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"Kill All White People": Black Serial Killer Charged for Murder in Targeting Six White Victims in Kansas City, Missouri 
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The amount of anti-white hate across the nation by blacks, barely covered by the local media and largely ignored by the national press, is truly astonishing. [Shots fired suspect, ‘I don’t like white people in my hood’,, July 30, 2019]

But it’s the story of a black serial killer who targeted white people in Kansas City, Missouri, effectively kept under the radar for three years by the national media, that requires consideration today.

Her Name is Karen Harmeyer.

His Name is John Palmer.

His Name is Steven Gibbons.

His Name is Michael Darby.

His Name is Timothy Rice.

His Name is David Lenox.

They were murdered by a black man motivated by anti-white hatred, a serial killer who would still be targeting whites along Indian Creek trail had he not been apprehended. [‘Kill all white people’: Accused killer who targeted white victims now charged in six deaths, Washington Post, July 28, 2019]:

For a year, the walking and biking trails snaking through south Kansas City, Mo., were plagued with bloodshed.

Beginning in August 2016 and continuing deep into the next year, the bodies of hikers and dog walkers were found dead along the city’s Indian Creek trail or on nearby roadways. They were all shot. They were all middle-aged. They were all white.

The killing stopped after the August arrest of Fredrick Demond Scott, a 22-year-old Burger King employee. As The Washington Post reported in September, Scott, who is African American, had allegedly threatened to shoot up his high school and “kill all white people.”

Last fall, Scott pleaded not guilty to three slayings: the deaths of Karen Harmeyer, 64; John Palmer, 54; and Steven Gibbons, 57.

He was the suspect in three additional deaths, and on Friday a grand jury in Jackson County indicted Scott in connection with them. The victims, according to the Associated Press, were Michael Darby, 61; Timothy Rice, 57; and David Lenox, 67.

Scott now faces a total six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of armed criminal action.

“We’re thankful that he is off the street and hopefully he’ll be held accountable for what he has done,” Mindy Lenox, the David Lenox’s daughter, told the Kansas City Star. “I don’t know for me personally that there is any closure. Nothing can bring my dad back and nothing can take that pain away, but at least knowing that the person responsible will be held accountable, it will certainly be helpful.”


After Scott’s arrest, local news outlets dug up his alleged past threats regarding race. In 2014, Scott was a student at an alternative school when he allegedly threatened to “shoot the school up, Columbine-style.” According to municipal court documents, he also spoke of wanting to kill himself and to “kill all white people.”

In the book Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War, we learn an unsettling truth seemingly invalidating the title of the book — 82 to 85 percent of interracial crime involving white and black people is black on white violent crime:

There is an astonishing level of consensus, at least among scholars, on the fact that almost all of the interracial crime that does occur in the United States is POC-on-white. In the representative year of 2008, 429,000 Black-on-white violent crimes and only 91,000 white-on-Black violent crimes were recorded by the FBI, and the proportional breakdown of interracial offenses by race was nearly identical during 2012 and 2015.

Anti-racist activist Tim Wise, who provided the figures just given, thus estimates that 82.5 percent of interracial crime involving Blacks and whites is Black-on-white crime.

The FBI would seem to indicate a race war is actually taking place, albeit an undeclared one, when 82.5 percent to 85 percent of interracial crime involving white and black people is black-on-white violent crime.

Were a white man indicted for targeting and murdering six black males and declaring his intent to “kill all black people,” he would be a household name and live in infamy. Movies, television series, and books would be written to remember his victims and the white man’s actions would be taught in schools across the nation as a reminder of just how pernicious all white people are across America. His actions would be deemed representative of all whites.

As it is today, Fredrick Demond Scott is a name few people know and fewer are aware he targeted six white people and murdered them for being white.

Rest in peace Karen, David, Steven, Michael, John, and Timothy.

After all, Their Lives Matter Too.


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  1. American whites are hateful bigots. But , they are a small minority that is going extinct.
    There won’t be any more white folks around who think the 1950s were the good old days, because there won’t be any more white folks around who actually remember them, and so therefore, we’ll be able to teach about them accurately and honestly, without hurting your precious feelings, or those of the so-called “greatest generation” a bunch whose white contingent was top-heavy with ethical miscreants who helped save the world from fascism only to return home and oppose the ending of it here, by doing nothing to lift a finger on behalf of the civil rights struggle.

    It’s OK. Because in about 20 years, half the country will be black or brown. And there is nothing you can do about it.

    And wait for you to pass into that good night, first politically, and then, well…

    Do you hear it?

    The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently?

    Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.

    So know this.

    If you thought this election was payback for 2008, remember…

    Payback, thy name is…


  2. Is it just me or does it look he is NOT the sharpest tack in the box?
    It must have killed him not to have a hoody for court… all gangsta and sheeit.
    This oxygen abuser does not deserve to draw another breath.

    Let this be the lead story on the View. I dare them.

  3. Ya know…..i don’t have to stereotype an african. Why ? Because since the beginning of time they have stereotyped themselves. The most evil violent diseased object on this earth. They have never,can or will change.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  4. Wait. It’s still legal to charge blacks for the crimes they commit? I wonder how much longer that will be permitted.

  5. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Who is more dangerous, the shooter Fredrick Demond Scott, or Tim Wise?

    • Replies: @eah
  6. This case has followed the Standard Operating Procedure. A burst of (local) publicity when the arrest is made followed by a news blackout, three years long in this instance.

    When the trial finally happens there will be some (but not a lot) local publicity, with little or no national publicity.

    BTW, how many know there will be another (the eighth) trial in the Knoxville Horror Christian-Newsom torture-murders beginning next week?

    • Agree: 95Theses
    • Replies: @Glock45
    , @Richard B
  7. Duke84 says:

    Everyone has heard of Dylan Roof.Few have ever heard of Omar Thornton.

  8. @Duke84

    Everyone has heard of Dylan Roof.Few have ever heard of Omar Thornton

    Or Emanuel Samson. Trial kept from media for 3 years by a scumbag judge.

  9. @M Krauthammar

    It’s funny to read stupid in the morning while drinking my coffee. Thanks for that.

    I love these ‘black dominance’ types… from the blackploitation flicks of the 70’s when they were too stupid to realize that they were being exploited while trying not to be exploited… to current day Wakanda believers who think they would be living anywhere but a mud hut eating their offspring if not for the constant uplifting white presence in their lives.

    Time to turn off the spigot. Time to let them starve. Time to admit this ‘equality’ experiment was no more than a dismal failure and move on without them.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  10. @Jim in Jersey

    By the way, who would walk a dog or jog in a contaminated area without proper firepower?

    Talk about asking for trouble!

    • Agree: Gunga Din
    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  11. @Lily White

    I was thinking the same thing when I read the headline.
    10 years from now possibly?

  12. Glock45 says:
    @David In TN

    BTW, how many know there will be another (the eighth) trial in the Knoxville Horror Christian-Newsom torture-murders beginning next week?

    I am only aware of the Christian-Newsom torture murders thanks to sites like this and

    Yet another example of, had the races been reversed, the mainstream media would STILL be talking about it, and, because of the sheer horror of what happened, would have been made into a highly acclaimed (((Hollywood))) movie in order to push the white-guilt-o-meter to 11.

    Looks like it’s up to us to continue to remind everyone of the Christian-Newsom torture-murders.

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  13. @Jim in Jersey

    ..let nature take its course.

  14. Glock45 says:
    @Lily White

    Wait. It’s still legal to charge blacks for the crimes they commit? I wonder how much longer that will be permitted…

    Not much longer. Just letting blacks walk scot free, no matter their crime, almost seems to be the logical outcome of our clown-world zeitgeist.

    Heck, we are already letting them back out on the streets long before they ever finish their past and current felony convictions. So why even bother? What’s the point of sentencing Shitavious to 20 years, when you are just going to release him back onto the streets in six months???

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  15. Glock45 says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Time to turn off the spigot. Time to let them starve.

    And that’s the “white pill” in all of this.

    All these shitlibs and POC who talk about whites becoming a minority seem to forget that their black pets, as a whole, are parasitical in nature and that, once we reach a point (and that point is coming sooner than later) where there simply won’t be enough tax revenues (of which only whites are a net contributor) to sustain all the WIC, SNAP, EBT, and all the other gibs that the blacks live off of…


    The spigot IS turned off…and our inner cities turn into a bloodbath of tribal violence that will make Rwanda 1994 look like a tepid prequel.

  16. 2 Chicago Moms Fought For Years To End Gun Violence. They Were Shot Dead Last Week.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @Glock45
  17. @Duke84

    Yea the Fella who killed all those people in Manchester CT.I know all about it because I live in CT and a buddy of mine lives in Manchester.He was working at the Stop and Shop in Manchester at the time.I remember him telling me how quiet everyone was after this happened. Blacks and Whites were all leary and waiting for shit to explode. But of course all you have is weak cuck Whites allowing Blacks to murder Whites and no one says shit. You could sense the tension in the store after this incident took place. And all because this Fella said that all the Whites in the company he was working at were racist towards him. Even after all this happened his WHITE girlfriend was all over the news saying the same BS.You know why this POS Black Fella went off.Because he got caught stealing from the company. This idiot was driving his delivery truck to his little hood and others to unload some of his cargo to the fellas.They were bootlegging and he was delivering the merchandise off his truck.There was plenty found in his place where he lived with his White POS girlfriend. The company gave him a chance to walk away quietly and they wouldn’t ruin his life but no he got pissed off because he got caught and decided to shoot everyone.You know because you can’t fire the best BLACK employee ever. He was a KANG and sheit! This is what happens when you tell Blacks that they rule. That they are the greatest people in the world and they built the world. Telling and teaching Blacks that they built and invented and created everything. LOL,what a joke this whole world is becoming because Whites keep propping up and inflating the egos of these LOW IQ morons. They never talked about how he was stealing from the company.All they talked about was how racist the company was to him. Yup keep defending criminals ,this will all end well.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs, Duke84
  18. @Detective Callahan

    At this point, it’s ironic.
    Funny would it have been if they shot each other.

  19. Anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

    Black “teen” shoots at cars in Cincinnati shouting “I don’t like white people in my hood!”:

    I’m sure that gun is licensed and the teenager bought it completely legally.

    If this was a white kid doing this, even if you take away the racial angle to the story, it would be the lead topic on CNN right now and the Democrat candidates would have been asked about it at the debate last night. The NRA and its “gun shows” would be blamed for supplying the kid with his illegal gun, racist white “gun culture” would be indicted, and of course Trump’s rhetoric spurred on this kid’s anger. Calls around the dais would be made to confiscate all guns.

    Meanwhile, this story of yet another incident of black-on-white animus and crime is an unmentionable sidenote and not a peep is heard from the anti-gun movement on it.

  20. bro3886 says:

    And remember Brandon Howell who mass-murdered at least 7 whites and was convicted this year. And Billy Chemirmir, an invader from Kenya who mass-murdered as least a dozen elderly in Texas, arrested just 3 months ago.

  21. Glock45 says:
    @Detective Callahan

    2 Chicago Moms Fought For Years To End Gun Violence. They Were Shot Dead Last Week.

    So…that turned out well, then, eh?

    That’s what happens when you think inanimate objects are capable of initiating violence, and ignore who really is initiating it. If they had known better, they would have avoided Auburn Gresham on a Friday evening.

    Yet, here in clown world, we’re being told to believe that guns just magically hover around in the air, and go around blasting sweet innocent negroes (who I am sure were on the way to the library to return their books, or going over to their grandma’s house for her baked cookies) all by themselves.

  22. eah says:

    (contact [email protected] if you would like to donate via PayPal, Bitcoin or Google Wallet)

    Another contributor here, Linh Dinh, has this text on his blog:

    If you have a PayPal account, you can save me the fees by sending money directly to my email address: [email protected] . Thanks!

    So maybe you can do something similar — that way people could use an email address to donate to you directly via PayPal (while holding their nose due to the SJW deplatforming behavior of PayPal) — a separate email exchange wouldn’t be necessary.

  23. @M Krauthammar

    Why does Tiny Duck get to have two different handles?

    It’s OK. Because in about 20 years, half the country will be black or brown.

    Enjoy cholera’s comeback, “Krauthammar”!

    • Replies: @El Dato
  24. @Glock45

    As far as the Knoxville Horror goes, bikers here have Memorial Rides to remember the kids. They aren’t forgotten at all in this area nor is what happened to them. Aside from that, what many don’t know is that one of the creeps involved in the torture murders also robbed a Pizza Hut at gunpoint during this time period. Both locations (the house on Chipman Street and the Pizza Hut on Broadway) no longer exist having been torn down. The sad thing about this new trial though is that the parents of both victims have to, once again, relive all the horror of what happened to their kids and see one of the vicious animals in the courtroom.

    The negro sow (Vanessa Coleman) who was involved in the torture murders is, once again, going to be up for parole in 2020. Last time, word spread far and wide and a successful petition to keep her ass in prison got a monumental number of signatures. No doubt a new petition will be forthcoming in time as the next parole hearing nears. I plan to keep watch and (when the petition is made) will again spread the link for signing it everywhere I can on the net. She needs to ROT in prison but will be out in 2030 in any case.

    As for a Hollywood movie, the only thing that surprises me is a movie hasn’t been made based on the Knoxville Horror albeit with the story being twisted into evil white honkies as the perps and two sweet, innocent, black angels as the victims in a town in Mississippi or Alabama. Sort of like how Hollywood took the story of the elderly veteran on the city bus who knocked the crap out of a dindu who was mistreating him and changed it into evil white honkies assaulting POC’s. Hollywood loves to twist the narrative so that dindu’s are portrayed as holy, sacred martyrs even when they’re rotten pieces of excrement.

    • Agree: Glock45
    • Replies: @David In TN
  25. M Krauthammar: “… the so-called “greatest generation” a bunch whose white contingent was top-heavy with ethical miscreants who helped save the world from fascism only to return home and oppose the ending of it here, by doing nothing to lift a finger on behalf of the civil rights struggle.”

    Nothing? They passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, you dope. They also integrated the military and the schools. “The Greatest Generation” should be renamed “The Stupidest Generation”, although that honor might more justly be bestowed upon the generation of white Christian Americans who originally fought and died in the 1860s in order to make negroes citizens and give them the vote. Instead, how about “The Cucked Generation” for the dumbasses who fought against Germany in WWII, and then came home to burn their own country down as well? It fits.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @Just another serf
  26. Augustus says:

    I’s standin’ on the opposite conah, but I dindu nuffin n don’t be knowin’ nuffin. I look like a snitch or sumpin’?

    Now people will have their prayer vigils, and more marches against violence after these murders. They’ll go home smug and full of themselves because they’ve “done something to make a difference and to raise awareness.” They’ll all continue to blame “gun violence” and vote the same way. And the beat goes on.

  27. The gun control advocates will continue to pile on about mass shootings and the “ease” with which guns can be obtained.
    But they fail to consider that in the fifties and early sixties, guns could be purchased by mail order, through magazines, and delivered to your door, sans any paperwork, background checks, etc. And the price for many of them was a pittance even by monetary standards of the time. I recall a friend even showing me a “grease gun” that his dad had purchased. Full auto, except the barrel had been filled with lead to render it inoperable. It’s said, some people just melted the lead out and had a functional full auto.
    And yet, mass shootings were almost unheard of. The first I remember was the Texas U. tower shooter in 1968.
    Why then, with super easy gun access, were mass shootings rare?
    Just like today, the guns went pop, and the projectiles flew with deadly intent. And my brother and I could carry our uncased 22 rifles through city blocks to the river, about a mile walk, without anyone batting an eye.
    The pivotal point was the sixties. The gates of permissiveness, victim hood, diminishing respect, drugs, and immorality, opened wide.
    All of these factors and probably more led to people becoming more self-centered. It was less about we and more about me and the notion, if it feels good do it.
    And kids became less nurtured. Today when a couple is “expecting,” one of the first things they check into is daycare. Careers cannot be interrupted.
    No, it’s not a gun problem; it’s a culture problem.
    Oh, and then there was the civil rights movement…

  28. I am now an old man in my middle 70’s who but for God’s good grace am now living safe and secure in the FREE ZONE. What a long weird trip it’s been. So far so good and I feel blessed that I survived the RACE WAR. And believe me, it is a race war.

    The first shots were fired in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Members of the many violent radical black groups even called themselves “soldiers” in their fight against the white population. The words from the press and media never referred to this war. Instead the word used was called “crime”. It was the way Harry Truman called the blood bath in Korea a “police action”.

    The death toll among the white people is nearly impossible to count. No memorials have been built honoring the dead. The “collateral damage” is etched into the minds of survivors as they watched their cities burning to the ground. The horror of seeing their family members slaughtered for no other reason than the color of their skin. Whole cities becoming vacant as people fled in fear (aka…white flight) hoping to escape the blood bath taken place around them. The homes of those unable to leave have now become armed forts surrounded with security cameras.

    I spent time in “the trenches” when this war started and had nightmares for years. My mind became a casualty because of what I saw and experienced. Their are no medals for the survivors of the race war. By learning to lick your wounds you become stronger. Tomorrow is just another day of the same shit. After an endless body count of dead and wounded white people the war still goes on. This is one of the few sites reporting the facts. The media hides the truth.

    The Communist Universities teach that the white man is the enemy (aka… studies) so there is no let up in the slaughter. Millions of blacks filled with hate and loathing for white people. What’s even worse is now white people have turned on their own. Antifa is now becoming another army hell bent on spilling blood.

    The worse thing about this long race war is the liberals and timid have thrown in the towel.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Mr McKenna
  29. If the ratio of black on white crime is 6x of the reverse, and the ratio of the white population to the black population is 6x, the true ratio of black on white crime is 36 to 1.

  30. luludog says:

    The African negro would be extinct by now if it weren’t for the white man’s interference and colonization of Africa. Exporting them as slaves all over the world, bringing in modern medicine and mass farming technology to improve the quality of life just perpetuated everyone’s misery including the Africans.

    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @Avalanche
  31. It will continue to stay silent in the national conversation as long as Whites are passive. The media will never do you any favors – and will actively work to suppress stories like these. Only determined collective action in an explicit pro-White grouping can make a difference. Nothing else can.

  32. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    There is a fiercely growing wave of boomer bashing. And the previous generation, the greatest as they’re labeled, are portrayed as innocent babes. No boomer was in on the Kennedy coup d’etat. No boomer was involved in the Hart-Cellar Act. Boomers didn’t write the civil rights legislation or dream up the Great Society welfare colossus. Obviously, the boomers had nothing to do with the war waged on the only European power that had the balls to fight Bolshevism and it’s adherents/creators. And the boomers didn’t create half a century of the Cold War.

    Am I right?

  33. @M Krauthammar

    hahahahaha sorry slice nigs still hang around 13% and have been that way a long time. The biggest gains in population are Asian and Latin. You will be the bottom rung of society forever. But you hang on to your deluded dreams buddy. Even dumassed pos need hope

  34. @luludog

    Misery of our people in South Africa is what i care about even though alot are cucks .Putin should take them in. Since the USA won’t.
    Who the F cares about the rest of that continent.

  35. @Ex New Yorker

    OT:  HMU at my name, all lower case, underscore instead of period, at protonmail.  Got something that may be of interest.

  36. eah says:

    Who is more dangerous, the shooter Fredrick Demond Scott, or Tim Wise?

    It’s not an uninteresting question.

    But it’s not just Fredrick Demond Scott:

    …Fredrick Demond Scott, a 22-year-old Burger King employee.

    It’s millions of young black men (and women; but black men are the far bigger criminal threat) just like him: IQ probably in the low 90s (it’s not his fault), so not smart enough for college — no job skills or training (HS education in the US is a disgrace in that regard), living in a country where decent jobs for a putting-things-together guy like him were mass-disappeared decades ago — non-stop immigration filling the country with people who compete directly for the same/only jobs he can do — now 22 y/o, still working for peanuts flipping burgers — no future, and he knows it.

    What could go wrong?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
    , @ShermanFan
  37. @eah

    It’s millions of young black men…working for peanuts flipping burgers — no future, and he knows it.

    Very well said.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  38. @Just another serf

    Yes those are good points,agree.
    But we were brainwashed with the((( poz)))agenda since we were kids and didn’t realize it. Now our kids are worse off because we were lazy and sleeping.
    So wake up Boomers

  39. Mulegino1 says:
    @Just another serf

    Yes, you’re right.

    Christian Europe- the Europe of nations- lost the war. And by extension, the Christian United States lost the war as well, although its hapless shabbos goys served as kind of a small anvil to the Soviet sledgehammer, which put an end to the “best race in Europe,” according the General Patton’s own words.

    The Second World War destroyed the Euro-Christian heartland. The third and final conflict will see the attempt to destroy the Russian Federation.

    No real American would let their child be dragooned to destroy the last great Christian nation on earth.

    • Agree: Love Street
  40. @M Krauthammar

    You are a stupid POS and deserve nothing but pain and misery as always.

    • Replies: @Eugene
  41. @Non PC Infidel

    When the trial starts, get as many people as you can following it.

  42. @Glock45

    Or have him on house arrest sitting at home all day for a year before sentencing, so he still has time to muh dik hood rats, play video games, deal drugs, and rob & kill rivals, which is what he was doing before getting caught.

  43. @M Krauthammar

    Nignogs will be the same percentage of the population. The growth will be in Hispanics and Asians, both of whom hate nignogs worse than any redneck.

    Good luck, boy!

    • Agree: Augustus
  44. Pat Boyle says:

    It’s getting harder and harder to understand the concept of Racism lately. At one time you could feel safe in assuming it had something to do with race. But no more.

    Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas) last night refereed to “racism of the environment”. She didn’t define her terms but I’m pretty sure she is meant something regarding Global Warming. This is good news. The mojo is fast draining out of the term Racism. It almost means nothing now so when Democratic Congress-critters can call the top Democrat in the nation a Racism – normal people will begin to stop being accused of being a racist.

    So it is cause for general rejoicing. For decades normal people have feared – with good reason – being tagged a Racist. Those days seem to be ending.

    I’m told that among the Gypsies the women maintain their power over their troublesome male folks by having the power with a few words to brand any man an outcast. I don’t know if this is true. Certainly we have somehow granted all black people the power to make any white person cringe simply by accusing them of being a Racist. Crazy.

    I find this very strange. In fact I’m trying to make a You Tube video on the topic of Racism. I worry about being kicked off You Tube for thinking such thoughts. Does anyone know a site or service where I might still be able to publish my videos?

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  45. Pat Boyle says:

    I am amused to see the Democrats fighting amongst themselves as to when the Republicans end the world. Is it 10 years? Or is it 12?

    I wonder how many of these guys proclaiming climate Armageddon actually understand Milankovich cycles? I wonder if they realize that the cycles have turned and that this signals the end of our current interglacial? If the measurements are correct that means it is likely that it will be getting cooler for the next hundred thousand years.

    The problem is that so many think of Global Warming as a form of sin, whereas it seems to do more with impersonal celestial movements. If this view is correct, we will be happy that we filled the atmosphere with CO2.

    It is true that the world got a little warmer at the end of last century. Not much – but some. That little bump has now faded. Global temperature has been flat for more than a decade. But in that period the politicians have learned how much they could exploit public fear.

    Notice I speak not of atmospheric influences, but of astronomy. I am not an astronomer. I could be wrong.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  46. Eugene says:
    @NC Realist

    Couldn’t agree with your assessment more. You are spot on.

    Saying that in an article about a racist black serial killer.

  47. @M Krauthammar

    @M Kraut

    American whites are hateful bigots. But , they are a small minority that is going extinct.

    Good job word smith.
    All American whites are bigots AND a small minority?

    No. If all whites were bigots, you’d be back in Africa dumping in a whole, scooping water from a natural spring where wild beasts drink and defecate.

    There won’t be any more white folks around who think the 1950s were the good old days, because there won’t be any more white folks around who actually remember them

    But their children have been told.
    Also, the 50s was the era of forced integration. 1954 was the year the market recovered from the collapse of 1932, Eisenhower policies were starting to take off, it wasn’t all roses. But, you must be told as you are whoefully ignorant, that the overall quality of the American education began a rapid decline thanks to forced integration.

    Blacks enjoyed a massive employment surge in the 50s thanks to the number of GIs who didn’t return, or used their benefits to go to college. Eisenhower sent the Mexican laborers back to Mexico, further opening positions.

    and so therefore, we’ll be able to teach about them…“greatest generation” …doing nothing to lift a finger on behalf of the civil rights struggle.

    You sir, have singlehandedly validated every racial stereotype concerning intelligence and cognitive skills as they pertain to those of Subsaharan African ancestry.

    Nonsensical ramblings of a fool require no rebuttal.

    It’s OK. Because in about 20 years, half the country will be black or brown. And there is nothing you can do about it.

    Thanks to Hispanics. You know, the ones that work. How does it feel to know that every manager and supervisor would rather risk the fine and governmental penalties that comes with hiring illegal Hispanic laborers, than hire an American black? Ever notice they don’t want to live around you either? Think about that.

    And wait for you to pass into that good night, first politically, and then, well…
    Do you hear it?

    The sound of the black-run inner city? Gun shots, crime, rapes, murders, senseless violence perpetrated by a race without sense.

    The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently?

    Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.

    You are an idiot. A nest $hi++er, killing your own host, destroying your own village. Just like you did in Africa. Delighting in the demise of the white empire? You damned moron, you’re so stupid, so filled with hate, so unbelievably arrogant and smug within it, you cannot see that in EVERY SINGLE CASE where white built a major city, a black majority destroys it and turns it into a war zone. Your race is dumber than a typical American dog. A dog will dump in one part of their yard, leaving the rest free of their $h!t and able to be enjoyed.

    So know this.

    Testify professor…

    If you thought this election was payback for 2008, remember…

    I didn’t. I felt that 2008 was the normal shift in party politics after 8 years of rule. That, and your party ran a Halfrican to win by default, preying upon the socially motivated cucks and women. Certainly not with a strong candidate. 2016 was a rejection of Hillary Clinton and Obama policies. Period. Race had nothing to do with it.


    Don’t tease me like that. Bring it.
    You have NO idea what is really going on. White flight is real, people don’t want to live around criminal, entitled, duplicitous blacks.
    If you think what happened in Zimbabwe and South Africa will happen here, you’re sorely mistaken. It will get ugly, it will get violent. Your period of emboldenment (The Obama Years) is over. Back of the line, or get off welfare and become a producer.

  48. @eah

    Nah, blacks are lousy laborers.

    Speaking in generalities here…
    Blacks are physically larger and stronger than Hispanics. The more Central American Indian, the smaller the person, but blacks simply cannot hang with Hispanics in a manual labor situation.

    Blacks weren’t that good in factories either.

    They really aren’t good workers.
    Not their fault? Yes it is. Quit over breeding.

    • Agree: AnalogMan
    • Troll: eah
  49. @Feedsackroad

    It’s millions of young black men…working for peanuts flipping burgers — no future, and he knows it.

    Very well said.

    Since when do blacks, let alone black males, have anything like future time orientation?  They commit senseless capital crimes without hesitation, and you think they’re concerned about their future?!

    Those “millions of young black men” should be grateful that they have jobs instead of being literally sent to the glue factory.  They aren’t.  They hate you for making something that is greater than they can even comprehend, and want it destroyed and you dead because it humiliates them.  They are NOT like us!

    • Agree: Richard B, Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @eah
    , @eah
    , @AnalogMan
  50. Jim Flint says:
    @M Krauthammar

    Black or brown is the rub, my friend. Hispanics are Europeans, ultimately, and they assimilate. They learn English, marry folks with names like Smith and O’Leary, and blend into white societies fairly seamlessly after two to three generations. Which means the majority “race”, if you want to play that game, will be white-Hispanic.

    They’re gonna switch sides.

    • Replies: @Loren
    , @WSG
  51. Augustus says:
    @Lily White

    The way the country is sliding into “ideocracy,” I believe future crimes will be prosecuted by a restrictive, prorated formula. Black guy kills two white people, but can’t be judged guilty at a 1st degree murder trial because only 6 whites have gone to prison in that state for 1st degree murder, and 10 blacks have already been convicted. So the DA goes down the listing his clerk gives him and says, “22 blacks and 24 whites for 2nd degree murder, no go under the manslaughter in the 1st, the black quota there is exceeded, 2nd degree is used up, so that’s a no go. Aaah, here we are! Reckless endangerment. That’s our charge! We’ve got him now.”

    They go to court, judge gives him 6 months on the endangerment, and he’s been locked up a year awaiting trial, so he walks for time served. Also, the state must pay him for the extra 6 months served at the new $75 per hour minimum wage amount per 26 forty hour weeks. So he’s cut a $78,000 check by the state and on his way home with the bus tokens the court issued to him. Sound like the future? Crime pays, depending on your race.

    Next up, rape. Rape a white girl who’s not virgin, the state MUST reimburse you, if you’re black.

  52. Loren says:

    barry has a son??

  53. @M Krauthammar

    “Letter reported by the Latin writer Suetonius, died in the year 160.

    “We were told, when we left the native soil, that we would defend the sacred rights that we have here so many years of presence, so many benefits to people who need our civilization and our help.
    We were able to verify that all this was true, and because it was true, we did not hesitate to pay the blood tax, to sacrifice our youth, our hopes.
    We do not regret anything. But whereas here this state of mind animates us, I am told that in the city cabals and plots succeed one another, that treachery flourishes, and that many, hesitant, troubled, lend complacent ears to the worst temptations of abandonment. and vilify our action.
    I can not believe that all this is true, and yet recent wars have shown how pernicious such a state of mind could be and where it could lead.
    I beg you, reassure me as soon as possible, and tell me that our fellow-citizens understand us, support us, protect us, as we protect the greatness of the Empire ourselves.
    If it were to be otherwise, if we were to leave in vain our white bones on the tracks of the desert … while we take care of the anger of the legions! “

  54. gkruz says:
    @M Krauthammar

    Read and ponder well these words of Herr Krauthammer….especially the dismissal of the so-called Greatest Generation…this is the graditude they and you get for defeating Hitler for them. The knife in the back called civil rights, unleashing the black golem beast from its cage to rampage, rape, murder and torment the land, and for the finale, if not the coup de grace, the boot in the face of your prostrate body as he laughs at your demise. Learn who the real enemy is and learn it fast. They know.

  55. AnalogMan says:
    @M Krauthammar

    You ripped that comment off from Tim Wise. You forgot to say “tick, tock”, though. But we remember.

    Yes, ((Tim Wise))). That one.

    Anti-racist activist Tim Wise, who provided the figures just given, thus estimates that 82.5 percent of interracial crime involving Blacks and whites is Black-on-white crime.

    Even he doesn’t seem to relish the prospect of your brave new Wakanda.

  56. @Just another serf

    Relevant quote from iSteve. This needs further editing.

    AnotherDad says:
    January 10, 2018 at 12:14 am GMT • 200 Words

    Don’t disagree we’re a shitty generation, but …

    (((Emanuel Cellar))) and Phillip Hart weren’t boomers.
    Lyndon Johnson wasn’t a boomer.
    Alan Simpson and Romano Mazzolli aren’t boomers.
    Ronald Reagan wasn’t a boomer.
    George H.W. Bush isn’t a boomer.
    John McCain isn’t a boomer.

    There are a lot of criminals and screw-ups involved in this mess who aren’t boomers. Most of the damage was set in motion by “Greatest Generation” and “Silent Generation” politicians, “intellectuals”, propagandists and good-thinkers who often (the goyim) didn’t really understand the nature of the disaster they were setting loose.

    In contrast
    Peter Brimelow is a boomer.
    Mark Krikorian is a boomer.
    Jared Taylor is a boomer.
    Steve Sailer is a boomer.
    John Derbyshire … ok, he’s actually a war baby on the cusp.
    Ann Coulter is a boomer.
    (((Mickey Kaus))) is a boomer.
    Steve Bannon (whatever the heck he is) is a boomer.
    Jeff Sessions is a boomer.
    Donald Trump is a boomer.

    • Replies: @Loren
  57. @Ex New Yorker

    ‘I don’t like white people in my hood!’ Black Ohio teen faces felony assault charges for opening fire at people in passing cars

    Can you imagine if the races were reversed?
    We’d have riots in the streets.
    And that’s just the wypipos.

    • Replies: @fish
  58. El Dato says:
    @Oleaginous Outrager

    Brown will eliminate black faster than you can say “put more milk into my coffee”.

    No future, indeed.

    • Agree: Augustus
  59. eah says:

    Kansas City MO is approx 30% black.

    • Replies: @eah
  60. eah says:

    This article has some info re the development of the black ghetto in Kansas City MO:

    Killa City: The Streets of Kansas City, MO

    Seems like a classic case of disappearing jobs and ‘white flight’.

    The nickname ‘Killa City’ has been around for a while — a semi-literate entry in the Urban Dictionary explains the origin and meaning of this term.

  61. eah says:

    In looking for info on KC MO I came across text saying the city has the ‘second largest Sudanese community in the US’ (I wonder which lucky city has the largest?) — ponder the irresponsibility of a government and its agents who dump more at best economically marginal people into a city where life is already pretty grim for a large number of current residents.

    Sudanese refugees find home, struggle in Kansas City

    Aluel Agoth works at The Forum retirement community in Overland Park. Workers sling pots and pans, nimbly dodging each other in the hot, institutional kitchen. A heavy sweet smell pours from racks of dirty dishes where Agoth and two other Sudanese women wash for eight hours a day. Steve Weitkamp runs Catholic Charities’ refugee program here and says well paying jobs are hard to come by for most refugees.

    So Catholic Charities is the co-culprit here (it’s not a ‘charity’, it’s a government contractor that gets a per head fee to dump “refugees” into America) — and surely Mr Weitkamp knows that “well paying jobs” are already too few for the existing residents of KC — so why not add to the problem?

    Also Australia was stupid enough to take in tens of thousands of Sudanese “refugees”, with predictable results:

    Andrews was right about Sudanese crime. Where are the apologies?

    Western governments are the enemy of their own people pretty much everywhere.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  62. eah says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Since when do blacks, let alone black males, have anything like future time orientation?

    Actually, while disproportionate criminality has always been a problem with Blacks, many SES metrics of Blacks have worsened dramatically since the ‘Civil Rights’ era and the advent of the welfare state (‘war on poverty’) — the questions are Why?, and How can this decline be reversed?

    Those “millions of young black men” should be grateful that they have jobs instead of being literally sent to the glue factory.

    Very bad — heartless even — social and economic policy has destroyed the livelihoods of millions of blue collar Americans, including Blacks — this is how the ‘Rust Belt’ developed — everyone knew and knows what that means: people losing manufacturing jobs with good wages and benefits across a wide range of industries, and being left to fend for themselves — the current opioid epidemic is inextricably related to the economic barrenness of many of these areas.

    You hardly ever disappoint in the dumb comment category.

    • Troll: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
    , @ShermanFan
  63. @Pat Boyle

    Does anyone know a site or service where I might still be able to publish my videos?

    You should already be mirrored on BitChute and Vimeo.

  64. @Pat Boyle

    I wonder how many of these guys proclaiming climate Armageddon actually understand Milankovich cycles?

    How many of the people denying it understand that Milankovich cycles are just one of several forcing functions, and human activity is now the biggest?

    I wonder if they realize that the cycles have turned and that this signals the end of our current interglacial?

    You don’t realize that the cycle would normally have turned thousands of years ago, but hasn’t been following the normal trend.  What’s different this time around is lots of human activity burning wood, and farming which depletes soil carbon.  The biggest might be the domestication of rice.  Rice paddies in particular generate a lot of methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas.  That takes us up to the industrial revolution.

    The current era is appropriately dubbed the Anthropocene.  More than 2 million hectares are currently burning in Siberia, and in Australia both the ringtail possum and “flying foxes” are dying off due to intolerably high temperatures.

    As I keep telling people, we are now decades behind on efforts to stop this.  Californians bear a huge responsibility for this.  They kept electing members of the Brown crime family (linked to Indonesia’s junta-controlled oil) and shut down almost all their nuclear instead of decarbonizing.  They helped drive industry out of the state, a major factor in offshoring to more-polluting countries.  Californians helped make this and need to own it.

  65. @Just another serf

    Boomers are the children primarily of WWII U.S. vets who came home bearing the burden of that involvement, and boomers are paying the price over their lifetimes via the cultural degeneration that war brought.

  66. luludog says:

    It’s hard to ignore the fact that none of the so-called black leaders call out their own bad seeds for their unconstrained acts of violence on both the black and white communities. As I remember, Bill Cosby was the only one who actually spoke out against it and look where he is today. Blaming it all on 400 years of slavery means that black politicians not only approve and accept the status quo but the stupid liberal cuck white people accept too. Only a small percentage of blacks have learned to control their violent tendencies, but as we just witnessed in the attack on the comedian in the middle of his improv show in San Francisco, most just can’t help themselves. Hell, I didn’t even know there was a black population in San Fran.

  67. m. says:

    i don’t want to be around people who: walk around with their pants at their knees, fondle/scratch their junk in public, can’t order a hamburger without squatting down & shaking their butt, negro-phone & ghetto-blast in every venue, ghetto-park, litter, etc. call me a bigot.

  68. @eah

    Perplexingly Mr. Rational ‘Agreed’ with your comment then took exception to my having commented that your comment was ‘Very well said.’

    I’ll say it again, you summed up the situation pretty well.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Mr. Rational
  69. I’ve often said here and elsewhere……the die hard liberal is the most dangerous threat facing a sane functioning peaceful society today. And it bears repeating every minute of everyday. The common diseased african is nothing more than a incoherent lapdog that cannot function without forceful actions from their liberal owners. All liberals and their variances must be eradicated. Watch this simple simple link. Go ahead click on it : Then try to imagine WHY they want to close.

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @bruce county
  70. eah says:
    @Mr. Rational

    They are NOT like us!

    But I should make it clear that I agree with you here: they are not — and in the end I think it is not sustainable for Whites and Blacks to co-inhabit the same polity — because of the obvious racial differences in IQ, the average SES of Blacks will always be far below that of Whites — this is a kind of social pathology, and for the foreseeable future the racism of Whites will be blamed for it (if society will ever grow up enough to admit the validity of IQ and HBD in general is an open question) — this inequality will result in demands for government remedies like affirmative action, busing, NCLB, reparations, etc etc, none of which ever work — the list is endless; the costs are endless — I’m personally fed up with all of it and don’t want to pay another cent for any of it.

    Whereas everyone takes it for granted that there are smart, industrious Whites who are successful in school and at work, and not so smart, less industrious Whites who are not — it’s no big deal (or at least not nearly such a big deal as when the discrepancy crosses a racial/ethnic line).

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  71. Loren says:
    @Jim Flint

    You must live where there are few browns. In so cal, Texas-NM-Arizona, so many how can they intermarry w Whites? you dream. Look at Mexico. 300? years of germans and spanish ruling, doing, warring and the place is chaos.
    Columbia and Venezuela are worse.

  72. Loren says:
    @Mr McKenna

    who gave us the term boomer? seems like (((them))).

  73. Appalling Performance of Public Schools Exposed By Project Baltimore: Solution is Garveyism

  74. eah says:

    Perplexingly Mr. Rational ‘Agreed’ with your comment then took exception to my having commented that your comment was ‘Very well said.’

    Yes, exactly — I noticed that too and shook my head over it; maybe it was a mistake and he meant ‘Disagree’ — anyway, the guy is difficult to take seriously.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  75. Gunny says:
    @M Krauthammar

    M Kikehammer’s comment is important because whites like him are the enemy.
    He’s got a terminal case of stage 4 white guilt. He’s likely a fag or other deviant, probably a cuck.

    There’s a nugget of truth in his suicidal tirade. Whites are currently on the path to replacement but the coming economy crash will effectively reset Natural Law in the former USA. Natural Law will see his kind “erased” either by his dusky pets or by whites who’ll no longer tolerate race traitors when there’s no law enforcement to protect them.

    Word of advice. If you’re in a locked room with an enemy and a traitor and you have a gun with only a single bullet… shoot the traitor.

  76. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Do your recommend the Knoxville TN area as a relocation place?

    I have a prestigious Vanderbilt degree, but I’ve noticed Vanderbilt is no longer a very Southern School, it’s gone the way of Duke. The Chancellor is a cult marxist a former Leftist law professor from University of Wisconsin at Madison.

    Nashville TN seems to be booming, but is less and less Southern.

    What’s Knoxville like? What area areas around Knoxville TN like?

  77. @Gunny

    Here’s the picture as clearly as I can draw it.

    When you take the batteries out, it stops working.

    We’re the batteries.

  78. @NC Realist

    They are likely robbed blind daily. Who can afford to keep the doors open when your profits have blacks legs marching them out the door. Who pays to turn the lights on and keep the coolers running??
    Fucking nogs will never learn. They are human nuclear bombs. Ruin and devastation follow where ever this failed species nest in large numbers.

    • Replies: @NC Realist
  79. Piglet says:

    OT: You’d think this was The Onion, but it’s reality in our nation’s capital, and it is by no means an uncommon event on transit systems around the country. Of course, somehow this must be YT’s fault, and even noticing this taking place demonstrates YT’s racism.

    Men masturbating on Metro is legal, police tell woman

    A woman got on a Metro train going in the wrong direction on Sunday.

    During the three stops she was on the train, a man stared at her while he masturbated.

    The woman, whose name was withheld, reported the incident to Metro police but was told it wasn’t a crime, according to the Washington Post.

    “I didn’t know this was possible,” she said.

    It’s the second woman in recent months to tell the Washington Post that Metro police told her it is legal in some cases for men to masturbate on the train.

    The man who masturbated on the train Sunday morning was waiting on the platform at the Silver Spring station when the woman arrived. She said the man, whom she described as an African American with a gray buzz cut, looked at her in a way that made her uncomfortable.

    When the train arrived, the woman went to a different door than the one that opened in front of her. The man followed, sitting a few rows near her, facing in her direction with his jacket over his lap. She said she debated whether to move but feared his possible reaction.

    “I saw his hand clearly doing fast-paced gestures with his pants lowered,“ she said.

    She filed a report online with Metro shortly after the incident and was called by transit police. The woman said police explained that the man hadn’t exposed himself and thus it wasn’t a crime.

    Another officer called her Tuesday who also said it wasn’t a crime, the woman said. The officer said she would look at surveillance videos to see if the man had masturbated on the train.

    Unlike laws in Virginia and Washington, D.C., Maryland requires genitals to be exposed for it to be considered indecent exposure.

    However, in response to a similar incident in December near Falls Church, Virginia, a Metro police officer told a woman, “What you described is indeed a criminal act in D.C. Not in Virginia and it can be murky in Maryland.” Caitlin Yilek, The Washington Examiner, July 31, 2019

  80. @Gunny

    Here’s the picture as clearly as I can draw it.

    When you take the batteries out, it stops working.

    We’re the batteries.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @bruce county
  81. @Jim in Jersey

    Very good Jim..
    I may to use that again some time in a room full of Liberal mouth breathers.
    But in all honesty it would be a horrible day to be in a room with that group.

  82. Just another serf: “Am I right?”

    Yes, as far as you go. But this isn’t to argue we boomers (for I am one too) are blameless. I don’t object to being blamed, but at least blame us for what we are guilty of, not what previous generations did. Primarily, we are guilty of going along with the program when we could have resisted. Of course, only a tiny minority are both aware of the situation and care enough to sacrifice themselves for the cause of preserving the white race, so mostly there have always been sharp limits to what could be done. At present levels of technology, the powers that be have an overwhelming advantage compared to anyone attacking the system from outside. The growth of the technological state has effectively reduced individuals to impotence. Potential revolutionaries are killed in the cradle if possible (think of the generations of whites not born, children who will never be due to scientific birth control), weeded out by the “education” system, and winnowed by the pervasive surveillance of the crushing conformity that characterizes all modern life, enforced horizontally by a community consensus that places white racism at the top of the list of evils, to be suppressed at any cost.

    However, the technological situation is in flux, and the system is unwittingly both manufacturing the tools for its own destruction and delivering them into its enemies hands. It may be possible soon, if it is not already, for one man or a small group to strike back, and deliver a devastating blow that shatters the system itself; perhaps even hard enough to prevent its regeneration. If not, then the white race as it currently exists will inevitably die out. Those are the only two possibilities.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  83. @bruce county

    Exactly…..and then do the only thing they’re capable of doing without their liberal owners direction….whine like the imbeciles they are and blame their demise on EVERYTHING and ANYONE but their own stupid thieving selves.

  84. @ShermanFan

    Damn Sherman!
    Hell Yea! Nice work cutting that illiterate down to size.
    Dittos from me.

  85. @Feedsackroad

    The part you quoted overstated black cognitive capacity.  They operate on a much more primitive level which does not have much if any consideration of consequences or the future.

    • Replies: @eah
  86. @eah

    this inequality will result in demands for government remedies like affirmative action, busing, NCLB, reparations, etc etc, none of which ever work

    All of which remedies are morally invalidated by recognizing that the situation of Africans has nothing to do with Whites, but with essential capacities that Africans lack in whole or in part.  In short, by recognizing HBD (as M. G. Miles of Those Who Can See likes to note in irregular almost book-length pieces).  It’s not Whitey’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault.  People with such radical cognitive and emotional differences need to live apart from each other.  Nobody is to blame for this; like gravity, it just IS.

    Whackademics are now claiming that IQ means nothing.  I suppose they have fallen so low in their virtue-spiral that they can’t do otherwise and keep their jobs, but imagine the rebuttal:

    Race is real and is biological, not “constructed”..
    IQ is real, and is largely genetic.
    IQ has a huge influence upon abilities and thus life outcomes.
    Different population groups have different mean characteristics in ALL heritable respects.
    People who are short-changed in these respects have no one to blame but their parents.


    I think that would be popular.

  87. I only watched a few clips of the debates taking place with the FREE SHIT party and do agree that Detroit was the perfect city for the event. Even “picking your nose” is now a sign of racism in America.

    I would like to predict the next “social movement” coming soon to this country that I call “shitism”. Now that thousands of bums and drug addicts are using the streets as a public toilet a lot of people are starting to complain. These street shitters have rights and any one that does not enjoy walking down a street filled with crap is a “shitophobe”. These people suffering from “shit phobia” are very cruel when complaining about dirt bags taking a dump on their front step. These complaining citizens will soon be called “shitist” because their of “shitism” views.

    This doesn’t bother me but I would rather be called a “shit realist”.

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  88. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Thanks for the Rx blackpills Dr.
    I Agree.

  89. Anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @M Krauthammar

    First off M. Krauthhammer, poor choice for a made up name. After your gleeful decent into a predominately black run country, get ready for living, the Detroit dream. Crime, poverty, filth, rodents, murder, all wrapped up in a giant bankruptcy. Then watch your sorry black asses beg for rich white guys to come to your aid. That’s exactly what will happen. Careful what you wish for, idiot.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  90. WSG says:
    @Jim Flint

    Sorry. You’re totally wrong on this one. They are NOT our allies.

  91. More details about the above comment involving “shitophobes”. Just heard that Frisco will now be the first “shit sanctuary” city in America followed soon by New York. All newcomers are being welcomed to Frisco so they can feel safe while shitting in the street. This anti-shitophobe movement is called “The Smell of Diversity” and all are welcome. Protestors are now forming against these prejudiced people who enjoy walking down a clean shit free street.

    Also at the end of Summer the leaders in Frisco have just approved a “Shit Pride Parade”. Because of money problems the parade will only be ten blocks long but will still go through downtown Market Street.

    The spectators will applaud the winos and junkies as they stumble and crawl down Market Street. Any marchers who have the urge to drop their drawers and “dump a loaf” during the parade will be met with cheers from the crowd.

    The fight is on against “shitism” and “shitist”. Souvenir shirts and baseball caps will also be sold.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  92. AnalogMan says:

    Well said, Sherman. But wasted, I fear. You see, there is no point in rebutting his comment, since he has no idea what was in it, and doesn’t understand it.

    His entire comment is lifted from an “open letter” to us racist (((fellow white men))) written by (((Tim Wise))) back in 2011. I won’t link to it, but you can find it with a simple search. When he writes (copies) “If you thought this election was payback for 2008…”, he’s talking about the 2010 election, not 2016 or 2018.

    He’s just a dumb hitch-hiker, plagiarising others’ writing without attribution or comprehension. Not worth your effort.

  93. AnalogMan says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Damn, just used up my “Agree”. Must be why we’re limited to one per hour. Too much sense being spoken here.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Troll: eah
    • Replies: @NC Realist
  94. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

    ShermanFan practically the perfect response, he’s like any parasite that is too stupid to realize that when the host gets kiled off so do they.

    However I disagree with the outcome so many posit here, some type of race war.
    There will be war but it will be biologic.

    I’m certain there are race selective pathogens developed in laboratories, think sickle cell anemia that kills within days.

    If we haven’t perfected them yet, I’m fairly certain the Chinese have. Very smart and determined men will never let the africans take over this Country.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  95. @eah

    The opioid epidemic is nothing more than the natural outcome of our take a pill for it culture. From pain to chronic dry-eye, from no longer feeling it for the sloppy hog who’s been refusing blowjobs for 30 years to a pill for Type 2 (the fat people with terrible diet) diabetes, we got a pill for that.
    Combine it with our supersize it ideology, if one Oxy will makes the pain bareable, 3 makes it go away and gives one a flying sensation.

    The initial collapse of the Rust Belt was a 1-2 punch from normalized, tariff-less trading and a Russian commodity price war. Sure, we all know about the Cold War with Russia, but few know they absolutely TANKED the commodity market and severely impacted the Rust Belt economy.

    But just as we adapted, blacks did not.
    I know a lot about the Rust Belt and the labor jobs. One of the areas that has recovered is construction, an area under-represented by African Americans. They just aren’t there in skilled trades. Manual labor, yes, but skilled trades not so much.

    We have scores of Hispanics working in those same fields, able to support families as well as represent the 3rd largest source of income to Mexico-remittances.

    I agree with you that welfare, SNAP, and housing allowances are enabling bad behavior, but even the methadone-esque (slow wean of the dependency, for those in Rio Linda) cuts are met with violence, endless claims of racism, and political suicide.

    • Replies: @eah
  96. @AnalogMan

    Laughing here……so true. Ex New Yorker you just described what WILL happen…not if. What a pitiful excuse for a state. Pat Boyle…….stay safe.

  97. Richard B says:
    @M Krauthammar

    TUR needs to add JIDF Troll to its AGREE/DISAGREE/ETC. feature.

    Krauthammer being the dead giveaway.

    No black person would use that name or write that comment.

    Not to mention the mostly correct spelling, punctuation and spacing. Please.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  98. Richard B says:
    @Lily White

    For the most part, Whites have become so pathologically soft and weak that they even side with their worst enemies and call it “Progress.”

    They fear PC more than they love their own children. What must that be like?

    Of course, Jewish Supremacy Inc. and all of their Proxies know this.

    The faster the Anti-White Steamroller moves the bigger it gets.

    So, naturally, all of the intellectual energy of The Goy Grovellers is directed toward figuring out new and improved ways for throwing each other under it.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  99. Richard B says:
    @David In TN

    “BTW, how many know there will be another (the eighth) trial in the Knoxville Horror Christian-Newsom torture-murders beginning next week?”

    I didn’t know until I read your comment.

    I watched some of the trial on yt. Hard to get through. It’s impossible for me to watch and read about this stuff and not explode.

    I don’t recall hearing anything negative about any group of people in our house when growing up. The family was too busy tearing itself apart.

    But I’ve gotten to the point where I have zero contact with the nose or non-Whites, or useful idiot traitors, which had to include going No Contact with family.

    So I started one of my own.

    In any event, firm and clear boundaries have been drawn with all of the above and I feel good about it.

    Life has never been better as a result.

    PC and those who believe in it have never succeeded in making me feel bad about who I am. And they never will.

  100. @Anonymous

    Thats the problem with blacks… they don’t wish. They WANT. They want us gone so it is all theirs but as you said they will wish for whitey to be back to bail their sorry worthless asses out ….AGAIN.

    Blacks do not think into the future. A perfect example of that is.. Should I take a shit before I go out for the day. Their answer is no.. because DeMon’ious is out selling crack on my corner “I gotz to geet out dare now”. So the end result is the filthy n#993r shits in the street. Shitting in the street is just a normal act to these genetic abominations, a part of how they turn a city into a shit hole. The decay and rot is the end result of shitting in your nest. No other creature, human or mammalian will ever want to nest there again. Only rats can live in those environmental wastelands. Thas why Caterpillar will always be in business. To bulldoze what Africans in America create.

  101. @Richard B

    I tend to agree.

    It might even be another pseudonym for PK because every time one of those types of blatant comments goes up, it’s like someone just launched a clay bird in a field full of shotgunners!

    It takes on a life of its own and becomes a self-sustaining comment stream.

  102. @Richard B

    Not sure if I agree completely.

    Softer, maybe. I know I can’t jump as high as when I was 19 and many of the physical specimens you see aren’t exactly ‘healthy’ but I’ll just point out the obvious fact that you’re just looking at the ones you wish to see.

    Boxing clubs, karate dojo’s, MMA clubs are teeming with the next generation of physical types who will wear that well into their fifties (if they’re lucky).

    Those 80 million firearms out there aren’t owned by just one collector!

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Richard B
  103. @Jim in Jersey

    Those 80 million firearms out there

    Gross underestimate.  I saw a figure based on sales that we might have over 500 million here in the USA.

    Michigan has more deer hunters than the US Army has riflemen.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  104. @Mr. Rational

    Just grabbed the first number I saw for illustration.

    Point being, someone is buying up lots and lots of firearms and it’s not the softy-soy-boys nor the Green types.

    Either our enemy has decided to make this a shooting war or us ‘usual suspects’ and their offspring see the writing on the wall and are preparing accordingly.

  105. Richard B says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    “I’ll just point out the obvious fact that you’re just looking at the ones you wish to see.”

    How is that an “obvious fact”?

    Also, I wrote, “For the most part…”

    And even you repsonded by saying “Not sure if I completely agree.”

    So, is your uncertainty and almost complete agreement because you yourself are just looking at what you want to see?

    I’m writing on what I see Jim.

    Who’s standing up publicly to PC?

    Certainly no one in The People’s Republic of New Jersey where I grew up and where presumably you still live.

    Are the people at the boxing clubs, etc. standing up to it?

    By the way, I don’t mean soft and weak physically, but intellectually, psychologically, emotionally and socially. All of the things that count even more than the physical.

    And those owning firearms would be better off organizing politically AGAINST PC so as to prevent having to use their guns. Or, at least being well-organized and united if and when it comes time to use them.

    • Replies: @explorer
    , @Jim in Jersey
  106. fish says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Hey……what’s 8 to 15 for young Devontae……negro postgraduate work!

    He’ll go far!

  107. explorer says:
    @Richard B

    it’s not that whites are softer, it’s that they have too much to lose. if it ever got really bad for whites, all this crap would end real quick. When it gets to the point when whites have nothing to lose, you will see shock and awe.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Augustus
  108. @Richard B

    Well, now you’re off on something completely different.

    We don’t get to point the cameras or write the editorials.

    I’m saying the portrayals we all view are viewed for a reason. The people placed in front of you who make white men appear weak and indecisive are there to make it seem there is no hope or reason to resist.

    I said I didn’t completely agree because while this types obviously do exist, they are not as prevalent as the media makes them out to be. Like negro kayakers. Or negro Audi buyers and negro insurance buyers. Negro mathematicians and physicists.

    I think we’re being played and I just don’t think they have the numbers.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  109. Avalanche says:

    God willing, the Chinese will take of the ones IN Africa: THEY are not burdened with compassion or inculcated guilt. And, sooner rather than later, the White population WILL rise up and cleanse our lands.

  110. @Ex New Yorker

    You may be right about the next social movement being “shitism.” I was reading in a British Medical Journal about people who have a feces fetish and love rubbing feces all over themselves. One couple did so by going out into a cow pasture, getting naked, rubbing cow feces all over themselves and having sex. Both died of a horrid bacterial infection.

    As is, it seems that “shitism” is already a thing among a certain nutty subculture. No doubt they’ll want to go mainstream just like all the other nuts and demand acceptance and for people to applaud their depravity.

    I guess the Rainbow flag will have to add the color brown now to represent “shitism.” I wonder what a shitist float in a LGBTMPQRSDX parade will look like and will they call it a floater?

    • Replies: @Ex New Yorker
    , @Augustus
  111. eah says:
    @Mr. Rational

    The part you quoted overstated black cognitive capacity.

    Here is the exact part of my comment “quoted” by Feedsackroad:

    It’s millions of young black men…working for peanuts flipping burgers — no future, and he knows it.

    The only part of that which seems even possibly remotely related to “cognitive capacity” is “flipping burgers” — which you apparently think ‘overstates’ the “cognitive capacity” of Blacks.

    Very well said.

    Or maybe you think Blacks lack the “cognitive capacity” to see or realize it when they have a bleak economic future (“and he knows it”).

    Either way: man, you are really an idiot.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  112. Richard B says:

    You don’t know how much I want to believe that. Really.

    But I just don’t see it.

    And, as far as waiting til the last minute, I definitely don’t see it.

    I’m saying that there aren’t a core group of folks who won’t raise holy hell when TSHTF, but as far as getting our own country, or anything like that, just not seeing it.

    But again, I hope you’re right.

  113. eah says:

    Blah blah blah — what a load of mostly irrelevant bullshit.

    But just as we adapted, blacks did not.

    That’s right, they don’t adapt as well — so maybe it’s not good social/economic policy to sit back and watch as 13% of your population sinks into levels of social pathology/dysfunction heretofore unseen.

    We have scores of Hispanics working in those same fields,…

    And then make it even harder for this less capable class of citizens by importing mass numbers of people to compete with them for work.

    There is no significant difference between the average IQ of Hispanics and American Blacks: interpreted/extrapolated from SAT scores, it is only 2-3 points — so the average American Black should be able to do the same ‘skilled trade’ job as the average Mexican/Hispanic.

    Oxy will makes the pain bareable

    It’s bearable.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  114. @Non PC Infidel

    During the 1970’s my girlfriend was bi-coastal. She would spend three months in Frisco and then stay with me for three months in New York. Her brother also lived in Frisco and was a fag who spent his nights getting corn holed in the many gay baths.

    One day she mailed me a package of about 20 local gay newspapers (aka…fag rags) she got from her brother. If anybody wants to know about how depraved the gay scene is they should read a few of these papers. The papers were a nonstop hate rant against straight people whom they called “breeders”. The classified ads in the back were beyond believe as far as perversions. Bondage, fisting, whipping, S & M, leather, diapers, etc and then all the ads for SCAT. Scat ads were for guys who wanted to get shit on. The column was at least a page long.

    There is never any mention of this kind of perverted action to the liberal press. Can you imagine some fag on “The View” talking about being oppressed and his right to be shit on. During the 70s and 80s there was a gay bar on New York City’s West side called “The Toilet”. This was where guys went who wanted to be pissed on. I am not kidding. The fags protested when the health department finally closed the place down. That story never made the news.

  115. @Anonymous

    If you believe them, it was HIV.

    A disease of African primates, transmitted by eating undercooked meat or muh-dikin’.

    While I would accept the probability a nation-wide race war is low, I submit that regionally, it already started.

  116. @eah

    Thanks for playing “eah”

    Blacks wont do the work Hispanics will every day. Period.

    I don’t know what YOU do, but in my field, it is pretty hard to find a qualified Black, maybe some 2nd or 3rd generation Hispanics, but the majority are whites, Asians, and H1B Hindu types.

  117. Augustus says:

    Yes! YT does not want to end up in jail surrounded by blacks and other criminals. He’d rather suffer in silence and persevere to raise his family.

  118. Augustus says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Damn, Non PC, you’ve left off a lot of letters. Imagine how many perverts are now hurt and offended.

    Also, my IRS auditor says you’ve ruined his nocturnal activities out in the cow pasture. He’s afraid to leave the house with Mrs Inflatable now.

  119. @Gunny

    Glad you pointed out that he’s obviously white. This is probably the same asshole who posts nearly identical comments on Paul’s other articles.

  120. @Jim in Jersey

    White people who leave their house deserve what they get, amirite?

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  121. Richard B says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    I get what you’re saying about the media and you’re right, we’re being played. That’s pretty clear.

    But I was responding to people I’ve either come across, met, or know personally.

    In fact, for my own peace of mind I had to go No Contact with the ones I know personally.

    And I’ll say to you what I’ve said before to others whose point of view is closer to yours, ie;

    I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

    Whatever the case may it looks like we’re going to find out sooner than later.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  122. @eah

    I’m going to handle this like an ELI5, because apparently I must to get my point across:

    Here is the exact part of my comment “quoted” by Feedsackroad:

    It’s millions of young black men…working for peanuts flipping burgers — no future, and he knows it.

    The only part of that which seems even possibly remotely related to “cognitive capacity” is “flipping burgers” — which you apparently think ‘overstates’ the “cognitive capacity” of Blacks.

    Wrong.  The salient part was “no future, and he knows it.”  You totally ignored this part of my follow-up:

    They operate on a much more primitive level which does not have much if any consideration of consequences or the future.

    Lots of Whites have started out flipping burgers and used the basic employment experience to move up from there.  They know they are establishing themselves on a pathway to better things.  They have this thing called future time orientation.  Knowing you’re on a dead-end path is key to changing it.

    Where do you see future time orientation in this serial m****r m****y?  Where do you see that he wanted to trade burger-flipping for a prison cell, which is the expected outcome of what he did?

    The fact is that he had no future… but that is in no small part because he didn’t know it.  He was all about the present.  “Dese people be doin’ gud, I be flippin’ burgers, I angry.  I get even, I kill dem.”  THAT is the level he was operating on.  Is.  He’s no doubt lamenting that he’s going to spend the rest of his days behind bars.  Go on, ask him “what did you expect?”  He didn’t expect anything.  He couldn’t think that far ahead.

    “A beast they formed in semi-human figure,
    Filled it with vice, and called the thing a … dindu.”

    Either way: man, you are really an idiot.

    Uh, yeah, about that….

  123. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Facetious or just an ‘asshole’ moment?

    I stand by the comment.

    • Replies: @NC Realist
  124. @Richard B

    Sadly, we won’t know until the ballon goes up, as they say.

    But if you’re not hopeful, you’re that much closer to quitting.

  125. Richard B says:

    “Sadly, we won’t know until the ballon goes up, as they say.”

    You’re probably right Jim.

    “But if you’re not hopeful, you’re that much closer to quitting.”

    True. But hope is a half-measure. And half-measures avail us nothing.

    As the well-known quote goes “Faith without works is dead.”

    You don’t have to be a believer to see the wisdom and truth in that.

    At this point it’s doing things that count.

    Besides, we can be hopeful while still having the power to face unpleasant facts. And it is a power.

    All the best!

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  126. For some reason, this thread is producing more pissing matches than you’d find on a San Francisco sidewalk.

    And as far as Whites, employment, and future time orientation, I knew I was going places even during my first job clearing tables in a restaurant, because soon after I started, the manager approached me and remarked, “Keep up the good work and I will personally see that you are promoted from bus boy to bus man.”

    So I had that goin’ for me.

  127. @Jim in Jersey

    Will add this : Ignorance or Stupidity ? I place greater emphasis on the latter. Ignorance implies that he/she or probably both
    has a single cognitive skill to know the difference and there can’t be any truth in that.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  128. @Richard B

    And the best to you as well.

    We all have a role, however small or trivial it may seem. Rebutting the democratic and republican candidate to our children, for example. Speaking your mind during discussions at home, work and in social setting while not trying to be inflammatory. Rage just makes us seem like skinheads or klansmen and that is the stereotype we’re facing. That’s why this site and others like it are so important. Statistics level the playing field. Statistics make THEM into raving maniacs. First to lose their cool, loses the argument.

    Folks like us can only reach who we can touch. Our message won’t be seeing the airwaves anytime soon.

    But the comment sections of nearly every such news story shows that rank and file folk are fed up.

    • Agree: Love Street, Richard B
  129. Has the high and mighty Alyssa Milano weighed in on this one?I mean,she’s,like,sooo outspoken regarding violence n stuff.

    Errr I forgot,widdle baby black boys can do no wrong,he was tryna turn hi’ lyfe round n sheet.My bad!

  130. @Ex New Yorker

    Shitism??? Are you a shitophobe?
    Kamala comes from long line of proud street shitters. Perhaps she will take a ceremonial dump?

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