replies: @nymom
  13. loren says:

    yes–I was about to post—


    James Kottak used to drum with heavy metal band The Scorpions of “Rock You Like a Hurricane” fame after he was unceremoniously booted out—and mind you, heavy-metal boots are not only hard, they’re very pointy—a few years back for being a lush.

  14. loren says:

    uh–there are 3 billion chindians and they are breeding.

    they are also calling me wanting to fix my credit.

    I found this..’rachel’ is gone, saheeb is here,

    It’s especially annoying when they call and, in an incredibly thick Indian accent say, “Hello, my name is Bob (or Bill or David) and I’m having a very special offer for you.” I usually crack up laughing and say, “Sure. Your name is Bob and my name is Indira Gandhi. Don’t call here again, you gandu”- (gahn-doo) which means arsehole in their language. Had one flip out and keep calling back multiple times screaming his head off. Called him a ban-chut/sister humper and a few other choice things and hung up and finally had to turn off the phone for a few hours as he went hysterical with rage and wouldn’t stop calling.

  15. Augustus says:
    @Jim Christian

    While reading about Vijay Katkuri voting on a single issue (guns), I was thinking maybe some ignorant criminals would get the wrong address and invade his home, possibly terrorizing his unarmed family and harming them. Reading your comments makes me feel that might be a probable end to that fool’s anti gun mindset.
    Some immigrants are such docile, draft animals that it never occurs to them that self help might be better than government help. They always wait for someone else to fix all their perceived problems. This is not the country of my youth, and having all these foreign born citizens has harmed this nation terribly. Perhaps we are officially watered down beyond all improvement. Clown world is here. Idiocracy.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  16. My so-called conservative town (with a population of 181,759) in a conservative area just elected a Democrat as Mayor. The city council is also FEMALE. The new Mayor babbles about an emphasis on “affordable housing” which is code word for “let’s coddle blacks and other losers (and f*ck up every neighborhood we can) so we can feel good about ourselves!”

    How did this happen in a conservative area? Only slightly over 20K voted. This is how the rot starts- not through people voting for it but through conservatives sitting on their asses watching the Negro Felon League (football) or Dancing with Douchebags and allowing it to happen and then running away from the consequences of their apathy. Sure, the state will go solidly for Trump in 2020 without a doubt but local elections matter too.

    Yes, states can flip to blue but what attracts all the parasites in the first place? They sniff out cities that are run by Democrats and that attracts them like flies to feces. Combine that with conservatives sitting on their butts and allowing it to happen by not voting and is it any wonder they soon find themselves over-whelmed and replaced?

    Vote, damn it!

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Rooster
    , @Glock45
  17. D-FENS says:

    We’re not voting our way out of this. That’s not a statement of resignation. It’s a recognition of reality and a way to avoid a futile and demoralizing actions.

    Separation and self-sufficiency to the maximum degree possible. The system has so many unsustainable contradictions that it will fall. Help it along. And be out of the way when it does.

  18. Pay attention when there is a commercial showing blacks and mestizos in situations where they are not found normally and then buy a different product. And let them know why you are buying a different product.

  19. Gunga Din says:

    I think he said what every single one of us feels.

  20. Glock45 says:

    It’s always amusing to watch sh!tlibs brag about white replacement. They seem to believe that replacing whites with non-whites is going to, somehow, magically lead to some sort of earthly utopia, with peace and prosperity for all for evermore.

    In reality it will just result in a violent, collpased, third-world sh!thole.

    I hope those sh!tlibs aren’t too fond of electricity, indoor plumbing, and other facets of a functional infrastructure! Because, if they get their wish, things like these will be no more.

  21. Somewhat off-topic. I saw elsewhere, some list of countries with the best quality of life. Canada was listed as #1. I think the United States was listed at #17. One comment, from a black person, was “I’m moving to Canada in 2020”.

    Well, according to what statistics I could find, Canada is only 2.9% black (as of 2011, I’m sure it’s worse now). The US is about 13%. Maybe there’s some kind of correlation there, dontchthink?

    Every other country on that list had one thing in common…a relative lack of black people. Most of the countries were European, but Japan, Singapore, Australia, and China were on the list.

    I think this could actually be spun around, to show just how resilient the White race really is? Just think of it, despite the constant battles to bring Whitey down, the constant influx of die-versity, etc, the United States still manages to be in the top 20. Of course, the more die-verse this country gets, the further down the ranks it will fall. And, somehow, they’re going to make that out to be Whitey’s fault.

    • Replies: @loren
  22. Hail says: • Website
    @Sick of Orcs

    Ann Coulter has been pushing the boundaries lately and retweeting people on the nationalist Right, including figures who are published at the Unz Review (see I see just today she retweeted VDare. Thank you, Ann Coulter.

    My only question is, how do create/empower more Ann Coulters? And disempower the Charlie Kirks?

  23. “Separation and self-sufficiency to the maximum degree possible. The system has so many unsustainable contradictions that it will fall. Help it along. And be out of the way when it does.”

    Ditto. Strategic retrenchment. Know who your friends are. Stay one step ahead of the slow motion tsunami.

  24. loren says:

    it was Rachel at credit card services…search,,,

    hi this is Rachel at credit card….

    Indians are said to be the highest earning immigrants to USA.

    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  25. Rooster says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    It’s so sad to see. I feel like the average citizen is so beat down by the constant MSM drum beat of Orange Man Bad, coupled with the constant onslaught of anti-white messages on TV, that they simply don’t vote or just vote Blue to along with what they’re seeing and hearing in the media.

    A while back I was eating dinner with some friends and their spouses I hadn’t seen in about a year. Everyone of these people grew up in a nice majority white upperclass area. During the dinner a number of the wives talked about how they wished little Johnny/Jane were exposed to more diversity, they talked about it as if it were a life necessity like water or food! Well, after they were finished I proceeded to tell them about where I grew up, and how “diversity” literally destroyed the area I came from along with a few anecdotal stories of my cultural enrichment. They sat there speechless almost like they couldn’t comprehend the words coming out of my mouth.

    These are the same types of highly motivated white women that get on school boards and city council and literally destroy the community they live in, all because it gives them the “feels”. They are told they are on the right side of history and it’s their duty to help out these poor helpless black/brown poverty stricken children, and to fight back against the evil white oppressors. Little do they know, or care, that the next town over was in the same position 10 years back, and suffered the same fate they’re now bringing on their own town… wash, rinse, repeat

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water
  26. Glock45 says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    My so-called conservative town (with a population of 181,759) in a conservative area just elected a Democrat as Mayor. The city council is also FEMALE. The new Mayor babbles about an emphasis on “affordable housing” which is code word for “let’s coddle blacks and other losers (and f*ck up every neighborhood we can) so we can feel good about ourselves!”

    How did this happen in a conservative area?

    You already answered your own question. It’s the word in all caps and starts with an ‘F’!

  27. @Glock45

    The Fs should never have been allowed to vote.

    • Replies: @Raccoon
  28. @Ken2

    we never asked for demographic change

    Neither did native Americans.

    if we protest, we will be labeled as racists

    Cry me a river. If that is enough for most people to shut up, and it is despite what a few anonymous internet tryhards claim, then such a timid people does not deserve to survive.

    Bottom line: despite the rhetoric, might makes right and if a people gets too pussified or backward, they will be trampled on. It isn’t “right”, it just is.

    • Replies: @anon1999
  29. @Augustus

    Meh, Northern Virginia can rot for all I care. Nothing to me anymore, no better than California or NYC. Different shitholes, same shitheads.

  30. Raccoon says:
    @Love Street

    Islam is right about women.

  31. @loren

    Yes, Rachel made herself well-known, sometimes to the tune of five calls a day. Hit such and such number to be taken off the list – absolutely useless. Call federal offices to complain. Equally useless. That’s why I don’t answer the phone anymore (answering machine) until I hear who’s calling.
    Businesses such as Google have sophisticated tracking equipment – and I imagine there’s more info out there on each of us than we realize – but it takes the government years to track robo-call sources. I guess the key word is “government.”

    • Replies: @Augustus
  32. @Rooster

    A friend of mine lives out in the Free Territory as Ex-New Yorker calls it, one of probably the last few white areas of the country. His ex-wife bought their young daughter a black doll, because she felt there wasn’t enough diversity in their town. That’s the typical type of do-gooder mentality that brings ruin to nice places.

    • LOL: Lancelot Link
    • Replies: @AnalogMan

    Libtard professor attacks woman at Proud Boys get together, a female MMA fighter took her to the ground and held her for police.

    God what the woman says is so funny, claims to be a professor and jabbers on that she cant breathe.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
    , @nymom
  34. Augustus says:
    @Oil 'n Water

    Does this mean you won’t be sending me any money here in Nigeria to file the necessary paperwork for you to secure the multi-billion dollar estate of your recently deceased great uncle, Cecil Rhoades?

    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  35. loren says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    Canada was–1970–99% white.

    Whites will be a minority there.

    • Replies: @LoutishAngloQuebecker
  36. @Augustus

    Do you mean Uncle Cecil is no more?
    How can I ever collect…I mean, correct, the rift between myself and the old boy now?
    Oh, well, I certainly will send you the $500 gift card requested, because I do indeed believe you are a bona fide Nigerian prince named Sam, just like you said, and that you will send the billions on a pallet by private jet. Better yet, to save money, let’s send it commercial so that the TSA and baggage handlers can watch over it.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  37. anon1999 [AKA "anon20"] says:
    @Thulean Friend

    The Indians did not allow it. If it was up to them it wouldn’t have happened. Nor did they build anything.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  38. @loren

    We already are lol. You basically have the Boomers at 95% white and everybody else around 50-60%.

  39. AnalogMan says:

    So, tell me, have you had any feedback? Has any of those women learned anything? Thought about what you said? Or do they treat you as if you have a communicable disease?

  40. AnalogMan says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Long, long ago there used to be a type of black doll called a golliwog. I don’t think you can buy those any more.

    Enid Blyton was a popular writer of children’s books. Some of them featured a place called Toytown; something like Wakanda, only more credible. The part of Toytown where the golliwogs lived was a chaotic mess.

    Enid Blyton books are no longer recommended for young children.

  41. @Glock45

    Giving wammen the vote was the single biggest mistake made by the Republic, worse than slavery or (((The Fed))) (another form of slavery.)

  42. @Lancelot Link

    If you’re able to say, “I cant breathe,” YOU CAN BREATHE.

  43. Gunga Din says:

    The same has happened where I live: all the county school board members are White women just like you described. They are going to build a new $50 million high school and were wondering what to name it. One of the board members wanted to name it, (are you ready?) Martin Luther King high. Sickening.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  44. Most of us know that the new non-white America won’t survive. At this point, our actions should be directed toward rebuilding after the collapse. Once the dollar collapses, which it will, you’ll see just how dysfunctional a “diverse” society is. The mistakes of the past cannot be made again, meaning no women voting, and no universal franchise for pseudo retarded 80 IQ Africans.

  45. @Detective Callahan

    i think it was special needs kid she beatup and stomped….who says animals cant teach humans? sarcasm is comedy with truth mixed in.

  46. nymom says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Well it is just about happening already.

    Many Americans are no longer registered as Democrat or Republican. I, myself am Unaffiliated. It is rather limiting as it means in NY that you cannot vote in the primary of either the Democrats or Republicans to actually pick the candidates. You can only vote in the general election after the candidates are selected.

    Unaffiliated voters help put Trump in office. I think that’s another reason the media didn’t see him coming as they probably only polled Democrats and Republicans, not realizing how many people were no longer affiliated with the two major parties, but still voting…

    But this is already happening.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  47. nymom says:
    @Lancelot Link

    Why didn’t the other students help her? This was not a class of little kids; they all looked like teenagers.

    It is almost like these attacks you see where everyone stands around videoing it with their cell phones but nobody does anything to actually help…

  48. Augustus says:
    @Gunga Din

    Suggest some names for their new high school. Try Thomas Metzker (philosopher) High, Richard Butler (religious leader) High School, Nathan Forrest High (military leader), Thomas Dixon High (author), or my favorite, R P Oliver High (grest educator – what could be better?). With a little luck those air headed women wouldn’t even bother to check if you describe them all as famous black leaders.

  49. @anon1999

    I think that was his point.

    They were simply undone by a larger, more intelligent, modern culture.

    Our right made right.

  50. Augustus says:
    @Oil 'n Water

    I will gladly send the money by any venue you might choose. I am not a prince, but Mr Rhodes’ barrister, although I assure you that I am quite close to the crown prince. He has personally asked me to efficiently close the estate of our dear Mr Rhodes’. This I will do. Immediately upon receipt of the $5,000 processing fee from you, I will place this closing and dispersal of the estate’s $500,000,000 under your control. I accept credit cards or checks. As soon as the check arrives and the final papers are processed I will have your funds on the way.

    Yours truly,
    Sunday Adawallae Odasulo

    • LOL: Oil 'n Water
  51. @Piglet

    Which is why I record shows I want to watch and then do so later. I can then skip all that bullshit. Like that musician said, I also don’t know ANYONE that has black people come over to their house for anything. It’s all just more lies pushed on us by Hollyweird.

  52. @Anonymous

    Anonymous (162)———Just out of curiosity,please define the difference between “mosaic” and ” dog’s breakfast” on the new Virginia menu.

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