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More Than 60 Faculty Members at Johns Hopkins University Promote the Interests of Black Criminals in 70% Black Baltimore Above the Interests of Keeping Their Students Safe
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Welcome to the post-American city of Baltimore...

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Previously on SBPDL: In 70% Black Baltimore, the President of Johns Hopkins University [Located in Blackest Part of the City] Pushes for Campus Police Force to Protect Students from… Black Criminals

One hundred years ago, Baltimore was 88 percent white and a world-class city. Today, Baltimore is a 70 percent black city, where primarily white faculty at Johns Hopkins – one of the elite academic institutions in the United States – put the lives of black criminals above primarily white undergraduates at the university. [More than 60 Johns Hopkins University faculty members write letter protesting private police force, Baltimore Sun, 2-20-19]:

More than 60 Johns Hopkins University faculty members have signed an open letter in opposition to proposed state legislation that would authorize an armed school police force.

Welcome to the post-American city of Baltimore…

The faculty members wrote that a police force employed by the university would be “undemocratic” and “antagonistic” with Baltimore’s nonwhite population. The introduction of new armed police officers, they wrote, could pose an increased safety risk and “inevitably amplify the climate of fear and justify their roles by citing stops, arrests, and detainments.”

The faculty echoed concerns from students who have organized over the last year through the Students Against Private Police group.

“Black and brown students and Baltimoreans are already disproportionately targeted,” they wrote. “Private police on campus are likely to exacerbate racial profiling, with even more dangerous and potentially fatal consequences.”

Baltimore state Sen. Antonio Hayes and Del. Cheryl D. Glenn introduced legislation this session that would create the force through a memorandum of understanding with the Baltimore City police. Hearings are scheduled Friday in Annapolis on both bills.

If the bill is passed, Johns Hopkins would join several other Baltimore schools that already have their own police force, including Morgan State University, Coppin State University, the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Hopkins plans to convert a group of armed off-duty Baltimore police officers and sheriff’s deputies that the university currently pays to patrol near its campuses into a police department with roughly 100 officers. The university also employs a private security force of roughly 1,000 unarmed people to monitor its Homewood campus in North Baltimore and the medical campus that surrounds Johns Hopkins Hospital in East Baltimore.

A university spokesperson said the majority of that private security force would remain and “continue to play an important monitoring and reporting role.”

Responding to the faculty letter, Johns Hopkins spokeswoman Karen Lancaster referred The Baltimore Sun to a comparison it had done reviewing police forces at more than three dozen schools in the D.C.-Baltimore region and across the country and wrote: “We believe strongly that university police departments can and do make a meaningful contribution to public safety in Baltimore, and we at Johns Hopkins want to do our part.”

Lancaster added that the overall response to Senate Bill 793 has been “positive” and that it addresses concerns raised over the previous year.

“At an institution that employs more than 4,500 full-time faculty and teaches nearly 15,000 full time undergraduate and graduate students, we expect a variety of opinions on important issues, some expressed publicly and some expressed in meetings, correspondence and online comments,” she wrote.


Hopkins says its force is badly needed as Baltimore experiences a large increase in violent crime. The city has seen more than 300 homicides a year for four consecutive years. Aggravated assaults in the East Baltimore and Homewood areas reported to Baltimore police nearly doubled to 98 in 2018, from 50 in 2014, according to figures reported by Hopkins. Robberies increased to 97 from 45 over the same time period.

The 21st century in America will see the elites increasingly embrace ideas – once described as “Jim Crow” in a less progressive epoch of our history – to protect their institutions and communities, a powerful reminder the ‘racists were right’.

Primarily white faculty can protest the use of force to protect primarily white (and non-black) students as “undemocratic,” but if western civilization is to endure in currently 70 percent black Baltimore, Johns Hopkins must create a private police force.

If not, the black elected officials in 70 percent black Baltimore will continue to use the fear of black crime to keep the city from being gentrified and maintain the status quo of black criminality to stay in power (rising population of white gentrifiers will demand better, more accountable government if they’ll maintain their investment in the city).

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  1. Asagirian says: • Website

    What’s not to like? Most students are libby-dibs who despise ‘deplorables’.

    Let the blacks kick their ass. I don’t care about privileged kids of helicopter parents.

  2. lou says:

    Anyone surprised by the rich MDs and Professors move?

  3. MuhDeek says:

    Well just let them wallow in the inevitable chaos the negro savages will wreak upon them without a police detachment providing a modicum of security.
    How can they side with the enemy to begin with? How can you not see the negro as a nuisance with a 70% black population surrounding you? How can this supposed cutting edge medical facility even remain in Baltimore? Why do any cops even bother working anywhere in Baltimore?
    Just let the city and the inhabitants rot. No aid or any gibs…just let them fend for themselves.

    • Agree: DB Cooper
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  4. Roy says:

    People, seriously, there is no longer a need to even go to college, let alone in a dangerous area.

  5. Bubba says:

    It would be cheaper to move Johns Hopkins to a safe, tranquil area that is conducive for studying without the tremendous volume of murderous black criminals whenever they are over 2% of the population. Just don’t move Johns Hopkins to Chicago, Memphis, Chattanooga, Detroit, Hartford, Jacksonville, Mobile, Dallas, Birmingham, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, Newark, Buffalo, St. Louis, Minneapolis, NYC, Richmond (VA), Raleigh, Roxbury, etc… which kinda narrows it down.

  6. Augustus says:

    I would think that loving parents would prevail upon their children to transfer to another school, if the faculty at John’s Hopkins fails to support increased safety.

    I continue to be utterly amazed at Duke University’s handling of the LaCrosse team. As I remember, the community believed the boys were so stupid as to rape a schizophrenic Black girl. The campus is surrounded by Blacks, and the boys’ families weren’t poor, so if they really had to have sex with a Black woman, they could have walked a minute of campus and spent a few bucks on any number of black prostitutes. There was no reason to risk an education on a long jail sentence.

    Them when the leftist professors signed a letter condemning the players, I knew Duke was not a campus where white kids are safe. I cannot imagine why any white parents still allow their students to attend thete!

  7. D-FENS says:

    May the students enjoy their “enrichment”. They will receive an education far beyond what is promised in the recruiting brochures.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  8. I think the reason the brain dead liberals don’t want a university police force is because if they had one, it would be tantamount to admitting that negroes are a problem. Remember, the only way their leftist ruse can continue is if whites completely insert their heads up their asses.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Dr. Pepper
  9. Hopefully all of the 60 professors will meet their black criminal friends on the way to their cars on some dark night. And then we can ask the question: Is karma such a bitch!

    • Agree: Bruce County
  10. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    Morgan State and Coppin are both historically black universities. Why do they need private police and a white institution doesn’t?

    Oh, and don’t rent a property as an Air BNB, otherwise…

  11. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:


    I know I post a fair amount of links, as do others, but I want to thank you for looking into the posts we do in response.

    BTW, I Screwgled an old pseudonym I’d used before on SBPDL and it didn’t show up. Just tried it prior to reposting this. Methinks the old blog has been removed from some search engines.

    Anon[407] • Disclaimer says:

    February 20, 2019 at 2:08 am GMT • 100 Words,amp.html

  12. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    A day late.
    A Fambly Dollah short.
    The cleanup effort is this Sunday.
    Don’t put on your Sunday best!

  13. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    I actually used to live less than a 10 minute walk from where the shooting of 5 people took place. It says “triple shooting” but 12 humanoids were shot in that ex-fair city with 4 dying.

  14. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:,amp.html

    The black woman who was shot after a 6 hour standoff was awarded 38 million dollars in the civil suit.

    The judge overturned the verdict!

  15. It would certainly add to their educations and preparation for the real world- the survivors, anyway.

  16. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:,amp.html

    “To transform the neighborhood, if we’re able to continue the momentum, will take people who feel safe enough to want to sleep there,” said BeVier, a partner at The Dominion Group. “Success would be having people’s dream to buy a home in the neighborhood where they already live, not to move to Randallstown or Rosedale.”

    BTW, Randallstown is where the lady who wouldn’t come out and held her son and pointed a shotgun at cops moved to from Baw-ta-Moe. Section Ape, coming to your town, YT!

  17. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    LANSING — Faced with life behind bars, Carleous Clay asked a judge for a final day of freedom just moments before his Jan. 11 sentencing for kidnapping, stabbing, raping and setting on fire Diane Pranske.

    Pranske, who uses a wheelchair, sat in the same courtroom, listening, her face, chest and body stippled with third-degree burn scars and healing skin grafts — reminders of the brutal attack three and a half years ago.

    “I couldn’t believe it,” the Lansing survivor recalled. “He said he hoped I could forgive him. But it didn’t matter to me. I wanted justice. … He got life. I didn’t want him to die. Death would have been too good for him.”

  18. @Asagirian

    What’s not to like? Most students are libby-dibs who despise ‘deplorables’.

    I wonder what would have to happen in order for even the most willfully blind, useful idiot liberal to take off the blinders? 🤔

  19. @Asagirian

    What’s not to like? Most students are libby-dibs who despise ‘deplorables’.

    I wonder what would have to happen in order for even the most willfully blind, useful idiot liberal to take off the blinders? 🤔

    • Replies: @SafeNow
    , @dc.sunsets
  20. I attended JHU (undergrad, not med) many years ago. It was a beautiful, relatively safe place then. There were trouble spots nearby, but if you went there any misfortune was on you. Campus and few blocks beyond was fine. Maybe one or two unarmed campus security guys, who mostly enforced parking lot restrictions. Today I wouldn’t visit there with 2 pistols. The SJW mentality there is just as big a factor in it’s decline as the blacks in the area totally surrounding it. Let both sides reap what they have sown. I used to donate now & then, but stopped long ago. The alumni magazines they would send were so full of SJW Bulls—t that I wrote and demanded they take me off the mailing list. I got a great education there, but sadly I have no goodwill whatsoever toward the institution anymore.

    • Replies: @Gunga Din
    , @Amanuensis
  21. Negroes are simply creating a third world environment wherein such safety measures are required. My last year of high school was at an International school in a third world country. The school was surrounded by tall fences topped with barbed wire. To gain entry, the school buses drove through one gate into a secure compound that was guarded. Thereafter, the students had to proceed through another gate with guards. We used to joke that all the security was to keep us in. Outside of school, it was common to see houses with tall walls surrounding them and the top of the walls had a layer of cement in which huge shards of broken glass were embedded. Even the apartment building I lived in had security guards and a gate as well as being surrounded by tall walls.

    Unfortunately, this seems to be where many negro infested cities in America are headed and, if not for political correctness and all the attendant screeching by the usual suspects, I’ve no doubt we’d already be seeing the same kind of security precautions in place on a widespread basis. Of course, as with the protests about convenience stores having plexiglass barriers to stop the thugs from robbing the stores or harming the clerks………..well, we”ve already seen what the response would be- screeches of racism and “hurting” people’s “feelings.”

    • Replies: @Standup Broad
    , @Gunga Din
  22. Agree. Liberals are from another planet. And another reason to have no regard for ” higher” education. These people won’t survive anyway when the lights go out.

  23. File it all under what blacks cost America.

    Hopkins plans to convert a group of armed off-duty Baltimore police officers and sheriff’s deputies that the university currently pays to patrol near its campuses into a police department with roughly 100 officers. The university also employs a private security force of roughly 1,000 unarmed people to monitor its Homewood campus in North Baltimore and the medical campus that surrounds Johns Hopkins Hospital in East Baltimore.

    It needs a security force of a thousand? Calculate the probable cost of that. Just how big is John Hopkins?

    For purposes of comparison, I now live in a (white) a town of twenty thousand We have a fine large population of vagrants, thank you — but our police force of thirty five seems more than up to dealing with what little happens.

    • Replies: @Amanuensis
  24. ‘ (rising population of white gentrifiers will demand better, more accountable government if they’ll maintain their investment in the city).’

    Will they? I never noticed this happening in San Francisco or Oakland or Washington DC. Did it? Where has it happened? Why should it happen in Baltimore?

    ‘Gentrifiers’ are usually affluent, childless, and detached from the surrounding communities. They go from work to Whole Foods and back to their heavily-fortified domiciles.

    They live in a state of denial concerning the reality around them until something happens to them personally, and then they move.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  25. @Asagirian

    ‘Let the blacks kick their ass. I don’t care about privileged kids of helicopter parents.’

    Indeed. Why let them retain their delusions? Force them to either accept reality or start living in a state of denial.

    ‘A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged’ has a corollary. To make a conservative out of a liberal, let him get mugged. I’d choose terms other than ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal,’ but the point’s clear.

  26. Private police force for JH? Outrageous! These lefty scumbags at JH , mostly rich liberal Jews, should get no more police protection then all the rest of us.

  27. @Asagirian

    Then who do you care about?

    You don’t care for affluent whites, poor blacks, Hispanics, asians…

    Just who’s side are you on?

  28. CENTURION says: • Website

    John Hopkin’s ( FOUNDED BY A WHITE MAN) University should MOVE out.

    “White Medical School Flight”, in other words.

    Find the most WHITE area of America, run by (I hate to even say this) “Republican” politicians, and get the F out of the Neggro-ville.

    With HOPKIN’S gone, this shi8thole city dump will totally collapse and the Neggroes can go after each other.

  29. When my son was in the Marines, they took him and all the other officers over to a Baltimore emergency room to see gunshot wounds up close, and the measures needed to deal with them. They wanted to see how they will react to the sight of blood and gore, before they got sent to combat in Iraq.

  30. @Non PC Infidel

    The gated communities of South America have ARMED guards at the only point of entry. The “school buses” are privately contracted mini-vans, students are picked up at their front doors. A repairman wishes to enter; the resident is phone contacted by the gate guard and then escorted to your residence to again confirm his right to enter. You call the gate when he is finished so he can be escorted out. The trash men have an escort throughout their run. Radio-dispatched private taxis are the only relatively safe form of transportation for a Gringo. We females put our jewelry in a pouch worn under our dress, to be put on when in the safety of the eating establishment. The kitchen pantry room is kept locked, the lady of the house counts every piece of clothing before being laundered because the staff will steal anything that’s not nailed down. Yes, you have a gorgeous home and staff, fantastic food and service at restaurants for a pittance, far more than could be gotten for the same price in The States. BUT, you have very little “freedom” as we know it. Welcome to Bolivia, Argentina, Venzo and Columbia.

  31. @Dr. Pepper

    Since this is the only thing that was not printed, maybe I can state the issue this way to make everybody happy.

    I think the reason liberals don’t want a private police force is because if they had one, it would be equal to saying that negroes are a problem. In my humble opinion, the only way that the left can continue this ruse is to make whites reject reality.

  32. @Anon

    I know eh.. Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwae, Congo, it doesnt matter…
    Where was the nog getting his stories about St.Luois from ??? Was he reading about the place in an American black glory rag in Kenya .. “St.Louis… the black paradise with beautiful black scholars and scientists.” A bastion of civilization for the new black future you so desire.

  33. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:


    So whats more insane thata school finds its army of 1100 soldiers insufficient to defend 20,000 students and teachers in an american city or that the city that has created such a condition expects the school to pay for it in addition to all the money it collects from the institution and its employees in taxes

  34. Like magnet schools in the NY public school system or a ritzy gated residential property (e. g. Pelosi mansion) a private police force authorized by a state legislature is a special legal accomodation for the 1 percent – like the crowd at JH – to escape the sewer of urban chaos their leftist public policy has created for the rest of us.

  35. SafeNow says:

    “I wonder what would have to happen”

    A severe attack at a symphonic concert or opera.
    And, if that happened in NY and was perpetrated by a gang of illegal migrants, open borders would be over. The progressives would declare a national emergency.

    By the way, when I visited a wealthy suburb of Buenos Aires, I saw a phonebooth-type guardhouse at every intersection, manned by private security. Our future.

  36. Students Against Private Police group.

    That made me laugh.

    If not, the black elected officials in 70 percent black Baltimore will continue to use the fear of black crime to keep the city from being gentrified

    When the white devils gentrified the wild west they could not always rely on the army to protect them from pissed off natives. Why should Baltimore be any different?

  37. Johns Hopkins crack corn, and I don’t care.

    Balti-less is over.

    Even Hannibal Lecter moved away, citing it was too dangerous being a White cannibal there.

  38. Gunga Din says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    A number of houses in the French Quarter in N.O. have walls w/ the glass shards. Sad.

  39. I wonder how the Asians who go to JH think about all the diversity? I remember being gobsmacked visiting Yale and finding it was surrounded by black slums.

  40. @Anonymous0619

    Just two names:
    Amy Biehl.
    David Ruenzel.

    These and the like are a special class of Darwin Award self-nominee. They are FAR from alone…

    Belief comes first. If you think belief can’t rise to the level of literal self-destruction we need look no further than the Heavens Gate cult. If people will KILL THEMSELVES believing that they will then hook up with an alien spacecraft, it’s far less unimaginable that people will get themselves killed believing that all people are safe to be around.

    HBD tells us that our English & NW European ancestors were the survivors of intense, if not biblically harsh selection during the Middle Ages. Perhaps what we’re seeing is a new kind of natural selection coming into play, where people too ideologically blinded by equalist dogma are literally deleted by their own folly from the DNA tree of humanity.

  41. OT:
    Time’s Up CEO ( A butt ugly Ghtto Sow) resigned after sexual misconduct accusations made against her son. Seems that her wonderful little Dindu Nuffins had some muh dikkin’ on his mind. Mommy sow didnt tell him to keep his hands of the customers. He must have been a student of the Bill Cosby School Of Social Studies.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  42. John R says:

    Same old story about the same old people doing what they like to do with Whites trying not to upset the violence prone population that gets upset any time something doesn’t go the way they want it to go

    Look, Everybody that has half a brain knows that most Black peoples culture and values are not anywhere near the same as most White people culture and values…. they never have and never will be, It’s just the way it is and always will be …… Period

    Most Black people no matter where they live on the planet feel that they are targeted by oppressors that treat Blacks unfairly and Blacks go way out of their way to change the end results of the problematic issues, But Never seem to go after the true issues that cause the problems in the first place, and when that doesn’t work they try to change the way people see the problems it’s self by blaming the problems cause on who they hate the most, “most of the time White people”

    Most White people don’t care about Black peoples problems because All honest people know for a fact that Black people create and cause most of the problems they are found to have, by either not doing the required things to achieve and be successfully contributing members of society or by looking for shortcuts to get rich quick with little to no effort or that they are special or unique and more talented than others for no real reason or proof except their word.
    If Black ‘s in America want more for their children than they themselves had growing up in order to help perpetuate and inspire the future generations to also be better than the last, The way almost every other race in American society tries to do without even thinking about it, Then nothing can stop them from achieving it except themselves and their lack of determination

    Very few Black Americans even try planning for their own future leaving their future in the control of others that they ignorantly learn to depend on, Black’s have never stopped creating an endless stream of excuses for the reasons for why Blacks are the way the are, being the least responsible, the most violent, the most untrustworthy, illogical, animal like creatures all throughout history by everyone that encountered them painted the same exact picture of Blacks
    Even today all around the world Black’s are seen as at the bottom of the totem pole on a scale of races with good human qualities that promote positive values from within and kindness for others not like themselves.. This is not just everybody being racist towards Blacks

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there are common factors for why 90% of other people everywhere on the planet have the same negative opinion and views about Black culture and Black peoples natural way’s

    Yet still Black people see everybody else as the problem therefore everybody else must accept Black cultures violent and intolerant tendencies towards others and unwillingness to accept any kind of responsibility for the problems they create.
    This is why Black’s keep Demanding that Everybody else must lower their personal expectation as well as lower the already low educational standards and change their moral values so that Blacks can feel as if they are on the same level as the rest of the population when the fact is They never have been
    Black people gain more undeserved feelings of accomplishment for even more undeserved acknowledgment for continuously underachieving leading to a place where Blacks have gained a disproportional amount of power and influence in American society where Black politicians are able to create laws and bills that give the majority of unworthy American Blacks an unearned feeling of entitlement and feeling of righteousness driving Blacks to obtain more privileges than others especially others that consistently out perform Blacks at every level of modern life except sports
    Most Blacks won’t admit that people are correct about Black’s inherent attraction to criminality with tendency’s towards violence, theft and disorder with little ambition to be educated as a way to be happy and healthy in their future as well as many Black’s unequal and unrealistic ideals of the importance the complete modern Family structure is to the mental health of their children confirming and acknowledging these facts as issues Black culture has would mean that Black people really do have an equal ability to achieve the same as others. and that
    Blacks really do have more opportunities that others with disproportionately more “Color Restrictive”resources and organizations for Black’s only compared to others races
    And are just like the rest of the population fully able to make the choice to be civil and be respectably employed contributing members of society but willingly make the personal choices not to

    Most of the Black population of the United States still to this day, by choice have not fully integrated and assimilated into the melting pot of American society
    you can see this at schools where Black’s rarely venture out to be among others of a different race and color and prefer to be with other Blacks you can hear it in the music they chose to listen to
    You can see this in the neighborhoods where they chose to live and the places they chose to work and in the do s i say mentality many express
    if Black people truly did assimilate there would be no reason to give Blacks special treatment and Black only privileges over others Blacks would be held to the same standards as anyone else of a different color. there would be no reason for Blacks to complain

    Black culture has an inability to 100% assimilate into any others culture without their Black culture being completely lost and masked within the others the are in.
    This is exactly why Black culture demanded appropriation over assimilation yet Blacks still prefer to segregate themselves in almost everything they do in every day life, from who they chose to hang out with at schools and who they associate with in their free time and even as far as creating organizations for ONLY their particular color of skin. Black’s continuously keep forcing their hypocritical race based laws, ideals, and views onto everybody and everything they encounter in the name of equality Black people have forced the appropriation of their culturally incompatible way’s by showing time after time their unwillingness to assimilate into our tolerant American society of law and order based culture. But Blacks still say America treats Blacks unfairly and oppress Blacks rights, liberties and freedoms but they still fail to accept facts as real try to better their communities or recognize the one single common factor in all of their problems and issues

    white people made change for Blacks but the only thing Black seem to change is their demands

  43. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    Awwww! The poor boy has been Smolletted! Oh well, I wish him the luck of the Flintstones in that he has a gay old time!

  44. MBlanc46 says:

    My goodness, they don’t already have one? The University of Chicago, surrounded on three sides byviolent ghetto, has one of the largest forces in the state. There are alarm boxes all over the place. Calling for the abolition if the police is a very trendy thing to do, but surely they don’t mean no police for the?

    • Agree: Hibernian
  45. AceDeuce says:
    @Colin Wright


    That’s what happened with this guy’s widow. He was killed by two “teens” who shot him right in front of his 2 year old daughter–the guy, a classic SJW, lived in a pocket of new $600-700k homes built in the middle of da hood in Filthadelphia.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  46. Christo says:

    60 faculty opposed out of 4500! Man the amazing lengths of lies, (((media orifices))) such as the Baltimore Sun will go to to obscure the truth and push a lie so their pets can rob and rape white people as to paint a picture that the “faculty” in general is opposed to this. And It will certainly pop up as such on any internet searches for the rest of eternity to supply some more padding to bogus searches in the future. That might be a secondary reason for such an asinine article and its title especially.

    Stranger still, the 60 opposed to me seems much smaller in number than the 100’s of “Studies” professors and assistant professors and useless equal opportunity /minority/sjw ad visors/counselors/deans/advocates such a place must have. Making this newspaper article title lie even more a display of bs. Had to check the actual article because my confirmation bias might as well have some more confirmation . Writer was Catherine Rentz , (((yep))) i would say

  47. The 21st century in America will see the elites increasingly embrace ideas – once described as “Jim Crow” in a less progressive epoch of our history – to protect their institutions and communities, a powerful reminder the ‘racists were right’.

    The mayor of Baltimore “stays” in a gated high rise community. The fortified entrance to the waterfront enclave is on Key (as in Francis Scott) Highway. The black elite of Baltimore have ample opportunities to live among & uplift their own. They choose to do otherwise.

  48. Campus Police forces across the country are notorious for hiding the criminal activities of black affletes. Why would the nogs be opposed to this?

  49. @Boomer Realist

    Same here. I graduated 30+ years ago. I still live in Bodymore, sad to say. There were muggings and robberies, but nothing too terrible. Now, I would be very cautious. Walk one or two blocks in the wrong direction and you’re in trouble.

    Even worse is the complete sjw convergence. JHU begs endlessly for donations. The students are leftist sheep, ditto for the professors. Their magazine is lefty sjw propaganda on steroids. Thank God I graduated while the tuition was still reasonable.

  50. lavoisier says: • Website

    More Than 60 Faculty Members at Johns Hopkins University Promote the Interests of Black Criminals in 70% Black Baltimore Above the Interests of Keeping Their Students Safe

    White liberals are about as low a living creature as it is possible to imagine.

  51. @Colin Wright

    There’s the Homewood Campus, grad and undergrad. Not sure how many students. Maybe 5,000? The medical school is in the midst of a ghetto. They need maximum security over there in east Baltimore. It’s a small city unto itself.

  52. I went through the letter and extracted and counted the positions held by these clowns.  Here is the top 20 lines or so of the list, preceded by the number of times it was listed:

    30 Assistant Professor
    23 Associate Professor
    15 Department of History
    13 Professor
    11 Department of Sociology
    9 Department of Political Science
    9 Department of English
    8 Faculty
    7 Department of Anthropology
    7 Bloomberg School of Public Health
    4 Senior Lecturer
    4 School of Medicine
    4 Department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures
    3 Peabody Institute
    3 Department of the History of Art
    3 Department of Philosophy
    3 Department of Mental Health
    3 Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
    2 Musicology
    2 Krieger-Eisenhower Professor
    2 Institute of the History of Medicine
    2 Department of Environmental Health and Engineering
    2 Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
    2 Department of Biostatistics
    2 Department of Biophysics
    2 Department of Biology
    1 Writing Seminars
    1 Visiting Associate Professor
    1 Thomas C. Jenkins Department of Biophysics
    1 The Writing Seminars
    1 Society of Black Alumni Presidential Professor
    1 Sir William Osler Professor
    1 School of Public Health
    1 Russell Croft Faculty Scholar
    1 Research Professor
    1 Research Associate Professor
    1 Program in Expository Writing
    1 Professor of Humanities and Philosophy

    It appears to me that this would make a good starting point for a list of positions, departments and chairs which could be pruned or eliminated in the interest of a better university.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  53. I left America over 4 years ago and moved to Asia during the reign of Barry Sotoro, the great divider and chief. You rarely see police here in Asia. You rarely see negroes also. Living in Hong Kong the only place you saw police was where the negroes caused trouble in one tiny section of the city. I now moved to Vietnam and it is the same here. I have visited over 30 countries now. I constantly tell people, the darker the population, the more dangerous and violent the country. People know the facts. Time to call the spade the spade.

  54. Segregation in 2020 Repatriation in 2021 !!!

  55. So, the (((faculty))) and the student body are smack-dab in the middle of Indian country and want social justice and no consequences for the Gorillas In Their Midst. Fine. F**k ’em.

  56. Male Negroez making up 3% of the population (18-35) commit 57%+ of the homosides!!
    FBI Table 21
    Grossly Overrepresented in every crime statistic!
    The costs to society by these vermin is incalculable!

    It is time for reparations:
    in the form of repatriation to Liberia!!

  57. El Dato says:

    Michael Medway, the older brother’s attorney, acknowledged Tuesday that a surveillance video showed Maurice Roberts on the block at the time of the shooting. But, he said: “My client certainly didn’t intend for this victim to have been shot.”

    The two assailants had approached Gerard Grandzol after he got out of his Audi SUV, authorities said. He handed over his wallet, but not his car keys. In a calm voice, he said he wanted to get his daughter Violet from her rear child seat.

    “For that request, he was shot and killed,” said Kristin Grandzol, who stayed strong during the interview, pausing occasionally to wipe away tears.

    Subway surveillance video appeared to show the younger brother laughing after the shooting.

    Not bad. Some pretty good stuff.

    It’s like “The Crow” comic (1989) but with more blacks in replacement of aggressive wiggers on drugs & guns – and nobody meting out justice in a direct way.

  58. El Dato says:

    I hope they at least move the libraries out before they get burned down.

  59. El Dato says:
    @Bruce County

    Gellert told the Times that she asked Bowden, a fellow wellness professional, for the healing session at her home. But she said the session turned from healing to “disgusting” when he touched her inappropriately, kissed her neck and blew air on her genitals.

    “I told him I didn’t feel well and he kept saying, ‘Trust me,’ ” she told the Times.

    She initially thanked Bowden for the session, but later reached out via text message to say she was “feeling uncomfortable and violated” by some parts of the encounter.

    I’m sorry but WTF.

    > Invite your colored wellness/yoga/yoni/prana partner for a “healing session at home”.
    > Gee I wonder what could happen???
    > It’s just “air blown on the genitals”. Okay.
    > Still a #MeToo event. #SoViolated. #OMG.

    This is more an example of complete Disney Princess-ization of some women’s mental landscape than anything else.

  60. @MuhDeek

    How, you ask? It’s because there people would seriously rather have a bigger chance of getting bashed on the head in a robbery than be called names. They’ve got that whole “sticks and stones” thing backwards, something that they should have understood around the time they were in kindergarten. How does that happen? Government indoctrination camps replaced public schools.

  61. Hibernian says:

    The University of Chicago once contemplated moving to Williams Bay WI, also I heard that Aspen and Santa Barbara were discussed.

  62. Hibernian says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Humanities overwhelmingly in a school known for medicine, engineering, and science.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  63. If I remember correctly, in the 1980’s Johns Hopkins was surrounded by a large wall. Did the liberal professors tear it down? I suppose it’s not nice to wish that a few of these professors have up close and personal encounters with the local animals, but in truth it’s the only thing that changes minds. Sort of along the lines of the old joke that a Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  64. @Hibernian

    Exactly.  No loss if their jobs simply went “poof” one way or another, and a superb way of getting rid of a bunch of troublemakers (and the type who hire troublemakers, if whole departments were axed).

  65. @The Other Realist in MA

    I suppose it’s not nice to wish that a few of these professors have up close and personal encounters with the local animals, but in truth it’s the only thing that changes minds.

    Many adherents of the SocJus religion prefer death to “racism”, but in such cases they are literally more valuable dead than alive.

  66. Augustus says:

    An all-white area like the leftist northwest would seem to be best. I would like to volunteer Seattle as a place where leftists would love to have a “vibrant, diversified community.”

    There…..I always hated that place.

  67. “More than 60” = “fewer than 2%”

  68. I have been long acquainted with a man who went to Johns Hopkins Medical School in the early 70s. I remember him telling me, when home for a summer visit, that he had to drive through a Black neighborhood on the way to class. He was warned by police, that if he hit someone, or thought he hit someone, not to stop and/or get out of his vehicle, but come directly to the police station to report it.
    If memory serves me correctly, he found a bullet hole in the passenger door of his car one morning.
    While overseas myself at approximately the same time, I was told by a native Baltimore student that during the summer 5 or 6 murders a day, almost always Black on Black, were not uncommon during the summer when the temperatures were hot.
    I was stunned at the time, but came to realize it was little different in other cities with high Black populations.

  69. Doorjam says: • Website

    John Hopkins just purchased a 600 million dollar building built by the Freedom Forum a year ago for 373 million in DC. Planning on moving I would assume.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  70. Hibernian says:

    Their school of Foreign Affairs is in DC, or at least has a part time Master’s program in DC.

  71. @Asian nomad

    I know exactly what you mean Asian Nomad. I moved to the Philippines in 2011 and I have only once seen a negro. ItIt’s about a 12 hour drive to where I live from Manila, and I have never once seen the NAPA. My wife learned about negroes watching Maury. We don’t want to live in the United States because of the negro problem . I moved here to Sorsogon Philippines from SE Michigan so after being surrounded by negroes msst of my life this is paradise. I certainly wouldn’t put either of my two kids in school in the USA due to negro misbehavior and wacky SJW craziness. Too bad because I loved the states but I wouldn’t visit if someone gave me a free plane ticket.

    Here in the Philippines I never worry about locking up my car, and only lock our front door at bedtime .

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