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Ring Smart Video Doorbell Captures Armed Black Males Trying to Rob White Man at His Home as He Waters Lawn in Broad Daylight in Tulsa
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No need to reinvent the wheel for this one.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

Advances in technology, driving down costs for surveillance equipment, is an even more wonderful thing.

Take for instance the story of a white Tulsa, Oklahoma homeowner, who was watering his lawn in the afternoon only to have an armed black male try and rob him in his front yard.

This white home owner had the Ring Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell, which captured the act in all its racial entirety. He also had a firearm holstered on his hip, which he had no problem unholstering. [WATCH: Armed Tulsa Homeowner Confronts Robbery Suspects,, July 25, 2019]:

Tulsa Police have three suspects in custody after the group pulled off a couple of armed robberies Wednesday night, July 24. One of the three was shot by a homeowner who said he felt threatened.

The suspects tried to rob another Tulsa homeowner who was armed while he was working on his yard.

Authorities said the first robbery was around 8 p.m. in a neighborhood near 11th Street and Highway 169.

Police said Andrew Payton, 20, and two teenage suspects pulled a gun on the man who was mowing his yard, getting away with $12 and a debit card.

They tried their luck a second time with a homeowner near 45th and Lewis about two hours later. Doorbell surveillance video shows them confronting a man who was working in his yard.

This man pulled a gun from a holster, and the suspects leave without getting anything. That homeowner did not fire at the suspects, police said.

Corporal J.P. Ward says officers began looking city-wide for the suspects.

“We got a pretty good description of the vehicle at that point and then, we got some officers on scene and they exactly found some photos of the vehicle in neighboring houses’ security systems,” Ward said.

Police say they caught one of the suspects, Andrew Payton, after a short chase ended in a crash near 11th and Sheridan. They say Payton had the gun used in the robbery.

The 17-year-old suspect surrendered to police, and officers say a 15-year-old suspect was shot by a homeowner who was aware of the chase and said the juvenile was running toward him. The juvenile is expected to be OK.

That homeowner, Zachariah Cook, refused to give police a statement and was arrested on a complaint of shooting with intent to kill. Police said there is a chance the homeowner used justified force, and the judge may decide to drop the charge.

Police say there were reports of a fourth suspect, but she has not been found. Payton and the two juvenile suspects (brothers ages 15 and 17) are in jail.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

It enables us to see racial truths otherwise hidden by the corporate/mainstream media.

A reminder: always carry. Even in your own front yard.

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  1. Augustus says:

    Free Zack! Free Zack! Free Zack! No more political prisoners!

  2. 95Theses says:

    At last, a story with a happy ending! And good advice, to boot.

    When I saw those photos my first thought was, “Hey! that could well be me watering that lawn,” because I do indeed open carry while I’m on my own property. It does take a while to get inured both the practice as well as the occasional double-take from passersby. But here in Ohio open carry is legal and law enforcement has adjusted to it. Even my elderly next-door neighbor (a kind soul who also happens to be holdover from the 60s liberal hippy) has got accustomed to seeing me wearing a G20 on my belt – although the first time she caught sight of it I thought sure she was gonna have a stroke!

    I don’t have a RING camera yet (another great idea!) but until then I make utility of my Jeep’s front and back DashCams to bear silent witness to any potential criminal activity. And since I park it on the street while I’m doing yardwork, the cameras can also capture license plate numbers – and with amazing clarity.

    Finally what Paul said bears repeating: always carry, even in your own front yard.

    Remember: If you’re more than three seconds away from your firearm, fix it.
    — Kevin Michalowski, USCCA

  3. Loren says:

    funny–I went to a talk by the guy who invented it.

    there is a wiki page on RING.

    ‘ try and rob him in his front yard. ‘ bad english.

  4. Gunga Din says:

    “Always carry. Even in you own front yard.” No better advice has ever been given!

  5. I am carrying practically every minute I am out of the house.

  6. The spread of video technology has yielded two major results:

    –Lots of video of black crime in progress
    –Not a lot of UFO footage 😉

    • LOL: Augustus
  7. @95Theses

    G20? Doesn’t that get a little bit heavy after a while?
    You must have wild boars or bears there
    That will definitely stop an orc.

  8. DMZABO says:


    So right about the blacks & UFO! I’ll even go one further lots of blacks robbing and killing, no ufo’s , and NO SASQUATCH

  9. Yes- ain’t technology grand?? One.
    Nikes thought cameras were going to catch all these rayciss cops out there doing their job+and instead we have hundreds of videos of babymomas throwing dey baby
    on duh concrete, entire families swinging it out at amusementent parks, attacks in broad daylight, etc. And if they charge that homeowner that fired a shot into a proven criminal, every Caucasian in a 50 mile radius needs to band together and protest. Hey, maybe he shot him in duh laig….

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  10. CENTURION says: • Website

    In broad day-light

    Notice the african has NO FEAR….One guy just walks away slowly since he knows the White Man can do nothing……they White man is prey and the White Liberals will protect him, the african.

    This nation is sickening.

    • Agree: Love Street, By-tor
  11. Last night I finally looked at the video clip showing the beat down in front of the hotel in Washington. Wow….These are some bad ass tough guys. Fourteen thugs on one guy. Washington is a death camp surrounded by a ghetto filled with bands of “teens” stalking the streets hunting for their next kill.

    The white tax slave is now the target of the state supported welfare army. Of course this will not be called a hate crime. It’s just some “kids” acting out against their oppressors. This shit keeps happening and nobody is doing anything to stop the slaughter. The media script readers and the Washington androids keep complaining about “racism” and “justice reform” while hoards of ghetto rats stalk the streets killing, raping and beating the shit out of white people. Of course we all know that by spending billions of more dollars on “programs” helping these vicious criminals that we can all live happily ever after. That’s why I like the idea that the children of these welfare queens are shooting each other. “My baby dun be daid….sum thang needs to be dun…we needs mo of dat money”.

    I daily count my blessings that I survived the jungle. Where I live I call the “end of the road”. It’s an hours drive to the nearest movie theater or super market. In the last month I’ve only seen one black person. He was A middle age guy with a fat white woman standing in line at the Subway shop. He might have been a tourist. Another trip to town this early Spring I did see three black people in one day. One was a female. Also it’s been nearly three years since I’ve seen a wigger. When I encounter another one I’ll leave a full report.

    In the “big city” I do see a large number of young fat girls with their skinny pencil neck geek boyfriends. They don’t talk much to each other because they spend most of their time staring into mini-telescreens. There is a lot of excitement in the local area because “coonball” season is coming.

  12. Three more ‘teens.’

    …as in ‘Group of teens brutally attack men in front of DC hotel’

    Language evolves. In various contexts, ‘teen’ now means ‘black.’ It’s similar to ‘gay’ or ‘retarded.’ The word has acquired a secondary meaning.

    • Agree: Love Street
  13. I congratulate the homeowner for having a gun and using it. He was not another victim of negroes.

    In the age of the internet, it is hard to cover up for black people and pretend they are not thugs and criminals when they are filmed in the act.

    The man showed great restraint by not killing the negroes.

    What is disturbing is there are still white people out there who defend the negro, and because of some non-existent injustice to negroes justify their crimes against whites.

    The only recourse that I can see is whites uniting and fighting against the negro. I know many will say it can’t be done, but with a united white people it can and will be done.

    I wonder where all the people who defend negroes are today! On occasion I see them here, but their lines always are based on calling us racists for telling the truth. In my opinion, their race card is now dead. They have used it so much it is now a joke!

    • Replies: @Dfry
  14. @95Theses

    ‘When I saw those photos my first thought was, “Hey! that could well be me watering that lawn,” because I do indeed open carry while I’m on my own property…’

    Put me down as ambivalent. First off, I unequivocally support your right to carry — but then, I would unequivocally support your right to do quite a few things I’m not actually too crazy about.

    The difficulty is that once every few years I’ve found myself getting into some sort of heated exchange/confrontation where it was just as well neither I nor my interlocutor were carrying. People get pissed off — and it’s just as well if a broken nose is about the outside limit of likely outcomes.

    I’d call this another example of why I just don’t want blacks. Not here, not there, not anywhere.

  15. Nothing but respect for the older, armed gentleman. Nothing but contempt for the three varmints who make a living by preying in people for pocket change.

    One thing I do want to point out is, when you watch the video, notice how the gentleman struggles with his pistol/holster combination.

    This goes right back to what’s been discussed here at some length. Thenidea that by strappingnon a handgun, you make yourself a immune to attack.

    I’m guessing the two morons didn’t notice the pistol or as was said, didn’t care because of their protective melanin.

    When he made his decision to pull, he tugged and tugged at his pistol, eventually removing the paddle holster from his belt and stripping it from his weapon, discarding it on the lawn.

    That was enough for the one peep who fled in fear. Scarier, was the second attacker who kept his cool and simply turned and walked back to his car.

    The topic is practice. This gentleman attached a holstered weapon to his hip and seemingly never attempted to draw under stress or in practice. Thankfully he eventually made-ready and brought his weapon into battery. An armed attacker could’ve shot him. Had either of them moved forward instead of backward/stationary, they could had had hands on him while he drew.

    Can’t stress it enough, my people. Practice, practice, practice. Both hands. Different weapons. Different holster locations. Different holster.

    Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.

    Do it till it runs in your veins.

    • Agree: 95Theses, Gunga Din
  16. @Ex New Yorker

    Sportsball , nba and nfl can go to hell.
    I don’t worship “ thugs” these days. On a lighter note,
    A friend of mine repoed a current nfl thugs Mercedes yesterday, Hilarious!

    • Agree: Female in FL
  17. This country is part of a massive global “machine”. The minds, blood and souls of human beings are the grease that keeps the cog wheels of this machine turning. People spend their lives in a world filled with lies and fairy tales. These false beliefs create a “mind cage” and their lives are lived in bondage. These human cog wheels believe they are free but are nothing but mindless slaves living in chains. The blind leading the blind. They are told lies. They believe these lies and learn to “love the machine”. It is a “sin” to question their slave masters.

    Their hidden rulers and overlords of this world take great pride in how stupid the slaves have become. Anybody with three functioning brain cells can see through this bullshit. If you wake up you are now the new “bad guys”. People trying to escape their bondage and freeing themselves from the machine are the modern day heretics. By using their God given right to freely speak their minds they are now called Nazis and Racist. Walk away from your chains and you become the currant “enemy of the state”.

    The machine has no mercy for the slaves . We have now become “food for the machine”. The machine is hungry and must be appeased. Never open your eyes. Never think for yourselves. Obey the machine . The machine loves you. The machine is your shepherd. Believe the LIE.

    This machine is the “prison warden” for the planet. Humans are it’s slaves and prisoners . The Earth has become a”farm” for trapped souls. Only a few will be allowed to escape. Will you be one.

    “Open the pod door HAL”.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  18. unit472 says:

    They ‘hoodie’ waa the natural negro response to video surveillance but wearing one in July in Tulsa during daylight has got to be uncomfortable. I was watching Forensic Files recently and learned those license plate scanners police use not only run your license plate but also take a picture of the vehicle when they do it. Thus if police have a license plate number can they can run that plate against the scanner data base and get a picture of the car.

  19. That homeowner, Zachariah Cook, refused to give police a statement and was arrested on a complaint of shooting with intent to kill.

    Who “complained,” the fucking orc?

    Sidenote: whenever it’s orc crime, fakenews trots out the professional spokes-orc as if to say, “See? They’re not all violent drains on society!”

  20. 95Theses says:
    @Love Street

    Not yet it hasn’t. And besides that, I always have a BUG to augment the primary. In colder weather I carry three. You just have to make up your mind to do it and adjust accordingly. In the wintertime they (along with and extra magazines/speedloaders) add about another 15 pounds to my frame. I know so because I’ve weighed myself with and without the gear on the bathroom scale.

    For that day – one I hope never happens – I don’t want to wish I’d prepared better; I want to make sure they run out before I do.

    Of course, nothing is guaranteed … but why not improve the odds to your favor? See the attached article.


    3-Gun Carry For Civilians?
    2004, May 01 | Robert H. Boatman

  21. @L in ATL hell

    Let’s not forget all the videos of negroes having huge fights inside restaurants or other businesses and negro bystanders hooting and hollering in excitement as they video tape the festivities. They find it all to be high entertainment and loads of fun. Ditto for mall brawls, street fights, the knockout “game” and flash mobs robbing stores. One thing is clear- negroes don’t care if their TNB is being video taped and it’s certainly no deterrent to their uncivilized, feral and trashy behavior. In fact, they love documenting it and posting it on every site they can as if it’s some sort of accomplishment. Even security camera’s in stores don’t stop them from fighting and stealing or engaging in other forms of TNB.

    With the tsunami of video evidence of how uncivilized, feral and stupid negroes are, I don’t see how anyone can see them as anything other than a curse and a plague upon civilization.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  22. 95Theses says:
    @Colin Wright

    I guess it’s a question of temperament. Me, I do my best with kin and friends to avoid conflict. I generally just walk away (or drive away). Conversations are rarely heated and the last time that happened it was on the phone. Plus, as I’m in my mid-60s (most people would probably that old) I’ve learned to keep my head above the din.

    I have a long-time friend who is currently journeying through the states to enjoy our national parks and brush up on his history. Yesterday he was close to the Custer battlefield (one of many such sites on his itinerary).

    But… though he owns a couple firearms, he opted to take nothing with him. And he’s traveling alone. He was at Gunnison National Park last week, a place so vast you may not see another human being for days. He considered it too much of a hassle to pre-check state gun laws.

    “Several canyons of the American West are longer and some are deeper, but none combines the depth, sheerness, narrowness, darkness, and dread of the Black Canyon.”
    — Duane Vandenbusche

    Well isn’t that just peachy-keen. I think what he is doing is foolhardy, and I have told him that when I accompany him on his next national adventure I’ll see to the travel plans because I will be taking along at least two firearms. I pray for his safety frequently.

    So it is up to the individual. But as for me, I won’t go anywhere I’m not allowed to carry.

  23. 95Theses says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    I can’t remember where I read it, but on a recent Colin Flaherty video showing a gang of “teens” swarming and beating a white guy and his girlfriend, one of the commenters said,

    Man, this makes me so mad! If I were there I’d be tempted to empty a clip on them!

    Reply from another: Now, now. It’s not a clip, it’s a magazine.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  24. Tulsa Police have three suspects in custody…

    Big whoopee-do. The arrest of these three means as much to me as the Cologuard specimen I returned last week. Their arrest and resulting slap on the wrist is an exercise in futility. The nonchalant manner of these crimes means we have passed the tipping point. This is where leads: the brazen execution of a store clerk one block from the Brundidge, Ala, police station. The days of law and order are behind us. The ‘suspects are in custody.’ So what?

  25. @95Theses

    You don’t know…he may have been holding a Garand!

    • Replies: @95Theses
  26. @Non PC Infidel

    ‘…With the tsunami of video evidence of how uncivilized, feral and stupid negroes are, I don’t see how anyone can see them as anything other than a curse and a plague upon civilization.’

    Indeed — but I suspect negroes are only a curse and a plague because we insist on pretending they’re the same as other human beings.

    If we treated dogs as equals — with the right to liberty, to patronize grocery stores, to reproduce freely, etc — they’d be a curse and a plague as well.

    …instead of the lovable family pets they are. Negroes are only a problem because we encourage them to be a problem.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  27. I dare ya says:

    This guy will probably now be dragged through the mud by various orc friendly lawyers. With Terrance Crutchers sister still there stirring the pot I’m sure they will have something to say. But who gives a damn. That whole fambily fought over money they didn’t get👍. Then the deonte(?) Green story. Tulsa is falling the way so many other large cities have. There’s been a lot said about the Tulsa race massacre. But no one says why it happened. Black elevator operator rapes white woman the men took matters in their own hands. People should remember that history has a way of repeating itself.

  28. Luludog says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    Yeah, the beat down in DC almost made it to the national stage. So what did the media do? They pulled out an old distraction technique by reporting on an old photo of several white frat boys holding rifles while posing in front of lil Emmit Tills death plaque. Then had to add how the lib law makers and NAACP were calling for an FBI investigation into this terrible hate crime.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  29. NCgal says:

    It’s really sad we live in a time you have to carry a gun to water your own lawn. I’ve heard of a time before diversity when people didn’t even need to lock their doors.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  30. One thing I will give a negro credit for is that a negro wouldn’t have hesitated to open fire on these “yoofs” unlike this guy. He may have been hauled downtown but those thugs would have been on the receiving of some slow singing and flower bringing.

    The moment these thugs approached, a negro would have gone into high alert and had his hand on his weapon.

  31. @Colin Wright

    I conceal carry and understand where you’re coming from. I have had the occasional argument/road rage/confrontation, but I always try to not let those kind of disagreements escalate. Because I DO have a gun and can just as easily pull it and start firing shots into the car/person who angered me. I don’t do that because I have self control and don’t want to face the consequences of my actions if I did act out in irrational haste.
    I work with tools everyday, it’s how I earn my living, and I view a gun as a tool to be used as a last ditch effort to protect myself or family in a dire situation where I cannot get away. I don’t think of myself as some tough guy, action hero, defender of injustice because I carry a firearm, I just know it is a deterrent and equalizer in the event J’Tavious and Trayvon decide they want to carjack or rob me while I’m minding my business at a red light or coming from dinner with my girl.

  32. @unit472

    The amount of orcs I see in S. Florida walking around wearing hoodies & beanies in the middle of summer is astounding. It’s 85° with 90% humidity at 6am, even if you were outside with no clothes, it’s still gross and uncomfortable. I go thru 3-4 shirts a day down here, just due to them being soaked with sweat.

    • Replies: @95Theses
  33. @NCgal

    Where I grew up in a negro free zone, my friend’s parents never locked their doors, and they lived out in the middle of rural country, not visible to neighbors, a prime robbing location, yet their house was never broken into. Even when they would take road trips for 3-6 weeks at a time in the summer, the door was never locked.

  34. Here fellow Realists is a textbook example of why any decent white human does NOT want to be any where near a common lowlife negro.

  35. 95Theses says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Hey, robbing and pillaging is a full-time job! Hoodies are essential gear for the fellas and lovely ladies who need to conceal their identity.

  36. @Jack Again

    One thing I will give a negro credit for is that a negro wouldn’t have hesitated to open fire on these “yoofs” unlike this guy. He may have been hauled downtown….

    Remember, the white man has a wife and children who he loves. He owns a house and has a job. He can’t afford to act like a negro.

    • Agree: unit472
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  37. Dfry says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    I was curious if you saw the photos of the 2 who were arrested? Yes i saw someone black in the video but the 2 that were arrested where not black.

  38. Realist says:

    At last, a story with a happy ending!

    It could have been happier.

    • Replies: @95Theses
  39. @unit472

    Every hoodie should have a serial number stenciled on the back

    • LOL: Augustus, Bubba
  40. @unit472

    A photo of hr vehicle really isn’t that big of a deal, since your registration contains the CIN, make, model, and year.
    The bigger issue with LPS is the location ID. Each pic gets a GPS geo tag for the tracking of your vehicle. That’s great for when your insurance company runs the VLR report and gets a hit for all the locations. Or, say if some nameless faceless agency wanted to know your habits.
    But it isn’t just police that use them.
    Repo men, HOA security patrol, and on and on.

  41. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    ‘Remember, the white man has a wife and children who he loves. He owns a house and has a job. He can’t afford to act like a negro.’

    Yeah — but this is an old problem.

    The guy who is afraid of the consequences always has to back down in the face of the guy who isn’t afraid of the consequences.

  42. Is this how it has to be White Man, White Woman?

    Living in a war zone at all times?

    Sure, you can carry, but what about your children?

    Law and Order must be reestablished, whether it harms orc self-esteem or not.

  43. 95Theses says:

    Truly. On the other hand, things might have turned out much worse had he not been armed. So i’m glad for that.

    Also, maybe now that old guy realizes that he needs to practice, practice, practice with his draw a bit more. And maybe think about replacing his holster with one fabricated from Kydex.


    • Agree: Realist
  44. @Colin Wright

    “The difficulty is that once every few years I’ve found myself getting into some sort of heated exchange/confrontation where it was just as well neither I nor my interlocutor were carrying.”
    The Great State of Tennessee was one of the first to allow CCWs to carry in establishments that serve alcohol. I think that is a mistake.

  45. @Colin Wright

    If we treated dogs as equals — with the right to liberty, to patronize grocery stores, to reproduce freely, etc — they’d be a curse and a plague as well.

    …instead of the lovable family pets they are. Negroes are only a problem because we encourage them to be a problem.

    Years ago the family Springer Spaniel jumped out of the partially open car window in a parking lot, ran through an open sliding door of a grocery store, and bit three store employees who were determined to stop her from feasting on the produce aisle.

    She got two weeks in “quarantine” in a local vet–so I guess we do treat Negroes like dogs. 🙂

  46. @Love Street

    Love Street Post 7 It’s going to take more than firepower. Look at how the middle class builds houses in Mexico. Heavy,reinforces masonry,massive doors,and an interior courtyard instead of a front lawn. Local orcs and 3rd world trash are being Section 8 ed into every working class or lower middle class neighborhood.

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