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Students of Color at Northern California High School Deem Mural of George Washington "Traumatizing" for Glorifying Slavery, Genocide, Colonization and Manifest Destiny
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In the present war on white America’s past, there can be no room for the preservation of our history in the future and for our posterity.[High school may erase mural of George Washington: ‘traumatizes students’, College Fix, May 2, 2019]:

‘Glorifies slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny’

A Northern California public school district may remove a mural of George Washington from the halls of George Washington High School due to concerns that it’s offensive and demeaning to Native Americans and African-Americans.

The controversy comes after a working group determined the mural, made up of several panels, “traumatizes students and community members.” But advocates for keeping the 83-year-old mural say that removing it ignores the intent of the artist and represents an attempt to erase history.

In 1936, Victor Arnautoff painted the 13 panels that make up the “Life of Washington” mural at the San Francisco Unified School District campus. Arnautoff was a prominent Russian-American painter who created the murals as part of a Works Progress Administration project undertaken during the New Deal.

But a working group that met in recent months determined the artwork is highly problematic and should be archived after being removed from the walls of the school.

“SFUSD convened a ‘Reflection and Action Working Group’ that was comprised of members of the local Native American community, students, school representatives, district representatives, local artists and historians,” Laura Dudnick, spokeswoman for the district, wrote in an email to The College Fix.

The group held four public meetings between December 2018 and February 2019 during which it received input on what to do with the mural. The group’s recommendation? Archive the mural to protect the experience of students.

“At its conclusion the group voted and the majority recommended that the ‘Life of Washington’ mural be archived and removed because the mural does not represent SFUSD values,” Dudnick’s email to The Fix continued, adding that the group considered the legacy of the artist when deciding whether or not to keep the mural up.

However, concern for the experience of students won out.

Two of the 13 panels are coming under fire for containing objectionable images, according to the Richmond District Blog.

One of the images involves involves Washington gesturing toward a group of explorers who are walking by the body of a presumably deceased Native American depicted in the color gray. Another depicts Washington next to several slaves performing various types of manual labor, a YouTube video of the murals showed.

The Richmond District Blog reports the group’s conclusion:

We come to these recommendations due to the continued historical and current trauma of Native Americans and African Americans with these depictions in the mural that glorifies slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny, white supremacy, oppression, etc. This mural doesn’t represent SFUSD values of social justice, diversity, united, student-centered. It’s not student-centered if it’s focused on the legacy of artists, rather than the experience of the students.

But Fergus M. Bordewich, a historian, wrote in The Wall Street Journal that the intention of the artist should be taken into account when considering the intent of the images:


The mural’s painter, Victor Arnautoff, was a protégé of Diego Rivera and a communist. He included those images not to glorify Washington, but rather to provoke a nuanced evaluation of his legacy. The scene with the dead Native American, for instance, calls attention to the price of “manifest destiny.” Arnautoff’s murals also portray the slaves with humanity and the several live Indians as vigorous and manly.

Bordewich, in a phone interview with The Fix, said there “is a deeply wrongheaded habit to project today’s norms, values, ideals backwards in time to find our ancestors inevitably falling short.”

“It betrays a very troubling intolerance of art and the ambiguity of art and the aspirations of art,” he said.

The mural’s future is up in the air, according to Dudnick.

“The superintendent and staff are now reviewing the recommendation and considering the best course of action,” she wrote. “At this time there hasn’t yet been any recommendation put forth before the SF Board of Education on this matter.”

This is not the first time the murals have come under fire. In the late 1960s, protesters called for its removal, which the school responded to by installing another set of murals titled “Multi-Ethnic Heritage: Black, Asian, Native/Latin American.” These murals display more positive images of ethnic minorities, the Richmond District Blog reported.

“One of the main reasons why it is controversial is because back in the [1930s] when it was painted, George Washington was the saint of the people,” one student at George Washington High School told the Golden Gate Express. “I’ve talked to a bunch of students here and I honestly think that they agree it is the true depiction of history and that we all have to know who George Washington really was.”

Bordewich added that the “mural is not a celebration of genocide, it’s a challenge to westward expansion.”

“It’s incredibly stupid if we try to erase history,” he said. “It still happened, and you should argue about its meanings.”

When a portrait of George Washington, the father of our country, “traumatizes” students (primarily of color), it’s time to admit the United States of America might be irredeemable.

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  1. hunor says:

    wakunda forever

    • Replies: @Mr. XYZ
  2. I agree that the little shits who attend the school shouldn’t have access to such a beautiful mural. I’ve got no idea why anyone is giving any credibiltiy to this committee seeking to remove it, though.

    Does no one in charge have the balls to tell these miscreants ‘no’?

    Pull the mural out and put it somewhere safe till we get this country straightened out. No sense in allowing it to be damaged by some criminal antifa type.

    Grab up all the statues, portraits, paintings and artifacts and store them away. Why share our past with those who have no past worth sharing?

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Feedsackroad
    , @Gyre07
  3. Oh, and by the way… I doubt that ANY ‘student of color’ ever even noticed the Washington mural.

    This is the typical work of the left, further weaponizing the negro against us for their own purposes.

    Negros have to be told what offends them.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  4. Weren’t we told the more “diverse” the USA became the happier everyone would be?

  5. anon[170] • Disclaimer says:

    The mural’s painter, Victor Arnautoff, was a protégé of Diego Rivera and a communist.

    obvious question is?

  6. Who dat dude wiff da white wig ?
    Sheeeeiiit! Ah wants to see a mural of Beyonce!!!!

    • Replies: @Hop Hop Historian
  7. El Dato says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Does no one in charge have the balls to tell these miscreants ‘no’?

    We have “climate change protests” that basically consists in students playing truands. Politicians and the educaschinonal establishment is ok with that.

    No-one is able to tell dumb kids that they are dumb kids anymore. The cult of the radiant babby is a thing.

  8. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    for Glorifying Slavery, Genocide, Colonization and Manifest Destiny

    Slavery and genocide are old as the hills and were universal.

    As for colonization and Manifest Destiny. they were the products of Immigration.

    So, if those students oppose them, they need to condemn immigration. But they don’t. Total hypocrites.

  9. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Jim in Jersey

    In the time of Washington, slavery was universal around the world except in Christian Europe and Northern US where whites didn’t enslave fellow whites. All other peoples enslaved others and their own people all over the world. If slavery came to be seen as a universal wrong, it was because whites made an effort to abolish it in their own nations and then spread the ideal to other peoples.

    In a way, slavery in the US was more unjust at least in this sense. Whites, being more advanced, should have known better. As people who believed slavery to be a moral evil, they practiced it out of pragmatism and greed.

    Still, it was the Western struggle with slavery that led to its abolition all around the world.

    As for Latin America, slavery was much bigger there.

    In the long run, slavery was not the great evil of America. If whites had enslaved other whites, problems would have faded after Emancipation. Or, if whites had enslaved a weaker or smaller race, the freed slaves would have tried to fit in and get along.
    But whites enslaved the most savage, aggressive, and strong race. Upon freedom, these blacks turned predator and see whites as sheep for the killing.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois
    • Replies: @Medvedev
  10. Tiens 🙂
    So the beautiful brilliant young aspiring NAMs cannot stand the mere thought of manual labour?

    Whoda thunk it.

    (and Jim in Jersey nailed it 😉

  11. NY Girl says:

    I think the mural is amateurishly done, although, granted, working in wet plaster under a time crunch isn’t easy.

    That said, I do enjoy these blue-on-blue bitchfights. A Communist using tax dollars to smear a Founding Father by highlighting everything bad about Washington is now himself going to get crucified by the Blue Mob. In freaking San Francisco.

    More popcorn, please!

  12. DCBillS says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Very perceptive, very accurate comment. Some people have too much time on their hands so make up nonexistent problems. It seems the mural was an anti-Washington piece but today’s objectors are too stupid to get the point.

  13. AceDeuce says:

    Yawn. De blackimals were doing this more than 20 years ago already. Here’s an example from when New Orleans changed the name of a ghetto skool from the eeevilllll GW’s name to Charles Drew’s (colored boy doctor)

    Spolier alert: In the intervening 20-some years, the renamed school has turned out a battalion of negro rocket surgeons and “hidden figures”……Not. LOL.

  14. @Jim in Jersey

    Does no one in charge have the balls to tell these miscreants ‘no’?

    Apparently not. Just once I want to hear someone tell this coddled crowd the days of listening to their whining are over. Blacks feign offence to every trivial matter and there isn’t a swinging pair to be found in the land to call their hand

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  15. Traumatized. How very foreign of them. I can only imagine the pain they feel carrying around all those dollar bills and quarters with G

  16. A Northern California public school district may remove a mural of George Washington from the halls of George Washington High School due to concerns that it’s offensive and demeaning to Native Americans and African-Americans.

    It’s good to know that there aren’t any other problems in the school district that are considered to be more pressing.

  17. George Washington on them. Perhaps california can pass legislation to have the feds print new money with george soreass as the father of wakanda. Thanks Trump……for making America great again.

  18. American high schools are anything but bastions of academic excellence, but the lack of interpretive skills on display here is especially jarring. The gifted kids, at least, should display some of that measurable IQ prowess, speaking out to show evidence that they comprehend the critique of the Founders’ expansionary zeal in this painting. The artist clearly lambasted the wipe out of the indigenous culture of American Indians in paint, not that the narrative has anything to do with his technical virtuosity.

    The medium of fresco is one of the hardest to master, requiring the ability to work fast and accurately….on one take. To diss the 12-hour days put in by this fabulous artist, and by all of his artisan assistants, shows a profound disregard for artistic accomplishment.

    One thing is clear: Despite the billions per year spent on public education, the students are not learning to value the highest fruits of human endeavor. All they revere is skin pigmentation and other forms of social-group identity. Students are in the phase of life where modeling themselves after people of great skill might yeild a few future Arnautoff’s, but not when they are taught to worship skin tones instead of skills.

    The only hope is that the rich will save the great (and / or the excellent), un-PC artistic relics of a dying America, like a few of them did in France by funding the Notre Dame cathedral’s repair. Murals should be excavated all over the USA and transferred to museums before the “American Cultural Revolution” revs into full gear.

    Another way to illustrate the point would be a replacement mural with a contemporary narrative, showing multi cultures of natural-born, Black citizens and illegal / legal immigrants in a zillion colors and tones, painted in all of their fully saturated, multi-hued glory.

    The most revered Identity Politics Leaders—the Sharpton’s and the Ramos’s—would be painted with crisply delineated edges in stronger tones and warmer, advancing colors. The key PC figures in the foreground would point aggressively to a cluster of pale, pasty, cowering, bowing figures in the distance, rendered in fading, fuzzy-edged, coolish, receding shades of white.

    School administrators would not hear a whimper from the white students about murals that terrorize them with images of white genocide. At that point, the focus would turn back to the technical & aesthetic quality of the art.

  19. @Oleaginous Outrager

    Well, it’s not like they’re succeeding at any actual schooling:

    Negroids. What can we expect?

  20. Anonymous[430] • Disclaimer says:

    i am traumatized by b-on-w crime in America. can you criminals GTFO & stay out?

  21. I get a kick out of adults who virtue signal by agreeing with these kids, and delight in condemning the White man for all the evils laid upon blacks as well as the theft of land from the red man.
    It never occurs to them that if the so-called takeover of Indian land is so offensive, then why don’t they simply turn over their house and property to the “rightful owners?” To hell with paintings and statues. Give them something of substance.
    Lead the way, liberals.

    • Replies: @D-FENS
  22. Piglet says:

    I knew this movement we’re seeing wouldn’t stop at just Confederate statues and streets with the names of Confederate leaders. I knew it would go on to include all of the dreaded “dead white men” until the day comes that our country, piece by piece, will have become unrecognizable to us. It may seem unthinkable now, but the day will come when there will be calls to rename such things as the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial in DC, and in fact rename Washington DC itself into something different, since George Washington owned slaves. We joke about it becoming Wakanda, but when we’re the minority being pushed aside, there will be no limit to the unpleasant changes coming.

    When someone puts up a sign reading “It’s okay to be white” and there’s a tremendous backlash, pay attention. Those people are giving you an idea of what they intend to do to you when they have the power.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
    • Replies: @StuckInBlueLand
    , @Augustus
  23. Rich says:

    I can’t believe the descendants of explorers, colonizers, pioneers and settlers has grown so feeble. Some have said that the use of lead pipes led to the demise of the Romans, what will they say made the once great American people become so weak and cowardly? Will no on stand up and save us from this? No one?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Mr. Rational
  24. Realist says:

    When a portrait of George Washington, the father of our country, “traumatizes” students (primarily of color), it’s time to admit the United States of America might be irredeemable.

    No ‘might be’ about it. This country is on a shit slide to hell.

    • Replies: @AV 1611 in Jersey
  25. Just another of a million reasons we need to be segregated from these things. Then we decide whats good for our race!

  26. @Piglet

    And we TOLD “conservatives” that this would happen, and we were ignored. I don’t even care about the Confederacy per se, but I recognize that the movement to remove Confederate symbols is not at an attack against “traitors,” as the left likes to call them, but against white men, and by extension, America.

  27. Medvedev says:

    Weaker/stronger is a wrong word.
    Weaker Japanese beat the sh*t out of others when they had a chance. Weaker Mongols beat the sh*t out of others, creating one of the biggest Empires of all time.
    If I had to put money either on ‘weak’ Japanese vs any sub-Sahara African nation in case of a warfare, I would put my money on ‘weak’ Japanese.
    Ship them back to Africa or enforce segregation and they can’t do sh*t. They’re f*cking dysfunctional. Even Detroit isn’t completely dysfunctional because Whites constantly come to the rescue and government provides handouts, subsidies and foodstamps to everyone in need. Want to see dysfunctional? Cut them loose … and they won’t even turn into Zimbabwe or Liberia … most of them will die from freezing during the winter. And the rest will have 15-20% child mortality with sub-replacement fertility rates (American Blacks just like American Whites have sub-replacement fertility rates). They will go extinct faster than any European nation.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  28. D-FENS says:

    I actually welcome this. It just might wake up a few MAGAtards. It’s not like anyone on the SFUSD campus is likely to have any sympathy for Whites anyway. Surprisingly, the artist came from the USSR and worked in the WPA (which sponsored this mural) but was not jewish. But he was a commie. He eventually returned to the USSR.

    The WPA as well as other alphabet agencies of the FDR years were jobs programs for Leftists. Some were later “grandfathered in” to other agencies during WW2 and served as conduits for communist infiltration of the State Dept. and the intelligence agencies.

  29. D-FENS says:
    @Oil 'n Water

    Ever notice that the ones that bitch the loudest about this being “stolen land” have no problems inviting the rest of the world in to share the the loot as well as continuing to enjoy it themselves? Or if Europe were to expel the migrants from Africa, Caribbean, middle east and asia who never had any historical presence in europe, would be apoplectic with moral angst?

  30. macilrae says:

    Maybe it would possible for the mural simply to be re-done; in the latter style of Picasso; whereby it could never remotely be taken as flattery. Darker skin-tones further easing the situation.

  31. Doright says:

    George Washington refused to be crowned king. He wanted a presidency with a president elected by the people. You see? Of course he was talking about a different people than what we are confronted with now daily in our country.

  32. I think it might be fun to turn this on them.

    I’m thinking very realistically of beginning petitions to rename every single Malcolm X Shabazz, MLK, etc., street, boulevard, high school, community center or anything else that was built by white men for this ignorant, arrogant, unappreciative pigs.

    Imagine the looks on their faces when they realize what they’ve started.

  33. CENTURION says: • Website

    A few weeks back, I made an error and “blocked” a person.

    I wish to “unblock” that person.

    The problem is, I can’t figure out how…I am a White Man…3 college degrees, Chemistry and a Doctor….unfortunately, on this site, I can not figure out how to “unblock” the person.

    This is NOT my fault since I am brilliant

    It has to be the fault of the lower IQ people who run this blog.

    Thus, create a better way to “unblock” somebody from your comments..

    Please, have a WHITE MAN look into the problem……………………

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  34. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:

    What made us so weak and cowardly? The Romans may have lost their culture due to the lead pipes but I’d say the USA will be lost because of people who eat lead paint decades after its last known use.

    I once lived in a place with peeling lead paint. I actually went to the trouble of scraping up the peeling chips, swept it up and got rid of it. Nothing made me feel the need to eat them.

  35. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, now that the Indians and blacks have been made to feel better when will they start learning, comprehending material, doing assignments in and out of class, showing proper deportment, etc?

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Augustus
  36. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Pray for the new neighbors these people will have. Moving out of the crime ridden neighborhood will .are things better?

    Over 100 families will relocate once buildings are torn down to lessen crime

    Updated: 7:28 AM EDT Apr 12, 2019

    Vanessa Herring  


    The Housing Authority of Baltimore City says tearing down buildings will make Gilmor Homes safer. More than 100 families will relocate in May, but not everyone thinks the plan will work.

    Some critics are worried about gentrification, saying that residents are being forced out. Others simply don’t believe tearing down buildings will hold down crime, but city officials say Gilmor Homes residents deserve a safe community and this is a step in the right direction.

    Moving out starts in May for 102 families living in Gilmor Homes. After that, six walk-up buildings will be torn down.

    “This is an opportunity for us to allow residents to be in a more safe living environment,” said Baltimore City Councilman Leon Pinkett.

    The Housing Authority says the change will open up the site, making it hard to hide illegal activity.

    “It’s not going to do nothing but go, ‘OK, we’re not going to sell drugs in this building, we’ll go to the next building.’ It’s just going to keep going and keep going; and keep going it’s like playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ said resident Monay Stewart.

    In a tweet, Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund said, “We’re still using the demolition of residents’ homes as a strategy to fight crime?”

    “Those walk-up units were in many cases drug-infested, were in many cases taken over by gangs and those doing illegal activities, and it was not and is not a safe living environment for individuals,” Pinkett said.

    In a statement, the executive director of the housing authority called this a short-term solution, and went on to say: “We are reducing the density of the property; however our longer-term intention is to come back and work with the community on a more strategic approach to redeveloping this property.”

    The Housing Authority will pay the relocation expenses for all the families and they’re helping them secure new places to live.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  37. Mr. XYZ says:

    It’s Wakanda, genius.

  38. Students are fragile flowers by all accounts. Stacey Abrams loss to Brian Kemp has left some of them in a most delicate condition. Bless their little hearts.

    ‘Valdosta State students uneasy, unhappy with Gov. Kemp delivering commencement speech’

    May 3 at 4:30 AM

    VALDOSTA, GA (WCTV) – Next weekend’s commencement ceremonies at Valdosta State are bringing some controversy with them. Gov. Brian Kemp will be speaking and that isn’t sitting well with some students.

    VSU administration has told students they planned to invite the governor to speak at commencement, regardless of who won November’s election.

    Last month, the school announced Kemp would deliver the commencement address, and it’s been stirring up a lot of controversy on campus.

    Seniors said they feel left out of such a big decision.

    VSU’s Student Government Association held a meeting earlier this week to talk with school administration over some of their concerns having Kemp speak at commencement.

    Organizers said there were students who left that meeting in tears, saying this is meant to be a time of celebration for seniors and they feel as though their voices aren’t being heard.

    The upset students said they don’t believe Kemp upholds their views and standards or meets the university’s “Blazer Creed,” of integrity and morals that is taught to students.

    They say, regardless of who won the election, commencement is not the time for uncomfortable or challenging conversations.

    “Graduation is supposed to be a time the graduates are supposed to be celebrated, it’s not supposed to be a time for anybody to be uncomfortable, regardless of who you are or your political affiliation,” said Jamontray Mike, president of the Mu Omicron chapter of VSU’s Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. “So whether Stacey Abrams got elected or not, political figures, especially at this time, should not have been welcomed here.”

    In a statement, the university said, in part, “This commencement will be a unique opportunity for students and their families to hear from the state’s highest leader and the university is committed to fostering a learning environment where open dialogue and the free exchange of ideas are welcomed.”

    Kemp is scheduled to speak at Saturday’s ceremony.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  39. Dieago Rivera. An equal opportunity offender. First a mural destroyed by the patrician Rockefellers because it offended their upper crust sensibilities now a mural to be destroyed because it offends the sensibilities of the proletariat at a Northern California high school. Nuanced evaluation just seems to escape all classes.

  40. @Anon

    “Dilution Theory” doesn´t work – quite the contrary.
    Ceteris paribus, spreading the malcontents around will about double the overall number of crimes –
    an absolute no-brainer considering the only thing that changes is the easy prey.
    What´s more, this has been quantitative knowledge for over 50 yrs now.
    (source: follow-up study on housing vouchers i.e. what is now Sect. 8 )

    We have to assume it´s intentional.

  41. @Rich

    Some have said that the use of lead pipes led to the demise of the Romans

    Not lead pipes.  America used lead piping for centuries.  If the water is alkaline, the pipe quickly gets a coating of scale which prevents lead from dissolving.  (The problem in Flint was that the Flint river is acidic, and the idiot admins ignored warnings from the technicians that they needed to shell out for stuff to raise the pH of the water.  The acidic water dissolved the protective scale coating, lead and other stuff started dissolving, and the rest is history.)

    The hypothetical Roman problem was the use of lead cooking vessels, particular to make a particular kind of sweetened wine.  Copper vessels left an unpleasant taste and the symptoms of copper poisoning are very obvious and unpleasant, IIUC.  Lead acetate tastes sweet and lead poisoning is far more subtle.


    Delete all your Unz cookies, that’ll do it.

    If you want to be particular about what you delete, go under your Unz cookies and delete the one called “SkipCommenters”.

    <White man takes a bow>

    • Replies: @CENTURION
  43. Augustus says:

    Changing DC to be more reflective of the dominant culture? Instead of Washington DC, try Obamakanda.

    These modern day reinventors of history demean the Founding Fathers because of slavery. I wonder how these virtue-signaling leftists will be judged in 100 years, when they get judged by the prevailing standards of the future. Imagine someone looking back on these socialist buffoons and wondering why they were so barbaric in their hatred of children that they had millions of abortions annually for decade after decade. That is hate at an unheard level anywhere throughout all of history.

  44. Augustus says:

    Deportment? Don’t be thinkin’ you be deportin’ me, you mutha! Ah here an here ah stay. Unnerstan?

  45. Augustus says:

    If, over the protests of students with tearful eyes, Kemp is allowed to speak, the sub species students MUST engage in some sort of Chimp Out or TNB. If they sit politely, showing respect and tolerance of an opposing view, someone might actually hire them. The sub species cannot tolerate the capitalism of gainful employment, lest they lose their “victim” status and move on from dependence on the social welfare system. How unbearable!!! No wonder there are tears.

  46. CENTURION says: • Website
    @Mr. Rational

    Can you say all that again in English..

    What is UNZ
    What is ‘skip comenters”?

    But, I thank you for helping me.

  47. Augustus says:

    This discussion has caused me to get back in touch with my artistic side (or did that art teacher 57 years ago say I was autistic?). Oh well, no matter, the new Augustus the Artiste has arisen.

    I will create a giant mural, working in basic black and white spray paints, in keeping to my special style of my Simplistic genre. I plan a giant mural on top of a huge warehouse near O’Hare Airport, so it can be seen by those few fools who fly into Chicago as well as all the millions who are leaving.

    The mural will (in black and white stick figures) display Blacks in their typical behaviors. In keeping with that spirit, my first creation will show 5 black gangstas, having conquered science so thoroughly as to have mastered the use of Obama phones, murdering the pizza delivery man for $75 in change the poor man was carrying. For those of you who attended a black public school in the ghetto, that’s $75/5 = $15 for each thug. Not a lot of money, but in the well-developed spirit of black peeps they will pool their money to come up with $45 to buy and share crack. I know, I know. They’ll never notice the missing 30. They didn’t stay in school long enough.

    Yours truly,
    Augustus the Artiste of Angst

  48. Friggin’ little wimps. So sick of all of them and what they represent.

  49. @Father O'Hara

    This is an opening salvo to the coming demands to change the name of the capital, repurpose the Washington Monument, and remove GW from the currency.

    Ten years ago, any normal person would deem the above statement ridiculous. Does anyone think it ridiculous now?

  50. The mural was painted by a communist, paid by a democrat welfare program. Oh, the irony.

  51. The people wanting to tear down this mural are doing it to erase white history. If and when that mural is torn down, their feelings about whites will not go away.

    So the question is: What will be next after this? And what will be next after that?

    For starters, I foresee a ban on vintage movies and classic rock that isn’t “inclusive” enough. Then there are books by white authors about white experiences that someone will find “alienating” to “readers of color.”

    If people don’t fight these loons about things like statues and murals, it’s going to end up like the Soviet Union, where we have to sneak in banned Beatles records because “The Party” doesn’t approve of them or their message.

    While all of that might sound outlandish, keep in mind that a lot of what we’re experiencing now would have seemed insane to people in the 1990s.

  52. The Dark Left and the anti-white whites love to glamorize Native American Indians. This race was NOT the environmental touchy feely medicine men whom we’ve been taught to idolize. They were nothing of the sort. Read the book Scalp Dance. It shows the REAL truth about what these brown invaders did to the white man over a 100 years ago.

    They would go through white villages and small white towns and murder, rape, scalp and then set on fire poor whites who had nothing to do with treaties or so called white privilege.

    My great grandma used to tell MY grandma and my Mom, that the only good Indian was a dead Indian. Listening to their stories from many years ago, rings very true.

    Over a 100 years ago the Indian tribal papers (in various locations) mysteriously burned in a fire. Those who were the REAL Indians were cut off the rolls. Infiltrators from the “tribe” allegedly infiltrated the government, made themselves fake Indians. Those are the people we see today who are receiving oil and minerals rights. Many of these folks receive around 13K TAX FREE MONTHLY!

    As far as blacks go? The east coast carpetbaggers gave many low blacks IQ positions of power that they did not deserve. They were brutal to many whites in the south. This is why the Klan was put into place.

    Libraries around me are getting rid of textbooks and old history books and literally throwing them into the dumpster. They want to erase history. If you have any old history books, keep them.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  53. Imagine someone looking back on these socialist buffoons and wondering why they were so barbaric in their hatred of children that they had millions of abortions annually for decade after decade. That is hate at an unheard level anywhere throughout all of history.

    Aborting children and indoctrinating the survivors.

    I remember reading a column by a leftist that aborted a second child because she felt the timing wasn’t right. They could afford the child but wanted to wait a couple years.

    Then they raise their children with White guilt and lie to them about racial differences.

    These are sick, sick people.

  54. Gyre07 says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    You must consider the location. 1) San Francisco is culturally somewhere other than ‘Northern California’. 2) It’s it’s own small nation of smug castaways from other places in the country and ‘twenty-something’ apolitical FANG company millionaires who drive Teslas and Audies. It’s the land of broken toys. Nobody with any political awareness lives there or comes from there. It’s all a big ‘anything goes’ human stew that frequently smells like human shit. And there is no political courage because it’s all such a closed little culture that everybody who lives there knows they’ll be shunned by their associates and friends, have property vandalized and probably lose their job(s) if they stray from the ‘everything white or straight is wrong’ lesbian/antifa crowd’s mantra.

    • Replies: @Noman
  55. Noman says:

    “Northern California”. I was expecting Redding, Chico, or some such place, north of the Bay Area.

    San Francisco area is not representative of Northern California.

    Guess what, kids? They can remove the mural, but it won’t change genetics.

  56. KenH says:

    What a clown car modern day America has become. The kosher right tells us that multiracialism can work and non-whites will embrace America as long as we have a robust economy and growing GDP. Well, we have those things and still the radical, anti-white left is mounting offensives against (white) American history and (white) historical figures and scoring victories in the culture wars.

    The cuckservative plan to win the race and culture wars via economic determinism has failed utterly.

    Non-whites are increasingly calling for murals and monuments to be destroyed and history to be rewritten if it offends their racial sensibilities. I’m sure this will get so much better when whites become less than 50% of the population with a corresponding loss of political power at the state and federal levels.

    Unfortunately, in a multiracial society either the dominant group is pushing everyone else around or getting pushed around. There’s no such thing as equality and peaceful coexistence. White Americans are the only majority group in history to let themselves get pushed around and insulted by minority groups.

    • Replies: @anon19
  57. @Feedsackroad

    I went to the Michael King parade carrying a sign that said “Life Doesn’t Matter to N.W.A.” along with printouts containing lyrical excerpts from their Raps bragging about ruthlessly gunning other Negroes down in a crowd, and expressing their feelings of remorselessness concerning innocent bystanders, ex: “What about the B*tch that got shot? F*ck Her! You think I give a damn about a B*tch? I ain’t a sucker!” I also included a few lines from “Black Korea” and “White Cave B*tch” by founding member Ice Cube, for good measure.

    The next year, I carried a sign that said, “Remembering White Victims of Segregation,” along with a photocopy of a newspaper article from 1982 that reported that there had been 46 (White) elderly victims of crime (perpetrated by Negroes) during a 3 month period between July and September within a 30 block radius. Three of the victims, ages 77, 80 and 94, were raped. The article is headlined “Thugs vicitimize aged in Poly,” and begins by describing the ordeal experienced by Faye Brandt, 74, who was awakened from an evening nap by someone ( a Negro) jamming a pencil up her nose and demanding money. She was severely beaten and discovered laying in a pool of blood two hours later by her husband when he returned home. (She subsequently died in the hospital).

    I also went to an Africans in America Church where the Minister called for the Southern Baptist Convention to disclaim the Confederate Battle Flag. Wearing a T-Shirt that read “Rebel With A Cause” and contained a depiction of J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry carrying a Battle Flag, I asked them, “How many generations of White children are going to have to apologize for the institution of Slavery? Will our grandchildren’s grandchildren bear this burden? And, if so, what good will an apology do?” I continued, ” We can’t speak our minds without fear of repercussion, we can’t travel safely in certain areas, and we can’t even take measures to defend ourselves without worrying about being incarcerated. You remind me of Neville Chamberlain waving a piece of paper and declaring peace in our time.”

    So, I do my best to put the onus back on them when the opportunity affords.

  58. anon19 says:

    This is why allowing non-whites into white countries is such a catastrophe.

  59. anon19 says:

    The Kosher right. Nice term for the traditional villian.

  60. @Realist

    What do you mean “on a” shit slide to hell. This country IS IN HELL! We’ve already arrived. No doubt about it. We’re all going to be in a gulag very shortly. Maybe we should get on a boat and dub it Mayflower III.

    • Replies: @Realist
  61. Realist says:
    @AV 1611 in Jersey

    This country IS IN HELL!

    Sadly I think we’ll find it can and will get a lot worse.

  62. TwistTie says:

    Why are whites giving in to these low IQ useless ingrates. Blacks would be nowhere without whites. Yet they whine complain and attack , destroy once great cities driving whites out. Tell these students to STFU and go back to Africa. See how they like it there . negro fatigue is at an all time high

  63. @Oleaginous Outrager

    Well, it’s not like they’re succeeding at any actual schooling

    We know this is true.
    I had a trainee who had to be taught how to use Microsoft Word.
    He was hired because he graduated from USC with a degree in Computer Science. How is this possible? Foreign student from Africa.

    Meanwhile, the white girl who he replaced, she came back to work after taking a year off to be with her babies and now answers the phone.

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