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Lawmakers in Maryland Push to Abolish Water Bills in 70% Black Baltimore Because Blacks Fail to Pay Them
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In the 70 percent black city of Baltimore, blacks paying their water bills is quickly becoming a thing of the past...

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Previously on SBPDL: Water (“Is a Human Right That White People Must Pay for”) World: The NAACP Gets Involved on Behalf of 83% Black Detroit Citizen’s Refusal to Pay Their Water Bills

How much do you pay for your water bill each month?

Take your time.

Track down the amount.

In the 70 percent black city of Baltimore, blacks paying their water bills is quickly becoming a thing of the past…

We’ll still be here.

Find it?

Alright, now envision residing in 70 percent black Baltimore and having elected officials (primarily black) who advocate on your behalf to ensure paying water bills is a nuisance you’ll no longer have to endure. [Baltimore lawmakers push to end tax sales over water bills,, 1-31-19]:

No one should lose their home for a past-due water bill. That’s the notion behind legislation filed by state Sen. Mary Washington (D-Baltimore City) and supported by nearly the entire city delegation in the General Assembly.

Senate Bill 96, The Water Taxpayer Protection Act of 2019, would make permanent a current law that prohibits foreclosure tax sales for homes with delinquent water bills in the city. The General Assembly passed a bill last session that has been in place since Oct. 1, but is set to expire at the end of this year.

“I believe it’s just fundamentally wrong to take a person’s home for an unpaid water bill,” Washington said before a hearing Wednesday on the bill at the Senate Budget & Taxation Committee.

Washington was joined in advocating for the legislation by faith leaders, advocates for consumers and low-income Baltimoreans, and city residents who have found their homes snarled in some of the thousands of tax sale notices posted each year.

A separate city moratorium put in place by Mayor Catherine E. Pugh (D) has stopped sending owner-occupied property to tax sale lists, and no property has been foreclosed on due only to water liens in the past three years, according to a Department of Legislative Services analysis.

Senate Bill 96 would permanently ban the tax lien foreclosures of all residential properties and places of worship. The bill would also stop delinquent water bills from contributing to a home or church’s eligibility for tax sale when combined with other past-due bills.

The legislation could decrease city revenues by about $5 million annually, according to a fiscal and policy analysis.

After the narrower city moratorium last year, 3,528 owner-occupied residential properties were removed from the annual tax sale, representing about $5.7 million in liens not sold.

In information provided to legislative analysts, the city said that the threat of foreclosure has helped to recover significant unpaid fees. In the 2017 fiscal year, the city sent final notices to 7,000 properties with $13.3 million in delinquent payments, the analysis showed. About $9.3 million was collected before tax sale and $6.4 million was collected through tax sale that year.

As of last week, there were about 18,189 residential properties in the city with unpaid water and sewer obligations of $61.6 million. An additional 107 properties registered as “places of worship” had delinquent bills totaling $691,000.

But Washington and others testified Wednesday that the city’s water billing system is frequently inaccurate and unaccountable. Church officials and homeowners sent the committee testimony about paying off multi-thousand dollar bills they didn’t believe they were liable for to save their properties.


Molly Amster, Baltimore director of Jews United for Justice, said the organization has been working for years to address inaccuracy in city water bills. Then she got a $1,700 water bill one month that she tried to dispute for months until her home was put on the tax sale list.

The issue was resolved and her home was saved, but Amster later learned that the bank holding her home mortgage would now charge her an additional $100 a month in escrow payments because her presence on a tax sale list made her a bigger liability.

Kimberly Armstrong, who lives in the Belair-Edison neighborhood, disputed two hefty water bills, one for $1,400 and one for $2,500. Her mortgage company paid off the balance so she would not lose her home, but her mortgage payment has now more than doubled and making payments has caused financial and emotional strain, she told the committee.

Supporters of the bill say the problems with billing and increasing water rates in the city disproportionately affect black, low-income and older city residents.

City water rates have doubled since 2012 and are approved to increase by 30 percent over the next three years. Brooke Harper, legislative director for the NAACP Maryland State Conference, said more than one-third of Baltimore homes are being billed more than the United Nations-defined standard of affordable water service — no more than 3 percent of household income.

Other organizations that testified in favor of the bill include the AARP, Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition and Homeless Persons Representation Project.

Baltimore is not Democrat run.

Baltimore is black-run, for the expressed benefit of blacks, and only blacks.

Paying your water bill is a problem only white people must be burdened with in 2019.

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  1. If delinquent water bills are still reported to credit agencies, then only those who care about such a middle-class value as maintaining a good credit rating will be motivated to pay water bills. If the irresponsible portion of the population is de-incentivized from paying anything at all because there will be no threat of foreclosure, then the financial burden of maintaining their water service will fall on the backs of the Baltimore minority of responsible (primarily white) residents. Coupled with corruption and incompetence in the city water department around metering and billing, it’s a combination to drain the responsible dry, or to put it alternatively, to soak whitey.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  2. This is where a bit of IQ is required. Most negroes think that pure drinking water is free (like breathing air). They don’t realize the amount of work it takes to make water potable for human consumption. You folks understand that these people have gotten a free ride all their life. Their mamas raised them on the government teat. I would imagine most would not know where a egg came from; to them, it comes in a carton at the local supermarket.

    The daily life of a black is far too occupied with going to clubs and daring anyone to “dis” them. They don’t have time to pay for something that should be provided them for free (this is their current mindset). Their life is filled with getting a new pair of Air Jordans to wear; or how many underage girls they can knock up. I googled the term knocked up and this is what the urban dictionary said:

    Knocked Up. “Knocked up” is slang for “Impregnating”. Though it is generally used negatively, in certain “ghetto” settings, it is a compliment to tell a girl her boyfriend knocked you up. No one is sure why, but many believe it is a compliment for implying that said boyfriend is attractive/sexually potent.

    Note the line that says: “No one is sure why, but many believe it is a compliment….”

    Maybe I can help the person who wrote this definition understand why it is a compliment! It is because most negro women have the brains of a sea cucumber, and the dumber ones are competitive with cement blocks. The black males have no brains (future time orientation, etc.) Their main concern is for their penis, which they call “muh dick”.

    These fools would kill each other over a pair of second rate tennis shoes! I hope this helps people understand why negroes don’t want to pay their water bills. Let whitey pay for it!

    • Agree: anon1
    • LOL: trelane
  3. Why should these defectives expect to live in a civilized society when they lack the skills, cognitive ability and even genetics to maintain a civilization?

    Oh, and for you sportscucks, seems like South African distance runner Caster Semenya, who suffers from “hyperandrogenism” will have to take meds to lower her super high testosterone levels. In fact this sow doesn’t even have a womb or even ovaries but she is allowed to compete with women. Now, if they could only turn their attention to Mike Tyson stand-in Serena Williams…

    • Replies: @lou
  4. Rational says:


    Interesting article, Sir. Thanks.

    Despite all the big speeches and bluff, Trump the Coward cowered before an alienist girl, Pelosi, and voted to reopen govt. despite no border wall, and, on top, approved increased visas for millions more 3rd world melanocytic alien thugs to invade our country.

    These black people demanding free water are shameless, but nothing compares to the shamelessness of Trump and the RINO’s who supported this evil barbaric bill to get their own country invaded.

  5. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    PK, You are fighting the good fight. I’m black. I don’t even hate to admit you are right. Something bad is coming. I talk to many blacks In my day to day. I’ve been reading passages from the Underman book over and over.

    I have one good white friend. He’s conservative. But just not conservative enough to see or say to me what’s really happening. He sent me a pic recently of a “diversity” teacher at his kids school. He’s not “woke” yet.

    I was at a black bar tonight. Friendly enough crowd. Black staffer comes in criticizing whites. Blacks think any negative action by whites to be racist. His example was a white couple walking in and turning around leaving. I asked him if it could have been due to the music being too loud? Or the place was busy? The default to everything is racism with most blacks.

    I have a lot more I’d love to say. I’ve been lurking and commenting from time to time. This morning I woke up angry as hell about the aurora shooting. A fool black “lawyer” I know was blaming gun laws. It’s frustrating. It’s like they have a script. Logic never sinks in.

    I mentioned the Smollett case to a few blacks I know. Some see through it. But for most, it took overwhelming proof. So desirous of proof of racism, they wanted it to be true so badly.

    I was reading a story about some 11 y/o black kid in FL being arrested for not standing for the pledge. That was the headline. He said something to the effect of “I was brought here.” Who in the hell is teaching a 11 y/o about slavery?

    I could post link after link of some of the stuff I read. For effect, I’ll post one. This article points out that it was not whites but immigrants that kept amazon out of NYC.

    Here is the money quote:

    “We just beat the richest man in the world,”

    The faces here tonight contradict the media’s claim that the Amazon opposition is mostly made up of white, upper-class NIMBYs.

    As the crowd grows in number, Fahd Ahmed, an immigrant from Pakistan and a grassroots organizer, starts off the speeches.

    “We just beat the richest man in the world,” he shouts. The crowd cheers.

    As Ahmed says, “It is a turning of the tide.”

  6. Once more we observe the phenomenon:  Blacks exhibit their failure to observe requirement X, so Blacks are excused from following requirement X.  Everywhere since school integration, it has been sitting down, shutting up and at least trying to learn in school.  In Detoilet and now in Bodymore, it’s paying water bills.  It will be something else tomorrow.

    There are already school feeding programs which give “free lunch” to the delicate mud people even when school is not in session.  Soon, the muds will be excused from cooking any of their food if they don’t feel like it.  They will have free cafeteria dining 21 meals a week, courtesy of YT (who will still have to cook his own food or pay for the service).

    This offers some unique opportunities to reduce the scope of the problem in a very short time.

    • LOL: Dtbb
    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  7. please proceed quickly and quietly to the clearly marked exits at the front and rear of the city.

  8. Paul Kersey it is obvious that you either didn’t read the article you posted or you can’t understand it.

    People in Baltimore are receiving erroneous water bills, sometimes as much as $2500 and there doesn’t seem to be a logical way to dispute the charges. So homes are being placed on the tax sale list and once that happens mortgages companies jump in with additional fees sometimes doubling a homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment, putting them on the path to foreclosure.

    The complaints have piled up: tales from city residents, churches and even the city’s own properties of vastly inflated water bills, glitches following the adoption of a new monthly billing system in 2016, and recent cries for more transparency and accountability from DPW as another three-year water rate hike is set to take effect. Now, Baltimore’s Department of Public Works says it will arrange for an independent review of its billing system.

  9. anon[351] • Disclaimer says:

    Kersey is a national treasure.

    • Replies: @Anon
  10. If the complaint is the city can’t properly tabulate water bills, isn’t that the fault of “ruling” blacks?

    Balti-less. ‘Nuff said.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  11. To be fair, it mentions nothing about not being billed for water – only that the house won’t be taken and auctioned at a tax sale just for not paying a water bill.

    To be just as fair, that means the cheap bastards who refuse to pay their bills make everyone else’s bills higher because the utility company isn’t going to take the loss. It will spread it out among the paying customers who will be charged more per gallon for the water they use.

    And I agree that water is a ‘human right’.

    Here’s your bucket and there’s the river.

    • Replies: @lou
  12. Don’t pay the bill for 6 months, shut the water off. Put spigots (with auto shut off valves so they can’t leave them running 24-7) on the fire hydrants. Walk down the block to the hydrant with a bucket balanced on your head like Africa. Bro, you’ll still have it better than 90% of todays’s African’s whose great-great-great grand daddys were slow runners that got caught up and put on the boat.

  13. lou says:
    @Alex from NE

    High self esteem. that is why.

  14. So, this problem has been going on since 2016 and no one in Baltimore has been competent enough to solve it? I’m shocked! Not really. If a problem like this hasn’t been solved in a timely manner -such as instantly once it started happening!- it’s because no one wanted to solve it. Follow the money and see who’s driving around in $60,000 SUV’s and livin’ large (far beyond their means) on a salary that can’t support such excess.

    My guess is that Baltimore is just another African kleptocracy. I seem to recall a previous story (some years ago) in which a school official was skimming tons of money meant for the students and was driving around in a fancy car and wearing a mink coat. Like I said, follow the money.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @Kyra
  15. @Sick of Orcs

    isn’t that the fault of “ruling” blacks?

    To a point, but ultimately it’s the fault of the “equalitarians”* who declared that all extant strains of genus Homo were equal in all respects and Blacks would be just as competent and honest as Whites if we only gave them the jobs we were unfairly keeping them out of.

    * Communists, actually, who declared almost a century ago that they were going to use Blacks to subvert American society and tear it apart.  It didn’t happen fast enough to beat the collapse of the USSR from its own internal contradictions, but you have to admit it’s bearing a hell of a lot of very evil fruit.

    • Agree: Dr. Pepper
    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  16. @Triumph104

    Kersey made the statement that blacks did not want to pay for their water, but you made the case that those water readings were done in error. There were 18,189 delinquent bills last month. Are you saying those were due mostly to faulty meters? The article didn’t mention race, but let’s be realistic, there are two classes of people in Baltimore: black and white (and lots of Hispanics). I would bet that most of those delinquent cases are simply negroes not wanting to pay their bills. The article dwelled on the very few cases of dispute, but did not look at the bigger problem with negroes.

    I read the article and it said that there was a problem with people losing their homes because of delinquent water bills. It would seem the city is making special accommodation for them like all other negroes who can’t make it in a modern world. Does this special accomodation extend to other areas? Well, let’s consider a few!

    In D.C., the Mayor and City Councilmen discussed making the metro free by decriminalizing fare skipping, or not paying for one’s ticket to ride. It is a negro problem, not a white one.

    The Prison Reform Bill was used to address the high rate of incarceration among blacks, but did not address the fact they commit the largest numbers of crimes. Again…if the laws are too hard for blacks to follow, special accommodation follows.

    What is the water bill other than another accomodation for a people who cannot adapt to civilization?

    There is no end to the negroes demands for free stuff. They don’t want to pay for anything, and they vote for people who tell them they don’t have to pay for anything! It is their right for having been born of slaves.

    Blacks are like silly putty in the hands of the left. The left forms their outlook and the way they vote accordingly.

    • Replies: @Dansidea
  17. As a recent refugee from Prince George’s County, I’m a bit on the fence with this one. We had to deal with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, which is essentially the poster child for corruption and too much power. I’d imagine the water commission in Baltimore is just as bad, if not worse.

    I’m all for making people pay their bills, but I think the water commission having the power to seize your property, over an unpaid water bill, is just too much. And, it’s begging for corruption. I don’t think even the WSSC has that power…they’ll just shut you off, and if you tap back into it illegally, you can get hit with big fines.

    I’m out in the boonies now, relatively speaking, and I’ve really learned to appreciate having well and septic. It’s funny how the things we think of as progress…public water, sewers, mass transit, can often become the downfall of a neighborhood. Unfortunately, with all that “progress”, comes high-density housing.

  18. Anon[852] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Kersey is a national treasure.

    Along with Colin Flaherty.

    Google has allowed SBPLD blog, but it removed Flaherty from Youtube.

    There is Flaherty stuff on Great Dolemite channel but I’m not sure if it’s run by Flaherty.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @Bubba
  19. Gunga Din says:

    There’s so many aspects to this story:
    1. Complaints that the water bills are frequently in error. My guess is the meter readers and accounting clerks who tabulate the bills and send them out are black. And I’ll bet that those people cannot read and understand numbers and do basic math. Ever since our White mailman retired and a black woman took over, we frequently get other people’s mail. Not hard to understand why.
    2. That so many blacks there do not pay their water bills. I’ve known men who would run what’s called a “debit route” for life insurance companies. They would go out to black neighborhoods and collect the premiums due every month. When I asked why do that when blacks could simply mail in their premiums, they would laugh and said it’s b/c blacks know that Whitey will come to their house for the premium b/c Whitey wants their money. Paying monthly bills by mail is seen as a “White thing” by blacks and they balk at doing it.
    3. Finally (and hilariously), the woman w/ “Jews for Justice”. LOL! Jews advocating for negroes. My God, what else is new?

  20. OT:

    Black Boy Refuses To Stand For Pledge, Kicked Out Of Class.

    The student was later arrested by a school resource officer after a confrontation with school officials where he allegedly threatened to beat the teacher and get other school officials fired, 10 News reports. The student was charged with disrupting a school function and resisting arrest without violence. A 6th grade student threating his teacher…this is America today.

    • Replies: @DINDUNUFFINS,esquire
  21. Dtbb says:

    In my area about 10 years ago there was a big push to conserve water. People did and guess what? Water rates nearly doubled. Parasitic government just wants your money.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  22. @Anonymous

    After reading the anonymous letter from a black person, I do hold a scintilla of hope for at least a few black people. There are some who can see the forest through the trees. They should be leading the black people and not Al Sharpton. Most black leaders seek to enrich themselves to the detriment of other blacks (well…white democrats do the same)!

    I remember how the conservatives used to swoon over Colin Powell. They thought he was a great leader, but he was an Affirmative Action general who defected to the Obama side as soon as the chance arose. I would ask our black friend here, if there were two names on the ticket for president, would you choose the black, or the white? It is alright to be for your own people, but would you do it over what is best for your people?

    I would wonder if he/she voted for Obama in the last election, and if so, was it because he/she felt it was the black man’s time to lead?

    What was the Junior Senator’s creditials to be president: Well, he was supported by Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground. A link that supports that view can be seen here:

    He didn’t have a single bill passed that I remember, so why was he immediately given a Nobel Peace Prize and elevated to the highest office in the land? Maybe because he was black? Could Obama have been an Affirmative Action President? He was the editor of the Harvard Review, but did not print ONE editorial for us to peruse.

    Our black friend seems to understand how the game works now. Blacks don’t need to know anything, they just need to be black. We can all see that this will ultimately end in a negative way for black people because there is a breaking point that even white liberals cannot proceed any further. I see chinks starting to form in their armour right now with people like Howard Schultz.

    Here is how the black person can help their own people: help them to become independent of the white man. Don’t look to him to solve black problems, but solve them yourselves. Change the mindset of the black community and embrace education! Expel black students who are trouble makers, and lift up those trying to succeed. Do not accomodate criminals, but report them to the law for punishment.

    As for the races, we need to separate to be truly happen. Our people are different, so we need to acknowledge that fact.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. @Triumph104

    I used to write software for a living. I started when it was called “computer programming” and I did it for years including in the big-time, real world of downtown NYC below Wall Street.

    I really despise the term “glitches”. It’s a catch-all, get-out-of-jail, lame excuse for half-a$$ed coding.

    Lots of people have heard the expression “GIGO” which supposedly means “garbage in – garbage out”. One of my first instructors explained that what it really means is “garbage in – Gospel out”. IOW: “But the computer says your water bill is $999,999.99 so you have to us a check or else …”.

  24. anarchyst says:

    The Flint, Michigan “water crisis” was a result of city and county officials “jumping the gun” while planning to disconnect from the Detroit water system in order to utilize their (presently unfinished) Karegnondi regional system. Since their regional system, providing water from Lake Huron, was not completed, city and county officials decided to provide water to Flint residents from the Flint river. Anyone who lives in Michigan knows that the Flint river was heavily polluted in the past, from industrial processes. Although since cleaned up, toxins are still leaching out of the Flint river.
    Lead was leaching from the present piping infrastructure because the city chose not to spend $50.00 per day for anti-leaching chemicals. Once again, this was a city officials’ decision.
    Michigan’s governor and state officials had nothing to do with the decision to use water from the Flint river. It was city and county officials that made the decision.
    Flint has since reconnected to the Detroit water system.
    Of course, politics figures into this as the Democrat city and county officials do not want to take blame for their own shortsightedness and stupidity.
    Note that Detroit has the best water in the country.

  25. @Mr. Rational

    Exactly. All anyone has to do is look up Israel Cohen 1912: “A Racial Program for the 20th Century” that was entered into the Congressional record Vol 103 p. 8559 on June 7th, 1957.

    Better yet, I’ll just type it out here and hope it gets printed. “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominance in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to inter-marry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” End quote.

    • Agree: jim jones
  26. Bubba says:

    Kersey is a national treasure.

    Along with Colin Flaherty.

    Got that right. I wish Mr. Unz would give Colin a space on

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
  27. I thought a tax sale was for properties with unpaid property taxes. I thought that if you did not pay your water bill the water would be turned off. I agree that properties should not be sold off for unpaid water bills. And until the City can provide accurate billing NOBODY should be required to pay.

  28. Bubba says:
    @Lockean Proviso

    the financial burden of maintaining their water service will fall on the backs of the Baltimore minority of responsible (primarily white) residents.

    Whether it is Baltimore (water utility), Flint (water utility ) or in South Africa (Eskom power utility), the message is perfectly clear…

    BTW – these coal power plants are only 3 years old and already are in a complete state of disaster…

    • Replies: @Pontius
  29. I can’t imagine the horror!!!!! A world without white people..Sure lets go!!!! What could go wrong??
    How could anyone with a brain for self preservation think that going to a violent shithole devoid of any white advancements be a great idea. Let me guess.. Brain dead Liberals. They got exactly what they paid for..

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  30. @WorkingClass

    From what I may or may not understand correctly. If you refuse to pay your water bill, as it is a municipal utility, it goes to city collections. If that is a fail; (which is the case if they are trying to collect from a defective nog), then the outstanding uncollected debt is added to the property tax bill. Which if it isnt included in a monthly mortgage payment also becomes a collection issue when it comes to getting a defective to pay. These genetic failures fail themselves because modern civilization has stautes and laws that do not register in low a IQ species.
    As has been said many times before on this site..America hasn’t failed the nogs… The nogs have failed America. They have failed evolution. The experiment has failed. Lets fix America before these animals finish the job of Africanizing this continent.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  31. Bubba says:

    … until the City can provide accurate billing …

    LOL – that will never happen in the chocolate run city of Baltimore.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  32. @Bruce County

    So an unpaid water bill becomes an unpaid property tax bill. So pay your water bill or see your house sold for taxes. Seems a bit harsh to me. Especially if the billing is not to be trusted. I suspect that such a policy would be intended to make Land Lords responsible for their tenants water bill. If so owner occupants could be exempted.

    Please tell me if you know. Does the water stay turned on or is it turned off? The water must be turned off or the system is FUBAR.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  33. Turning water off for unpaid bills would be fair, but the Brothers have an easy answer for that. For most residential services, there is a buried valve out in the front yard near the street, where the pipe into the house comes off the main line serving the whole street. The buried valve box is about 4 feet down, so nothing freezes up in winter. You turn the valve on/off by inserting a long pole with a wrench face down into the access pipe for the valve. Before the shut off man comes out, Bro pops the cap of that access pipe and pours a $5 bag of concrete mix down the hole, followed by a bucket of water. Now it CAN’T be shut off. If only such ingenuity was pointed in a positive direction …..

  34. Anonymous[111] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper,
    I have some harmless black friends. Not smart enough to be an agitator. But too dumb to see an obvious hoax without overwhelming proof.

    That’s what makes them dangerous. Too stupid to see patterns. I’m a software developer by trade. I assume there are very few blacks in software because they can’t see patterns.

    “I would wonder if he/she voted for Obama in the last election, and if so, was it because he/she felt it was the black man’s time to lead?”

    I don’t vote. I supported trump though. From the day he walked down the escalator. In fact, I stayed at the Trump Hotel in DC for election night. I’m a real estate guy. Nothing makes a realist like being in real estate. Try hiring a black to do your plumbing.

    I never voted for Obama. I’ll never forget seeing whites on U St crying when Obama was elected. Whites thought this was the end of racism. Blacks likely thought this is payback time.

    To be quite honest, I’d never vote for a black. I know them too well to make that mistake.

    I’m from Alabama. I once worked for the granddaughter of the guy that bombed a snivel rights bus in Alabama. If someone were to ask my opinion how to solve the race problem, I’d say that whites need to put the fear of god in blacks.

    I was reading a transcript of Larry Elder recently. He’s the perfect IKAGO. He was asked how to solve the race problem. His response…interracial marriage. He thinks the race problems can be solved through his d-ck.

    —Nate from Alabama

  35. @Triumph104

    My guess is the meter readers and accounting clerks who tabulate the bills and send them out are black.

    Deyz be gud jobs, we wannum!

    And I’ll bet that those people cannot read and understand numbers and do basic math.

    I’ll bet the answer is simpler than that:  old-style mechanical water meters  These things have a gear train driving dials which read out the water consumption, but the way they work is that consecutive digits (each dial is geared down a factor of 10 from the previous) turn in opposite directions.  In short, on one digit a needle which points just clockwise from 6 means 6, and on the adjacent 2 digits it means 5.  If a high-level digit is mis-read in this way it causes a grossly erroneous reading of consumption and ditto in the bill.

    The solution to incompetent readers is to go to electronic water meters which are read by radio.  However, this means a lot fewer meter-readers and da folks in dem gud jobs be outta work, and dey OWES us.

  36. @Dtbb

    A great deal of your “water” bill is for sewage treatment.  Reducing the amount of water you flush doesn’t change the amount of crap you’re flushing along with it.  Increasing the concentration at the treatment plant does reduce the cost somewhat, but all that crap still has to be dealt with.

    • Replies: @Raccoon
  37. @Boomer Realist

    Ha!! The ghetto where I worked had the opposite happen. The PW water truck (I’ll get into that shortly) would shut off the water due to NUMEROUS notices of non-payment. The groids would just ignore them and keep getting their FREE water. So, PW would shut the valve up. Well, the groids had someone in the hood that possessed the valve tool and, magically, their water would be turned back on overnight. They probably paid this guy in crack or some stolen stuff. I guess he would be likened to white people who call a licensed plumber when they have a problem, lol.
    So, some of these houses had this garbage going for a very long time. Finally, someone in charge at the Village had the balls to fix the problem with the most-repeat offenders. PW would dig out around the ENTIRE valve tube then pour cement into and around the tube, effectively sealing it up for all time. The Village didnt care because they figured that most of the homes in that area of town were eventually going to be unoccupied and torn down shortly anyway.
    Regarding the “water truck”. When I was growing up in town and, even when I started working for the village, the water truck only was used when there were repairs to make (busted mains, etc.). After groidification started they actually assign 2 guys to operate this truck EVERY DAY shutting water off and turning it back on after the fees and fines were paid.

  38. @WorkingClass

    Yes… landlords are responsible for all services provided to “their” properties including rentals. If they refuse to pay the water bill that their tenants have left unpaid to the city, the landlord is responsible for their debt.. It will be added to his municipal tax bill. Its doubtful the city would turn off the water for entire an apartment complex with tenants in it. The story is about private home owners… I believe there is a difference. I really dont care…Baltimore will fall to ruin in less than 50 years. And the nogs will have no one to blame but YT .. as usual. Hey I could be wrong about all of this.. It is a black mans world now .. the law doesnt apply to them.. And its fuck whitey again..

  39. lou says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    wheres the free bucket? if not f– it

  40. Pontius says:

    I’m sure all of the welds passed x-ray.

    That looks like fly ash in the video, so at least it isn’t an instant inferno risk. Seems like someone could throw a gasket at it though. I shudder to think how many safety shutdowns have already been jumpered. A knew of a turbine in Brazil that blew due to that. It looked like a porcupine exploded. If you know how thick the case has to be on a power turbine, you can get some idea of the energy required to blow blades through it. It takes a week for a turbine to cool down enough to start turning bolts on it. Of all the industrial sites I have visited, the thermal generating stations were by far the most interesting and awe inspiring.

    I guess what I am saying is that this is no venue for half assery!

    • Replies: @Bubba
  41. @Anonymous

    If you can prove (to Mr Unz’s sole satisfaction) that you are indeed black, you can probably have your own blog here.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  42. So I assume a struggling business that can’t pay its water bill and property taxes. will be foreclosed on and sold at public auction? That sounds fair………..not!

  43. @Anonymous

    “We just beat the richest “WHITE” man in the world,”there,fixed it.. I wonder,I said this to a friend ,when you here the word “rich” what’s the first thing that pops in to your head,like most people I bet,…White Man..Plenty of filthy rich Blacks around but you won’t EVER ,EVER see them helping their homies in “da hood” or the “communitay”. Let Lebron pay their water bills. He has enough. Or Michael Jordan. Yea real human right bleeding hearts right there.Never happen.But Whitey better pay up.

  44. @Bubba

    … until the City can provide accurate billing …

    LOL – that will never happen in the chocolate run city of Baltimore.

    Of course, that’s a feature, not a bug. If they can’t (or won’t) provide accurate invoices, woohoo! Blacks don’t have to pay. Not that they were going to pay anyway.

    This is, in microcosm, exactly how cities get trashed. The irresponsible get the upper hand, and stick it to “The Man” (i.e. the few remaining responsible citizens) and the responsible, hard-working people start to flee, because the tax burden becomes unsustainable. Services degrade as taxes skyrocket. The criminal class starts to take over.

    This is happening on a nationwide basis too, only there aren’t so many places to flee. And the irresponsible know this.

  45. @Bruce County

    And everyone wonders why Africa never became the United States. They have been sitting around for thousands of years in Africa.Whitey comes for a couple of hundred into North America and creates the greatest most technologically advanced country ever in the history of mankind.

    • Agree: Bruce County
  46. @Triumph104

    “People in Baltimore are receiving erroneous water bills”

    Yeah, sure they are. A few minor cases of overbilling is how you excuse thousands of negroes not paying their bills? I bet you think they’re “not all like that” and, YKAGO You Know A Good One too.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  47. @Mr. Rational

    You are exactly right. It’s a slippery slope, and we’re just partway down it now.

    “I believe it’s just fundamentally wrong to take a person’s home for an unpaid water bill”

    In 2008-2012 the same was said about mortgages, and millions (mostly black and hispanic) had their mortgages paid off for them. Why on earth would anyone be responsible when the rewards for irresponsibility are immense and unending?

    Just one of the schemes:

    You’re right, it’s going to extend to meals, clothing, transportation, and so on. Just wait until 2020. Buy some marshmallows!

  48. Dansidea says:

    We live in a pretty nice world, imagine how much greater it would be if these people could actually take care of themselves and their families? The stunning lack of personal accountability and capability to actually have a functioning civilization- their culture rewards the opposite and are pulling us all down into the crab bucket. Then we have the virtue signaling whites who know it to be true but for their own here and now climb to the top of the bucket are willing to throw the future away.

  49. Dansidea says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    Well put Doc and think about the behavior reinforcements the liberals put in place to continue the civilization ending actions of these people. Why does this minority keep doubling down on terrible life decisions and actions? Because if enough of them do it then it becomes a positive outcome…

  50. @WorkingClass

    NOBODY should be required to pay.

    It’s going to extend to property taxes next (assessments aren’t always accurate) then other utilities–keeping warm is a human right! Then rent (Housing is a human right! Think of the children!) Then food, clothing, and so on all the way to 24″ spinners on yo Escalade. Enjoy the ride.

  51. @Bruce County

    Idea for sci-fi series. Enterprising young negro amidst primitive America ca. AD 2100 discovers evidence of advanced society of the 20th century, despite decades of erasures by the ‘history’ and ‘education’ industries. Some even say that pale-faced people had something called electricity, and even walked on the moon! Tell us another one!

  52. @Boomer Realist

    The buried valve box is about 4 feet down, so nothing freezes up in winter.

    You definitely live up north! In the mid-atlantic coastal region it’s about a foot down.

  53. Raccoon says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Hmmm – where I live, it was suggested during a drought to save water by putting a house brick in all of your toilet cisterns.

    An hydraulic engineer did some calculations, and concluded that if every household in my city (1.5+m people) did this, there would not be enough water in the sewerage pipes, and the entire system would clog up!

    The original brick suggestion went straight into the memory hole.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  54. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr McKenna

    How does one prove his race on a blog? I’ll say this as some offering of proof.

    I’m a landlord in DC. Some of my properties are in Ward 8. I’m sure Mr. Kersey knows that not many white or Hispanic men would take a chance collecting rent over there.

    There was an article recently about the discount that blacks benefit from in housing values. Well, there is a similar phenomenon with being a landlord.

    In contrast to the discount that black homeowners receive, I literally have very little competition from fellow black landlords. Hence, the excess profit margins are very high. I have pictures and stories from being a landlord that would make inner-city teachers blush.

    —Nate from Alabama

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @Ed
  55. @Anonymous

    A black man who supports Trump! You are indeed a special person.

    Things were not always so bad between the races until Obama was elected. I would be so bold as to say they were good for the most part. However, even during the mid-90s the left started to work on the average black’s mind. I know that some people down Louis Farrakhan, but on American Renaissance recently many supported his cause claiming separation of the races was a good thing.

    The funny thing is this, I believe if Mr. Farrakhan were to meet Jared Taylor, they would each walk away it wonderment at how much they believed the same way. Mr. Taylor is not as radical as Mr. Farrakhan, but in my opinion they both share the desire to be free of the other.

    This would be a nice divorce where each group acknowledged the other and nobody walked away empty handed.

    Mr. Taylor even went so far as to offer freedom of association. Some whites and blacks would want to live together, and that would be fine.

    As you can see in the news, the left is already beginning the separation of the races. They are dumping white men who supported them and acknowledging that they are against anything white. Ms. Abrams of Georgia isn’t ambiguous in that regard.

    The sad fact is there is a subset of whites who just can’t give up the guilt. During the separation, some whites might not make it.

    Look at it this way, at least you can see through the miasma of the left and are an independent thinker. That is actually refreshing to hear!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  56. Kyra says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Is “African kleptocracy code for “space to destroy?”

  57. @Anonymous

    You certainly don’t have to prove anything to me, or to anyone else here. I’ve no reason whatever to doubt you. I was just saying that your testimony might be worthy of your own blog on this site, and that Mr Unz would have to be sure of your legitimacy in that case. Because many people would like to take this site down (way too much free speech for many to tolerate) and he can’t provide them any ammo. Nothing personal.

  58. “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century” appears to be a hoax.

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  59. Augustus says:

    Amerika, where even the water becomes racially divisive. Leftist politics as usual.
    I’m too old to be around, but if there isn’t a successful revolt with secessions (not illegal under our constitution) within 20 years, this nation will have passed into history more rapidly than most. If we read Gibbons about the Roman Empire we would realize that our nation is getting late into it’s cycle, and beginning to implode.

  60. @Anonymous

    “Muh Dic” that’s the Black answer to everything! Hence Blacks having the highest rates of STD’s . Oh joy!

  61. @Paleo Retiree

    Very interesting! However, looking at what’s gone on over the decades and what has happened, one might think that such a program was, in fact, being followed quite religiously.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  62. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    I bet there are a lot of blacks that agree with Trump. My mom voted for him. My dad is racist. But he agrees with Trump on immigration. And that, in my opinion, is the issue of the day.

    I 100% agree with you on Obama! He will go down as the worst president ever. The media won’t be able to hide his incompetence and hate for America. I visited Egypt right after the president (Mbarrak?) was run from office; there was a billboard with an excerpt of a speech Obama, saying American youth should be more like Egyptian youth.

    As I passed by the burned out building of the President, I wondered, is this what Obama wants of America’s youth? Revolution? Blacks won’t recover from Obama. The Dem party may not either.

    As I mentioned, I grew up in Alabama. I have seen the Klan in full uniform. I’ve worked with relatives of infamous racists. I can honestly say, I can not think of one racist experience in my life. I think whites are the fairest people in the world. The immigration numbers speak the truth.

    I went to a museum this weekend. The museum had some exhibits about a major warship (I won’t say which) and its history. Anyway, my buddy commented that whites just think of killing. I wanted to tell him, ‘They fought, so we don’t have to. We are on the ship of the winning side!’

    Meanwhile, we passed by so many of the inventions created (by whites) during the war.

    -Nate from Alabama

  63. Bubba says:

    I’m sure all of the welds passed x-ray.

    LOL! And I’m sure those SCR’s and scrubbers are working fine according to the new South African air standards! And that fly ash is far beyond just using a mask – if I had to do it, then it would be $$$$ per day with a full OBA suit.

    Sounds like you and I have been in a few power plant outages from hell!

    I’ve been to the Geysers in California many times and it is absolutely awesome, but I haven’t made it to any in Hawaii. Personally I like working on the hydros, but no one wants to spend money on the structure. It all goes to the turbines and generators.

    I’m with you, if you plan to do a project half-assed, don’t bother doing it at all. You’ll end up killing alot of people.

  64. Ed says:

    I’m black as well although not “African-American”. I’m not as far gone as you are however. I recognize there is a problem due to the regressive culture that has been allowed to thrive among blacks. Still I don’t hate my fellow blacks as you seem to do.

    I generally come to this blog because frankly I like the stories the bigot that runs this blog links up.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  65. Christo says:

    Gunga din, If you have a black “Mail-woman” and getting others people’s mail , there is an increased possibility (very) she or others could do far worse with pieces of YOUR mail. I suggest a PO BOX to lower chance of identity theft and well, “theft” too or just lost important mail.

    Yea, “Jews for Justice” , I got a LOL out of that too.

  66. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    Ha. Another fellow “black”. I have stories regarding the differences. I visited the point of no return in Ghana. My lady is Ghanaian. Her people were “chiefs” back then.

    After my visit, I came away thinking that Africans had to be complicit in the slave trade more than is taught in schools. It is so apparent that whites didn’t trek through Ghana. Then I read the book, Dictatorland and it talked of how the “chiefs” would sell laborers to the cocoa and gold mining companies there.

    Whites didn’t just bring us here. Africans assisted them. Schools are not teaching the true history and are washing the blood off the hands of the Africans, making them out to be the ‘noble savage’.

    So you aren’t as far gone as me. That’s good. I’ve been a landlord for 20 years. Things I’ve seen have changed me…forever.

    I don’t think Paul is a bigot. Listen to some of his podcasts with Jared Taylor. I think he is just telling it like it is. He’s likely said nothing worse than I have. He’s just a white man that notices.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  67. More water woes in Jackson, Miss. How is this so complicated? Is there anything they can’t screw-up? I believe they hook up a hose and run the water down a ditch just to waste it. There is one common denominator. They just can’t function. Give them a mortgage they allege they are victims of predatory lending. Give them water they are victims of predatory water meters. Always the victim.

    ‘Jackson leaders consider suing Siemens over water meter problems’

    Updated: 8:39 AM CST Feb 20, 2019

    Troy Johnson
    5 p.m. Anchor/Reporter

    JACKSON, Miss. —

    The Jackson City Council is weighing the possibility of suing over ongoing issues with city water meters.

    City leaders said Jackson residents aren’t getting what they paid for when it comes to the monitoring of citizens’ water meters and billing.

    Siemens officials said the company contracted with the city in 2013 to install automated water meters and a new billing software system for the city to operate and manage through its public works department. The company completed the work with the city in 2018, which was validated by a third party.

    “The company continues to interact with the city of Jackson Public Works Department on a regular basis to help facilitate successful operation of the metering and billing system,” said Siemens spokesperson Brie N. Sachse in a statement.

    The City Council heard Tuesday night from Mabel Allen, a resident who said she has documentation over the last two years since the meters were set up.

    “My thing is, this is strong-arm robbery, putting the citizens in Jackson under duress because of excessive water bills that they do not owe,” Allen said.

    Also on the agenda for Tuesday’s City Council meeting was a proposal to retain a law firm to take on Siemens, as they look to recoup funds connected to the $91 million contract.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  68. @Feedsackroad

    Siemens is one of the most technologically advanced companies out there. Its highly unlikely they would go into a huge contract with a defective product with the knowledge that they would have to deal with a defective low IQ species at city hall. My guess is that the nogs at city billing and maintenence have no idea how to use the software Siemens supplied and trained them to use. The other just as likely scenario is that the nogs have some how tampered with the meters. Does anyone really expect anything less from a species that still lives in mud huts and hunts with spears.
    They cannot embrace the moderm world. They have destroyed huge swathes of metropolitan real estate in North America. They are not a productive species. They are a destructive invasive species.

  69. @Anonymous

    I assume there are very few blacks in software because they can’t see patterns.

    In 3 decades in software, I met exactly 3 blacks in the field and I never saw (as in, was never present to review) any product of 1 of them.

  70. @Raccoon

    Aren’t standard flow calculations a bitch when the standard is no longer applicable?

    If you want some interesting reads about sanitary sewers, look up “fatbergs”.  You’ll see references to FOG but that’s not unique enough to search on.

  71. @Anonymous

    He’s just a white man that notices.

    As Steve Sailer says, Political Correctness is a war on Noticing (aka pattern recognition).

  72. @Non PC Infidel

    Indeed, the script seems to have been followed precisely.

  73. Molly Amster, Baltimore director of Jews United for Justice

    JUJ not, lest ye be JUJed.

    How about just giving the water company equity in these houses? Or just turn off the water?

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  74. @Reg Cæsar

    How about just giving the water company equity in these houses?

    There’s no equity in a structure you’re going to have to pay to tear down.  The only way you could get anything out of it is to fumigate the entire neighborhood to remove the vermin and then put up fences to keep any more from coming in either permanently or as raiders.  This simply isn’t on the table yet, so all the leins you could file still wouldn’t give you any sort of financial asset you could trade for operating cash.

  75. @From Detroit suburbs to rural Philippines

    Yeah I have a YKAGO or two I’m my unit. Non smoker/drinker, funny and an entertaining fella. Keeps begging me to take him around Downriver, so’s to meet decent YT Wimmins’. Not gonna happen I say. Keep up the good work, then return to your NW Detroit ‘hood.

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