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More Than 1,000 Riot in New York City Demanding Black and Brown Never Pay for Fare on Public Transportation Again
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Previously on SBPDL: Since Blacks Are Arrested Disproportionately for Fare Evasion on Public Transportation, Nationwide Movement for Decriminalization


Look, it’s really simple. Black and brown people shouldn’t have to pay for fare on public transportation. Don’t you get it, bigot? [Chaos in Brooklyn as 1,000 anti-cop protesters storm subway stations yelling ‘don’t let these pigs touch us’ after a spate of violent arrests and the city’s vow to add even MORE officers to crackdown on anyone not paying the $2.75 fare, Daily Mail, November 2, 2019]:

Nearly a thousand protesters took to the streets of Brooklyn to demonstrate against the NYPD after a spate of violent arrests on the subway and over its plans to put more officers on the beat to catch anyone who skips paying the fare.

The protesters started gathering in Downtown Brooklyn near Barclays Center at about 7pm Friday, with their signs reflecting the dual nature of the march.

While flashier banners bore slogans such as ‘Don’t let these pigs touch us,’ ‘F**k the police,’ ‘Punch that cop’ and ‘NYPD out of MTA,’ other signs read ‘Free transit,’ ‘Poverty is not a crime’ and ‘Our subways need more $ for elevators, not for cops.’

Their grievances stem from two issues. One, alleged police brutality against New Yorkers including a group of teenagers who officers were seen fighting with in a recent viral video.

The other issue is that police have vowed to create 500 additional jobs specifically for officers to monitor the subway network and arrest anyone who jumps the barriers rather than pay the $2.75 fee.

Over the last month. several videos have emerged of NYPD cops violently arresting seemingly nonviolent subway riders.

One, which circulated last week, showed them pounding on the windows of a subway car, waiting for the doors to open, before rushing on board, tackling the man to the ground. It is unclear why he is wanted. He had his hands in the air for several minutes before they arrested him and bystanders say the officers drew their guns.

The demonstration was said to have been brought on in part by two headline-grabbing incidents involving the NYPD that occurred on October 25 at different Brooklyn subway stations, which drew accusations of excessive force by police

A video of the first incident showed at least 10 police officers storming onto a stopped subway car and tackling an apparently unarmed black man inside, sparking accusations of excessive force.

The 19-year-old, who had his hands up and was seated at the time of the incident, was thought to have had a gun, but did not. He was later charged with theft of services.

The second incident involved two groups of teenagers who were said to have been fighting on the platform. In the course of breaking up the fight, a police officer was caught on camera punching two black teens.

One of the teens was 15-year-old Benjamin Marshall, who was punched in the face. His lawyer said Tuesday that his family intends to file a $5million lawsuit against the officer and the NYPD, according to the New York Daily News.

Marshall ‘was the straw that broke the camel’s back,’ one protester told the New York Post Friday. ‘I mean, it’s monstrous. My f**king tax dollars are going to this? It doesn’t make sense.’

Over the course of the two-hour protest, participants blocked traffic, shouted obscenities at nearby officers, jumped the subway turnstile en masse and committed acts of vandalization.

One group of protesters was seen surrounding a MTA bus, vandalizing it with stickers and writing anti-police graffiti on it, while passengers were aboard, according to the New York Post.

Passengers told the newspaper that the demonstrators were ‘banging on the bus’ and that one ‘kid with a white mask and a hoodie’ used a marker to scrawl graffiti – ‘F**k NYPD’ and ‘NYPD KKK’ – on the bus.

‘I’m not gonna lie, it was scary,’ a passenger said after getting off the bus.


Videos taken during the protest showed people chanting ‘Shut this racist system down’ on the street, while those inside a subway station were seen standing behind a barricade and shouting ‘How do you spell racist? N-Y-P-D’ while holding up their middle fingers at police officers standing a few feet away.

Meanwhile, one woman could be heard yelling ‘Hop that s**t!’ as dozens of people were seen jumping over subway turnstiles.

One demonstrator said they were there to protest the city’s decision to ‘Hire more cops. Beat people up who can’t afford to pay the fare’ as a response to increasing poverty in the city, NY1 reported.

The protest coincided with a series of President Trump’s tweets, which referenced the fact that New York City ‘great police are being disrespected’ because the city doesn’t ‘have their backs’

Police said that the protest was peaceful and that there were no arrests made, however it was noted that at least one police vehicle was vandalized with the words ‘NYPD KKK,’ according to Pix 11.

The protest started just as President Trump took to Twitter to condemn his now-former hometown after declaring that he was moving his family to Florida.

Again, thousands of people (lots of whites among them) marching and confronting police in New York City to demand black and brown people ride public transportation without paying their fare.

Civilization cannot endure under these circumstances. Either you have standards (and police them vigorously), or you regress to the African mean.

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  1. White people already pay for everything.

    So what’s new?

  2. In this case I support nypd
    They should double down on the beatings and bring out whips ..
    The nerve of these creatures.

    • Agree: brandybranch
    • LOL: Augustus
  3. There were a few videos of it posted on LiveLeak. One look at the people protesting pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

    On a side note, which one of you regular commenters put this up? Lol, the news story and explanation of it just highlights the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of it all.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  4. Next in line is sales tax

    The rumblings are here in OKC as we approach the Dec vote for the MAPS4 project.

    Even though the Northeast side is getting tens of millions of taxpayers money that they barely contributed to for Youth centers and other boondoggles, it’s not enough because they still have to pay the 1¢ sales tax too.

    The taxes are not increasing . They are staying the same. But Muh Poor is adversely affected by the soon to be declared Racist Sales tax

    I for one will be voting no for maps 4

    They are making you vote on it in one package, and not individual projects, thus roughly 10% of 1 billions can be siphoned away.

    Some of the Grifters are mad about this since they can’t hold some for the projects hostage like the new stadium because of availability for the average citizen to use, But not one person Has come complained about the Eastside projects specifically catering to one group of people and no one else

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Jake Surtes
  5. Here’s a couple more videos of the protest and what the future holds.

  6. getaclue says:

    Just what the NYSlimes ordered– they militantly stoke this type thing daily, everything is RAYCISSSSS….

    • Replies: @Former liberal
  7. Good work. We need to keep publicizing this and everything like it.

  8. Eric135 says:

    New Yorkers asked for this when they voted for DiBlasio. As the saying goes, “They made their bed…”

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  9. Augustus says:

    I can’t wait to hear DiBlasio speak about this episode of lawbreaking. I’ll be preparing for a lot of virtue signalling.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  10. Miro23 says:

    Civilization cannot endure under these circumstances. Either you have standards (and police them vigorously), or you regress to the African mean.

    Paradoxically, anarchic street activism for impossible “rights” is the quickest way to lose them. The state has to regain control and may in fact go too far with it.

    NAPOLEON: In October of 1795, a royalist mob threatened to overthrow the government, and General Menou attempted to negotiate the disarmament of the mob and failed. Barras was then entrusted to defend the Convention, but not being a soldier, he asked Napoleon to disperse the mob. On October 5th (13 Vendémiaire) Napoleon responded quickly, sending Captain Murat and his cavalry to fetch artillery. With this artillery Napoleon fired a “whiff of grapeshot” into the mob and dispersed it, earning the gratitude of the government.

    HITLER: Conscientious Objectors – “I contented myself with shooting one hundred and thirty of these self-styled Bible Students (Bibelforscher). Incidentally the execution of these one hundred and thirty cleared the air, just like a thunderstorm does. When news of the shootings was made public, many thousands of similarly minded people who proposed to avoid military service on the score of some religious scruple or other lost their courage and changed their minds.” Hitler’s Table Talk. Conversation Nº235 , 7th June 1942.

    • Replies: @Mycale
    , @Poupon Marx
  11. The cops who beat up the Negro are probably “minorities” themselves.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @AceDeuce
  12. The demand for ‘free stuff’ is endless. The fact that the non whites now openly segregate themselves as deserving of more free stuff is a rather new development. In days past, race hustlers led the legislative effort to secure them additional ‘rights’. Now there seems to be no need for the middleman hustler. If this continues, a race war is the natural and logical outcome.

    However, the ‘police’ as an enforcement arm aren’t making the situation better. If one seriously considers the character of the average cop, one would conclude that he/she is an otherwise unemployable thug that has found his/her calling bashing heads in for the gov’t. These are welfare recipients that wear a costume and carry a weapon to protect the overlords in gov’t being paid for by the taxes extorted from the population under the threat of violence. The police scam is becoming obvious to more and more people.

    What to do? The only solution for the subway system is to install entry points that can’t be jumped. If you don’t pay, you don’t get in. For buses, the driver should refuse to move the bus until the riders beat the shit out of the person not wanting to pay.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @Hibernian
  13. Either you have standards (and police them vigorously), or you regress to the African mean.

    I’d say we’re there, Paul. In Blue cities. But since sensible people avoid the cities (and the money is moving out of ALL of them at a record pace), since these zombies own the cities now and openly advocate violence on Whites and on the cops, the cities should just be buttoned up and starved once they’ve achieved certain milestones that denote the utter failures of their Black-Run governments. The African mean is South Africa, a genocide against Whites, all in the face of the reality that Blacks can’t run basic features such as water, electricity, transportation and a big one, farming. So the Left, through movies like Lethal Weapon 2 demonized White South Africans and ensured that forty years later the African continent became once again, all-Black run. Now that the farms are dead, the fields fallow, the farmers moved or murdered (they kinda had to pick one), their land appropriated for no other purpose than to take the land from the White farmers, the country is already buying up grains and foodstuffs overseas that which they never have in 100 years. Water systems and facilities are failing. South Africa is dying, it’s the same damn jungle now, except with evidence of a past civilization. How are Detroit and Baltimore, to name just two, any different?

    And we’re to reward them? Really! They hate us anyway, why reward them for it?

    • Replies: @KenH
    , @Stan d Mute
  14. mongo777 says:

    if anyone should get free bus rides it should be whites..after all we have white privilige..might as well use it before we lose it…use that white privilige card before they take it

  15. Renoman says:

    Good Lord call “Frank Reagan”! Ass gas or grass, nobody rides for free.

  16. Glock45 says:

    Civilization cannot endure under these circumstances.

    And, indeed, it won’t for much longer.

    It’s later than people realize.

    More and more each day, there are hundreds of small-scale shocks and disruptions to the system (as in our story above) which are going to soon render increasingly larger parts of it unworkable and ungovernable.

    …and, man oh man, just wait until the EBT and WIC payments stop being processed.

    As it has been said repeatedly here before, now’s the time to get as far away from urban areas as you can, and start stocking up on food, water, ammo, first aid, heating materials, etc., because the Day of Reckoning is going to arrive sooner than most people realize.

    • Replies: @Anthony Aaron
  17. unit472 says:

    This is why many suburban counties refuse to allow Metro Transit Agencies to expand service in their territory. They don’t want a negro hauler bringing shoplifters and thugs into their communities. What needs to be asked is why does a person with no money need to go anywhere unless it is to steal or rob someone when he arrives.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  18. There’s an obvious and easy solution to this problem: sturdy, vandal-proof, ceiling to floor fences with full height, coin and pass-card operated turn-styles.

    See here for examples:

    Most subway systems I have seen could readily acommodate such systems. Installation would be cheaper than dealing with the constant theft, vandalism, violence, and filth imposed on decent commuters by the urban underclass.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  19. @Augustus

    DiBlasio’s staff is probably seriously considering making fares voluntary as we speak.

    They are probably also considering if they could use some sort of facial recognition technology to permit black and brown people to use the subway for free while forcing white people to pay.

    Grab the popcorn!

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Augustus
  20. Realist says:

    ‘Our subways need more $ for elevators, not for cops.’

    So fat ass black women can use them.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  21. Realist says:

    Civilization cannot endure under these circumstances. Either you have standards (and police them vigorously), or you regress to the African mean.

    Exactly, but anyone stupid enough to live in a large city gets what they deserve.

  22. I say this is a good thing.

    A town with majority “black and brown” people, alongside white liberals.

    Long term, we need to realize that the nation and its systems are against us, and we should be happy to see it being destroyed. The weaker the beast, the less harm it will do to us. The faster it goes down in flames, the quicker we can start to rebuild our Nation, our People, our Race.

    So I welcome rioting, just as I welcome inner city infrastructure decay and dysfunction. Brooklyn was a place made for White peoples… now lost territory to the enemy. So yes, I’m glad to see it failing and good riddance.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman, Alden
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  23. @RoatanBill

    “Install entry points that can’t be jumped.”
    Yep .. add to the massive negro tax that whites already overpay for.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  24. Gunga Din says:

    I would guess that anytime you see a number of Whites among the demonstrators, even though it’s a minority issue, the demonstration is a Soros operation and the Whites are being paid/bussed in. How I wish Trump’s DOJ would build a case against that degenerate SOB, arrest and prosecute.

  25. We know that between 1/4 and 1/3 of black men are convicted felons. That means that a very large part of the black population are either criminals, or are the relatives and friends of criminals. That means you have a pro-criminal population. Now, how do criminals feel toward the police? They regard them as their enemies. So naturally the black population is anti-police.

    The “cultural attitude,” the “racial experiences” that blacks have supposedly had, and that we whites don’t understand, simply comes down to the fact that blacks are a pro-criminal population that sees the police as their enemies, and that will decry any policy work as “police brutality,” and then uses this “police brutality” as an excuse to rationalize any further criminal acts by blacks against whites.

    But instead of understanding this, white people make the mistake of thinking that the black sense of grievance is a rational grievance, so the whites try to “understand” the blacks, to listen to them, to treat them as partners in a rational discussion. But this discussion can never go anywhere because at bottom the blacks are criminal sympathizers expressing their resentment of the society’s laws.

    Instead of trying to “understand” the blacks’ “feelings,” whites need to understand where blacks are actually coming from. Then we will stop treating them as partners in a rational discussion and identify them as the irrational criminal sympathizers that they actually are.

    • Agree: Lancelot Link, Alden
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @loren
  26. If you are any race other than black , you should move far away from them . Even if you are armed does not matter because more than likely you will end up with a black jury after defending yourself .

  27. Problem solved! NEXT…published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences demolishes the Democratic narrative regarding race and police shootings, which holds that white officers are engaged in an epidemic of racially biased shootings of black men. It turns out that white officers are no more likely than black or Hispanic officers to shoot black civilians. It is a racial group’s rate of violent crime that determines police shootings, not the race of the officer. The more frequently officers encounter violent suspects from any given racial group, the greater the chance that members of that racial group will be shot by a police officer. In fact, if there is a bias in police shootings after crime rates are taken into account, it is against white civilians, the study found.

    The authors, faculty at Michigan State University and the University of Maryland at College Park, created a database of 917 officer-involved fatal shootings in 2015 from more than 650 police departments. Fifty-five percent of the victims were white, 27 percent were black, and 19 percent were Hispanic. Between 90 and 95 percent of the civilians shot by officers in 2015 were attacking police or other citizens; 90 percent were armed with a weapon. So-called threat-misperception shootings, in which an officer shoots an unarmed civilian after mistaking a cellphone, say, for a gun, were rare.

    • Replies: @drew458
  28. Excellent Quote “Obama unleashed black racism and BLM and his black racist thugs who assaulted and killed police and White people, riots, looting, rampant racism on social media, friends with racist Farrakhan and Sharpton, cities trashed , they are shameless racist because President Trump is White, but care less their minority racism against White people on their side.”

  29. Blacks don’t want to be arrested for fare jumping, shoplifting, or to get ticketed for traffic violations. In fact, they seem to feel they should be able to do any damn thing they please without any consequences. Unless they’re smacked down hard and taught that they aren’t above the law and aren’t exempt from the consequences of criminal behavior, they’ll continue to grow ever worse in terms of their abominable behavior. The simple fact is that they’re so obnoxious, egotistical, arrogant and stupid that they’re convinced in their own tiny little minds that they’re special and thus feel entitled to do anything they want. Stopping them is “raycism!”

    What’s worse is that the authorities are too lily livered and cowardly to do anything about it because they know blacks will scream disparate impact and racism and riot in the streets if they don’t get their way and will start burning buildings. So they keep trying to appease these feral morons instead. They’ve given inch after inch after inch and the feral morons have taken full advantage of that and taken a mile. This crap has got to stop. We need to return to the days when these morons would be hosed down with fire hoses, bitten by German Shepherds, given wooden billy club shampoo’s to their nappy heads and, if they really want to get frosty, get shot by the National Guard when they chimp out en masse in the streets.

    We’re only in this situation because libtards thought they knew better than our ancestors and unleashed the monkey upon civilization. Way to go, libtards!

  30. @DINDUNUFFINS,esquire

    Then we will stop treating them as partners in a rational discussion and identify them as the irrational criminal sympathizers that they actually are.

    Still too naive–blacks are rational. They rationally support criminality. They (correctly) view most white people as stupid suckers waiting to be conned, fools to be separated from their money.

    (Granted–they do not have long term rationality–since scams eventually run out of suckers. Of course the Federal Reserve and other central banks have that issue as well… 😉 )

    But, it is true–there is nothing to negotiate.

  31. @Love Street

    I left NY in 1976. Had I stayed I would have wound up on the nightly news for a copy cat incident of Bernhard Goetz, only my aim is much better.

    I know where you’re coming from. That tax you speak of is unavoidable as long as the decent citizenry is prevented from cleaning the place up by the useless police and the BS law. Every time a stupid cop goes apeshit the perp end up rich with funds you provide for the cops salary and the law suit payout. The system is against you. It is rigged to placate the filth in the society and allow them to be fruitful and multiply while stealing your future.

    Face it – NY is no place for decent people. The animals and their enablers run the place.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  32. @Non PC Infidel

    Already used my “agree” but having grown up in the richest black county in the nation all I can say is that if that how the rich blacks act, I’d hate to see the poor ones!

    And growing up where I did I sure as hell never saw any rich ones, unless those are the ones whom with I managed to graduate high school.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  33. loren says:

    many criminals are never convicted..if 1 in 3 is convicted, well u do da maths

  34. Corvinus says:

    “Long term, we need to realize that the nation and its systems are against us, and we should be happy to see it being destroyed. The weaker the beast, the less harm it will do to us.”

    You are an enemy of white civilization. You have to go back.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  35. People who cannot obtain entry level positions are not going to start businesses. How the hell will selling water bottles pay for their college? What are they currently achieving academically to warrant the big plan of “college”?

    ‘Squeegee kids’ take lessons learned to become entrepreneurs in Baltimore

    Updated: 11:10 PM EDT Nov 1, 2019
    By Tre Ward

    It’s a job that’s met with both controversy and praise throughout Baltimore City — squeegee kids.

    One group of squeegee kids is taking what they’ve learned on the streets and turning it into a business.

    If you’ve driven around parts of Baltimore, you’ve seen the squeegee kids at some intersections.

    Now, a group called the Korner Boyz is taking the struggle they’ve been through and turning it into a new business plan.

    “They had a code of conduct when I met them, and it was just me typing it up that made it real to everybody else,” Kai Crosby-Singleton said.

    An idea sparked from Crosby-Singleton’s job as a community liaison in an effort to turn Baltimore City’s squeegee kids into entrepreneurs.

    “There were these kids that were working there, in the dead of winter, squeegeeing windows, so I walked up to them and I said, ‘Hi,’” Crosby-Singleton said.

    After all the fun and games Friday night at the Shake and Bake Family Fun Center in west Baltimore were over, it was down to business as a group of five squeegee kids kicked off a new venture as the newly formed Korner Boyz.

    Instead of spraying and cleaning windows, their next moneymaker came in a different bottle, this time, filled with drinking water.

    “Our intent is to continue to respect their childhood, their hustle, their brilliance,” mentor Michael Scott said.

    It’s an opposite outlook for the group of 15 and 16-year-olds, who have gone through struggles just to make a dollar.

    In certain cases, for some of their peers, it turned violent.

    Just late last month, near MLK and Washington boulevards, Baltimore City police reported a woman fired her gun after encountering a group of squeegee kids.

    “People would drive past and throw things at them. People will curse at them out the window just for being there,” Crosby-Singleton said.

    But, for this group, if there’s any lesson they want fellow squeegee kids to learn from them, it’s that their reach can go far beyond an intersection.

    “To the kids, I say this: You’re already a business. Figure out how to run it,” Crosby-Singleton said.

    Money made from selling the bottled water will go toward the group’s long-term plans, which include college.

    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @El Dato
  36. Pretty Scary, this is an Al Sharpton Tactic to cause problems with public transportation- his organization purposely caused mayhem in the subway about 25 years ago. I forget the reason, it was terrifying as mobs of young blacks ran through the subway stations as trains were delayed and entire lines either rerouted or stopped.

    I was angry to see whites in the crowd. But they could be those black people who look white and who love to tell everyone how oppressed they are because they are mistaken for being white.

    Jay Street Metro Tech Station in Brooklyn is where the notorious A and C lines go through. This is the subway line where I was attacked on not so late at night by a deranged black woman – needing drug money. She got up on the subway seat, kicked me in the chest in an attempt to knock me down and steal my purse. Luckily two guys stopped her. After the savage got off the train- with out my purse and money – a Spanish woman told one of the men he shouldn’t have helped me. There were a group of people laughing at me when it was going down. Black men and one stupid white guy with a bicycle – he came near me later. I asked him why he was laughing and why he didn’t help me. Of course he said it was my fault I had been attacked. I told him I hoped I was present when he was getting a beat down by a nigger and that I would laugh my ass off.

    This is the kind of garbage one has to deal with on the NYC subway commuting to work. Add to the mix, deranged homeless black males openly masturbating lying all over the seats, urinating, defecating, ranting to them selves, then attacking innocent people Gangs of black youth and not so young, smoking pot, cigarettes, etc. They are not happy, they are not mellow, they get loud and violent. Blacks selling alcohol, drugs, kiddie porn , shoplifted items, stolen food like snack packs and cookies. Blacks bring their pitbulls and other dangerous dogs on the subway. Large angry black women shove nearly on top of other seated passengers on a subway or bus and proceed to make their ride as uncomfortable as possible. If they ask the dullard to move over, they see it as an open threat and yell threats sounding the call for a violent chimp out. Very dangerous, very anxiety producing. The NYC subway is not safe.

    • Replies: @Mycale
  37. They don’t want to pay the subway/bus fare? Most of them don’t. Stand in any NYC subway station for ten minutes and see how many people jump the turnstiles or walk through the exit gates.

    NYC is rolling out a program for poor people to pay half price for fares. Everyone else, ie, the Whites, must pay full fare. Some people are being enrolled first. Translation – that means blacks.

    The taxpayer winds up paying the other half of their fares.

    I had a cab driver from Cote d’Ivorie the other day. He had to flee his country during the 2002 Civil War and told me that every African country should have curfew and martial law. He should know.

  38. Augustus says:

    Face recognition for blacks to pass through without paying? What happens if we all wear blackface to ride to work and back?

  39. @Realist

    So they have a place to piss, before they get on the train. Weren’t they installing urine detectors in the elevators at the MARTA stations because it was such a problem?

  40. @Eric135

    ‘New Yorkers asked for this when they voted for DiBlasio. As the saying goes, “They made their bed…”’

    New Yorkers asked for this when they started offering housing and generous welfare benefits to blacks from the South.

    It’s really amazing to stand back and contemplate what the great cities of America’s northeast quadrant chose to do to themselves over the last sixty years. None of this was necessary.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  41. Mycale says:

    In a sense this has already happened. A year or two ago, DiBlasio’s DAs announced they weren’t going to prosecute people for turnstile hopping, turning it into an easily ignorable ticket. What followed was a completely predictable explosion in turnstile hopping. Paired with the fact that the MTA’s finances are collapsing under the weight of necessary repairs and pensions, they felt like they had to “do something” and that was to add more cops and monitoring at stations.

    Of course, they can’t go back to prosecuting people and throwing them in jail like before, because of muh structural racism and muh disparate impact, and with the closure of Rikers, DiBlasio is working overtime to make it virtually impossible to lock people up, embedding lawlessness and criminality into the fabric of NYC like it has not had in decades.

  42. drew458 says:

    I’ve read many articles from this organization, and they almost always have their facts down pat. However, they chose the worst possible acronym imaginable for their magazine.

    Can you imagine the look from your postman as he delivers your monthly copy of PNAS magazine?

  43. @getaclue

    Yes! Maybe a huge “protest” will erupt in midtown Manhattan where the New York Times building is located, and the thugs will burn it down. That kind of karma would be richly deserved by that way overrated rag.

  44. Mycale says:
    @Harriet Tubwoman

    You know, I get it when clueless 20 year old white people from upscale rich neighborhoods become anti-racist SJWs. White people in NYC, though, see the ugly reality of life with the vibrants every single day. Everything you described is reality and those same white people in that parade surely run into it on a frequent basis. Why they turn around and then join that side, it doesn’t make any sense to me. I would think mere self-preservation and safety would override any virtue signaling impulses, but I would be wrong.

  45. anonymous[422] • Disclaimer says:
    @Baron Munchhausen

    But Muh Poor is adversely affected by the soon to be declared Racist Sales tax

    Can’t be affected that much, don’t they shoplift/steal most of their stuff like everywhere else?

  46. In other news, the centennial of the passing of the 19th Amendment is coming up. Can you see the connection?

  47. Hibernian says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Don’t know about New York, but there are plenty of Irish cops in Chicago including young ones. There were white cops and one East Asian one in Philadelphia in Fall of 2015 guarding the site of the Papal Mass when I was there. There are definitely a lot more minority cops now than there were back in the day, mostly Hispanic.

    • Replies: @loren
  48. Hibernian says:

    The only solution for the subway system is to install entry points that can’t be jumped. If you don’t pay, you don’t get in. For buses, the driver should refuse to move the bus until the riders beat the shit out of the person not wanting to pay.

    The former is a good idea. The latter, not so much.

  49. @Lancelot Link

    LoL , the journalist makes it sound so sing songy and warm n fuzzy. they probably stole the water . Such BS.

    • Agree: Lancelot Link
  50. buckwheat says:

    Liberal whites have created this monster, deal with it. But its getting harder to avoid these bastards no matter how far out in the country you live. They are importing these black scum to play high school football where I live and they have to bring 100 relatives with them.

  51. Jesse says:

    O/T: Have you seen the screeds being placed on DC’s Free Little Libraries? Apparently, they are symbols of white supremacy. Or something.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  52. It seems pretty clear that the MTA has to scuttle these turnstiles and go to systemwide revolving door egg slicer style entryways. You can’t get in unless you pay. Yeah, you and one of your homies might fit into that space, but that’s all. Minimize the rampant theft of service. This is why liquor stores in Harlem have bulletproof glass. You can’t do normal with people with no regard for civil society.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  53. AceDeuce says:
    @Father O'Hara

    In NYC these days? Very true. All I see when I go these days are mystery meat squat monster “cops” Most look like crap in their slovenly uniforms.

  54. @Jesse

    Our local library is overrun with “teens & youths” as soon as school lets out during the week. It’s full of homeless or other miscreants from when it opens until the teens come in. This is becoming more & more common at libraries around the country, and now with “Drag Queen Story Hours” popping up at libraries across the country, who in their right mind would want to go to the library with their kids?
    I live in a good neighborhood and there’s about 5 of these Little Libraries in people’s yards. I’ve gotten some good books out of them, and have left a bunch in return. I see them as a way to do something positive for people without having to put in much time or effort, it’s an exchange of stories & knowledge.
    That being said I can see why SJWs are against them, they don’t force people to have to go to a government building full of bums & orcs, they can’t track what books you’re checking out with your library card, and since there’s no gibs involved, they’re useless for blacks.

    • Replies: @Harriet TubTub
  55. AceDeuce says:

    Most famous (although unreported for obvious reasons) is how all of the liberal government and media fat cats in DC’s wealthy Georgetown neighborhood have successfully waged a 40 year war keeping a Metrorail station out of Georgetown, so it doesn’t get overrun by groid “visitors”

    Of course, they already have a yuuuge problem (crime, etc) with the ones who do travel there anyway, but a Metrorail station would mean the end of things.

    • Replies: @Piglet
  56. @NateHiggers

    You will end up with a black jury after defending yourself.

    Ask Timothy Wafer about that. One of my best friends knew him for many years. They were maintenance men at 7-UP & lived near one another in Dearborn across from The Hill , other side of Southfield Fwy.
    I never met him but sympathize.

  57. What is with the NYPD? Are there no fire hoses or police dogs in New York City?

    • Agree: Love Street
  58. loren says:

    long ago to get the badge, it was tough.
    Then, AA.

    It may have been they gave an IQ test [now illegal to job application process] or a mental test like an IQT.

    I have read up on this.

  59. Trevor says:

    “You can’t do normal with people with no regard for civil society.”

    No, you have to design and implement what are essentially “animal control” measures.

  60. Perhaps the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned is that there is nothing really fair, free or equal in this life. Any & every attempt to make it so has created what this article is all about in the first place.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  61. SafeNow says:

    Substitute “migrants” (or “homeless”) for “Blacks” and you will have California: Laws do not apply to me. I will add to that: Proficiency and conscientiousness standards do not apply to me. Recently, renewing my driver’s license, taking the knowledge test, the guy at the adjacent computer had his own consultant standing next to him, feeding him the answers, loudly, brazenly. Signing-off from no-electricity land, give-it-85%-land, where the plumber is also the carpenter, and if someone exposes himself you are told it was not deliberate, it was defective clothing.


    Wherever you find the negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find a white man, you see everything around him improving.

    You will never prosper with blacks, and it is abhorrent to a reflecting mind to be supporting and cherishing those who are plotting and working for your injury, and all of whose sympathies and associations are antagonistic to yours.

  63. @NateHiggers

    Ask Timothy Wafer how defending your castle works out.

  64. @Corvinus

    lol. Corvinus is trying to co-opt the language of his betters!

    Except he sounds so clunky and false when he utters it. Typical communist failure.

    As Twain said to his wife when she tried swearing:

    My dear, you know the words, but not the tune.

    • LOL: Dannyboy
  65. Another vibrant Halloween party gone wild.

    No names there at Blacklisted News, we have to go to the NYT (of course no images):

    “The authorities identified the victims, all of California, as: Oshiana Tompkins, 19, of Vallejo/Hercules; Tiyon Farley, 22, of Antioch; Omar Taylor, 24, of Pittsburg; Ramon Hill Jr., 23, of San Francisco/Oakland; and Javin County, 29, of Sausalito/Richmond.”

    • Replies: @CCZ
  66. @Sick 'n Tired

    Even when (God Be Praised) one of their own gets it, the MSM reaches for euphemisms like “Halloween Dance” … who can be against dancing? Didn’t you racists see that movie??

    ‘They beat the crap out of me’: NBC director attacked by mob doing Halloween dance in Midtown

    A gang of ghoulish bullies broke into a bizarre Halloween dance in front of a television director on his way to work, then pummeled the senior when he tried to walk around them, police said.

    It being the Daily News, they do post a few pics of the perps. Don’t hold your breath….

  67. @Lancelot Link

    Is that Prince George’s county near DC? It’s loaded with gubmint negroes with money to burn…and they have relatives,including rebellious”teens.”
    Daddy may be a gubmint paperpusher,and mommy a lite(or white) boogie,but me,sheeiitt ah beeze a thug!
    Or ah beeze Malcolm X!
    In the case of a daughter,its ah gon f### dis thug!

  68. loren says:

    a bizarre Halloween dance in front of a television director on his way to work, then pummeled the senior when he tried to walk around them, police said.

    / the (((media))) sure knows how to spin.

  69. @Sick 'n Tired

    How idiotic that anyone would contrive giving away books for free as destructive.
    and evil. It’s because blacks are not in complete control, not making any money from them and there’s not only black authors in the free little libraries.

    I too have stopped going to
    A local library thanks to the black teenagers that ruin it for everyone else. I tried writing the library & got nothing but denial and lies in return. It’s a free after school/babysitting for blacks who unleash their offspring on staff & patrons. They’re allowed to act like animals fighting, screaming and threatening anyone. A 79 year old man was attacked by 2 little animals directly outside the library last week – not one library employee or patron stepped outside to assist him when he was being attacked by 2 black youf.

    How White and Asian parents let their children go to the public library these days unaccompanied by an adult I just don’t know.

    Any non profit or community group that has one black is generally over run by blacks through either intimidation or misplaced white guilt get themselves put in charge. Thanks to endless so called Leadership seminars and retreats in black churches- no doubt paid for by government grants- the manipulation tactics are fabricated and taught. Leadership means blacks get to dominate and don’t have to cooperate with anyone who is not black. This happened at a well known non profit radio station and the blacks sucked it dry to the point they finally destroyed it. All of the blacks hired as General Managers had little to no radio experience, zero business experience or common sense.
    I learned while applying for an art grant with a black woman that black churches act as fiscal conduits for grant and government money.
    I would think
    That with this nonsense, there is some black person in the mix who plans to profit from Free Little Libraries. What next? The demonization of bird feeders?

  70. anon215 says:

    NYC should install 8′ tall turnstiles so nobody can jump over them. Problem solved.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @loren
  71. Robjil says:

    New York majority population is Hispanic and African- American.

    If this comes to past, very few people will be paying for fares for mass transport.

    In a few months with this new deal, the city system will be broke.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  72. @Mr McKenna

    His duty as an employee of a company strongly supporting a progressive agenda, should be to absorb punishment gladly from these long-suppressed people; and he should apologize to the “dancers” for interrupting their creative release for said oppression. In fact he is lucky they are not suing for possible abrasion to their knuckles and tennies.
    This leftist boob merely received a small taste of TNB that he and his company help to downplay, and thereby, promote. Many are not as fortunate.

    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @Alden
  73. @Jus' Sayin'...

    There’s an obvious and easy solution to this problem: sturdy, vandal-proof, ceiling to floor fences with full height, coin and pass-card operated turn-styles.

    I had to use one such, back 8 years ago now.  You could not jump it without going over the 8-foot-high top and I think there might have been barbed wire to discourage that.

    Eliminating the turnstile-jumpers by making the entrances impregnable would be a huge and well-deserved FUCK YOU to BRA.  It would also improve the quality of life for the fare-paying riders immensely.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  74. MMM712 says:

    Watch the video. The 15-year old punches the cop first after being told to back off. Justified response by NYPD. A second person stepped up and slugged a cop and was taken to the ground and arrested. Police need to enforce the laws. As for the “free” transit, the answer is no. If you can’t afford the fare, walk. Too much welfare and victim mentality at work here. Byproducts of Democrat controlled cities over several decades.

  75. @Baron Munchhausen

    Now, in Pittsburgh, PA, there’s a plan to provide down payments for purchasing homes ($15K). I wonder who will get those perks?

    • Replies: @America1st
  76. CCZ says:

    Social media footage captures moment of Orinda Halloween shooting (starts at .22 seconds):

  77. @Oil 'n Water

    Agreed; and at 72 years of age he’s not quite down with the program.

    Definitely owes them an apology though. Just look how white he is.

  78. Medvedev says:
    @Harriet TubTub

    I would think
    That with this nonsense, there is some black person in the mix who plans to profit from Free Little Libraries.

    Easy peasy … declare FLLs embodiment of White supremacy or complain that people donating books aren’t diverse enough and hence books don’t represent diverse US population. Create grants and programs to study on how to diversify FLLs, ensure that collection of books at each FLL is diverse and inclusive, allocate funds to buy books written by diverse (non-White) authors.

  79. Medvedev says:

    Fare only pays for 20-30% of the cost of public transit. The rest (70-80%) is funded by taxpayers.
    If you’re low-income you pay a reduced fare which is 50% of the normal price. In other words, reduced fare pays only 10-15% of the real cost to ride a subway. But that’s not enough for Blacks. They want everything for free because … gimme, gimme, gimme, Whitey is bad, rayciss.

  80. Hibernian says:

    These are in place in Chicago at least at high volume stations.

    • Replies: @Surfside 6
  81. Hibernian says:

    Percentage of financial support of transit from farebox revenue has declined over the years. Still, sharp decline in farebox revenues could push already fiscally strained municipalities over the edge.

  82. NYPD should stand down completely in Brooklyn. Let the minorities self police. The ensuing chaos could be quite entertaining/

    Why has Big Bird DeBlasio not made the Subways free to all minorities? All he has to do issue Race Based Fare Tickets, raise rates for Whites to $50 a ride and problem solved.


  83. @Jake Surtes

    Minorities deserve White people to pay for their stuff, after all isn’t that fair?

  84. @Mr McKenna

    Why does anyone care if 3 Blacks beat a White Liberal? After all, just ask him, he probably feels he deserved it.

  85. @Harriet TubTub

    Books = orc kryptonite.

    I recall a story that Malcolm X once saw a darkload of orcs shooting craps outside a library and chastised them for not being inside learning. The end result was not included.

  86. Realist says:
    @Mr McKenna

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

  87. @R.G. Camara

    You can hear the thesaurus pages turning in time with the dictionary whenever he blathers on.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  88. @Mr McKenna

    Beat up a news director??

    Hell, that can’t be a crime. Especially a network news director.

    Just the spin they put on it shows there was no crime. He just got in the way of the flailing arms and legs of the ‘dancers’.

    Let it burn

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  89. Anonymous[226] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr. Rational

    In my city, they have gates that are difficult to jump over and you need a monthly card or ticket to open them up. However, blacks have come to realize that if you dangle something over the side of the gates and set off the motion sensor in place for people leaving the station, you can get through no problem. This could be prevented by the people/security working in the station, you say? Not if all of those individuals are black and literally look the other way as it is going on. So between those blacks that use this method to get into the stations and the ones that simply run up and slip through behind someone who paid, no black ever pays for the subway.

    However, the rest of us still have to pay because if we were to try this trick, the black station attendants would call the police immediately and get us busted based on the video surveillance.

    • Replies: @Nachos 'n Beer
  90. nymom says:

    The most ironic part of the whole situation is that Blacks have been evading fares for years by turnstile jumping and most people just ignored it. Meanwhile back at the ranch, a demographic change was slowly taking place in the subway and bus unions as older employees (mostly of Irish stock) were retiring and the new ones taking their place were: wait for it: mostly Black and Hispanic…

    Now the cost of allowing this behavior has finally become apparent as it is affecting the bottom line for these unions and could impact their salary package one day.

    Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to break the habits of people who you have allowed to get away with this crap for years and now suddenly you want them to pay their fares and maybe even the fares for the three or four kids they push under the turnstile.

    It’s not going to be easy.

  91. nymom says:

    BTW, this is like the NYC schools disciplinary problems which turned what was once the finest public school system in the US into a complete mess…and probably eventually morphs into a ‘party house’ type of situation for every major public venue in the city. You don’t enforce rules for children, they are not going to follow them as adults…that’s for sure.

    We are now beginning to see the consequences of our actions starting around the 60s or so…

    • Replies: @Nachos 'n Beer
  92. Piglet says:

    Most famous (although unreported for obvious reasons) is how all of the liberal government and media fat cats in DC’s wealthy Georgetown neighborhood have successfully waged a 40 year war keeping a Metrorail station out of Georgetown, so it doesn’t get overrun by groid “visitors.”

    It’s not just a prevention of orc infestation. When laying out Metro’s route there was no good way to run a line into Georgetown and then make a sharp 90-degree turn to head under the river into Rosslyn. Additionally, the soil under Georgetown (if I remember correctly) wasn’t much good for subway tunneling.

    Anyway, having no Metrorail line has not prevented orc infestation. I remember when I first returned to the area in the early 1990s how people were getting mugged around 2 a.m. when the bars closed. People were parking wherever they could find a space, including dark alleys, and when they come out, half-snockered, at 2 a.m. to find their cars, the orcs would be waiting for them.

    There were also problems just with “pedestrians.” People would get into fights on the street and, when one was knocked down, others who were complete strangers would jump out of the assembled crowd of onlookers to kick the fallen person in the head, apparently for the sadistic joy of it. Of course, the Washington Post wasn’t about to show who was starting most of the fights and who was kicking people in the head.

  93. El Dato says:
    @Lancelot Link

    India has totally arrived.


    • Troll: Augustus
  94. @Anonymous

    Next step of the cat-and-mouse-game:
    Require a card to exit . . .

    Of course, when a free-loader is trapped inside the gate they will then just stick a weapon in an honest rider’s back and steal their victim’s fare card . . .

    Brings to mind a quote (loosely) from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius: do not underestimate the evil that bad men can do.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  95. @nymom

    this is like the NYC schools disciplinary problems which turned what was once the finest public school system in the US into a complete mess

    Hmmmm …
    Methinks it was something else that degraded the NYC schools. A word that begins with “demo” and ends with “ic”. I’ll let you fill in the blank.

  96. The Big Sort. The maps will be drawn and re-drawn but the Line of Demarcation between Left and Right will be evergreen.

    Things are Just As They Should Be.

  97. Jesse says:
    @Harriet TubTub

    On the note about govt money and churches, that’s not a black thing. Welfare reform, as it actually happened, involved dismantling the welfare structures, and then sending the money to religious bodies to (1) stop people starving and (2) making the churches pliant and dependent.

  98. @Nachos 'n Beer

    Next step of the cat-and-mouse-game:
    Require a card to exit . . .

    Nah.  Just make it so that the turnstile freewheels in the outward direction, but has to be unlocked to turn in the inward direction.

    Some people will say “there isn’t enough room in the stations!” but I see plenty of room; you just have to arrange the turnstiles in sawtooth formations, like pleats in an air filter.

  99. AceDeuce says:
    @Harriet TubTub

    Most cities that have much “vibrancy” at all now have a security guard at each branch of their local library. Always a kneegarow–YT will submit to groids, and groids won’t listen to anyone else, so….

    • Replies: @Harriet Tubwoman
  100. When networks report problem “teenagers” you can be sure they are 25 year old law breaking blacks. Like the black street robbery phenomenon gets reported as: “disagreements over money”.

  101. @Hibernian

    Big city public transportation systems have all developed one common standard. It’s impossible to spend even 30 minutes in these systems without being confronted, targeted, assaulted or insulted by somebody black.

    • Agree: brandybranch
    • Replies: @Harriet Tubwoman
  102. JimB says:

    Time to use facial ID to put the names, faces, and criminal records of fare jumpers on the internet with the epithet, Deadbeat Crook.

  103. loren says:

    Public transportation is subsidized by taxes…the fees one pays to ride are symbolic, yes?

  104. loren says:

    Blacks have murdered 324,000 blacks over the last 35 years in the United States.

    Blacks have murdered nearly 2,000 blacks over the last three years in Chicago. Blacks have brought ruination over the last several of years to cities such as Baltimore, Ferguson, Newark, Gary, and St. Louis.
    But according to the MSM, “white nationalists” are evil, murderous monsters who’ve been responsible for what, maybe 100 deaths in the last twenty years? Let that sink in for a minute.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  105. @Glock45

    Getting away from urban areas isn’t as much of a solution as it once was … wetbacks — especially their gangs — have moved to the hinterlands, or else they know how to get there and back via freeway.

    Case in point: about 5 or 6 years ago the wetback gangs from PDX discovered an interesting tidbit — there are areas of the OR Coast that are somewhat remote, have little law enforcement, and have lots and lots of expensive homes that are seldom occupied because they’re either 2d/3d homes for folks or they’re vacation rentals. So … doing what comes naturally — the wetbacks swept through one small town over a weekend and looted 19 or more homes. A few weeks later, some more homes.

    One person in the town suspected that the wetback house cleaners and such likely tipped off the gangs in PDX … seems like a likely story. In our county everything is now in English and spanish … and the wetbacks even decide not to pay for things like fines in the local library if they don’t want to. More HUD housing is required … more tax dollars are pissed away on social services like SNAP, medicaid, etc.

    Buying guns and ammunition — while sensible — isn’t always in the cards for some of us due to finances or other issues. Not sure what to do next … and I worry that the next democratic administration (if not sooner) will bring to fruition their whole open borders agenda — and with that, the end of the United States as we know it will be assured.

  106. KenH says:
    @Jim Christian

    They hate us anyway, why reward them for it?

    Cuz it’s racist not to reward them since in America racism (white racism) is the worst sin of all.

  107. Exador says:

    And because NYC’s subway system is losing so much money from black turnstile jumpers, DeBlasio has passed an extra car tax, which will be largely paid by whites.

  108. @Miro23

    It is so tempting to live off the past, of what has been accomplished or saved, in order to appease or dole out undeserved favors and baksheesh.

    For the politician, this means doing and spending and draining public resources and assets, then leaving office-with as much money as possible by varying means-and leaving the cleanup and unpleasant business of repair and replenishment to the next prostitition.

  109. WSG says:
    @Mr McKenna

    HAHA!!! I just love when those orcish chickens come home to roost. Suck on it, Cucky McGill!!!

    • LOL: brandybranch
  110. AceDeuce says:

    And how many of those 100 killings were justified? Nearly all.

  111. @Jim Christian

    the cities should just be buttoned up and starved once they’ve achieved certain milestones that denote the utter failures of their Black-Run government

    Maybe this is why farmers have become welfare queens dependent upon the taxpayer for 40% or more of their income? Knowing a number of farmers, I don’t think they can be relied upon. If they had the will, they could end this nonsense today but they’re wholly owned assets of Globohomo Inc

  112. Alden says:
    @Oil 'n Water

    Agree I’m always glad to see a media person harmed by their beloved blacks.

  113. @R.G. Camara

    R.G. Camara Post 65———-Your Mark Twain quote was a keeper. i just stole it and intend to keep it.

  114. @AceDeuce

    Nope not at my library, I requested security guards and information about the security cameras. It got so ridiculous with their insistence that it’s safe for everyone that I had to stop using that library entirely. They have no intention of listening to me and will continue to enable black children’s outrageous actions in a so called public library.

    It was sickening to see the behavior of blacks, more upsetting to see that the Main Library wants to remain in denial.

  115. @Surfside 6

    that’s why I live in a white and becoming whiter area.

  116. @Harriet Tubwoman

    Harriet Tubwoman————-The public library ,at least in it’s present form, is an institution whose time has past.If public libraries are to continue,they need to be members only. 20 dollar a year or 50 dollar lifetime membership.All others,i.e. guests.should be charged a 2 dollar guest pass. Until then,i will just buy the occasional hard copy book, or use Kindle Unlimited.

    • Replies: @loren
  117. @Robert Dolan

    Robert Dolan——One cause of the White birth rate drop is wealth extracted from whites to support baby mama’s broods.Supporting pickaninnies rather than having more White children.

    • Agree: Alden, brandybranch
    • Replies: @loren
  118. loren says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    L.A. libraries are adult day scare for homeless…often down on their luck, hobo Whites, dispossessed
    in their own nation while the non Whites thrive.

  119. loren says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Im not convinced.

    What about in other ‘White’ nations?

  120. Alden says:
    @Harriet Tubwoman

    The black kids at the Culver City Ca public library were so loud the city established a homework center in the community center for them. Of course, Culver City’s a small town.

    Most Whites have never heard of the black custom of “putting out”. That means the kids aren’t allowed to come home after school
    but must stay out till dinner time or later. On weekends they’re sent out too.

    So they either go to the library and screech for hours or rampage the streets shoplifting , beating up Kids of other races and snatching old ladies purses.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  121. @Alden

    Most Whites have never heard of the black custom of “putting out”. That means the kids aren’t allowed to come home after school but must stay out till dinner time or later. On weekends they’re sent out too.

    Sounds like a good way to punish “the community” for its misbehaving children is to put them on house arrest after school and on weekends.  Make the baby mamas try to put their unruly children under control within their own 4 walls.  Put them in jail if the kid is found on the street.

    The mayhem that would result is predictable.  Lieburals would be appalled, us realists would be amused.  And it would open lots of eyes:  “They really AREN’T like us!”

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