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Prayers for Landen Hoffman: 5-Year-Old White Boy Thrown from 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America by Black Career Criminal Still in Intensive Care
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Previously on SBPDL: Black Career Criminal “Randomly” Targets White 5-Year-Old Boy, Throws Him Off 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America

A black career criminal went to the Mall of America “looking for someone to kill” on April 13. He targeted a five-year-old white boy named Landen Hoffman and tossed him off a third floor balcony.

This story has been completely dropped from the corporate media’s radar, primarily because of the racial implications of the attack.

Of course, the racial implications of the attack have rarely been disclosed by the corporate media, nor investigated by the police. [Parents of boy attacked at Mall of America bare anguish over extent of injuries, uncertainty of recovery, Twin Cities Pioneer Press, June 25, 2019]:

The 5-year-old Woodbury boy who survived being thrown from a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America remains in intensive care due to severe complications from the attack, his parents said in an update this week on their GoFundMe page.

“Up until now we have let our hopes govern what we have revealed to the public,” the Tuesday post stated. “However, the injuries and severe complications have now resulted in more than 15 separate medical procedures or surgeries, including surgeries for two broken arms and a broken leg, removal of his spleen, procedures for fluid in his lungs and stomach, as well as for facial and skull fractures; and just this past weekend, he had a stent placed in a vein that runs through his liver because of the serious complications he continues to endure.”

The boy, publicly identified only as Landen, has been in intensive care since he was thrown nearly 40 feet to the ground by 24-year-old Emmanuel Aranda on April 12.

“While the miracle of his survival is what we celebrate and thank Jesus for every day, we must also acknowledge that our beautiful boy has been on a very challenging road to recovery,” the family wrote. “We are still unsure when our family will be able to return home.”

Aranda pleaded guilty to attempted premeditated first-degree murder and was sentenced earlier this month in Hennepin County District Court to 19 years in prison.

The Minneapolis man told investigators he went to the Bloomington mall “looking for someone to kill” after women he approached there had rejected his advances. He said he had planned to kill an adult before choosing the child instead.

Aranda’s family said he suffered from mental illness, though his lawyer never raised that as a defense.

Keep Landen Hoffman and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

And never forget: a black man went to the Mall of America “looking for someone to kill” and targeted a five-year-old white boy, and the corporate media and the local police in Minneapolis never dared inquire about the racial angle of the attack.

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  1. Yes…I think of this young child and think what an upside down piece of crap world he lives in; he is vilified because he happens to be white. He will remain in my prayers that God will bless him with a speedy recovery of the heinus act of a deranged negro.

    Regarding this: “And never forget: a black man went to the Mall of America “looking for someone to kill” and targeted a five-year-old white boy, and the corporate media and the local police in Minneapolis never dared inquire about the racial angle of the attack.”

    You can bet your ass, or next paycheck, I will never forget that part of story.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  2. Augustus says:

    “Attempted, premeditated, 1st degree murder….. 19 years?”

    Inflict that much pain and damage on a 5-year-old, and get 19 years? Serve what? A third?

    This country is irredeemable. I am ashamed for this nation. It has totally radicalized it’s native son due to racist, identity politics.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @SMK
    , @SMK
  3. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    In most states, if the kid eventually dies of something that can be traced to the attack, this perp can be charged with murder. I would think it would be Murder One, although unfortunately Minnesota does not have the death penalty.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  4. Gunga Din says:

    “Aranda’s family said he suffered from mental illness.” This seems to be one of their main excuses for TNB.

    • Agree: CENTURION
    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @David In TN
  5. note that he went there to intentionally kill someone, attacked a CHILD, and gets 19 year sentence ( he’ll be out in 8) james fields was fleeing from attack and almost undoubtedly accidentally ran over someone- 140 yrs, or something like that

  6. AceDeuce says:

    Here’s a few other black adult-white child murders that had little coverage (next to no national coverage) and then went down the rabbit hole. What little coverage there was by the MSM was non-racial, naturally.

  7. @Dr. Pepper

    I just prayed for him, and I don’t do that often (some one I don’t know).

    If I were the Dad, well, I just don’t know what would be my next move …

  8. @chattanooga gal

    Yeah, and, along with that, I’ve read that the obese woman Fields hit with the car did not die from the impact but due to her own health problems. In a non-anarcho-tyrannical country, that technicality alone would preclude a murder verdict. Unfortunately, we are in one.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  9. @Achmed E. Newman

    I have a sense of impending disaster…..

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  10. RickTen99 says:

    The sentence, in accordance to Minnesota Sharia law, should have been that mr darkie be thrown off of a 20 story building, twice.

  11. @Bardon Kaldian

    Peak Stupidity, my friend, is coming. Why will it peak? Good question. It’s the global financial stupidity – what can’t go on, won’t go on – that will cause both financial and political turmoil, which will put the kibosh on all the other stupidity of various and sundry flavors. That is, unless we go full-out Communist after that.

  12. @Gunga Din

    Mental illness is a medical excuse for the obvious reason that no one dare speak of. Negroes are born retarded, and genetically prone to extreme violence. Nothing will change that, EVER!!!

    Have you ever done something and just for a fleeting second said “oops this is gonna hurt” just before you do it. Then find yourself running for the first aid kit. This happens every day in America when we release a black convict.
    Another one of those moments happened in America. Do you think we should have picked our own cotton?? Who could have ever predicted it was going turn out like this. Certainly not Nostradamus.

    Lots of ammo sales on this Canada Day long weekend. Stock up. MRE’s are on sale as well.

    There is no First Aid Kit for America. She is doomed.

    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  13. @chattanooga gal

    The woman who “got ran over” wasn’t even hit by the car. Autopsy said she had a heart attack. She was not a tiny person.

    • Replies: @Raccoon
    , @eah
  14. Damn! I was the first commenter here and I just looked back and saw it was still sitting in ‘moderation’.

    So, as I’ve done before, I’m copying and pasting in its entirety below. Don’t know what the issue is but I can see how people get paranoid about their thoughts never seeing the light of day….

    I recently watched a tv show (I know, I know) and being the last to enter into a fray between several men, this young man placed the muzzle of his AR against the back of an aggressor’s skull as he assaulted an old man and said this phrase:

    “What happens to him, happens to you.”

    It’s a good post-altercation mantra to adopt. Call it vigilantism or justice, it can certainly take the place of most of the stupidity we now know as ‘law’.

    The thought of this asshole being dropped from a great height actually makes me feel all warm inside. If he lives through it, it will give him something to ponder the remainder of his life.

  15. Loren says:

    allowing the insanity defense was one of the worst things courts ever did.

    meanwhile in new ‘new england’–

    in our urban areas, schools provide all 3 daily meals for their students; now that school is out kids are not getting fed. Apparently, in the ‘Community’, mothers cannot or will not prepare meals for their own children.
    Of course nobody is blaming the mothers or calling them into account, no, its the fault of racism, inequality, sexism (you know the drill) it occurs to me you would have to search long and hard in history to find a civilization where mothers neglected to feed their own kids, but left the job to someone else.
    Of course do gooders, the cities and the state have stepped in to make sure these kids don’t starve to death. Meanwhile, in Hartford, Hamden and New Haven about a dozen people have been shot this weekend, including an 8 year old boy. Hamden is a special case. Not long ago a long wall seperated it from the Fair Haven section of New Haven, Hamden being a relatively stable suburban town, and Fair Haven a dangerous ghetto.
    After a summer of agitation “we build bridges, not walls”, needless to say the wall came down. Now after a few years Hamden isn’t so stable, or safe. 600 community members showed up at a house party on a suburban street in Hamden Friday night and 5 of them were shot. This is how it must be across the US, town by town, street by street, the country falls into a state of social decay, disorder and dystopia.

  16. concerning James Field’s ” victim”, I stand corrected. but, since he wasn’t even truly responsible for her death, his sentence is even more unfair compared to the lenient treatment of mr. i went there to kill someone. we have a most decided double standard these days.

    • Replies: @eah
  17. KenH says:

    The local police and prosecutor kept everything under wraps and probably knew more than they disclosed to the public. Reverse the races and had a white man thrown a 5yr old congoid off of a third floor mall balcony and he would have been charged with a federal hate crime and likely sentenced to death regardless of whether it was racially motivated or not. The lefty Twitter mob would have exploded with rage and issued death threats against the white perp’s family and anyone connected to him.

    Whites would have been killed or maimed by congoid savages in retaliation. Orange man Trump would have tweeted and met with the victim’s family and congoid leaders. Congress would pass a resolution condemning all white people.

    So don’t tell me that whites have privilege and that America is still steeped in white supremacy because if that was the case than the congoid perp would be hanging from the nearest lamp post.

    • Agree: bruce county
  18. @Augustus

    He’ll come up for parole around six years. The press says “sentenced to 19 years in prison.” They don’t tell you he can get out after a third of that.

  19. @Gunga Din

    “This seems to be one of their main excuses for TNB.”

    Nicholas Stix call this the Crazy Card.

  20. @bruce county

    Lots of ammo sales on this Canada Day long weekend.

    Pertaining to semi-auto handguns, it’s always a good idea to perform the “plunk and spin test” to make certain the rounds fit your particular gun.
    If you’re not familiar with these tests, they’re very easy to do and just take a few seconds.
    FIELD STRIP (remove the slide, spring assembly and barrel from the frame), and then with the muzzle end of the barrel pointed toward the floor, take a round and drop it into the chamber. It should readily fall into the chamber with a satisfying little plunk sound. If it doesn’t, it might mean the case is not sized correctly or possibly bulged – it should slide in freely.
    Next, with the index finger and thumb of your free hand, try to spin the round in the chamber. It should spin freely.
    I have not had a cartridge not pass the first test, but have had an entire box of a well-known 9mm defensive round fail the second (spin) test. If the round does not spin, it’s probably a case of the bullet portion contacting the barrel rifling – a potentially dangerous condition, since bullets are supposed to have a little “jump” space before they reach the rifling. If they don’t have this space, potentially dangerous pressures can be created. Defensive rounds are usually “hotter,” so we don’t need to up pressure any more with a too-long round jammed into the chamber.
    For you fellow reloaders, I called the ammo company, and was told this particular round can vary in cartridge overall length by as much as twenty thousandths of an inch, which in the reloading world can be a significant amount.
    Not all chambers are of identical size. For example, the Glock 19 I formerly owned could accommodate longer rounds than my S&W Shield.

    One other thing: If a round doesn’t fully chamber in your semi auto handgun, i.e., the slide doesn’t go into battery, do not hit the slide with your palm to force it into battery, for the reason described above. It’s much safer to eject the round and check it later. Of course if it’s an emergency situation, all bets are off.

  21. Many innocent people particularly the elderly and children are victimised by the homeless mentally ill. Liberals enjoy allowing hundreds of thousands of dangerous mentally ill people to roam the streets of big cities. This crap has been tolerated and encouraged by lefty politicians for years. We seldom hear anything about the victims unless it is a really awful story like this poor child that even the MSM can’t cover up. The homeless crisis is a phony problem caused by liberal voters who want to shove these druggies and drunks in our faces which somehow in their crazy system of ethics makes them feel compassionate and superior to the rest of us. May God help this child and his family, apparently most Americans don’t give a damn.

  22. eah says:
    @chattanooga gal

    You are (too) easily corrected — in the recent Nicholas Stix piece ‘Neither Justice Nor Mercy for James Fields—and It’s His Lawyers’ Fault’, you can find a link to the autopsy report which gives the alleged cause of death (a lacerated/transected aorta) — there is some discussion of this in the comments.

  23. eah says:

    What I ‘notice’ reading the linked update: the ‘Pioneer Press’ is full of stories about black mayhem and violence, whereby if there is no foto you would have no clue about that from the text — but look at the comments from other experienced ‘noticers’ — so while the ‘pioneers’ created civilization out of wilderness, it seems they are now surrendering it again to savages.

    (Just delete the earlier version of this comment containing the ‘n word’ that you treat as kryptonite.)

  24. Raccoon says:
    @What isn’t printedcounts

    The autopsy results are widely available, and places cause of death as “blunt force trauma”.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  25. I’m betting in the orc’s original statement, he admitted to targeting a White victim (we can safely assume he was harassing White wimmens.) Some helpful soul at the PD likely then said, “Don’t you really mean you targeted an adult?”

  26. eah says:
    @What isn’t printedcounts

    Some idiocy in the comments here, and yours is part of that — can you not do a simple internet search to find the autopsy report and cause of death for Heather Heyer? — or review the medical evidence presented in the trial of James Fields? — if you had, you would have seen that the autopsy report states she had a broken femur, and the specific cause of death was a transected aorta, both allegedly due to blunt force trauma from being struck by a car — at the trial, some medical and forensic evidence was presented attempting to show she was struck by a car.

    Her mother is seen on video saying she died of a heart attack, which of course does not match what is in the autopsy report — this is definitely odd, and should be considered when looking at the case.

    See also comment #22.

    • Replies: @eah
  27. @Raccoon

    I stand corrected on this one, and apologize for the bad information (to EAH also).


    1) A good lawyer would delve into this health aspect of this roley-poley, along with everything else that could cast doubt on the charge of 1st-degree murder. A good lawyer is supposed to bring up everything he can think of in defense of his client. James Fields’ lawyers were obviously derelict.

    2) Perhaps the huge mass of the victim prevented her from being able to jump out of the way of a slow-moving car, unlike what would be the case for more agile people. That’s a contributing factor, just sayin’.

  28. I just went to the original article by the Pioneer Press, which is pretty much what Mr. Kersey excerpted here. Look at the bio. of the weekend reporter woman who wrote the quick story. I like what I read, don’t get me wrong, as she is a homeschool Mom, has 11 chickens in the back yard, etc. (my kind of off-the-grid lady!)

    However, I was imagining what Deanna Weniger would think if she knew of Mr. Kersey’s post and link to her article. Would she “snowflake out”, turn red, and just be horrified? I think she would. All she knows is her compassion for the poor little boy (and I don’t say that at all jokingly – I feel the same). That has nothing to do with ever stopping such a thing from happening to another cute, innocent 5 y/o in the future, though, does it?

    Being called, or even thought of, as a racist is much more horrifying to the snowflakes of Minnesota and elsewhere than any look into a future with violent black men that feel free to commit such a terrible act again.

    It takes men with a sense of justice, and a will for that, to stop something like this. The women love to show us their compassion, but it’s on a short time-line – what just happened? OMG! Responsible men think it through and have compassion on a long-term scale. Women should not be allowed to vote and hold office. That experiment has failed miserably.*


    * No, I’m NOT blaming the whole thing on the women’s voting rights. It’s just a long-term term problem that prevents real solutions to stop this from happening to the next innocent kid.

    • Agree: WSG
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  29. eah says:

    See also comment #22.

    Should be comment #23 — maybe there was an earlier comment pending approval when I made the reference.

  30. Noman says:

    “19 years in prison” for destroying the life of a child and a family.

    A case for Capital Punishment.

    I remembered the other reason blacks wear their pants at half ass. In prison they take their belts away along with shoe laces. Young “criminals to be”, in veneration of their local heroes would remove their shoe laces and their belts.

  31. SMK says: • Website

    The “Derb’s” comments on this low-IQ savage and lunatic, whom he described as a ‘minor social nuisance” before he tried to murder a 5-year-child by throwing him off the third-floor balcony at the Mall of Somalia/Africa-America, are incredibly, and uncharacteristically, stupid, absurd, perverse, and frivolous. Ignorance of the facts is his only excuse. But, apparently, he knows the facts, generally. Emanuel Deshawn Aranda has “a long rap sheet of anti-social behavior, most of a petty and destructive kind, smashing 5 computers at a public library because something on Facebook annoyed him, that sort of thing.” Smashing 5 computers in a library and all his other violent and deranged acts were “minor” and “petty” and a “bit weird” but not worthy of “institutionalization,” much less imprisonment?

    In a sane and just and rational country, as opposed to one in which black criminals are depicted as “victims” of whites and “racism” and thus systemically and repeatedly coddled, Aranda would have been buried in prison years ago, whether in the mental ward of among the general violent population, at age 18 if not earlier. Who knows how many crimes and assaults he committed as a “minor” and “juvenile,” a “child,” some even say “little boy,” i.e. a biological man under age 18.

    Aranda is just one of myriads of violent and recidivist black criminals, legions and hordes and armies of them, who should have been in prison rather than free to commit aggravated assaults, muggings, armed robberies, rapes, gang-rapes, shootings, acts of vandalism, murders, etc. Not nearly enough black males are in prison, a reality confirmed by the anarchy and mayhem and warfare in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and many other cities. Among blacks, what percentage of violent felonies are committed by first-offenders?

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  32. @Anonymous

    although unfortunately Minnesota does not have the death penalty.

    This goes way back, since a botched hanging over a hundred years ago. Neighboring states haven’t executed since the 19th century– Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa. Rhode Island and Vermont, too. Abolition isn’t some recent fad.

    Compare this to Europe. France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and the UK have all exacted it after 1945.

    This is good to remember when dealing with smug modern Europeans.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  33. @Achmed E. Newman

    Women should not be allowed to vote and hold office. That experiment has failed miserably.*

    It takes a long time to fail, though. Women are traditionally more careful voters than are men. Harding was a vast improvement over Wilson. Men built the welfare state. Women are slower to go to war.

    Thinking practically rather than ideologically, the best route might be to turn women’s suffrage on and off every few decades. That way, each sex can correct the excesses of the other.

  34. @SMK

    In a sane and just and rational country, as opposed to one in which black criminals are depicted as “victims” of whites and “racism” and thus systemically and repeatedly coddled, Aranda would have been buried in prison years ago

    The Zoomali should have been deported quite a few crimes ago, which would have been even cheaper.  A sane society would have a zero-tolerance policy for immigrant (including refugee) crime and deport them on their first criminal offense, removing the rest of the family unit with them.  That would be the only way to truly address the problem.

  35. AnalogMan says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    This is good to remember when dealing with smug modern Europeans.

    Au contraire. Unless you want to give them extra reason for smugness.

    In my opinion, this case is a strong argument for retaining the death penalty. One of many.

  36. SMK says: • Website

    Imagine the agony, the excruciating torture, this child had endured, when conscious before and after his many operations, for over a month, and the pain he’ll endure for the rest of his life if he survives. Given his injuries, it appears that he’ll never play sports or even be able to walk. He’ll spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair, at best, assuming he’ll even have the physical capacity to operate a wheel chair. He’ll never marry or start a family or even make love to a woman. It’s also possible that he suffered life-altering brain damage, to what degree I don’t know. Given all this, one can argue that he would have been better off had he died, instantly, from the fall, or if he dies in the near future, after who knows how many more operations, how many more hours and days and weeks and months of hellish agony and torture, physically and emotionally. If he survives, the life he will live will be a life not worth living.

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