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Madison, Wisconsin Is 8% Black: In 2018, 83% of Homicides and 69% of Gun Crime Were Committed by Blacks
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What is the percentage of a city that is black where the deleterious impact of this community will be felt (property valuations depreciate, crime rises, stores shutter, quality of public schools drop as more resources spent on security/police than text books, and budget deficits pile up as tax revenue dries up)?

Five percent? 10 percent? 15 percent?

Madison, Wisconsin is roughly 8 percent black (79 percent white) and famously one of the most liberal, tolerant cities in America. Even at such a small percentage of the population, blacks are arrested at 10 times the rate of whites in Madison.

The 2018 Madison Police Department Annual Report was recently released, and no local media outlet has analyzed the data, instead reflexively blaming white privilege, structural inequality, implicit bias and a racist criminal justice system for the continued arrests of blacks.

So what does the arrest data about violent crime by race in eight percent black Madison for 2018 show?

  • 83% of those arrested for homicide are black (10/12)
  • 75% of those arrested for robbery are black (49/65)
  • 44% of those arrested of forcible sexual assault are black (36/81)
  • 69% of those arrested for weapons offenses are black (102/147)
This has nothing to do with white privilege, structural inequalities or a racist judicial system, but everything to do with individual black people in Madison engaging in criminal activities.
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  1. I think people know what is going on, but it is still too politically incorrect to say anything bad about a negro. You have several people on this blog who understands the depth of the problem and don’t hedge their words with plattitudes. It is frankly refreshing to read a statement of truth! How do they get their truth? By living it!

    I am also a reader of American Renaissance. You do a podcast with Jared Taylor each week. I have to say, Mr. Kersey, that Mr. Taylor has (metaphorically speaking) balls of steel.

    He recently did a YouTube video that mentioned one of the problems “you” pointed out years ago, and that is the law that made whites HAVE to sell their homes to blacks. We really, really need to get rid of that law. At that point, whites can again take care of their destiny. We will no longer have to look over our shoulder and wonder if we are being followed by a black thug.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  2. Dat’s racist! Cuz we waz kings and queens. You whites ruined it. We waz jus tryin to git it bac.

  3. 83% of those arrested for homicide are black (10/12)

    Relative rate of offending:  (10/8) / (2 / 92) = 57.5

    75% of those arrested for robbery are black (49/65)

    Relative rate of offending:  (49/8) / (16/92) = 35.2

    44% of those arrested of forcible sexual assault are black (36/81)

    Relative rate of offending:  (36/8) / (45/92) = 9.2

    69% of those arrested for weapons offenses are black (102/147)

    Relative rate of offending:  (102/8) / (45/92) = 26.1

    Can there be ANY doubt that, absent TNB, Madison would be relatively crime-free just like NYC?  We do not have a crime problem or a gun problem.  We have a black problem.

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
    • Replies: @Mr. Grey
  4. Augustus says:

    It looks as if 8% of the populace is responsible for roughly 2/3rds og the crime. I imagine that’s what we’d all expect. We could break that down further by asking what part of that 8% is males from 16 to 28 or so, and we’d find less than 3% of the populace committing 65% of the serious crime.

    The possibilities are simple if we transpose to the entire population. Get rid of maybe 4 or 5% of the population and crime drops to a blip on the radar screen, until the US crime rate is lower than any European country, and even lower than Japan. Anyone expecting a civil war can easily see what would need to happen.

  5. In the bad old days when forced bussing was the rage, Wilmington School District estimated that a semblance of civilisation (in class) could, with effort, be upheld up to roughly 10%.
    From there it was consistently downward til 40%, above which there was no discernible difference to 100% black.
    The numbers seem more or less to hold, though the Obongo Effeck, Ferguson Effeck, Dissperate Impeck, General Disspeck and maybe other ecks have lowered the thresholds.
    (e.g. a “free range” one of not having a teacher look over your shoulder at all times)

    The consequence is clear:
    Whatever you do, do NOT disperse but QUARANTINE them!
    – This runs counter to the prevailing orthodoxy the reason the Sons of O´Bummer are so stupid and violent is they are traumatized by the presence of other SOBs.
    (the actual reasoning in Brown vs Education – I shit you not)
    But no improvement has ever been shown from integration – not in detail (to the groids themselves) nor to the system (educational outcomes, violent crime, corruption and other expressions of culture) – quite the contrary.

    (I will not ride the Reverse Midas Touch Theory down to total segregation; universities should be open, just subject to a uniform lower cutoff IQ of 115 – meaning Greater Cuckamonga Community College if White male – translating to black enrollment of 2 or 3 per mil. I think we could all live with that. O´Bummer would have just made it, BTW 😉 )

    • Replies: @Lo
  6. From the Madison newspaper:

    “Madison Police Chief Mike Koval called the disparity “stark” and said he supports efforts to reform aspects of the criminal justice system that disproportionately burden people of color as one way to reduce the city’s black arrest rate.”

    This is usually the coded language meaning “we’re going to go easy on drug crime”, because it is assumed by the idiot public that America’s strict drug laws are the reason so many blacks are in jail.

    But if you look at the report, you will see that the greatest disparities are already in violent crime. Nonviolent crimes, including drug related crimes, have mostly white suspects. Which kind of suggests that many blacks are already being let off the hook for nonviolent offenses, probably. In any case there is literally no way to reform criminal justice in a way that would reduce the disparity of blacks being arrested, because there is no category of crime they don’t commit at a higher rate. You would have to literally stop policing black people entirely.

  7. 44% of those arrested of forcible sexual assault are black (36/81)

    That percentage will no doubt increase as law enforcement works through the back log of rape kits.

    May 04, 2019

    ‘California ‘sexually violent predator’ arrested in cold case rape, murder of woman, 81′

    A California man classified a “sexually violent predator” has been arrested in the cold case rape and murder of an 81-year-old woman decades ago.

    Police said Thursday they arrested Lenard Chester, 58, in the Dec. 1, 1980, murder of Leah Sarah Bullis in Oxnard through a DNA match.

    Cops found Bullis near death when they responded to her home for an assault.

    She gave investigators some information before dying in the ambulance to the hospital.

    She was beaten and raped, police said.

    “It appeared as if someone entered Bullis’ residence, attacked her,” Oxford police said.

    Oxnard police said in 2018 the crime lab uploaded DNA from the rape to the FBI’s DNA database where it matched to a profile of a convicted offender who turned out to be Chester…

  8. anonymous[296] • Disclaimer says:

    The only surprising thing about this is that it’s not 100%.

    • Agree: anon19
  9. I knew a black guy who had lived in DC, but then moved to Philly, and eventually to Madison, and he enrolled in some college out there. I lost contact with him, but the last I remember, he was griping about the lack of black barber shops, or even any barber shop that would deal with him. Apparently, most of the white barber shop owners would actually say they didn’t have experience in “African textured hair”. They were polite about it, but he went through the roof, about what a travesty it was, the discrimination, and everything, and how they shouldn’t be in business unless they were trained to cut everybody’s hair.

    But, sorry, if you’re only roughly 8 percent of the population, and most of that 8 percent is probably sticking to the black shops anyway, don’t expect Whitey to cater to that once-in-a-blue-moon event when one of you goes into a white shop.

    He also complained about feeling uncomfortable, because there weren’t enough people who “look like him” in Madison. The sad irony is that he’s probably more likely to be knocked off by people who “look like him” than those who do not. So, keep wishing for that die-versity.

  10. @Dr. Pepper

    Shelley vs Kraemer 1948 (restrictive covenants), like Brown vs Education 1954 (school segregation),
    is not so much a “law” as a SCOTUS opinion that Plessy vs Ferguson 1896 (“separate but equal”)
    violates the “State action” clause of the 14th Amendment.
    In both cases the reasoning is very tortured and easily assailable – nothing more than a wiggly assertion really.
    As, BTW, is the 14th itself (ratified under duress and by an insufficient number of States).

    I think you now see the real reason for Trump/Kavanaugh Derangement Syndrome.
    Judges are appointed for life, and RBG is going to kick it any day no matter how many blonde virgins the DemonRats sacrifice over the reeking mummy; plus Orange Man´s prospects of nominating two more are getting better and better.
    Actually they are kinda cute when they scream and jump up and down over Roe vs Wade.
    Who in his right mind would WANT to touch their oh-so-precious abortion rites?
    Shit, most of them ought to be aborted anyway.

    But Shelley and Brown … 😉

    The Founding Fathers intended for the SCOTUS to pass judgment on the constitutionality of laws, never to wield more actual power than Congress itself. But if that´s the way the Mothers of Invention want it …

    Pass the popcorn ;b

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @lou
    , @Reg Cæsar
  11. @PO'd in PG County

    He also complained about feeling uncomfortable, because there weren’t enough people who “look like him” in Madison.

    Under the new Nazi social credit system, groids who complain about things that aren’t FUBU will be given one-way plane tickets to their choice of Monrovia or Accra, and FREE revocation of their US citizenship (normally a $5000 value!).

    (We’ll have a similar policy relating to [specials], and if they don’t like it we’ll send all the groids to Tel Aviv and let THEM deal with the problem.)

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Anon
  12. Apparently, most of the white barber shop owners would actually say they didn’t have experience in “African textured hair”. They were polite about it, but he went through the roof, about what a travesty it was

    Probably just a tipping thing.

    • Replies: @Anon
  13. Ann says:

    Truth is the truth. Racist to blame whit people and criminal not correct the problem.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  14. lou says:

    Id say RBG is dead and has been for a long time.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  15. JRM says:

    A corollary concern is whether we, as White citizens, are morally obligated to feel any sympathy for the dedicated Liberals of Madison. Of course I feel badly for the children raised to tolerate this problematic sub-population. Any child victims are a tragedy.

    But the parents and other leading lights of Madison? They not only instill tolerance for the blacks, but insist on trust! The latter is pure child-sacrifice. If wolves were a fact of life on the streets of Madison, would the parents encourage openess and trust towards them in their children? They just might, if the sentimental propaganda for the wolves were effective enough.

    Note once again, in the body of this article, the polite Liberal Myth that if blacks are getting arrested, the problem lies in the policing policies, not the culprits. Any time blacks meet with failure, the immediate assumption is that White culture has failed them. This position is the starting point for both blacks and Whites.

    Since we just about all know one good one (IKAGO syndrome), and Whites are inclined to forgive an entire population of miscreants if they do know one good one, I don’t see this situation improving short of significant social upheaval, at which point even the “good ones” will quickly revert to tribalism of a very violent nature.

  16. Ashton says:

    I was born and raised in Madison. Back in the 1970s and 80s, it was a liberal paradise (30 square miles surrounded by reality), overwhelmingly white, highly educated and ‘politically correct’ before that term was widely known. I recall having Howard Zinn read to my sixth grade class, followed by the teacher leading the kids in a letter writing project to get Columbus Day renamed. Any reference to Christmas was also officially banned in public schools that year.

    I could share dozens more stories like the above; the point is, the culture was very progressive and very, very white. My elementary school had no more than five black kids (out of about 300); my middle and high schools were more “diverse”, thanks to busing. Nonetheless, blacks were not more than ten percent of the student body; my guess is they were under five percent of the city’s population as a whole back then.

    PK and many others have estimated 10 percent as the threshold of Negro population for a city to remain safe, stable and governable. I think that’s about right. At eight percent and growing, Madison is edging to the brink. As we see, the all too predictable griping about “disparate impact” (police be so rayyyciss) is growing. It will only get worse: both the crime rates and the wailing. In a city filled with deluded white liberals, the results will not be pleasant.

    • Replies: @lou
    , @Augustus
  17. @JRM

    I watched Anthony Jesselnik last night.

    He did this but about racism saying he hated racism. The line was great though…

    “Why would I hate a group of people based solely on how they all behave?”

    I’m paraphrasing. His delivery is awesome.

  18. One of Steve Sailer’s commenters pointed out that the black-white arrest ratio is so much higher in the Midwest and Northeast because those states don’t crack down as much on pettier crimes as do the Southern states. On minor crimes, the race ratio is more balanced.

    So concentrating on the most violent crimes will skew the arrest rates blacker.

    If course, even if the crimes themselves are violent, the motives can still be petty. How many of them were over shoes?

  19. Jake says:

    There is only 1 solution to this problem: Wisconsin must spend more time and money damning white people for creating all the evil and injustice of the world, and simultaneously work to double and then triple, and perhaps quadruple, the number of Numinous Negroes living in Madison, maximizing the sacredness of Diversity by importing blacks from outside the US: Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola, Uganda, Zimbabwe, etc.

    Then paradise will be revealed.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  20. @nokangaroos

    Plessy vs Ferguson 1896

    The Plessy majority consisted of the same five old farts who gave us Wong Kim Ark less than two years later. I’d hold my applause.

  21. Madison, Wisconsin is roughly 8 percent black (79 percent white) and famously one of the most liberal, tolerant cities in America. Even at such a small percentage of the population, blacks are arrested at 10 times the rate of whites in Madison.

    Keep in mind that for much of the year, Madison, Wisconsin is colder than a witch’s tit. What would happen to their crime rate if they had a climate similar to Memphis, Atlanta, or Baltimore? That would add an additional two or three months of al fresco TNB.

  22. @lou

    Id say RBG is dead and has been for a long time.

    Better yet, she just confessed on public radio’s Saturday opera broadcast to turning the late Justice Scalia on to Wagner, to whom he had previously been cool at best.

    Bring her down for “neo-Nazi” sympathies!

  23. @PO'd in PG County

     I lost contact with him, but the last I remember, he was griping about the lack of black barber shops, or even any barber shop that would deal with him.

    Without a list of 10,000 rules posted on the wall he probably didn’t know how to act. White barbershops have little need to post rules. Wait your turn and pay for services rendered are within the capabilities of most white folks. The list of rules posted in black barbershops eclipses the U.S. Constitution. The are black lawyers who specialize in black barbershop law.

  24. Lo says:

    Hey just saying, if there was an IQ requirement (which can be done effectively through standardized test for college entrance) only about 16% of whites & less than 1% of blacks would be in college. Assuming an average IQ of 100 for whites in the US (possible that it is a few points lesser than 100). It wouldn’t be a bad thing necessarily but would collapse the higher-ed business. Which again, is not necessarily a bad thing.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @lou
  25. As the black population increases, it will get much worse until Detroit status is reached.

    “Desperate Citizens Turn To Ex-Military Security Contractors”

    From the article: “Violent crime rate 20 incidents per 1000 people. Property crime rate more than double that.”

    I’d guess the crime rates are even higher as there’s a good chance a lot of crime doesn’t get reported due to the “no snitching” culture blacks embrace.

  26. Not so much the completeness of the transition but the speed of the white flight once it becomes apparent that the influx isn’t going to dissipate.

    I watched Jersey City dissolve into a black hell in a matter of a few years. I watched Newark fall even faster than that after the riots. These are not slow grinds destined to displace the white population. It can literally change overnight.

  27. lou says:

    Im not sure badly is a word. My college english teacher [she was dot indian] insisted it is not a word.

  28. lou says:

    I was born and raised in Madison.
    Back in the 1970s and 80s, it was a fools paradise (30 square miles surrounded by reality), overwhelmingly White, highly indoctrinated and ‘politically correct’ before that term was widely known.
    I shudder when I recall having (((Howard Zinn))) read to my sixth grade class, followed by the teacher leading the kids in a letter writing project to get Columbus Day renamed.
    Any reference to Christmas was also officially banned in public schools that year.
    I could share dozens more stories like the above; PLEASE DO. Ashton. please.

    Howard zinn, now its drags at pre schools.

    • Replies: @Ashton
  29. @Jan Assman

    Chief Koval is speaking in coded language, “I very much know what is going on here, but I have to talk that way because I am already into enough arguments with the nuttier members of City Council.”

    Mayor Paul Soglin may not see eye-to-eye with the Chief of Police, but he too knows what is going on here. That may have been a factor why he was turned out in the last election in favor of Lori Lightfoot’s soul sister.

  30. @JRM

    Any time blacks meet with failure, the immediate assumption is that White culture has failed them.

    This is only true for NAMs, including Africans and Mexicans; Chinese, Vietnamese, and others are generally held to meritocratic standards.

    Given this unprincipled exception to the insistence on hard work and competence, it can only be that the people behind this policy KNOW that blacks cannot succeed, so cannot be expected even to try.  This cannot be openly admitted, so blacks have to be turned into objects of worship who are totally blameless for anything.  Even suggesting that blacks are less capable is viciously slapped down with “racist!” and “Nazi!”.  This will continue as long as we let our enemies have the Megaphone.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  31. @lou

    My college english teacher [she was dot indian] insisted it is not a word.

    Your dot-indian teacher was incompetent.  See “badly”, example 8.

    • Replies: @lou
  32. Robster says:

    Has anybody ever heard of the expression white flight? Back in the 60s in New York City people were moving to Long Island because of this very reason. The children of these people were sheltered from all of these experiences. The parents never exposed them to it. It comes as no surprise to me that these communities are so liberal because they have no idea what happens when black people become a sizable percentage of the population.

  33. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    I’d rather 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own effort as I can likely inspire others to do well.

    This man could cash in on 8% and literally and figuratively clean up. You haven’t been in contact because he is busy cutting hair from black bodies.

  34. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Why would you wish such a curse on the largest city in Palestine? 😉

  35. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    If that’s the case than 1% is the “tipping point”. 😉

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  36. @Lo

    I said “university” as in “European”, and 115 is not as arbitrary as it sounds.
    20% of the population is ample – how many African djenndah majors do you need?
    (I admit they are amercanizing here too – history and theory of science has been replaced by mandatory gender, last I heard; in the very hard sciences, of all things. But apart from pep seminars for the dames there is no affirmative action)

  37. @lou

    I have to laugh. I knew an Indian who was teaching English and his mispronunciations of words was hilarious~ cedar was pronounced cheddar, pecan was peckans, broccoli was brockle-eye, tinnitus was tinny-tus. There were lots more words that were mispronounced and yet he claimed to have been speaking English since he was in elementary school. Worse yet, he was teaching English as a second language to Chinese people! Do you like NEW-dulls?

  38. Baltimore: So many vigils, so little time.

    Published May 05, 2019

    ‘Baltimore shooting of infant and toddler leads to cash reward; city’s weekend homicide tally hits 6’

    Baltimore authorities are offering a $15,000 reward after a 1-year-old infant and a 2-year-old toddler were injured when a street corner was sprayed with bullets.

    “Those babies were shot, and the community should be appalled,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said, according to WJZ-TV. “This is shocking to the conscience and we need everybody right now to help us hold the person or persons accountable.”

    The infant was shot in the leg and the toddler was shot in the torso in the shooting at the intersection of two streets in South Baltimore around 8 p.m. Friday night. They were in stable condition

    Police reported that three others were also injured in the gunfire — the mother of the children and two men. The women [sic] was shot in the neck…

  39. lou says:
    @Mr. Rational

    She [teacher] said Goodly is not a word.

    Mirriam webster says ‘badly’ is a word. Ms patel? was wrong.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  40. lou says:

    Pre 1965 ((( javits etc))) USA was 90=96% White.
    College was mostly White males.
    IQ averaged 110.

    13% of blacks are above the White average iq of 100. Lets say 10%.

    break down IQ– Whites—

    100= 50% Whites
    110= ?
    140 + =?

    5%–iq 70



    100—1 in 2–50%

    110—1 in 10

    120–1 in 20

    130–1 in 30

    Sanford Binet???
    you actually think all races are equal.????? in all ways???? wtf.

    how many medals did whites win in sprinting in the last olympics?
    or in the marathon?
    the best in those two classes of sports being the west african blacks and east african blacks respectively.

    • Replies: @Lo
  41. Augustus says:

    Ashton, your description of Madison sounds like a target rich zone for predetory blacks. I too feel sorry for those children taught to be too trusting.

    As a parent, I knew good kids were too naive and trusting as they grew up, because they lack real world experience, especially in criminal matters. As parents we usually know better and try to impart caution to our children, so they become safer as they age and grow to have more personal freedom.

    Those liberal “parents” you spoke of are too self centered to look out for children. The parents are way too busy virtue signalling their political correctness to look out for their own children. They turn their own progeny into victims. Very sad, as it doesn’t have to be.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Ashton
  42. Augustus says:

    Don’t forget Somalia. Leftist Amerika’s favorite people for moving white people out.

  43. Augustus says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Yes, lacking the intelligence and work ethic to succeed in a modern society must be denied to continue the moral equivalence of paint job theory.

    Then there’s the criminality. There is never an admission of pure evil. Any criminality must be the fault of poverty, or more specifically, of the cheap, white, privileged classes that never spend enough money to solve the black problems. If the regressive progressives admitted evil exists, and is often genetic instead of caused entirely by poverty, questions would naturally arise about the criminal race in our presence. The citizens might demand that their political representatives do something about the offending race. Challenging leftist dogma always results in accusations of racism, as the SELL (socialist/elitist/liberal/left) is too short on fact to disagree or debate honesty. Liberalism is not at all liberal.

  44. Ashton says:

    Very welcome edits, Lou. Thank you. Yes, the banning of Christmas in public schools that same year was largely due to (((their))) complaints as well.

    As to other stories, when I was in middle school, the school board decided it was a scandal that all the schools were named for white men; so they changed half of the middle schools’ names to local women and/or POCs, including a black woman who no one had heard of, but she was black, female and local so…

    My high school once had a guest speaker who was an AIDS survivor (this was the height of the AIDS crisis). In his presentation, he referred to blacks as “coloreds” causing such an uproar, he had to be escorted out, and an all school assembly to reflect on the incident followed (to reiterate, the student body was 10% black at most and the faculty were even whiter….it was mostly virtue signaling DWLs causing the furor).

    These incidents may sound mundane today, now that most public schools are thoroughly dominated by cultural Marxism. The point is, Madison was on the forefront of such insanity. I can only imagine the depths of idiocracy the city’s culture has descended to by now.

    I wasn’t surprised when I heard (((Paul Soglin))) was turned out of office after being mayor for more than half of the last 45 years. He leftism was of the old school, Bernie Sanders variety. I doubt he knew much of intersectional claptrap or really cared.

    Well “educated”, well off white liberals/leftists make up a large portion of the city’s population. They are prime targets and will slowly be devoured by their pets.

    • Replies: @Anon
  45. @lou

    Goodly is also very much a word.  If this incompetent is still working in education, you might want to file a complaint.  Also put things on social media and RateMyProfessor or whatever such sites actually exist.

  46. Lo says:

    I don’t get how your comment is relevant or address anything I said?

  47. AceDeuce says:


    Many middle aged lib and conservacuck goofballs are like that–all around the U.S. Their “racist” Grandpa moved the family out to the all white ‘burbs in the 50s and 60s (saving their sorry asses, for all the thanks it got him) and his spawn (and their spawn) grew up in whitopia in the 60s, 70s and 80s viewing groids via TV, rubbing one out to their wholesome black TV heroes –Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, OJ Simpson, Whoopi Goldberg, Magic Johnson. LOL.

    They don’t have clue#1 about blacks, but even the conservacucks are quick to post “Go back to Stormfront!” when they encounter any realism at all–although it’s far better than it was before Obama–he opened a lot of their eyes-somewhat. You can tell that they still don’t get it—–those people think Obama started all this, and race relations were “great’ before him. LMFAO. You can’t fix stupid.

  48. Anon[260] • Disclaimer says:

    Is that guy still an AIDS survivor? If he had AIDS when I was in high school he’d be just as dead as Rock Hudson. 😉

  49. @Robster

    Not sure what the numbers and statistics are concerning white flight but my impression was they were short flights.

    At least for us, the move from jersey city to the ‘burbs was a 15-20 minutes drive. Hell, we commutes to school the first year.

    Don’t let the ‘flight’ part of the departure fool you. I know of very few folks who actually picked up and left the area. These were folks with established lives and careers. No one had any idea you could just pick us and move across country and reinvent yourself. Tony Robbins wasn’t even born yet.

    So your contention that we ‘forgot’ about the antics of the black man and what they did to the places that we love…that’s just nonsense. We still see it everyday. We still occasionally drive through the old neighborhoods and once-bustling cities and shake our heads. And yes, the stories are still related to the children and grandchildren.

    So don’t blame the ‘white flight’ crowd for the current dilemma. Blame the left in the government that makes us into ‘frequent fliers’ as they carpet bomb the ‘burbs with affordable housing and non-discrimination laws regarding home sales.

    We are where they’ve put us. Its taken this long to get here. I don’t expect to see the result in my lifetime but I’d sure like to witness then’turning’ while I’m still agile enough to help out.

  50. Augustus’ percentage of 8% is males from 16 to 28 is more accurate (and don’t forget the females). Madison is close enough to Chicago and Milwaukee to get the spin off of their Great Society caused problems. When the Chicago Projects were torn down, many move to WI for readily availble public assistance and the food pantries and free clothing provided by the Liberals craving diversity. Some even commuted back and forth and double dipped (there was a notorious train for this between Milw & Chi). Many just wanted a better life for their kids, but as with the migration to the Chicago suburbs (like Maywood, near where I was raised), the more crime prone who preyed on the good people followed. Chicago drug dealers could make more money buy making runs to Wisconsin. Kids who were oppressed by Chicago ghetto culture could become big shot gang members in Madison. Lati Progressive transplants drawn to UW Madison, who stayed and got into government (long-time Mayor Soglin is from Highland Pk. IL) took over the city politics enabling this chaos. I escaped to Madison form Chicago, myself in the early 70’s as an a-politcal hippie and watched Madison’s crime increase. After 26 years working for the city and trying to impliment the front line aspects of their Progressive agenda, I retired as a Conservative Libertatian – to a much warmer climate!

    • Replies: @Augustus
  51. @Anon

    No. One is the tipping point. Not one percent,one negro.

  52. @Augustus

    Only 1 allowed per hour, but here you go, Augustus:


  53. Augustus says:
    @Raoul Vega

    I am familiar with Maywood. In the mid ’70s I bought a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle at a dealer there.
    Now there’s hardly a white face in town. The high school is gang turf, if I remember correctly.

  54. Mr. Grey says:
    @Mr. Rational

    But you’re using white math, so of course it makes Black people look bad.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  55. @Mr. Grey

    Yes, I use White math.  Mea culpa.  Mea maxima culpa.

    Blame me for everything involving math that went right, I dare ya.

  56. @Jan Assman

    You would have to literally stop policing black people entirely.

    That is the ultimate goal, undoubtedly…

  57. anon19 says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    Of course if he wants to see more people that “look like him” he could always move to Africa.

    • Replies: @PO'd in PG County
  58. anon19 says:

    Direct exposure to blacks really can change your opinion of them.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  59. @anon19

    Nah, that’d be too much of a hardship, without having Whitey to leech off of, and blame for your woes at he same time.

    Oh, here’s another local anecdote. One of my friends bought a house in NE Washington DC back in 2011, when prices were still somewhat low, and the neighborhood was beginning to turn itself around. One of his black neighors actually said to him, upon their first meeting, something like “Oh thank God you’re White!”

  60. @anon19

    I find that to be true as well. Most folks, except politicians, have a pretty real-world inspired view of the problems large concentrations of blacks bring with them.

    Those who were raised in the burbs or the country and then came to the city are more likely to approach the situation with a ‘they’re just like us’ attitude until they have their own dealings with them.

    Being good Christians, at that point they pray harder for the poor, underprivileged blacks to their own detriment.

    Secretly, at some point if they survive, they hold closely to their upbringing and beliefs while harboring a quiet sense of reality, never to be spoken. That reality keeps them safe and allows them to function in the real, mixed world we live in. They will deal with and interact with blacks but be wary of them in concentration. They will be aware of parts of town to avoid. They will not go to certain places after dark.

    I know this because I’ve known many like it. I’m married to one. NY State farm girl, moved to the ‘big city’. We’re all equal. So being married to me is a good thing! I like to point out her bias’s whenever she voices them. Like when she tells her kids not to go to certain areas, I’ll publicly ask her “why not?”

    If we’re all equal, why are more precautions needed when visiting ‘that friend’. Why is the ‘area bad’? Oh yeah, lots of fun conversations.

    I think most people like that will harbor those feelings until something happens that makes those feelings impractical and dangerous. Like in the west before the Indians attacked. Sure they’re noble red men. Sure they have a right to be here. Sure they have a simple way of life. Until they try to kill you and everyone around you. Primitive cultures thrust into modernity (or who have it thrust upon them) tend not to do well. They react with a savagery we are able to compartmentalize and use only in war. There is no such thing as ‘appropriate force’.

    So that’s why I go with her to ‘certain areas’. It’s also why I wear a extra large shirt in summer and only hold her left hand.

  61. @Jim in Jersey

    I find that to be true as well. Most folks, except politicians, have a pretty real-world inspired view of the problems large concentrations of blacks bring with them.

    Prostiticians have a perfectly real – world view as well. They adapt to reality through the use of security forces, metal detectors, and motorcades. If you question this, you ( the taxpayer) are a “problem” and will be made to be an “example”.

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