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On July 4th in 65% Black Memphis, 40+ Blacks Throw Fireworks at White Families, Viciously Attack White Family Who Told Them Stop
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You know the drill by now. Right? The whole concept of the so-called “double standard.”

If this had been scores of white people throwing fireworks at black families trying in vain to peacefully enjoy Fourth of July fireworks, then when confronted about the Independence Day assault viciously attacked by dozens of whites, media outlets from across the globe would spend days promoting this racial assault.

But in 65 percent black Memphis, when scores of blacks throw fireworks at white families (including white children), and a white mother confronts them for their callous actions only to have her family viciously assaulted, the story barely makes headlines in the city.

Dozens of blacks took turns attacking Hailey Railey, a white mother, and her white boyfriend.

The lack of media attention to this story is what we’ve dubbed “the standard”: whenever an isolated attack by whites on a black person can be promoted to demonize all white people, the corporate media will expend every resource to promulgate the story; conversely, out-of-control black on white violence barely registers as worthy of covering by local news outlets.

We call this ‘the standard.” [Teen charged after attack on family celebrating Fourth of July on riverfront,, July 5, 2019]:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A teenager was arrested and charged after police say he attacked a family out on the riverfront enjoying their Fourth of July holiday.

It happened around 8:15 p.m. in the 200 block of Riverside Drive.

A witness to the incident told police he was up on a hill when he saw a 15-year-old boy throw fireworks into a crowd of people. The group was made up of at least two adults and several children, police noted in their report.

The firework hit a man in the group and he went to confront the teen. That’s when the suspect reportedly began to assault the victim. He allegedly hit the victim multiple times in the face before three other suspects joined in.

The woman that was with the victim told police that two members of the group then turned on her. She claimed she was also punched about the face and body multiple times.

The children were not hurt.

Police said a 15-year-old was taken to Juvenile Court and charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Police say the victims in the case are Hailey Raley and her boyfriend.

Raley said a large group of teens, she estimates at least 40, were starting trouble on top of Beale Street landing before the big fireworks show.

“The guys were throwing fireworks down from the top of the landing on the street at cars,” she explained.

She says officers ran up the landing to get them and she thought police took care of things. But she soon discovered that wasn’t the case.


“We’re trying to get food at the food trucks and we just kept witnessing fireworks being thrown into crowds of people and I kept seeing moms with their little babies running and dragging their babies and these weren’t like little firecrackers. These were big fireworks,” she said.

Then one of the fireworks was thrown at her family. Raley’s 6-year-old daughter in the area at the time.

The mom had enough and went up to one of the teens asking what his problem was.

“I told him he was going to hurt someone and they were throwing fireworks at babies. “

Shortly after, her boyfriend followed.

“We were just trying to talk to them. I was going to be able to identify them and then go tell the cops.”

But before that could happen she says someone came from behind and punched her boyfriend in the head.

From there others jumped in too, Raley trying to pull them off, they began attacking her as well.

The beating went on until witnesses and police were able to break everything up.

Raley believes her boyfriend might have a concussion and a broken leg after he was hit with an e-scooter.

She also believes she has a broken finger.

Memphis Police Spokesman Louis Brownlee said Thursday’s event was well-staffed by police, with 22 officers in the immediate area of Tom Lee Park and 100 officers downtown.

If you’re a victim, Brownlee said, don’t chase after a suspect. Find an officer and go to them.

Brownlee said he wants to remind parents to accompany their children to events like this, not just leave them.

He encouraged anyone with information about what happened in the video to come forward and call police.

Absolutely no media coverage of this mass black-on-white assault on Independence Day in 65 percent black Memphis…

White privilege indeed.

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  1. You’re not paying attention folks….

    That’s why we have guns. To elevate ourselves above the savages.

    • Agree: Gunga Din, bruce county
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @ShermanFan
  2. Ozzy says:

    I have to wonder what kind of white people still live in a place like Memphis. The tipping point was passed long ago.

    Get. Out.

    • Agree: CENTURION
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  3. It’s extremely foolish to be around large gatherings of blacks and doubly foolish to do so without any sort of defensive weapon to protect yourself with in case of a cowardly black mob attack. In that regard, Tennessee recognizes the right to self-defense and changed the law a few years ago (2014) where it is now legal to carry a bladed weapon of any size. Previously, that would get you arrested for carrying a concealed weapon but not any more. As is, the change in the law was not widely reported so most people are unaware of it. I personally carry a 12.5 inch knife openly in a sheath on my belt. A gun would be better but even a large knife makes negroes think twice about attacking. I’ve only had one negro attempt to attack me (attempted knock out from behind) and when I turned to face him and he saw the knife I was carrying, he quickly ran away. Negroes are essentially cowards who look for easy, soft targets and even a group of them would be very unlikely to attack someone who was armed with a large knife as they’d know they could be severely injured or killed. The only situation in which they would attack is if they themselves were armed and felt they could easily overwhelm their victim with minimal risk to themselves.

    All that being said, the woman and her boyfriend made several mistakes. One, they were in an area with a high number of blacks present. Two, they were unarmed. Three, they attempted to reason with the primitives in a civilized manner which is a fool’s errand. Four, they didn’t immediately exit the area. Of course, being that it’s Memphrica, their biggest mistake was being there in the first place.

    • Agree: Augustus, RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @Anonymousse
  4. AshtonS says:

    Mistake #1: Living in a groid infested city

    Mistake #2: Going to any event with large numbers of groids, particularly “youffs”

    Mistake #3: Not leaving immediately when these youffs started causing mayhem

    Mistake #4: Confronting youffs while (presumably) unarmed.

    I hope this is a red pill moment for this couple

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  5. And as always, the race of the assailants is not mentioned at all, therefore neither is the race of the assailed.
    Was it reversed, then racial identity trumps EVERYTHING else. White assailants; poor, woe is them, “I demand justice” if the assailed are Black.

    Black privilege indeed exists.

    • Agree: Love Street
  6. Around Blacks, never Relax.

  7. Censorship. Not enough options to agree.

  8. Gunga Din says:

    When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Carry, White people. It’s your only chance.

  9. Mark Webb says:

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Negro community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.

    Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of North American Negroes into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

    Presently enriching the cities of Milwaukee WI, Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington D.C., St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI, Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Gary, IN., Houston TX, Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA, Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, Dallas TX, Camden NJ; and let’s not forget Detroit, the tourism capital of the world!!

    • LOL: Augustus
  10. Hey all I’m back been busy. Thing called job and what not. Memphis? You kidding me? Leave that forsaken cesspit.

  11. We should have picked our own cotton…..

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
    • Replies: @Guest Ghost
  12. And of course there was the stampede during a July 4th celebration in Chicago. No race described, except to say that teens were flashing gang signals before the chaos began. Many injuries.
    A restaurant worker described panicked people entering the restaurant. In the “panic,” she was assaulted and had to flee to the upstairs.
    And since it’s a four day week-end, the murders are more numerous – 30+.
    Blue Juice probably has his hands full.

  13. NYMOM says:

    Yeah, I hate to sound callous but Asians, Whites and some Hispanics need to stay away from these sorts of events…

    Remember it makes the “black kids angry” when they notice any you there and then you become a primary target of that rage.

    That’s why I stopped going to July 4th fireworks in NYC about 6 years or so ago…events like that are just a riot waiting to happen.

    • Replies: @gkruz
    , @Anonymous
  14. Exador says:

    Classic scenario. That’s why you have to know the basic rules of dealing with blacks.
    1) They will sucker punch you from behind.
    2) Any blacks in the area will join in to attack you.

  15. JNG says:

    Watching the video I couldn’t help but think how you would see more orderly and socially appropriate behavior in the primate exhibit at the zoo.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  16. Augustus says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    I think that older gentleman on the bus tried to be reasonable with the black woman who pushed him off the bus and killed him, too. Reasonable doesn’t seem to work. It’s law of the jungle with the subspecies. Only force is understood.

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  17. A “teenager” was arrested … We all know what that means.

    I always try to look ahead and check something out to see if it’s too ghetto to take my family to. Several years ago my wife wanted to take our family to a kind of theme park outside of Philadelphia. It didn’t take me too long to learn that it was full of hood rats from Philly, Camden, Chester, Trenton, etc. I nixed that outing.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  18. Augustus says:

    Ms Raley looked young. Maybe it’s not too late for her to learn. Too bad her parents hadn’t already taught her. Now she can teach her own children, and counteract the lies our educational elite will try to implant in their heads. Our media used to be watchdogs, but now they are complicit in the brainwashing, and want to lead in the inabling of crimes against white people. The media seems to me to frequently be complicit in murder.

    • Replies: @Oleaginous Outrager
  19. I NEVER go anywhere there are multitudes of blacks.

  20. In related news…

    ‘ Wow, they must really hate teenagers,” 17-year-old West Philly resident Lamar Reed told local news site Billy Penn. “It does feel a little [discriminatory] against teens. It makes us feel like animals.” ‘

    I suspect these devices aren’t the only reason that Lamar feels like an animal.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  21. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    (TEENS ) no descriptions of perps,no id or info available about the suspect at this time etc. Does msm really think we are really that stupid? I figured that out over 20 years ago.
    Well ,a lot of sh#t lib whites are that ignorant or they pretend it’s not a blaqq and change the subject ..blah bla bl.
    Oh so tiresome.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  22. If someone is hesitant to carry a gun then get a personal Taser. They cost about $300 and the company will replace it free of charge if used to get away from someone.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  23. @Augustus

    Five will get you 10 she’s a SWPL who believes it’s “racism” that causes all the groid problems, and if only GoodWhites could talk to them, even thing would be feetie pajamas and warm cocoa by the fire. Hell, I’ll bet that what’s she was saying as they whupped on her: “But I’m a GoodWhite, I’m a GoodWhite!”

  24. @CW2isComing

    Re “we should have picked our own cotton”, some of our ancestors DID — as did many poor White people.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  25. One of the first things I did when I learned my nephew who grew up in small town America would be going to medical school in a city with a large black population was to warn him to be careful what neighborhoods he went into, to be aware of his surroundings and to exercise a degree of caution he did not need where he had grown up. Better to warn him and risk being considered a racist, I reasoned, and save his life than to remain silent about what I knew and, thereby, let harm come to him.

    Happily, he’s graduated from med school and will be getting out of that dung heap city of which Mr. Kersey has written of fairly regularly.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  26. @Ozzy

    Some people still believe what authority figures (like politicians, clergy, teachers, mass media, chamber of commerce) say.

    Memphis is a great city.

    Blacks and whites can attend public events together in harmony.


  27. @AshtonS

    I hope this is a red pill moment for this couple

    Inside every liberal progressive is a White Nationalist who hasn’t been mugged by Blaxx yet.

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water
    • Replies: @NYMOM
  28. By-tor says:

    Blacks crowd uses fireworks in an ambush on responding EMS, police and fire dept. on July 4th.

    Does anyone know what city this was in?

  29. gkruz says:

    “Asians, Whites and some Hispanics”
    Not sure which you are, but if you are White you need to stop pandering to Asians and hispanics because they are not allies and they are not just like us just because they aren’t nogs. This cuckservative BS about model minorities is as dangerous as libtard negro worship.
    If you hate to sound callous, you aren’t ready to deal with the situation yet.

  30. @Jack Again

    Taser is a good idea
    You are probably less likely to go to jail (or maybe not)defending yourself against the ‘’innocent TEENS” than using a Glock. I’d rather get a taser confiscated than my gun.

  31. @General Ripper

    They could always just switch to Mozart, or is that racist too?

  32. @Oleaginous Outrager

    The “boyfriend” should have known better as well.

  33. ‘Family of homicide victim speaks after suspects arrested in double shooting’

    July 6th

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) The deadly violence in Baltimore City is taking its toll outside the city limits as the parents of a Harford County woman prepare to bury their daughter who was gunned down in the streets of Baltimore.

    “So how do you bury a child? I’m going to find out but this is hell. This is pure hell.” 26-year-old Brittany Foster was one of two people who were shot to death on Bloomingdale Road on Tuesday.

    Two days later, police announced the arrest of 18-year-old Donyell Morris and 17-year-old Charles Anderson.

    Both are charged with murder tonight, but what angers Foster’s family is that one of the suspects was recently released from jail on a string of other charges.

    “There’s a problem in the city because all these criminals are being released a week later, they’re going back on the streets and they’re not scared. They’re not afraid. They’re shooting people everyday. Why is that happening? Why?”

    Why indeed?

  34. I dare ya says:

    I never leave the house without a pistol 2 spare magazines and my esee3. People who attend public events like this need to be aware of the orcs. If it’s a free event they will overtake it. Stay closer to groups of white people. When we attend events like this my wife is carrying also. One of us watches the event with the kids while the other one is constantly looking for threats. We have our code word for danger and for fight or flight. It sucks to live in a country overrun by self righteous blacks. Wish they would go back to that septic tank of a country they are originally from. They can even take all of the MLK street signs and statues with them.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  35. KenH says:

    Both are charged with murder tonight, but what angers Foster’s family is that one of the suspects was recently released from jail on a string of other charges.

    Perhaps the first pieces of poisonous fruit from Trumpster’s “First Step Act”?

  36. @By-tor

    It was in Little Rock. Pulaski County, Arkansas. Proof positive that high concentrations of groids will ruin anywhere. I live an hour north of the city, and even though the area is dirt poor, we don’t seem to have these problems. Unless, of course, blacks from Little Rock or Jonesboro (themselves transplants from Memphis) come trying to sell dope.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  37. KenH says:

    They proper way to confront a mob of blacks, especially those throwing fireworks at you, is by shooting first and axing questions later. Of course if the man who was assaulted and suffered a concussion and broken leg did so and killed and maimed some fetid congoid teens then the headlines would blare…….”Black teens gunned down by white man at 4th of July festival”.

    Since blacks are such shameless liars some of the surviving congoid teens would give TV interviews stating “weez be out jes having fun y’all and dis guy jes came out of nowhere and be shooting n shit…..we wuzn’t doin nuffins….jes minding our own bidness and having a little fun”.

    The fake narrative would take hold and soon on CNN, MNBC, Slate, Salon, et,al., we’d be hearing about celebrating the 4th of July while black. A panel of long faced race experts would be assembled to fulminate and tell us what this all means in Trump’s America. A reparations bill would pass the Democrat controlled House and we’d be told that much more must be done.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @brandybranch
  38. Anonymous[388] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, I hate to sound callous but Asians, Whites and some Hispanics need to stay away from these sorts of events…

    I would say most Hispanics, apart from a smaller percentage of Afro-Hispanics (Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, etc.), would never engage in this kind of behavior. Ron Unz wrote a long article about how violent crime in East Palo Alto plummeted from very violent to almost no violence when Mexicans replaced blacks.

    When I first moved to Palo Alto a quarter century ago, neighboring East Palo Alto had the highest per capita murder rate in America, but after a vast wave of immigrant Hispanics transformed its demographics, the homicide rate fell by some 97%.

    In fact, if you separated out Afro-Hispanics from the Hispanic category in crime rates, I’d bet you’d find an even lower crime rate among Latin American Hispanics in the U.S. than whites (because they come from more intact families than a lot of whites?).

    Ron Unz’s piece on the myth of Hispanic crime must be studied closely by anyone concerned about crime and safe areas.

  39. @Augustus

    They bristle with anger and hostility any time anyone tries to get them to calm down or behave themselves. Even the offense of asking them to be quieter in a public place can set them off into full attack/revenge mode. They think that you’re trying to order them around and “ain’t nobody got no right to tell me what to do!” Put simply, their egotism, arrogance, ignorance and sense of entitlement makes them think they have a right to do anything they want any time they want and no one has a right to interfere or say anything.

    You’re absolutely right though- only force is understood. They aren’t going to listen to reasonable requests or any pleas for civility. The only answer is to put them down with force when they start acting out. It’s the only way they’ll learn that their behavior is unacceptable, won’t be tolerated and has immediate negative consequences. That’s “racist” (of course) and “culturally insensitive” and only makes them more hostile and angry since they’re being “kept down” and “done wrong.” All of those excuses are just designed by them and their handlers/coddlers so that they can continue behaving like the uncivilized jackasses that they are.

    As a subspecies, they’re completely unfit for civilized environments and, truth be told, should have been shipped back to Africa ages ago and left to their fate.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  40. Augustus says:
    @Love Street

    Yep, sounds like paint job theory. “We’re all alike under these different colored outer shells. So I’ll speak to them as a concerned person and they’ll learn from and appreciate my attempts at teaching them to think and act like adults. We’ll all make happy, small talk and get along just fine. Just like on TV with Oprah.”

    I guess it never occurs to such people that maybe we aren’t alike under different color of paint coatings. Oops! “I might be dealing with a different subspecies here, and they seem to be violent and want to hurt me. OMG! Help! Help!”

  41. Augustus says:
    @Love Street

    Perhaps you need more guns?

  42. Raley said a large group of teens, she estimates at least 40, were starting trouble on top of Beale Street landing before the big fireworks show.

    If you lacked the awareness to avoid taking your children there in the first place, this is your big neon sign telling you that it’s time to leave.

  43. @Feedsackroad

    There’s a problem in the city because all these criminals are being released a week later, they’re going back on the streets and they’re not scared. They’re not afraid. They’re shooting people everyday. Why is that happening? Why?”

    Why indeed?

    The late great heroin dealer Freddy Gray had a park named after him in the very shit hole that he spent his life working to poison and destroy.

  44. As many have already said, if you’re not prepared to go to the mat in defense of yourself or your cause, don’t wander into the fray. These animals will take your life. In fact, they’ll take you life and then go have pizza. You mean nothing to them.

    There’s no shame in backing off and vacating the area. It’s like picnicking with the kids during an Indian attack. Your new goal is to get everyone to safety, not try to look like a hero.

    If you’re thusly armed and have adequate backup, feel free but don’t be so convinced of your whiteness that your mere presence will repel them. Be prepared for the encounter or, just as before, back off and regroup.

    God may be on your side but I’ve heard he’s a poor shot.

  45. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Is he going to Johns Hopkins? Or maybe Emory? Wait!he is not going to Morehouse,is he?!!??

  46. El Dato says:

    Could it be the racist AI algorithms?

    A witness to the incident told police he was up on a hill when he saw a 15-year-old boy throw fireworks into a crowd of people. The group was made up of at least two adults and several children, police noted in their report.

    Not fireworks but Vibranium Nuggets. Share the love!

  47. @Winter Watch

    Heah come da judge,heah come da judge!

  48. @Winter Watch

    That commercial was hilarious.
    It is So cornball ,predictable and overly dramatic woe is me bulls**t.
    Now get down on your knees and Kiss it
    … you heard me White Goy , Kiss It!

  49. Augustus says:
    @Winter Watch

    Thanks for posting that website. Good info there in the self defense video. Much appreciated.

  50. @Love Street

    I have never seen a Taser that had more than 2 “shots”. Clearly that is not enough.My 15 round Glock is not enough.Avoid Memphis,avoid Memphis, AVOID MEMPHIS !!!!!!!

    • Replies: @Love Street
  51. @Winter Watch

    I’ll have to check out your site some more, W.W.

    I about LOLed when people gave a look to this guy in the swimming pool. I think it was simply that they were surprised he could swim, and were glad they didn’t have to jump in and ruin their wallets and smart phones.

    • Agree: Love Street
  52. @Winter Watch

    Oh, what the heck were they selling, anyway, swimwear, black judge robes, what?

    I have missed out on this stuff over the last 20 years of avoiding TV, so clue me in someone. Is this the new commercial: Don’t advertise anything but just show that your company is totally up with Cultural Revolution 2.0? I guess the advertisement is directed not at consumers of P&G products, but at the US Government. “Don’t tax us, don’t regulate us. We’re DOWN with the program.”

  53. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    I will. I’ll stay on the hi way and gaze at the Mississippi river and that weird pyramid them kangs built there. Plus I’ve heard Nashville isn’t much better.

  54. @Love Street

    Make it your goal to not be there when the ‘law’ arrives.

    The only law is what you carry with you. Tasers are fun but provide poor follow up shots. Multiple attackers will simply swarm you and laugh at their twitching accomplice later.

    As a white man with no criminal record… when was the last time you were searched for a weapon?

    Keep your head down, face shielded and get the hell out of the vicinity as soon as humanly possible after any type of altercation.

    • Agree: Love Street
  55. By-tor says:

    Thank you for the response identifying the location of the negro-led ambush as Little Rock.

    In the Midwest African Republic of Chicongo, the usual 4th of July shootem’ up and stabfest is ongoing:

  56. Anybody who goes to these crowd events is nuts. Crowd events especially 4th of July celebrations have been notoriously unsafe since LBJ was President.

  57. @Non PC Infidel

    As a subspecies

    I think we need to stop using this term in reference to sub-Saharan Africans.  They are not a subspecies of Homo sapiens sapiens, they are different enough in genetics and behavior that they are obviously a closely-related but different species (or several) and deserve their own label.

    They also deserve recognition that they are not us, cannot be us, efforts to make them like us are fruitless on our part and annoying on theirs, and separation is the only solution.

  58. Augustus says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Any white person attending that racist event in Detroit has serious
    mental problems.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  59. Truth says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    I thought you guys had them to hunt squirrels and ‘possum for dinner.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  60. Trev alv says:

    I used to read Paul’s blog and listen to him and Jared Taylor’s podcasts, but I just can’t take it. It’s too depressing and angering. I admit it its triggering for me.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  61. anarchyst says:

    PROOF that there are profound differences between blacks and every other race exists with the behavior of blacks who are “adopted” by whites.
    All goes well when they are toddlers and pre-teen children, but the real “change” comes when the adoptees are 12 or 13 years of age, when their “african” DNA begins to assert itself and become dominant.
    A prime example exists with the current American “football” player Kapaernick. Despite being raised in a white upper-middle-class household (under white societal standards) he STILL has asserted his african “blackness” and typical black attitude., denigrating his white parents, who gave him every advantage they could. His hatred of the united States and anything white is PROOF that blacks ARE different and than no amount of “social engineering” can change that fact.
    The differences are not just “skin color” as social engineers insist, but actual differences in DNA. African black DNA IS different and inferior to all others.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @brandybranch
  62. NYMOM says:
    @Jim Christian

    Well that is the classic line: every conservative is just a liberal who has been mugged…(probably takes more than once for it to get through) but that is a powerful incentive to change your mindset after you get beat down a few times…

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  63. D-FENS says:

    The whites in this graph certainly include hispanics.

    I live in a city that is about 45% asian. The ones that were not born here don’t seem to buy the SJW propaganda. The county was going to put a massive homeless shelter nearby and the whites were too afraid to oppose it and be seen as racist. It was the asians that organized busses to bring protestors to a county hearing and got the proposal withdrawn. The SJWs were kind of surprised and pissed. No illusions that they did it for whites, it was in their self interest. But I suspect they know that a white minority future will suck for them.

    The ones that were born here are pretty much fully indoctrinated which show how pernicious the school system is.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  64. NYMOM says:

    I agree 100%…really if you take away the “Hispanic” label most of the crime attributed to Hispanics would be properly attributed to the Black population in their ranks.

    Not all, but most of it…

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  65. D-FENS says:
    @Winter Watch

    Winter Watch – Your site is on my required reading list each morning! I don’t always agree but always learn something.

    Highly recommended!

    By the way, weren’t Trump’s deportation raids supposed to start this weekend?

  66. @Augustus

    Yes.  Let all White people stay away from it.  If it goes broke or becomes a massive chimp-out (or both), let the blacks take ALL the responsibility.

  67. By-tor says:

    Squirrels from the hollow bagged using a .22LR by a white man, or food served from the kitchen at Tara and gifted to incapable negroes during the 19th Century were the original version of today’s USDA EBT card.

  68. @Trev alv

    It’s tiresome,ain’t it. Maybe you can Take a break then come on back later .
    Forward the blog and podcasts to normies even if you stop reading and listening. It’s possible 1 in a hundred will get woke.big MAYBE!

  69. When the XYZ news outlet will not describe, the perp is from the local tribe.

  70. Mickey says:

    This is unfortunately the reality of living in America today .

    This has been the main reason, for the “White Flight” from our larger metropolitan areas.
    People and their families , just do not feel safe in their old neighborhoods, once it changes into a predominately African American majority .

  71. @Winter Watch

    Ah, yes, “implicit bias”, another bit of SCIENCE! that only exists in the febrile imaginations of SJWs and others who have completely given themselves over to their overt biases.

  72. Augustus says:

    “Please regulate all our smaller competitors out of business. They can’t afford the political payoffs and regulatory expenses we can.”

  73. That’s right left-wing libtard…Blame everything on President Trump!!!

  74. OT:  when it’s a fight in Disneyland Toontown, you know it’s gotta be Amis….

    oh, wait, no it’s not.  Will blacks EVER stop reinforcing bad stereotypes about themselves?

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
    , @David In TN
  75. @Guest Ghost

    When I was in elementary school, our county had cotton picking vacation. It would last about two weeks. I picked a lot of cotton.

  76. @Mr. Rational

    Will blacks EVER stop reinforcing bad stereotypes about themselves?


    ‘Daughter of singer Rick James’ house party brings thousands, angers neighbors’

    Jul 8

    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – Neighbors told Channel 2 Action News thousands showed up at a house party and when they called police for help, they got nothing.

    The party happened on Dogwood Road in Snellville. Channel 2’s Sophia Choi went to the property on Monday. It’s hidden from the road by a long driveway between two churches and a school nearby.

    Residents say the new owner is the daughter of singer Rick James. 

    According to Gwinnett County police, eight people called the department to complain.

    “We called the police and told them there were people walking through the neighborhood with open containers of alcohol and with drugs. And they told us they could not do anything about that. They said we have to see it,” said resident Amy Baker.

  77. @Mickey

    People and their families , just do not feel safe in their old neighborhoods, once it changes into a predominately African American majority .

    Predominately, my behind. 10%, it’s time to move. 20%, you’ve already lost money due to declining property values. 30%, the negro feels uninhibited in expressing his TNB. 40%, you and yours are prey in every sense of the word.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  78. MarkinLA says:

    Then you need to come out to Southern California. Unz article is full of crap. Low level crime like breaking and entering, hit and run, drunk driving….. are hugely Hispanic. Sure, I would not expect to get shot for nothing in a Hispanic neighborhood, unlike a black one, but it does happen.

  79. @Mr. Rational

    “Will blacks EVER stop reinforcing bad stereotypes about themselves?”

    Any so-called stereotype is based on reality.

  80. @By-tor

    College Station, Arkansas.

  81. @Oleaginous Outrager

    Just heard her interviewed by the local talk radio guy, Ben Ferguson. At one point she says, “Oh this isn’t a race issue.” Ferguson has been on a tear for almost a month, starting his show off every day with a rundown of all the violent crime in Greater Memphrica since his last broadcast. He bends over backwards to NOT point out the obvious racial component. The only call he took in a three-hour broadcast, other than hers, was from some 60 year old black man who ranted about law and order – as if he was representative of the overall black community here. I’m sure lots of other people called in and got hung up on for daring to speak the truth: we don’t have a crime problem. We have a BLACK problem.

    Make no mistake: a pack of feral nog youffs were tossing M-60s (can’t get M-80s any more) into a crowd of white families trying to enjoy an Independence Day at Beale Street Landing. These two poor wypipo, after one gets tossed close to their own kid, goes to “talk to them.” Guy gets smacked in the back of the head and then jumped by a half dozen Obama’s Sons who broke his leg and beat him delirious, while another few proceeded to half beat her ass. The cops did fuck all; after the chimpout, the nogs went back to throwing M-60s at the whites.


    Here’s the real 4-1-1: The Memphis mayor is a cowardly white sh*tbag who only wants to stay in power to line his pockets. The City Council is full of petulant, racist nogs who won’t take any action that doesn’t target whites and whites only. The majority black population is on the low end of average black IQ and harbors deep hatred for whites because they’ve been coddled for decades due to MLK being killed here. The cops are overworked and underpaid, and they know the leftist judges will simply let the nogs off with a slap on the wrist for stuff like this so they don’t even bother.

    The only thing which can fix this situation, at this point, is if/when the nogs attack the wrong whites and a dozen or so get killed for their trouble. I’m not one to advocate violence but I honestly don’t see any other possible remedy. There is no law and order in Memphis any longer, although at least for now the nogs know better than to try this sh*t in the surrounding suburbs, which are full of hunters and 2A types. But it’s going to take a caught-on-camera nigs jump whites/whites drop their sorry asses that goes to court and results in the whites walking free. Then the nogs will riot, and either the city government will finally act or all hell will finally break loose. If the latter, the nogs will attempt to swarm the suburbs and get stacked like firewood.

    Again, I don’t LIKE any of this; I wish we hadn’t been brought to this point by Marxists. But we have. We are dealing with functional retards in the majority of the black population here, and although there are a sizable number who are actually fairly smart and willing to work (at least somewhat) hard, they either have sympathy with the nignog majority or are simply afraid to speak out. The leftists, both white and POC, have made peaceful revolution impossible here, so now we get to do it the other way. Joy.

    You had all better hope this scenario plays out in a place like Memphis, in a state which has stand your ground laws and upholds the right to self-defense. If it happens in some leftist sh*thole on either coast, the whites will be fried in the name of diversity and reparations, leaving whites across the country completely demoralized.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  82. @David In TN

    Any so-called stereotype is based on reality.

    “Stereotypes are statistical truths.”


    Apparently they never read John Derbyshire’s “The talk.”

  84. Richard B says:

    “The ones that were born here are pretty much fully indoctrinated which show how pernicious the school system is.”

    Very pernicious.

    Schools are supposed to teach three things applicable to all subjects:

    Rigorous Thinking, Consistent Reasoning and Cautious Judgment.

    But who teaching in America today is competent in these things or even knows about them?

    If such people do exist they’d have to form a group and keep it a secret.

  85. @Jim in Jersey

    “if you’re a victim …”

    “WHEN you are a victim … “. Fixed it for ya there Officer.

    First, Memphis. WTH?!
    Well, truth is both Memphis and especially Nashville are becoming an east-coast destination city Millenial and Gen Z folks, New-age Christians, and it is the hip new place for young white cucks to settle.

    Second, in public, with your girlfriend (indication of a metro-male) and kid, many blacks around, where is the gun? Or the mace, or the knife?

    I’m not always big into victim blame, but this is ridiculous. Had the boyfriend had a pistol, he could have pulled it, and ended this. Never let some groids put hands on your wife or daughter. Unless the you wish to watch them get raped by a pack of apes as your vision fades and you bleed out.

  86. @IrREEEEEdeemable

    This is why you cannot go out in a town that is 25%, or more, Black. The TNB is entrenched in the local system.

    City Police are not your friend.

    The County Sheriff May be, they have jurisdictional superiority, especially in a federal (hate , rape, attempted/successful murder) crime. The FBI is not your friend.

    We can beat this horse to death, revive it, and do it again.

    Pretty simple: avoid being around black people.

    Sherm, you’re racist. Nah, you see the crime rate in 95% white communities is identical to 95% black communities. Right?

    Ol’ Sherm carries everywhere. Even at work. Better to look for Work than the kids grow up without a Dad.

  87. @David In TN

    “Will blacks EVER stop reinforcing bad stereotypes about themselves?”

    Any so-called stereotype is based on reality.

    It is called TNB, and no.

    Reality isn’t real, it is a construct.

    The truth is obscene.
    Saw photos in a trial of a black man who raped a child to death. (No graphics of genitals, just the bruised and burned body) He split her v to her a, ripped it across, with his manhood. A little girl. Her last moments were filled with pain and terror. Then he burned her body. The brutal inhumanity within them is disgusting. Zero time for them.
    Couldn’t give him death because the penalty was abolished. Last I heard the bounty was large enough that even regular guards couldn’t over see him. Then he sued for lack of exercise.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  88. Regarding the Memphis riots.The Tennesee Bureau of Investigation is ,well,investigating. The TBI investigating TNB. Only in Amerika.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  89. eah says:

    65% Black Memphis

    This graphic will probably surprise exactly no one.

  90. @Non PC Infidel

    That’s why they’re going to make knives illegal right after guns. Whites effectively defending themselves is basically the worst hate crime

  91. @Anonymous

    Incarceration rates

    There’s a bias because much of the Hispanic population are immigrants with less of their lifespan lived here campared to natives.

    For example, Charles Manson has been in prison since 1971 and weighs on the white incarceration rate. In 1971 there were few Hispanics here.

    Natives have been accumulating a prison population over many decades, whereas immigrant populations have been accumulating a prison population for much less time.

    As a thought experiment, imagine the Last Chance Armada disembarks. As soon as everyone’s feet are on dry land there is an incarceration rate of zero. They are the most law abiding people on Earth! After the first week, a few will get arrested. After a year there will be some in prison serving sentences. After the second year, there will be the prisoners from the first year plus the new prisoners from the second year. This will be compared to the prison population of the natives who will have been accumulating prisoners for decades. The native rate will be much higher. Not until the Last Chance Armada have lived their entire lives here can their be an equal comparison of incarceration rates with the natives.

  92. @NYMOM

    When a liberal gets mugged it is very traumatic–in a way that is not openly discussed.

    At that moment the liberal’s body learns that everything he has been taught at school, by the mass media, by his parents and peers, is a lie.

    This is a tough lesson, and may take a long time for the mind to “process”.

    They can’t talk about it to anyone at work or at home for fear of being branded a racist and right-wing extremist.

    Their “body” moves them far away from black people to make sure it never happens again–but it takes a while for their mind to really “understand” what has happened.

    But–they have learned a hard life lesson. _Never_ trust authority figures. _Never_.

  93. I once had a stop-over in Memphis on my way to LA to test for LAPD. The thing that struck me most in the airport were the little shrines to the king, Elvis and the were all around the airport. That was 1995.

    I had no idea the Memphis descended into this mess.

  94. Malla says:

    “I told him he was going to hurt someone and they were throwing fireworks at babies. “

    Throwing firecrackers at babies to hurt them? I mean really, a person who thinks like this cannot even be called an ape. Apes would never behave like this, no animal would. They are demons. Real Satanic demons.

  95. @Winter Watch

    I stopped buying ANY of their products after watching their “Talk” video. I recently tossed out my Gillette razor, which I had owned for many years, after I had used up the last of my cartridges, due to their anti-white campaign. More of us need to do the same to these companies. Start being a label reader. It’s one of the only ways to get back at them.

  96. buckwheat says:

    Avoid all blacks like the plague they are. The Derbyshire rules should be taught to every white child.

  97. Naturally, the word “teens” is used as euphemism, instead of THE TRUTH, RUTH.( How do ya like that, racist Black devils? Using one of your old phrases against you!!!! Take it, like the “men” you think you are!!!! ) SUB-ANIMALS, ALL of them !!!!

    Expect ((( Dick Wolf ))) and his writers at ((( “Law & Order” ))) to rewrite an episode ( RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES! ), with Whites throwing fireworks at innocent, nice, totally civilized Black / Hispanic family.

  98. Is that crap still on???

    I remember the old Jerry Orbach days. I stopped watching when the ‘steering’ you mentioned became part and parcel of the show. Nothing worse than preachy PC.

    Still, it’s fun to watch and point out the obvious to the blue pill crowd.

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