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On July 4th in 43% Black Philadelphia, 60+ Blacks Attack Random Whites, Vandalize Property and Loot a Walgreens to Celebrate Independence Day
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In the city where the Liberty Bell rests and where the Declaration of Independence was signed, hundreds of blacks (or as the local media dubbed them “teens and young adults”) engaged in a pre-Independence Day party, which resulted in a full-scale riot. Several police cars were damaged in the melee, but not one arrest was made. [Several Police Cars Damaged After Hundreds Of Teens Gather In North Philadelphia, Philadelphia CBS, July 1, 2019]:

Four police cars were damaged after hundreds of teens and young adults assembled in North Philadelphia Sunday night. The police department put out a citywide assist call for all available officers just before 11:30 p.m. for reports of a massive crowd of young people gathered near the intersection of N. Sydenham and W. Jefferson Streets.

“Anywhere from 800 to 1,000. There were a lot of young adults out here tonight,” said Chief Inspector Joel Dales.

“Twelve kids were like dancing and twerking and going insane on top of my car, as well as just everywhere,” she said.

A man named Aaron who was there said it started out as a regular cookout right around 5 or 6 p.m., but that things escalated by nightfall when several people shared the location on Snapchat.

“They had a tent with a DJ popped up and everything like that. They had alcohol, jungle juice going up, but honestly, obviously, I didn’t set it up but there was a lot of really, really young children here that probably shouldn’t have been messing around with any of this,” said Aaron, who withheld his last name.

Police say members of the group damaged four patrol cars, bashing in hoods, busting windshields and breaking off side mirrors.

“We had no information whatsoever giving us a warning being that these kids were going to gather out here,” Dales said.

Investigators later learned the gathering started out as a cookout. A message went out on Instagram about a “free party,” which brought hundreds of young people to the area.

Despite some chaotic moments, Dales said officers got a handle on the situation quickly.

“The officers did a great job responding, they got the situation under control quickly and again they were able to protect the businesses and no injuries to adults nor injuries to the young adults,” he said.

Police did not make any arrests, though investigators are looking for surveillance video in hopes of identifying those responsible for vandalizing the patrol cars.

No arrests…

So what happened on the Fourth of July in Philadelphia?

Remember, this is in the city where the Liberty Bell rests and where the Declaration of Independence was signed…[Teens take over South Street, looting Walgreens Pharmacy,, July 5, 2019]:

Police are searching for a group of teenagers that looted and damaged property inside of a Walgreens store on 18th and South streets Thursday night.

A cashier was injured when he tried to intervene, hit in the head with a glass bottle.


“About 60 juveniles walked into the establishment and began removing things from the shelves, destroying property inside the store. The cashier attempted to intervene and some heavy item – I believe it was a bottle – was thrown at him, striking him in the head,” said Captain Sekou Kinebrew of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Before reaching the 1800 block of South Street, teens could be seen on surveillance video stopping traffic, crowding and running along the street.

While most were not misbehaving, some took advantage of the large crowd size.

Myles Burke says as he stood on his balcony at 11th and South and saw teenagers beating a man without reason.

“He was bloodied. He was being punched and kicked. I was standing right over him on my balcony. I was yelling to the police for them to stop it. They were saying they couldn’t stop what was going on, there was too much for them to handle,” said Burke.

Farther west on South Street, businesses started locking their doors to keep the crowds out.

Then the crowd made it inside Walgreens.

“Between the things that they stole and the property damaged inside, it’s between $6,000 and $7,000 in damage,” said Captain Kinebrew.

No arrests were made. Police are inspecting surveillance inside the store to identify the actors.

The clerk who was hurt has been treated and released with cuts and bruises to his head.

The videos of the July 4th/Independence Day chaos show scores of black teens and young adults attacking random white and Asian people on the streets of Philadelphia (something Bruce Springsteen left out of his Academy Award winning song).

Is there a more fitting metaphor for what Independence Day means in 2019 than this story of scores of blacks rioting, vandalizing businesses and beating random white people in the city where dead white men long ago gathered together to sign the Declaration of Independence?

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  1. Is there a more fitting metaphor for what Independence Day means in 2019 than this story of scores of blacks rioting, vandalizing businesses and beating random white people in the city where dead white men long ago gathered together to sign the Declaration of Independence?

    One could not ask for better proof that Abraham Lincoln (or should that be “(((Abraham Lincoln)))”?) and the entire abolitionist movement was dead wrong and anti-American.

    The exact provenance of abolitionism was not taught when I went to public school, and has certainly been excised from any and all textbooks since then.  But the words of Jefferson ring true:

    … nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.

    Those who yoked us to them are guilty of treason.  If that means Quakers/Puritans/(((tribesmen))), we should make certain that none of them ever walk free in this country again.

    I can think of no more fitting punishment than to send them ALL (blacks and their keepers) to Liberia, and not let them out.

    • Agree: WSG
  2. Anon[412] • Disclaimer says:

    In terms of grades, test scores, scholarships, managerial promotions, incarceration, home loans and arrests blacks seem to be the only demographic in favor of a racial communism. They want to be legally bound and guaranteed at least the white result in all these areas.

    They seem to be the only demographic to make this demand.

  3. I though N. Philly was the nice part???

    • Agree: CENTURION
  4. Gunga Din says:

    The days when Africans in America were relatively non violent and fearful of police is over. If they don’t fear police, do you think they’re going to respect/fear you, Whitey? When you leave your house to go to work, run errands, whatever, plan your route to keep you as far as possible from where AiA live, congregate, etc. And carry. Always carry.

    • Replies: @Black Picard
  5. Let’s hope it is even worse next year.

    The attacks on Temple University students in 2016 probably helped Trump win PA.

    • Agree: CENTURION
  6. You can’t call the police on these young scholars, they were simply “living their lives”.

  7. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    They weren’t beating random white and asian people, they were beating anyone with Neanderthal genetics.

  8. Here we go again..
    Young People
    DJs And jungle juice.
    But most weren’t misbehaving don’t ya know.
    You hack journalists make me sick.F.Y.

  9. Nobody can stop the violence.My plan would concentrate the violence.Federal welfare,ebt,public housing,Section 8,etc should only be available in designated cities with defined perimeters. Blacks would voluntarily move there sparing large sections of the country. True,Africans would turn those cities into open air prisons,but it would remove the daily problem from our lives. Their hood,their problem.

    • Agree: CENTURION
    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  10. Like a Soviet citizen reading Pravda, we Americans have learned to decipher our MSM. If you read about “Teens” “Young people” “Juveniles” “youngsters” getting together in a pack and attacking people or engaging in some arson or looting, and they aren’t identified as White, that means they are Black. In fact, anytime you see a violent crime where the attacker is not identified by race, that means they are Black. Its not 100% true. But its 95% true.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Love Street
  11. Walgreens — at the corner of Dindu and Nuffin!

    • Agree: CENTURION
    • LOL: Feedsackroad, By-tor
  12. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    A “family brawl” also broke out at Disneyland on this July 4th weekend. I don’t think I need to say anything more:

  13. “Twelve kids were like twerking and dancing and going insane on top of my car, as well as just everywhere, she said.”

    Look on the bright side. Usually, people don’t get to see or experience this kind of thing for free and have to pay to enter a safari park where baboons will swarm their car. OK! OK! I know they don’t dance or twerk but they sometimes turn around and present their asses to those viewing which isn’t that much different from twerking. At least they didn’t start mating on the hood of your car or start throwing feces! Count yourself lucky.

    • LOL: Augustus
  14. @Anonymous

    Thanks for that one!

    Now claiming Mickey’s Toontown as part of da’hood!

    And remember, those are the black lives they claim matter sooooooooo much.

  15. Another ice cream licking episode by the protected species. They call it a “man”….we now different.

    The filthy bastards should be hauled to the local zoo and forced to lick monkeys assholes for a week.

  16. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    This is why.
    Segregation not from bigotry, superiority, injustice, oppression, selfishness, or persecution.
    Segregation is survival.

  17. Anon[287] • Disclaimer says:

    Im sure security cameras caught this.

    Id it was whites: CNN and Don Lemon would give us running commemtary. Rachel Maddow at NBC would have Michael Avenatti on trying to tie it to Trump in some complicated way us proles are too stupid to understand.

    My prayer? Please Lord, let it be a store full of white leftists whom the spirit led to be out shopping that day instead of normies.

  18. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    The question is how did that family get into Disneyland for the day? They didn’t exactly look like the types of blacks that could shell out the asking price of a grand or so for the day, what with the body habitus of the women (as well as another woman in her 40’s and 50’s in a motorized scooter). They looked like your typical ghetto denizens. I saw a commenter on another site quip that they didn’t know Disneyland started accepting EBT, but in reality, they had to have gotten in through free passes awarded to a “church group” or some such nonsense.

  19. @Anonymous

    No.. it wasn’t a family. They were Napa’s.
    Napa’s live in large group composed of one or more bucks with large numbers of sheboons and their offspring of up to 30, more commonly know as dindus. A group of napa’s are called “troop” and it can consist of 100 inter breeding members. NAPA’s are well documented across the North American continent for their abilty to wreak havoc on human poulations and have destroyed huge swathes of real estate. Most are know to carry sexually transmitted diseases and have a very foul smell.They are a very predictable species with a propensity for extreme violence including rape, robbery and murder.They are comfortable living in their own filth in run down cities and can be heard screeching when welfare checks and food stamps arrive a day late. They are attracted shiny things, fancy sneakers and white women. It is highly recommended that humans keep a safe distance from this dangerous animal and when in their vicinity it is absolutely advisable to be armed as they will attack without provocation.

    • Agree: Love Street
  20. gp says:

    Has any journalist or documentarian or researcher interviewed the members of these wilding mobs? I’d like to read, in their own words, why they do it. It’s become so commonplace that there must be ample sources to talk to. Seems like a project with Pulitzer Prize potential, if anybody dares to dig into it. Certainly the major chain retailers like Walgreens have already studied it carefully, while factoring the cost of mob risk into their site location decisions, but their info is proprietary.

    Why do they do it? “I have no opportunities;” “I and my lineage are eternally benighted by the bondage of our ancestors;” “There’s nothing to do.” “It’s fun, there are no consequences, my friends do it.” “I hate civil society and this is how I diss them.” “I want to be bad-ass like my rap heroes.”

    I can think of lots of guesses, but why guess if some scholar, or even an earnest high-school newspaper reporter, can find out?

  21. Loren says:

    bizarre. he kept hitting the woman.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  22. @Anonymous

    Effing HILARIOUS! A Classic .
    They probably demanded their kaysh back as they were being escorted out.
    But I’m sure it was some kinda freebies pass.

  23. @Honesthughgrant

    But Why won’t msm give actual discriptions?
    By not saying who it is lets us realists know exactly who it is , except for the everyone is equal crowd.
    So … uh thank you Msm

  24. I just watched the latest video clip of the average African Primate and their mates (aka….She Boon Breeders) as they provide some cheap entertainment direct from Di$neyland. It is clips like this that “go viral” so that in a short time millions of people around the world can view the mayhem. I know a lot of people will be getting a good laugh from all this.

    After years of personal study and observation (some of it up close and personal) of this primitive species I can honestly say that the female primate is as violent as the male. One video that comes to mind was years ago showing half a dozen she boons beating the shit out of each other with one hand while holding their young welfare spawn under their arm with the other hand. Of course each of these free loading creatures had huge fat asses showing they had not missed any meals after years of sucking on the government tit. It was a fantastic sight to see what working class taxes were being used for.

    What is so amusing about these video clips is they show “victimhood” in their true glory. The long hard “struggle” must go on.

    • Replies: @Dr Detroit
  25. Augustus says:

    The comments for the Disney chimp out were fantastic.
    “Could someone stop proving stereotypes correct, please….”
    Really made me laugh.

  26. Logan says:

    Lived several years in Sacramento back in the last decade a mile or so from the State Fair.

    Everybody knew the last day was Beat Whitey Day, but nobody would talk about it openly.

  27. What do you think these vibrant youth will do with their reparations checks? Down payment on a home? Tuition at Villanova?

    • Replies: @bruce county
  28. @Sane Left Libertarian

    Kamala is already saying she wants the white taxpayers to pony up billions to help blacks with mortgages. Blacks and Democrats are going to bankrupt working class Americans. Hang on for the ride it going to be violent.

  29. Kamala and the rabble that elected her are going to be who were fighting in the next war. Same as AOC and the New York scum who think everything should be free ( to them).

    Ammo isn’t free. That’s why I keep buying it.

    I’ll always vote.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  30. AnalogMan says:

    Of course he did. She wasn’t going to hit back, was she?

  31. AnalogMan says:

    Amazing, all those White men trying to interfere. Why? And some of them ‘way out of their weight class. What good could possibly come of that?

  32. @Jim in Jersey

    Just like the Red and Whites in Russia.

    Remember, never surrender the Ammo, just the empties.

    Please consider leaving NJ, we can carry JHP +P out here. Some of the other more fun stuff is enjoyable too.

    Too bad I can’t post videos.
    I have some lovely demonstrations of lead-free CA mandatory rounds in home-loads against various forms of momentum arresting material.

  33. Watch the local news and you wouldn’t really learn about this. They report that ‘youths’ gathered at a cook-out after nightfall. But they didn’t report that the blacks attacked whites, nor any of the other violence. One showed the dancing on the police cars, but made no verbal description of what was a black riot. The police have to take a stronger stance against this. That will be tough for them because the District Attorney is soft on crime.

  34. Ah yes! Those “teens”!

  35. @Gunga Din

    I always knew that racial tensions were going to escalate after conscious black Music of the 1970s/80s/early-90s (ie. no swearing, no disrespecting women, no violence) was killed and replaced by a destructive brand of “Hip Hop/Rap” that’s over-sexualized, disrespectful & encourages societal disorder. And we know the usual MSM suspects who run the show behind the scenes when shoving this sh!t music down our throats.
    Hint: They’re definitely not black. Just look & see who owns the MSM.

    Aliens (I know you exist!), please get me the fcuk OFF this insane planet – as long as you’re a kinder, gentler species than the ignoramus “humans” that are a frigging parasite on Mother Earth with their un-enlightened minds!

  36. Black Picard——–There will be no starships unless the Chinese develop and fund them. For America’s future,i refer you to that great 1980s movie classic ” Idiocracy “. A truly prophetic movie. Available,and cheap,on Amazon.

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