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The Great Replacement Comes to Canada: How Long Until Whites Are a Minority in 'The Great White North'?
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K.M. Breakey, All Thy Sons, Independently Published: 2019, 396 pages, $18.99 Paperback, $4.99 Kindle.

Michael Moore’s only fiction film is Canadian Bacon. “Bud Boomer” (played by the late John Candy) and his friends go to Canada for a hockey game. They are amazed by the country’s order and safety. They inadvertently start a riot, and an adviser to the US president sees it on the news. Desperate for a new “enemy” to justify the defense budget, the administration settles on Canada. However, a black adviser doubts the media can manufacture fear and hatred of Canadians because “they are whiter than us.”

In one scene, a CIA agent talks about Canada’s accomplishments: “Clean streets, no crime, no minorities!”

“How’d they do that?” asks the presidential adviser.

“No slavery!”

“Damn, they’re smart.”

The film came out in 1995. The jokes wouldn’t work now, because 25 years later, Canada is different. From 1996 to 2016, it went from 86 percent white to 72.9 percent white. Professor Ricardo Duchesne described the transformation of Vancouver in Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age, noting that the population with British ethnic origins declined from 75 percent in the 1950s to less than 36 percent by 2006. The city has been majority non-white since 2011.

Pollster Angus Reid noted a few years ago that “Vancouver is clearly an Asian Pacific city now.” University of British Columbia history professor Henry Yu likes that: “Vancouver is no longer a Canadian city; it is a global city that is one stop within the Pacific world.”

Toronto is also majority non-white. In 2019, its basketball team, the Raptors, won the NBA championship. Omer Aziz, an immigrant living in the city, wrote in the New York Times that it was a victory for diversity. “There were turbans and hijabs and the echoes of diverse accents” in the cheering crowed, he wrote. “Everyone was represented, and everyone was representing.” He suggested that the NBA championship let the city and the country “[find] its identity.” For him, this is “the future of the West.” The city fathers must agree. The motto on Toronto’s coat of arms is “Diversity Our Strength.”

Mr. Aziz neglected to mention the four people shot during the victory celebrations. Blacks commit a wildly disproportionate number of the shootings in Toronto.

K.M. Breakey’s All Thy Sons is a fictional treatment of the great replacement from a Canadian perspective. Like Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints, it has real literary merit—and it is a thrilling read.

Anthony Fierro is the Canadian Virgil, guiding the reader through the hellish Vancouver of the future. “Tony” grew up in white, late-1970s East Vancouver, and noticed slow racial changes. Yet within a short time, few white children could be seen in public schools. Tony doesn’t do anything about what’s happening until a sudden catastrophe. Then he resists, but it’s too late.


By 2031, Canada is bleak, desperate, and has none of the social cohesion satirized in Canadian Bacon. “Not so long ago, people thought Canada was safe,” writes Mr. Breakey. “That was when sovereign nation-states were a thing and people of the Western World assumed civilization was the natural order. They believed it would go on forever.”

I suspect Tony is a stand-in for Mr. Breakey, and this book is his catharsis. At the end, Mr. Breakey speaks in his own voice: “People say the Canada I miss never existed, but I know differently. People had reason for optimism. Even white people.” He says his book may not save the West, but “at least I can document its demise.”

Documenting makes a difference. Artists such as Mr. Breakey are an important part of our movement. White advocates aren’t trying to foist a plot on our people. We’re just looking back to a normal time when it was OK to be white and live in a mostly white country.

At one time, Canadians had a real identity that didn’t depend on winning a basketball game. Simply reminding people of our past reinforces that identity. It rallies activists. If enough of us unite, we can avoid the dystopia Mr. Breakey describes so well.

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  1. Personally…i think Canada has a great future in store. I can see a immigration pipeline coming straight through the center of the USA directly to the US/CAN border. A kind of 300 mph bullet train if you will…no stops layovers curves mountains etc. From South America to the Great White North faster than the Concorde from Paris to New York. Now that Turd-eau has legalized weed for everyone no matter who they are or what they do….they will need these southern farmers to tend the endless supply they so desperately crave. It is in my view a win-win for all involved. We pay half the construction for the pipeline…… Canada pays their half….and they take care of the immigrants forever more. Eventually…we might be able to move the wall from south to north. Not to worry….there wont be anybody remaining down there. If only…………….

  2. Curious says:

    Canada as a “hellish” place in 2031 is laughable and lacks credibility. This is why nobody takes the right-wing seriously, because of idiotic pronoucements such as these. Canada has one of the better immigration policies (i.e. selecting for high IQ migrants) in the world. Only Australia has a stronger system.

    Much better would be to focus on cultural alienation, white identity etc instead of pumping out discredited doomsday prophecies which no thinking person will take seriously.

  3. Seems like whereever they go, the neighhorhoods turn into S-holes. I was in my old neighborhood in PG county the other night. Went past my old house. The next door neighbor sold, to some Africans. In the driveway, it looks like they have a small dump truck worth of trash and junk piled up. Now, some of that might be from what the neighbor left behind, but some was out and out trash. Raccoons or dogs had gotten into it and strewn it across the driveway.

    At the park up the street, a few “yoofs” on dirt bikes were hanging out after dark, being annoying. That park closes after dark, and dirt bikes aren’t allowed, period. There’s also been a rash of break-ins in the area. It probably wasn’t the kids on the dirt bikes doing the break ins, but I figured it was still a sign of neighborhood decay, which is a danger of itself, so I 911’ed them. I was chatting with my old neighbor, who had the habit of leaving his enclosed front porch unlocked. Some tools he had out there had gone “missing.”

    Off topic, but here’s another example of “Same S#!+, Different Day,”, and different location….

    As soon as I saw the names “Brandoniya” and “Tyrese”, I knew who the actors of this little stage play were. No big shock.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  4. The best and brightest my ass.
    Many of the victims and offenders of violent crime, notes University of Toronto criminology professor Scot Wortley, are “young minority males from our most socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods.”

    Wortley warned in a 2008 report for the Ontario Roots of Youth Violence inquiry that Toronto, with increasing divide between rich and poor and poverty, was at a crossroads and might see the higher crime rates seen in the U.S.

    “Has that trend continued? I would say ‘yes,’” says Wortley. “Toronto has become increasingly expensive and poverty, social alienation and hopelessness has become even more pronounced. The current rise in violence that we have witnessed this year may reflect those larger social and economic trends. Unfortunately, if things do not change, this new violence may become the new normal.”
    Sounds like the same bs we hear down here.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  5. kikz says:

    a niece, by marriage, living in Toronto was polar-beared on the street dwntn.. she was/is too stupid to understand why it happened.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  6. Dumbo says:

    “Selecting for high IQ immigrants” is not really much better for society as a whole, except for IQ-fetishists as those found here in UR.

    High-IQ immigrants from China, India, etc, will not really help to create any kind of cohesive society, and will take the jobs of dumber whites.

    (Not that Canada selects for IQ exactly anyway, the process is not that direct and takes other things into account, but at least there’s a process).

    Anyway, there is no risk for Canadian culture, because Canada never had any culture to begin with. It’s basically a blander U.S. Except for Quebec, which has some kind of identity, but since they decided that language is more important than anything, there’s a lot of francophone Haitians, Algerians, etc taking their place.

    Still, I think you see this change mostly in the major cities, while suburbs and countryside will remain white for a longer while still.

  7. 95Theses says:

    Great column! I would also recommend Duchesne’s sobering Canada In Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians.

    I have been to Toronto about 10 times in the past 30 years, and every time I go the city looks wearier for the multiculturalism–diversity which it has brought on itself. It was an amazing place to visit back in the early 90s.

    • Agree: Bubba, pyrrhus
    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  8. @Curious

    “Canada as a “hellish” place in 2031 is laughable and lacks credibility. This is why nobody takes the right-wing seriously, because of idiotic pronoucements such as these. “

    Unlike the left that never makes “idiotic pronouncements” such as claiming that we’ll all be under water within a few years because of “climate change” or that anyone who disagrees with them is a “nazi”

    Both sides are guilty of hyperbole from time to time but the left much more so because it’s essentially a female ideology, so that much more prone to over emotionalism.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
  9. Toronto is now averaging a shooting incident a day. I don’t think I need to tell anyone here who is responsible but everyone from the affirmative action hire police chief to the squishy mayor can’t figure out what the problem is, so they’ll just throw more money at “education”and call for even tighter gun control laws. In practice this means that some black activists will now get a stipend to lecture everyone else for being “racist”.

    In Toronto, as elsewhere, the problem isn’t Asians, Moslems or Hispanics, it’s blacks.

    • Agree: NC Realist, buckwheat
    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @NC Realist
  10. TimothySZ says:

    As far as selecting “high grade” migrants (a policy which is apparently being eroded) we have simply invited a higher level of competition.
    That’s fine if you’re a soulless multinational, but doesn’t serve the needs of Canadians. It’s the introduction of new subspecies. (Hey Phil, the dandelions are doing great.) which disrupts the ecology. We are already becoming a lower-trust and less coherent country. As Prime Minister trudeau would have it, we are a “post-national state” and hence the state is built to serve the globe, not the people of Canada.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Medvedev
  11. Exador says:

    Decades ago, I’d hear people complain about America’s violence, crime and ‘gun problem’. They’d point out that Canada didn’t have those because they didn’t have all the guns. I’d respond, ‘No, it’s because they don’t have the minorities, specifically the blacks.’
    But that’s all changing. Canada will continue to decline until they will rival America’s violence, crime and gun problems. It’s the same story all over the world.

  12. @kikz

    And they still believe in a Canada for all.

  13. Saxon says:

    You’ve never actually been to the areas in Canada transformed by this mass immigration. “Selecting for high IQ migrants” isn’t so. Canada gets plenty of low IQ third worlders who’ve turned previously nice areas into dangerous, crime-ridden slums. Even the high IQ ones like Chinese have their own crime which includes smuggling in deadly drugs like fentanyl and variants.

    The crime rate increase and foreigners being the lion’s share is of course, just like everywhere else, what whites get blamed for. Whites also get blamed for the fact these people end up in prison more often, but the government has this one weird trick of never publishing crime statistics with a racial breakdown so the unfalsifiable claim of whites doing a racism being the culprit of this disparity is never really challenged, but since it’s part of top-down state propaganda the ignorant masses “know” that it must be true.

    2031 sounds about right, maybe plus 5 to 10 years. The government’s own projections about a decade ago was whites as an absolute minority by 2036 (down from 99% in the 1960s census numbers), and immigration has ramped up since then. Most of the people they bring in are either foreigners who draw more than they put in, or are very corrupt and take advantage of all sorts of things in a fraudulent fashion which lead to the breakdown of a high trust society, for example new rich Chinese who then also use the welfare systems since they don’t declare their financial status.

    • Replies: @95Theses
    , @anon19
  14. @Dumbo

    “Still, I think you see this change mostly in the major cities, while suburbs and countryside will remain white for a longer while still”

    I will have to agree with you on that one. But even the small rural towns where I live are slowly seeing the muds move in..I see hordes of the filth on the beaches. Like big shit stains on the pristine shores of Lake Huron. They run the gas stations, the coffee shops and the small chain stores. They run them into the ground!! They are shit hole establishments smelling of shit and curry or whatever shit they shovel past their blue gums. They do not do labour!!! They are filthy animals. They bring with them “exactly ” what they left, a life of filth and stench and garbage. They are ignorant. They do not create.
    There is hallowed ground here. Farm ground!! The Mennonites and the Amish have bought up huge swathes of property. They do business with themselves and only slightly depend on the local services.
    It will be a cold day in hell before anyone takes their land.

    Our best choice is to support our own. Patronize your fellow white businesses, Barter, trade, deal in cash. Keep your ammo stockpiled and dry. They are here and they just keep coming.

  15. Loren says:

    nobody takes the right-wing seriously, because of idiotic…..
    Nobody??? By time realty sinks into people like YOU, its too late for you.

  16. @PO'd in PG County

    That complex actually looked halfway decent too, for now.
    You can tell They don’t really care about the shooting ,it’s party time in the hood. Same ol sheeet

  17. @Johnny Smoggins

    You need to spend time in Vancouver (been there, done that) where in fact it is the Asians and the Dot Indians who are the most violent and murderous. Surrey (should be called curry) is a cesspool. Burnaby is a dump. Vancouver is a shithole and Richmond is is China east. Don’t fool yourself into thinking because you don’tsee it or hear that it isnt so. Liberal policies dictate the agenda and MSM dictates the narrative.. They hate us. They will never integrate. They only want dominion over us.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  18. Taysse says:

    60% of immigrants to Canada are in what is known as the Economic Class, chosen for their skills, or IQ if you will. That 60% includes the spouses and offspring of those skilled immigrants which essentially cuts that percentage down by more than half. The rest is family reunification and refugees. Less than 15% of all those immigrants are European.

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
  19. Anonymous[163] • Disclaimer says:

    Zero sympathy for Canada.

    They insist on supporting and taking part in the Wests globalism. Why shouldn’t they get the down side if they want the benefits of globalism too?

    Besides, Canada really stabbed America in the back in a major way by not securing their side of the border.

    Good riddance to them I say.

  20. Oh Canada 🇨🇦

    • Replies: @bruce county
  21. @Exador

    But ((( Why))) is this happening?

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  22. @Johnny Smoggins

    In practice this means that some black activists will now get a stipend to lecture everyone else for being “racist”…………………………… excellent and true point … very well said. And for the EXACT reasons you mentioned. Thanks for bringing attention to that

  23. @Curious

    ” Canada has one of the better immigration policies (i.e. selecting for high IQ migrants) in the world”

    That’s like saying that your uncle beats his wife less than other men you know.

    A ton of low IQ, low skilled people come into Canada.

    Tell me about the TFW program. How many people come through that program? You’ll note that it is mostly menial labour. Coffee schleppers, nannys, etc. A lot of Filipinos (a group that I tend to like, but who are hardly rocket scientists on average).

    Simply walk around Toronto these days and notice how many white people there are. Most of the jobs being created in Toronto are service jobs, not high tech.

    • Agree: 95Theses
  24. @Taysse

    “Less than 15% of all those immigrants are European.”

    Hard to import young white Europeans when there aren’t any left.

    Decades of sub-replacement birthrates have depleted the stock of young whites who can emigrate anywhere. Basically we have Uruguay and Georgia, and after that it is all exponential decay.

    • Replies: @Taysse
    , @anon19
  25. @Love Street

    In all of “us” command… we are doomed..

  26. The last time I was in Canada was in 1995 in Montreal. The city was exceptionally clean compared to the American cities I passed through on the drive up from Tennessee. While there for a day, I saw ZERO minorities and hope that, at least, Montreal has not been “blessed” by diversity. The depressing thought is that, even if it has escaped the plague, it won’t be long before it too succumbs to the plague- if it hasn’t already.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  27. Augustus says:

    Yep, guns don’t bring crime and violence, the subspecies, being uncivilized, does.

  28. Much better would be to focus on cultural alienation, white identity etc

    We already do these despite the rabid left’s attacks on Whiteness.

    instead of pumping out discredited doomsday prophecies which no thinking person will take seriously.

    Most of what the left calls “thinking” is virtue signaling to other comrades. Shrinking White populations are easily verified as are statistics on non-White crimes.

    What I’m wondering is how the left handles the cognitive dissonance of monocultural Asian countries having strict immigration policies. Either they have a right to decide who lives among them (like all countries should) or they’re breaking some unwritten shitlib globalist law. Which is it?

    • Replies: @David
  29. @TimothySZ

    It serves absolutely no one but is especially disastrous for African countries with exceedingly thin right-hand tails as it is.
    That said … Seattle and Chicago are already north of the melanin-enhanceds´comfort zone (where they can survive without Vit. D supplements). Canada?

  30. @Curious

    I have dual citizenship and both a US and a Canadian passport and I’ve spent a lot of time in Canada,. I have noticed a tremendous and accelerating deterioration in the quality of life in Canada’s major cities due almost entirely to immigration of culturally unassimalable peoples.

    The Town of Mount Royal is one of Canada’s best known, wealthier, and long established communities. While we were visiting relatives there a little over a decade ago, my nephew took a late night walk and was attacked by a band of swarthy skinned young men. This would have been unimaginable even a few years before that episode.

    When I was growing up one could walk almost anywhere and anytime in Montreal without a thought. I can still remember, some thirty years ago, driving into Montreal very late at night and being surprised – coming from Boston where such a sight was unimaginable – to see an attractive, well-dressed young woman fearlessly and confidently walking along the deserted streets of the downtown business district. About twenty years ago, relatives and hotel personnel began advising me of no-go areas in the city, mostly associated with third-world immigrant communities.

    The news from other large Canadian cities is just as disheartening. While Toronto has yet to reach US levels of violence, its various Caribbean and African immigrant communities are doing their best to break the barrier. Back in the 1970s some friends moved from Montreal to Vancouver to escape the PQ madness. Now they’re looking for another sanctuary as Asian immigrants drive real estate prices to insane levels, push out the native-born Canadian population, and make Vancouver over into a diminished version of Hong Kong or Macau.

  31. m. says:

    f your hijab & turban diversity, a**hole

  32. @Love Street

    Nailed it. And those who observe will have noted that Toronto’s Sherman family played the same role in poisoning Canada’s White working and middle classes as the USA’s Sackler family played in this country. But noticing this out loud could get you a prison sentence in Canada. In the US you’ll just lose your job.

  33. anonymous[585] • Disclaimer says:

    How to spot Anti Whiteism:

    What if I said there was a “Race” problem and this “Race” problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non Blacks were brought into Every Black population and Only into Black populations?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a “Race” problem. I am talking about the final solution to the “Black” problem?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against the White race, Liberals and Respectable Conservatives agree that I am a kkknazisupremacistprivilege.

    Those are just Anti White slurs to shut down opposition to White Genocide

    • Agree: bruce county, Augustus
  34. Canada can look forward to the following:

    Seven negroes walk into a store… The business of bureaucracy is creating and maintaining social order. That ship has sailed.

    ‘MCSO searching for theft suspects who attacked store manager’

    by: WKRG Staff Posted: Aug 17, 2019

    SEMMES, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is searching for seven people who attacked the manager of a Hibbett Sports and fled with $500 in merchandise.

    On August 16, at about 9:20 p.m., MCSO responded to Hibbett Sports at 3385 Schillinger Road in Semmes. Witnesses stated four women and three men entered the business and began trying on clothes and shoes. Employees witnessed one of the suspects taking items that were placed behind the counter.

    The manager, who was suspicious of a potential snatch-and-grab asked the woman to pay for the item, during which time an argument ensued. The manager then locked the door to the business with the suspects inside, which escalated the incident. All of the suspects then pawed and slapped at the manager while trying to get out of the locked door. The door was unlocked, and the suspects fled with about $500 dollars worth of shoes, hats, and assorted clothing…

    • Replies: @Love Street
  35. 95Theses says:

    Great comment. And when you consider that 90% of their population is within 100 miles of the U.S. border, just imagine how these shiny new immigrants are making life hellish for the long-established White Canadians who have a real, organic and historic connexion to the land.

    It is this government-coerced multiculturalism–diversity policy which the late, great Lawrence Auster so often decried was ruining Western Civilization. These Third World immigrants have no intention of assimilating, and they bring with them every kind of toxic habit and custom which spoiled the nation they are fleeing. FGM is being surreptitiously practiced in the states, so there is every reason to think it will be carried on in Canada.

    There is a solution, but few are willing to do what is necessary.

  36. @Feedsackroad

    7 white nationalists is what came to mind reading that story ……
    Nope, my bad …it’s TNB again. Tiresome.

  37. AnalogMan says:
    @Female in FL

    Unfortunately, if things do not change, this new violence may become the new normal.

    I was in Toronto three years ago. It looks like Johannesburg. Sorry to break it to you, but that is already the new normal.

    • Replies: @Loren
  38. AnalogMan says:

    I concur. You have excelled yourself, PK. I had to check to make sure you wrote it.

  39. Dédé says:

    Except for Quebec, which has some kind of identity, but since they decided that language is more important than anything, there’s a lot of francophone Haitians, Algerians, etc taking their place.

    The French language is a priority for the government and its bankers as they need French-speaking Quebecers and immigrants from France, North Africa, and South America to ”make the link” between:

    – Wall Street/City of London and the European Union (IMF, BIS’s European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and GS’s BRI).

    – Wall Street/City of London and ”Latin” America (IMF);

    – Wall Street/City of London and French-speaking African countries (IMF, Africom, etc.).

    Quebec’s “culture” is not what it used to be. The “artists” propped up by Quebec’s MSM are carefully selected to create artificial links with the EU or Africa, not necessarily for their talent.

    • Replies: @Loren
  40. At one time, Canadians had a real identity…

    • Replies: @bruce county
  41. White people lack deep culture. They have shallow consciousness. Yes, they got good IQ and many talents, but they lack depth. Lacking depth, they are easily manipulated by the latest ideology or fashion. Since Jewish Power controls US that controls Canada, the Anglo-Cucks are now into Diversity.

    Jews and Hindus got deep culture, a consciousness deeper than modernity. Thus, Jews and Hindus use modernity to serve their deep identities. Whites, lacking deep identity and culture, can be easily sway this way and that. If, once upon a time, pagan Europeans without deep culture could so easily be made to believe in Jesus(aka Jew on a Stick), it’s not very surprising that white folks have lately been so swiftly swayed to worship globo-homo and Diversity. Christianity, though a great religion, doesn’t imbue a people with deep culture or identity. Rather, it’s about feelings of righteousness. Under Christianity, the white race got attuned to righteous thinking, but the object of righteousness can be changed over time. Those who get to decide what is righteous are the controllers of media and academia. Who controls them? The Jews.

    To be Jewish or Hindu is not only about righteousness. It’s about deep ancestry and memory. In contrast, Europeans never had a deep culture. As pagans, they grew cynical — Greeks and Romans came to see their gods as a joke — or remained brutish & literature(like the Germanic and Celtic barbarians). It’s hard to maintain a powerful identity with cynicism or illiteracy. Greeks and Romans had High Paganism but were cynical. Germanic barbarians had Low Paganism and hardly much in way of historical memory.

    As Christians, Europeans gained a credo but at the price of losing their connection to their pagan past. Whites developed as a people of values and ideas but without deep identity or culture. They achieved so much, but having shallow identity and culture, they don’t have the power of identity of Jews and Hindus. By ‘shallow culture’, I don’t mean Europeans were lacking in great artists or philosophers. If anything, they produced the finest creative talents and many first-rate seminal thinkers. But all those achievements still don’t constitute a Deep Culture for the People as a whole. Greatness in art or thought is about individual talent and ability. It’s not what binds an entire people together with shared sacred memory and mythology. As useful as individualism was to the great achievements of the West, it undermined the possibility for Deep Culture because the West came to emphasize excellence of individual achievement over a sense of culture that could bind all people together and connect them to the sacred past.

    In the modern era, only Jews and Hindus got deep culture and identity.

  42. @bruce county

    According to Guinness, the world’s skinniest building is in Vancouver. That just seems appropriate.

    The Sam Kee (Jack Chow) Building

  43. @Curious


    i take it you haven’t been to Toronto lately

    take a look at all the Africans that have suddenly appeared under Trudeau

    Smarten up. Economic immigration is a meme.

  44. @bruce county

    Yup endless streams of them come pouring in. Grand Bend is beyond repair now. Manitoulin or Lake Erie seems the place to go now for us.

    I totally agree about your assessment of 3rd worlders. Creepy, stupid, slow, lazy, corrupt, and filthy. Including the chinapeople.

    I like that the Amish are at least growing still, better them than (((multinationals))) buying up land to build housing.

    Ohhhh man, we are in for a disaster. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But when I see photos from the 1970s Canada it makes me extremely sad even though I never lived during that time period. Such a shame. Getting overrun and destroyed by people who don’t even know a time like that ever existed.

    This cannot continue forever…

  45. @Dumbo

    Suburbs staying white? LOL

    Brampton: 77% non white
    Markham: 75% non white
    Mississauga: 60% non white
    Milton: now 60% non white
    Pickering, Ajax and Whitby: 40-50% non white
    Oakville: 30% non white and growing
    Waterdown: 15% non white and exploding

    Only Oshawa and Burlington are white. They have only been spared due to distance from Toronto and will be quickly swamped in a decade or so. Oshawa is also a drug riddled shithole and most of the whites will probably die off soon anyways.

    Same story in B.C.

    White Genocide.

  46. Loren says:

    Quebec’s “culture” is not what it used to be. The “artists” propped up by Quebec’s MSM are carefully selected to create artificial links with the EU or Africa, not necessarily for their talent.

    Sounds like how The Ford, Gates, Rockefeller foundations at work.

  47. Loren says:
    @Priss Factor

    deep kulture? atheist, materialist, arrogant..that deep.

  48. Loren says:

    I was in Toronto three years ago. It looks like Johannesburg.

    because apartheid cannot be (((tolerated))).

  49. @Priss Factor

    Converting “pagan” societies was not easily done.

    Missionaries and Mercenaries went hand in hand spreading the Gospel of The Christ by Word and the Sword. In some pagan societies, there were no classes, no one was above anyone else, individual sovereignty was The Natural Right. That was until the monks and mercenaries showed them the way and the truth.

    India has its caste system, where the least dark, aka the whitest, are held higher than all others. That and slavery in the modern era.

    The Jews believe that they alone are God’s Chosen People and all others are to fall before them. Witness the fate of native Palestinians driven from their homes to make way for European settlers. This began happening in the 20th century, not in the 17th or 18th, and continues into the 21st century.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  50. anon19 says:

    The villians in Canada’s racial replacement, (98% white in the 1960’s) are the LIBERAL party and the French-Canadian block vote they always got from them. Kind of ironic that Quebec is now alarmed by the country’s demographic changes. Changes they are responsible for.

  51. anon19 says:

    “Canada has one of the better immigration policies…”

    Only about 5% of the people who arrive every year even have to qualify under the race-neutral points system. The vast bulk of arrivals come here under the bullshit “family re-unification” policy and need not qualify for anything.

  52. anon19 says:

    Only about 5% of immigrants who come here annually qualify under the points system (you are still being replaced, just by more intelligent aliens btw,). The vast bulk come here as family joiners under the family re-unifacation policy. Most of the rest are bogus “refugees”.

  53. In those good old days, being Canadian was insisting, against reality, that its essence consisted of not being American. Not about what it was, but what it was not. With a huge geography, but with 95% of its population pressed up against the U.S. border.

  54. Medvedev says:

    Exactly, generations of White Canadians built this country, made it one of the most successful countries in the world. Canada has become a desirable destination for billions of people from around the world.
    Logical step (without mass-scale immigration) would be to enjoy life, enjoy work, create families and live life to the fullest. With mass-scale immigration instead of having families and enjoying life you’re forced to compete with billions of people from all over the world (with preference for the latter because of diversity even if they barely speak English). White Canadians, essentially, are funding their own replacement. The only ones profiting are multinational soulless corporations and bureaucrats.

  55. Medvedev says:
    @Priss Factor

    Population where 600 to 700 million people shit on the street in the 21st century. Deep culture indeed!

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  56. In the past, the armed bank robbery capital of Canada was Montreal. Organized crime was run out of there. Well before the immigration deluge.

  57. As useful as individualism was to the great achievements of the West, it undermined the possibility for Deep Culture because the West came to emphasize excellence of individual achievement over a sense of culture that could bind all people together and connect them to the sacred past.

    The focus on the individual is very American and not Western in general and only since WWII. If anything the opposite has been true for European history since Roman rule. There has been too much European emphasis on collective identity. Germans, French, British and Russians all fighting each other without any regard for the individual. The world wars were completely dependent on a lack of valuing the individual. Thousands of 21 year olds mowed down by machine guns in a single day for the sake of a greater culture and identity.

    In the modern era, only Jews and Hindus got deep culture and identity.

    How do Hindus have deeper culture than the Japanese or the French? What about Poland and Eastern Europe?

    It’s amusing you hold up Jews as a model of the modern era when there is constant infighting among secular, liberal and Orthodox Jews. There are articles by Jews lamenting young Jews for marrying non-Jews. Their “out of faith” marriage rate is around 50 percent.

    I am going to guess you are Indian. For whatever reason Indians seem to think they are superior to the rest of the world even though they haven’t mastered basic sanitation. Their arrogance is astounding. As with people from other countries they criticize America for a lack of culture and yet they keep moving here. India’s culture is in fact one of the worst as it holds extreme poverty to be perfectly acceptable because of the caste system. They walk by starving children on the streets and shrug because the caste system has deemed them to be deserving of their fate. Is this the great culture you speak of?

  58. Norchap says:
    @bruce county

    “White Flight” began in Canada back in the ’80s but has been very subtle and incremental. Thanks in part to Neanderthal DNA, it’s the winter that always decides the argument and sends them packing: ‘beyond 15 below they will not go’. Thanks to the Liberal Party, ‘diversity’ now means ‘anti-white racism’ to everyone not living in urban Canada, (despite being very much ‘the silent majority’). Dislike of Trudeau has become widespread in a surprisingly short time, so the coming election could be very interesting indeed. There are a lot of people who thought they were ‘Liberal’, but have now been told by the Liberal Party that they aren’t; apparently, they’re ‘racist’. Let’s see if that strategy works any better for them as it did for Hillary Clinton.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  59. HT says:

    Same mentality that once said California and Texas will never be turned Democrat by Mexican immigration.

  60. @Reg Cæsar

    The Red Ensign was never officially adopted as a national flag. Until the adoption of the present national flag, the Royal Union Jack was the only other official National Flag of Canada. It was a very cold winter day when that flag came down at my public school and the new one hoisted.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  61. @SaneClownPosse

    Converting “pagan” societies was not easily done.

    When we look at historical time, the Roman Empire took to Christianity rather fast. And once it began to spread among Germanic pagans, it didn’t take long. Part of the reason was the rulers decided, and most people just followed like sheep. It’s like Protestantism spread when the rulers decided to go that way. Most white people have been sheeple.

    In contrast, Islam failed to convert most of India.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  62. Pecosbill says:
    @Priss Factor

    “White people lack deep culture. They have shallow consciousness.”

    Me thinks you have a point. I’ve considered this the reason whites go full-bore for multiculturalism, because they have little of their own, in the US at least.

    I believe this explains much of the hippie phenomenon of the 1960’s as well. At that time a surplus of white kids went off in search of something real, in their estimation anyway, ‘A new generation, with a new explanation’, so the tune goes.

    It’s telling that most of the hippies came from the west coast but a very large number flooded in from the mid-west and New England. They must have found a cultural wasteland in their boring home towns. There were few southerners in the mix and many young southern boys opted for military service instead, ending up in JFK’s and LBJ’s big war.

    From some perspectives, the south produced the only unique American culture; music, historical traditions, statues of their own war heroes and proud veneration of cultural icons. They had a somewhat unique language, religions, and clear standards of behavior and a tradition of resistance to oppression of whites. It was a nation within a nation. These were sign posts and guides white southerners grew up with. Thus the white youth at that time developed a deep cultural identity so had no reason to search.

    By contrast, northern kids had for sure their many brave soldiers in blue to celebrate, but for what? Celebration of consumerism and parades that consisted of new and old John Deere tractors and speeches about bringing justice to the world by defeating the evil Hitler? For young people it was a vacuous cultural desert, so in the post war boom, with jingle in their pockets they lit out in search of something more substantial. Of course in Iowa they could celebrate the ‘cornhole’ festival each harvest season, seemingly more appropriate for San Francisco.

    This lack of rich traditions in the larger society explains the desired today to destroy and denigrate all things southern; it stood and yet stands in opposition to a vacuous cultural consumer crony capitalist society where humans are cogs in the machine and nothing else.

    It’s significant that Charles Manson’s core group consisted of west coast girls and a few boys, but several killers, thieves, and whores, came from the Midwest and New England. These were white kids drifting in search of something to fill the vacuum in their souls and found the devil instead. The one significant exception was Manson follower Charles Tex Watson the primary killer of Tate et al. He came from the boring farming community of Copeville Texas.

    Peter Fonda died yesterday, an air head if there ever was one, no John Wayne for sure. Fonda brings to mind the movie, ‘Easy Rider’. It got great reviews so I paid to see it, coming away thinking it was crap, crap. The end of the movie I, like many others, felt was the best part when the rednecks blasted the two idiots off their motorcycles. hahaha. But in a larger sense, this began the Holly-pervi-wood tradition of slamming the south. Until that time movies had a tendency to give the old Confederacy it’s due and nod at least to the bravery of its fight against overwhelming odds.

    So many whites today attempt to find meaning by filling their souls with the dictates of the church of equality making an easy fit for communism and tolerance of everything except what is white.

    “Tolerance is weakness”, ex-youtuber Soph.

  63. @Medvedev

    Population where 600 to 700 million people shit on the street in the 21st century. Deep culture indeed!

    At the very least, it is deep doo doo culture.

  64. @Norchap

    We are not at a tipping point quite yet but we are getting closer. Make no mistake, we are NOT going to vote our way out of the changes that have been thrust upon us.
    Canada stopped being Canada when they pulled the National Anthem and Lords Prayer from the public school system. Period. The fucking lunacy is beyond comprehension anymore. People who dont know what bathroom to shit in to foot baths for the Muslims in our schools. Add in the maniacal, sick, twisted and racist screechings of BLM and LGBTQ…. Liberal idealology is one of anti-white and depravation in all its forms. We are doomed.

  65. OT: But exactly what these people will eventually bring to Canada; superior third world innovation and infrastucture= slums. But in Canada they will be called culturally diverse communities.

    Bangladesh slum fire leaves 10,000 people homeless.

    I wish they would get it right..
    In the story “huts” were destroyed not “homes” . One man worked in the slums…lol.. most were away at a Muslin festival..|2

  66. Bubba says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    I remember seeing an early 90’s video of Sinbad (the comedian) in Montreal. He remarked how clean and civilized Montreal was at the time. I doubt a black comedian would get away with saying that these days without being called an ‘Uncle Tom’ racist.

  67. David says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    May I suggest shitliboleth?

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  68. Trending stories today @ MSN.
    I million Black families robbed of their land.
    And the so called Elaine, Arkansas Massacre. They have yet to find the mass graves over 100 years later…Pure anti white media brain washing.

  69. @bruce county

    As they say, you can’t swing a dead cat in India without killing a thousand people.

  70. Trevor says:
    @Priss Factor

    Islam with all its absurd beliefs is truly a religion for morons.

    The average IQ of the Indians was probably too high to buy it.

    Do any if the 57(?) Islamic countries have an average IQ over 80-85?

    Even if an individual or group is higher they are forced into or kept in it under thteat of of death by the morons.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  71. The “deep culture” of India is on perfect display in the youtube video, “Put the poo in the loo.” There are many videos about the rampant street defecation that takes place and it’s nothing new. Even the beaches are used as public toilets since, as one Indian put it, the beach is “self-flushing” when the tide comes in and goes out. As you can imagine, no one goes swimming at the beaches near any large coastal city.

    I remember working with an Indian from Hyderabad back in the early to mid 80’s. He told me how (in his home town) Indian men and women would be alongside the train tracks (in two huge but separate circles) taking a crap every morning and how they would have to throw rocks at the pigs and street dogs who rushed in to eat the feces. This was (according to him) a great source of amusement and entertainment for those watching. He also told of how (when he joined his brother here in America) his brother got furious with him because he’d use the toilet and throw all his used toilet paper in a trash can thus stinking up the house.

    Then, of course, there’s all the videos of how the rivers are little more than open flowing sewers with partially cremated human remains floating in the water.

    Having lived in and visited third world countries, they’re typically comprised of four areas: vast slums where most of the people live, rich areas where the well to do and foreigners live, tourist areas and the business district. When you get outside the cities, it’s like time traveling into the past and can get really primitive.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  72. @Curious

    Well ” Curious”——–White culture was created and maintained by WHITE people. How many diverse peoples are attracted to the #$it-Hole countries in Africa? Illegal,and for that matter legal innigrants want to enjoy the benefits created by Whites in first world countries like the USA and Canada. These immigrants will bring their cultural enrichment with them.

  73. @Non PC Infidel

    Non Pc Infidel——About those India Indian customs——–Primitive customs work OK when the primitives lived in primitive times with low population pressures. Really,when you are the only bear living in the woods,does it really matter where you crap ? India has been over populated for centuries. You would think that they would at least put up privies; if only to avoid stepping in it.

  74. @Trevor

    Trever Post #70————-Islam is increasingly popular among inmates,and for the same reasons. It gives low IQ people a religious justification to do what they are already inclined to do. Islam is perfectly designed to spread. Kinda like a Zombie virus.

    • Agree: NC Realist
  75. I believe this explains much of the hippie phenomenon of the 1960’s as well. At that time a surplus of white kids went off in search of something real, in their estimation anyway, ‘A new generation, with a new explanation’, so the tune goes.

    They may have wanted something more authentic than consumerism but they also wanted egalitarian fantasy which drew them to leftism. Then they took their egalitarian fantasy into the colleges and media where it is still the dominant outlook. The conservative boomers are no better. Instead of leftist fantasy they have flocked to conservative fantasy hacks like Rush Limbaugh where “big government” is the bugaboo and we just need to get rid of “big programs” and everything will be fine and dandy. The entire boomer conservative movement is packed full of horse manure. It’s just as childish and deluded as leftism. Our problems are complicated and neither the dopey boomers on the right or left are equipped to handle them.

    By contrast, northern kids had for sure their many brave soldiers in blue to celebrate, but for what? Celebration of consumerism and parades that consisted of new and old John Deere tractors and speeches about bringing justice to the world by defeating the evil Hitler?

    Country life in any part of the country has a healthy culture and is especially satisfying to those raised on farms. The hippies were actually heavily from suburban homes. In fact a lot of the hippie leaders were middle-upper class and college educated (or dropped out). The weather underground members were heavily upper class. The worst liberals and leftists are almost always from wealthy backgrounds. They don’t value work or wealth because it was handed to them.

    • Agree: bruce county
  76. The “deep culture” of India is on perfect display in the youtube video, “Put the poo in the loo.” There are many videos about the rampant street defecation that takes place and it’s nothing new.

    The abuse of the homeless children there is unspeakable. I mean that and I wish I didn’t learn about it. Then there are the untouchables which is part of their totally absurd class system.

    Buy what really gets me is their arrogance. They really see the US as a country of morons. They haven’t figured out sanitation to Roman standards but we are the idiots. Their bollywood movies are all tacky rip offs but we are the ones that lack culture.

    I’ve never heard one person say they plan on returning to India. A lot of African countries like Kenya and Botswana are better off in terms of average standard of living. India is a giant third world craphole that pretends to be modern. It’s so amazing and modern that they all dream of coming here and opening a mini mart.

  77. As per the deep culture of India, may we also mention worshipping rats, monkeys, cows and elephants and having temples dedicated to doing so? Much of Hindu scriptural drawings of “gods” resemble Saturday morning cartoon characters produced by a cartoonist who once over-dosed on acid and never recovered from the experience.

    I once had an Indian give me an idol of Ganesh as a gift- a human body with the head of an elephant. I politely accepted it and then threw it in the trash later.

    Rat temples in India are swarming with rats whom the local populations bow to and spend their time feeding and taking care of. After all, the rats are their reincarnated ancestors. Can’t let ancient granny go hungry now can we? The funny thing about it is that they believe people are reincarnated as lower life forms because of having lived a sinful life so granny must have been a real shitheel.

    Oops! Gotta go! There’s a sacred caterpillar crawling on the window and a holy housefly buzzing around the room. I just know they’re my great great great grandparents on my dad’s side of the family! I have to ask them what they did to deserve such a fate! Later!

    • LOL: Love Street
  78. I haven’t read any comments, but I’m sure somebody probaby noted that this diversity could also happen in Muslim Countries, or in negro countries, so why just WHITE countries? As this blog and others clearly show: it is not bad to be white. Why should we make our nation a third world shithole like their country? White people need to wake up now!

    • Agree: anon19
  79. Taysse says:

    Well then, a hell of a lot less immigration would seem be the option. I could live with that. So could the nation.

  80. Loren says:
    @John Johnson

    by deep kulture of ((())) and hindus I would replace that term with loyalty, nepotism, race pride or the like.

  81. All this talk about India reminds me of the documentary

    “Shocking Asia”

    Watch it if you haven’t.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  82. @bruce county

    Bangladesh slum fire leaves 10,000 HUTLESS!

    There, fixed it for em ;))

  83. @Loren

    I find it hard to believe there were 1 million blacks that owned land there.

  84. @bruce county

    1 million. Numbers like that never existed until reparations became their new favorite word. Soon it will be 2 3 4 million etc.

  85. @Baron Munchhausen

    Mmmmm Sweet and Sour prostrate glands…They do live good over there…lol

  86. anon19 says:

    Canada could get all the immigrants it wants from eastern Europe alone. A rumour some years ago in the Ukraine that Canada was going to release visas had 100,000+ Ukrainians lining up outside the Canadian consulates just in Kiev and Kharkov. The trouble


    the Liberal party only wants black, brown and yellow voters for itself.

  87. @bruce county

    I think that article is playing mix & match with statistics. It says there were about 950,000 black farmers in 1920, in all of the United States. However, the way the article headlines, and focuses on Mississippi, it can mislead you into thinking it’s just Mississippi. Also, do they mean “farmers”, or “farm owners”. There’s a big difference. I found some interesting stats at this site:

    In 1920, the total farm population of the United States was around 31M. There were 6,454,000 farms. Even if they meant “Farm owners”, that means black-owned farms would have been around 14.7% of the total. Sure, they’re down to around 1.5% of the total today. But, as usual, why is nobody whining about the even bigger loss of White-owned farms? If total US farms dropped from 6,454,000 to around 3,400,000 today, that represents an awful lot of white-owned farms that were lost, over the years.

    Most farmers that I know of, who “lost” the farm, actually gave it up, as they aged. The kids grew up, found more profitable work in other fields, and the farms were either sold off for other purposes (usually housing developments), or simply allowed to return to nature, if they were in areas with little land value and low population. I’m sure much of that happened to black farmers as well as white, but oh no, let’s put the “whitey robbed us” spin on it.

  88. eah says:

    Canada has the same problem that plagues nearly every white country: a government spending/benefits Ponzi, combined with increasing lifespans and below replacement fertility of the native population — generally 2.1 children/female is considered replacement level; Canada’s fertility has been below replacement for a long time, falling to as low as 1.54 in 2016 — also the “average age of maternity at first birth” has been steadily rising.

    The US has an advantage: the “world’s reserve currency” — which, since there is no credible alternative at the moment, it can print in pretty much any quantity it wants, as evidenced by the size of sustained federal deficits and the growing (unpayable) federal debt — in FY 2020, interest payments on the debt will be over $500b: this will be > 50% of what is spent on SS, > 70% of Medicare spending, and more than what is spent on Medicaid — but all of that is unsustainable for the US too: it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world will no longer tolerate the US financing its first world status by printing money/issuing unpayable IOUs.

  89. @Priss Factor

    Interesting approach but I can’t agree.

    Don’t wish to spend too much time on this or be long winded on your selection of Jews and Hindus as your ‘high end’ in this case.

    You seem to equate the longevity of the culture to its depth.

    I simply point you towards sub-Saharan Africa.

  90. eah says:

    • Replies: @eah
  91. @eah

    The US has an advantage: the “world’s reserve currency” — which, since there is no credible alternative at the moment, it can print in pretty much any quantity it wants

    Almost–The US has an advantage, the world’s largest military, which, since there is no credible alternative at the moment, it can require foreign governments to accept or be subject to “sanctions” and/or defeated in war.

    That was codified by Nixon with the petrodollar agreement–we protect the sovereignty of the Saudi royal family, they accept dollars for payment for oil.

    _That_ is why the military industrial complex and the big bankers live or die together.

    Canada is in the shadow of the US–if US hegemony fails they will be easy pickings for anyone who wants a piece.

    • Replies: @eah
  92. @Loren

    Reminds me of the Pigford scandal where black farmers were given reparations. A real black farmer complained that blacks who’d never farmed a day in their life were applying for the gibmedats. I recall at the time that I commented something to the effect that Shaniqua (who’s always lived in an apartment in the city and has never grown anything except a flower in a paper cup) would be claiming to have been a farmer.

    With this latest nonsense, I’ll bet there’ll be 15-20 million blacks suddenly coming forth to claim their family lost land but they done losted da proof of it but dey knows it happened.

  93. @bruce county

    We also didn’t have an official national anthem. Growing up, this song was one we all (outside Quebec) learned in early grade school:

    The it became politically incorrect because it was “offensive” to be historically correct.

  94. @John Johnson

    The abuse of children is a standard in 3rd world countries. When I lived in Thailand (72-73), it wasn’t unusual for poor people from the boonies to sell their children to factories where they’d have to work for many years to earn their freedom. Those were the lucky ones. The unfortunate ones got sold to the pimps.

    Life is also very cheap. I recall a G.I. near Utapao airbase hit and killed a child with his car. The family wasn’t all that concerned saying they could always have another. Fifty American dollars please.

    It was also common that pimps would ask foreigners if they wanted a boy or a girl to have sex with. Pretty much any age was available. As for adult women, virgins were considered number 10 (the worst!) if they wanted to get married because they had no money (earnings from prostituting themselves which would be given to the man they married) and no sexual experience and therefore they didn’t know how to please a man.

    On another note to lighten the mood, a G.I. was caught screwing a farmer’s water buffalo. The farmer was enraged but not because his water buffalo got screwed- he was mad because he didn’t get paid. Otherwise, it would have been no big deal.

  95. @eah

    You are wrong on most counts.
    – The “Ponzi scheme” if fully funded, and is not government money.
    – Government spending includes the $35+ billion net cost of immigration.
    – Real wages have not risen for 80% of Canadians in 40 years.
    – Every industrialized nation in the world, with women entering the workforce, has decreasing birthrates.
    – More the 80% of Canada’s debt is directly attributable to the Government of Canada joining the Bank of International Settlements in 1974, thereby surrendering fiscal policy to the BIS, and preventing the government to borrow at 0% interest from the Bank it owns – The Bank of Canada.
    – Yes, there are rising costs in health care. It started in the 1980s when the government changed drug patent laws. Then the provinces bought into the globalist “health regions” narrative, which is essentially US style HMOs, which require massive bureaucracies to maintain. Compounding the problem is the gross over use of the system by immigrants.

    Immigration is the reserve army of capital.

    • Replies: @eah
  96. eah says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about — sadly, neither do you apparently because your comment is mostly incomprehensible, but entirely irrelevant gibberish.

    Everywhere, all of these are ‘pay as you go’ systems: it’s all about cash flow — 100% of benefits (expenses) must be paid from current (taxes; or debt if you can issue it) — SS in the US a good example: while it ran a surplus for decades, ie it paid out less in benefits than it received in withholding tax, the surplus was used to partly fund the federal deficit by buying UST bonds — so even though they speak of a SS “trust fund”, this “trust fund” contains only UST debt, meaning any/all income from it comes from collected taxes — and SS in the US has been running a cash flow deficit since 2010 (the worker/retiree ratio is now about 2.6/1 — it was 160/1 in 1940, and 5/1 in 1960).

    This is one reason why (albeit not often openly discussed), in all of these countries, there is constant pressure to grow the workforce: to maintain positive cash flow in these social spending programs — and if native fertility is below replacement, then they will import migrants in an attempt to make sure there is an ever-growing number of taxpayers — or to slow the deterioration of the worker (taxpayer)/retiree (benefit recipient) ratio.

    Compounding the problem is the gross over use of the system by immigrants.

    I see — ie Canada is in a hole, so they’re going to keep digging.

    • Replies: @Saxon
  97. eah says:


    Please note: I did not state all the reasons the USD is the “world’s reserve currency” — I just stated the fact that it is, and the advantage that accrues from that (at the moment, anyway: virtually unlimited debt issuance) — do you see the difference? — you named some reasons — yes, I’m familiar with the ‘petrodollar’ arrangement.

  98. A 9-year-old girl killed when a vengeful aspiring rapper – aren’t they all – opens fire on the wrong house – don’t they always.

    The outrage you hear from the MSM – listen carefully, keep listening…, just a little longer…, keep listening…, ahhhhh just a while longer… Oh, my mistake. The outrage machine doesn’t get cranked up unless the ubiquitous racist-pickup-truck-driving-white-nationalist-male lurking around every corner in every black neighborhood is somehow involved. Vengeful black folks killing their offspring over petty dullard deeds slides conveniently down the memory hole.

    ‘Social media rivalry leads to deadly shooting of 9-year-old girl’

    Aug 19, 2019

    DALLAS, Texas – A vengeful aspiring rapper opened fire on the wrong Dallas home last week, killing a 9-year-old girl instead of the rival artist he intended to shoot, police said.

    Brandoniya Bennett had just gotten her nails done and was preparing for the first day of the school year on Wednesday when she was fatally shot in the head, according to police…

    Tyrese Simmons, 19, surrendered to police on Thursday after a day-long manhunt and was charged with capital murder. Simmons and his intended target, a fellow aspiring rapper, had exchanged insults on social media ahead of the shooting, according to police….

  99. anon19 says:

    Canada’s fertility rate was above replacement level in 1967. When the immigration was changed.

  100. Saxon says:

    The problem with the “you’re not having enough children so they need immigrants for muh ponzi” pure lolberg ivory tower narrative is that these people take out more than they put in, so the system would be more solvent without them.

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