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In 91% White Rock County (Wisconsin), Blacks Represent Vast Majority of Those Arrested Prompting Leaders to Demand Action to Stop the Problem of Arresting Blacks...
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Somehow, white people are too blame for not committing enough crime in a 91% white county...

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Can we just make it illegal to arrest blacks already and get it over with? [The race factor: Black arrest rate seven times higher than whites,, 2-10-19]:

It was no surprise for local members of the criminal justice system to learn in January that black adults in Rock County are arrested at a rate seven times higher than white adults.

They had asked for the data as they considered what to do about the problem.

They are local law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys and others members of the county’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

They posed their question to the county’s new data cruncher, sociologist Kendra Schiffman.

Schiffman analyzed county law enforcement agencies’ numbers. She found that in 2016, African Americans comprised 5 percent of the adult population but accounted for more than 27.5 percent of adult arrests.

The numbers were similar in 2017.

Now, some council members are pointing to the racial disparity and calling for action.

Others say they first need more study.

“This is very preliminary data, and I think we have be careful with statistics not to jump to conclusions,” said the county’s new sheriff, Troy Knudson.

“There’s this whole belief that prison population and arrest rates have to mirror population, and if not, somebody is racist,” said Janesville Police Chief Dave Moore. “The issue is much more complex than that.”

But council members Marc Perry, who trains police and others in understanding racial bias, and Lonnie Brigham Jr., a member of the Janesville police African American Liaison Advisory Committee, said officials know enough to start working on solutions.

Council members asked for data instead of anecdotes, and now they have it, Brigham said, adding: “That being said, what is going to be done about it?”

At the end of the council’s Jan. 17, meeting, Perry pointed to studies showing Wisconsin among the worst in racial disparities in the nation.

He said local data tells a similar story.

“We have to actually own that it exists and start having conversations about solutions,” Perry said.

Moore and Knudson seemed receptive to talking about solutions, at least at some point.

“We need to explore what we are seeing here in Rock County, and if there are some things we can change, we should do so,” Moore said.

But the law enforcement leaders urged caution about quick judgments.

Knudson noted Schiffman looked at only 2016 and 2017 data.

Numbers from a longer period would be more telling “to really understand the problem and the issue,” Knudson said.

Knudson said he’d also like to see scrutiny of the details of some individual arrests and of those arrested, “and then hopefully from those investigations, it will point to further aspects that will need to be studied.”

Rock County in Wisconsin is home to 160,000 people. It’s 91 percent white and 4.6 percent black. How dare police in this 91 percent white county arrest blacks at a rate commensurate with how often they commit crimes!


We have to “own that it exists and start having conservations about solutions” by simply exempting black individuals in Rock County from the consequences of their illegal actions. Set the precedent by enacting a pilot program of Universal Black Exemption from Criminality (UBEC) in Rock County, ensuring police there no longer arrest blacks for any crime, thus ensuring the racial disparity disappears for good.


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  1. Perry pointed to studies showing Wisconsin among the worst in racial disparities in the nation.

    So Wisconsin’s Africans-in-America (who came for the gibs that the Whites had allocated for their own unfortunates) are the relatively worst-behaved among all others in the USA.

    This is my shocked face.  😐

    If they hate Wisconsin’s version of justice, send them to Liberia without appeal.

    If they refuse Liberia, give them a six-by-three plot of America from which they never leave.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  2. Here’s a solution: segregation. Black territories can make law enforcement illegal. They’ll only need two cops. One whose job is to investigate crimes, and one whose job is just to watch the first guy and kill him if he pulls out his handcuffs.

  3. What are the arrests for? Are most of them for drugs? Well, then, there you have it. Don’t tell me you think blacks use more drugs than whites do? You apparently know no whites.

    • Troll: Jim in Jersey
    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @Quinnotaur
  4. One has to understand the context of the populations in Wis, Minn, No/So Dak, and Iowa. The white folks that live in those places are largely honest, hardworking, and not criminal. Blacks are the antithesis. So even with just 5% black concentration I’m surprised the arrest rate isn’t significantly higher.
    There are small town in Iowa that to this day entire towns don’t have dead bolt locks, residents leave their cars running in the winter and almost always have an ignition key in the tumbler or console.
    I remember visiting my cousin in Waterloo, he had just a flip lock on the knob to secure his apartment, but a (legal) shortened 12 ga with 3” magnum buck shot shells with him.
    These places are the same, even if different, in that the common theme is Work, Church, Family, and don’t f with me.
    Gramps told me about some bootleggers who came to Waterloo during prohibition. They came in out of Chicago and tried to push the local consortium out. Well, there is an order to business up there and the folks, Italians, out of Chicago didn’t really treat the Germanic and Scandinavian mid westerners fairly. So, they died. Lots of them. And the agencies couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t the rum runners, it was the locals. There is a junk yard, well former one, that was a chop-shop out of Chicago. Everything was fine until cars started disappearing in town, drugs showed up at the high school, and there were a couple drive-by shootings. One day a son of a “Chicago Business man” died in a roll over crash. A couple weeks later there was a raid on the junk yard. The car thefts, drugs, petty crime evaporated.
    Such it is with black crime. They aren’t putting up with it and arrests and jail time prevent the locals from dropping shitravious where he stands.
    I’d you can stand the weather, are white, and aren’t a rabid liberal loon, vegan pussy, or SJW frying pan sexual, you’d enjoy it there

  5. They are 4.6 percent of the county, yet the police need a African American liaison advisory committee to inform them that arresting blacks, who commit crimes at 7 times the rate of whites, arresting them at 7 times the rate of whites, is racist and wrong. What is wrong with this picture?

  6. Just happened to leave a relevant comment elsewhere on this site.

    Another “BLM Activist” who happens to believe laws shouldn’t apply to him.

    I’ve little doubt that this represents a trend, and ultimately the laws won’t apply to black people. It’s the most efficient way of dealing with rampant black criminality.

    Rand Paul, announcing his presidential candidacy: “I see an America where criminal justice is applied equally and any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color is repealed.”

  7. Medvedev says:

    If only Blacks could live without evil Whitey among their own. Wait, we already had this in the US … it was called segregation. And somehow it was evil and racist too and all Whitey’s fault.

    No matter what you do, Whitey is always gonna be racist and evil. Separate Blacks and Whites – Whitey is racist. Force Blacks upon Whiteys heads, so the latter has to pay for virtually everything, generous handouts and welfare, – Whitey is still racist.

  8. One thing left out of the article is whether Orcsconsin crime targets mainly the orc community (assumed) or it’s he usual imbalance of high orc-on-White crime but not the reverse.

    Stop with the satire, Paul! Clownworld would seize on and adopt UBEC were it aware of this site!

  9. John Doe says:

    How dare they arrest them!
    Now drop to your knees and give thanks and more money to these pillars of our new bra society.
    Our future depends on it.

  10. TheOldOne says:


    Thanks; good comment; thinking of moving from Virginia to Black Hills area of S D; cold in winter there, though.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  11. RickTen99 says:

    I live near Rock Co. just across the border in Illinois. Every shooting that is reported on the local news from Beloit or Janesville Wi is guess who. Rock Co is mostly rural and all of the usual suspects reside in the 2 above mentioned cities. Wherever they go, wherever they live it’s the same song with different singers. Know negroes, know crime. No negroes, no crime.

  12. Augustus says:

    Here’s the fair way to cut black arrests. Do NOT arrest blacks for black on black crime. I guarantee the arrests will fall to a lower level and those who want low crime will have lower crime, because blacks can still be held responsible for crimes against all others.

  13. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    If Beloit and Janesville are the parts of Rock County which are ruined than perhaps these cultural Mecca’s can separate from Rock County and ally themselves together as “Crack Rock County” and show us all how it’s done!

  14. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    White reporter given guff because she asks “star” who routinely does a “haka” to do just one “haka move”.

    Whites in New Zealand forced to assemble while dressed like Angus Young to add some haka-dancing to make the people related to those who died in Christchurch can feel better.

    I’m not religious but I find perverse pleasure in writing the following:

    I find it strange that people escape places like Dar-es-Salaam, Allahbad and Islamabad to a place called Christchurch so they can tell the inhabitants that built the place to which they fled for refuge to stop oppressing them.

    Maybe we can remix the old Sly and the Family Stone track so it’ll say, “Boon, haka, haka, haka! Boon, haka, haka, haka”!

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  15. (((Schiffman)))
    The rest just writes itself.

  16. PW Herman says:

    According to the cited story, “high school graduation rates and parenting problems have all been shown to contribute to criminality, statistics also show that African American adults in Rock County were nearly 3x more likely to be poor than local adult whites in 2017. Types of crime and found black adults accounted for 30% of drug-crime arrests in 2017, 32% of violent crimes and 22% of property crimes but again only 5% of the adult population. Our responsibility is to address crime, and if we identify neighborhoods that are plagued with it, we will put resources there,” Moore said. And there are times when officers have no choice but to make an arrest, such as in the case of violent crimes, Moore said. Moore has been praised for his steps to address race in his department.”

    In addition, we know from numerous studies that Blacks have a 75% illegitimacy nationwide. I doubt that Rock County is much different from the rest of the country. Out-of-wedlock stats are seldom mentioned in these stories, but I believe it is the largest single factor that leads to poverty, poor graduation rates, criminal behavior, drug & alcohol problems, violent behavior, mental illness, etc.

    Does some bias against Blacks by the police enter in? No doubt. But as long as Blacks, as a group, are highly immoral, they are likewise going to have illegitimate births, no daddy in the home, welfare dependency, high criminal rates, high arrest rates, etc.

    I will be glad to assess people on the basis of their behavior, rather than skin color, just as MLK dreamed. But you shouldn’t be surprised when bad behavior receives its just reward.

  17. OT:

    ATV driver drags police officer down busy street. The Metro Nashville Police Department is looking for the ATV driver who dragged an officer down the street. About 100 “dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and four wheelers” illegally took over the street, Nashville Police said.
    Yes… the law abiding black people… No one else does this.. No account of how many were arrested.
    I guess they are all innocent.. Deez be our skreets now mofo.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @ShermanFan
  18. What the white fools are failing to realize is that blacks commit crimes seven times that of whites in those areas. I think these very deluded leaders should prove that blacks are being unjustly arrested, or shut the hell up! Whites are not doing the crimes, therefore, they are not being arrested. As kersey mentioned, shall we just make it illegal to arrest a negro for anything?

    This all falls back on the socialism doctrine of equality of results. These leftist fools would place people with IQs of 80 in a doctor’s positions just for “equality of results”. Our forefathers never envisioned a world that bent down to the negro like ours has become. The left complains when black thugs are arrested because whites are not being arrested on the same scale (because they did not commit any crimes.) The left is mentally ill.

    • Replies: @Glock45
  19. In all negative stats, blacks are always at the top of the list so it’s no surprise their crime rate is 7X higher just as it’s no surprise that they try to claim it’s somehow the fault of the white man and the white man needs to do something about his evil ways. Whitey jus’ be pickin’ on da brutha’s and arrestin’ dem fo’ nuthin’ all da time! Dey dindu nuffin! Plus dey ain’t arrestin’ whitey fo’ de same things and jus’ let white folks go! We be victims!

    In regards to negative stats, black STD rates are through the roof and orders of magnitude above all other races- I wonder how that’s the fault of whites and what whites are expected to do about it? Just as with their crime rates, I suppose that somehow we’re responsible for their STD rates too and the fact that they need more visits to da clinic than whites do. I know! Perhaps it’s the fault of evil white hookers plying their trade in da hood to infect da brutha’s on purpose who then go on to infect da sista’s! That must be it! Just like the cops arrest mo’ black people! Whitey jus’ be doin’ all dat to make blacks look bad! It’s just more mistreatment and victimization of the black folks of de worl’! Oh, lawdy Jeebus!

    Telling blacks to stop committing crimes and to stop having promiscuous unprotected sex and they’ll stop being arrested and will stop getting infected with diseases just won’t do. That throws the responsibility for their own behavior and its consequences back on them and that’s just racist. How dare you try to tear up their holy, sacred victim card!

  20. By-tor says:

    Most White people do not want to live in close proximity to a semi-literate Negro sub-population that is prone to commit a disproportionate amount of drug-related murders, physical assaults of all sorts, theft, domestic violence, animal cruelty, inconsiderate and foul-mouthed interaction, car jackings, vandalism and truancy nor be subjected to the societal destruction brought about by irresponsible black human reproduction.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  21. @obwandiyag

    Let’s entertain your hypothesis my dusky, boot lipped friend. Whites tend to keep their drug use behind closed doors whilst kneegrows must be EXTRA criminal and tend to use in public thus attracting the attention of police and inviting arrest.
    P.S.- fuck off with that noise homie.

    • LOL: MBlanc46
  22. @Bruce County

    Saw one of these ‘impromptu’ gatherings in Newark on my way to the airport one night. 30-40 dirt bikes, atv’s and bicycles swarmed into traffic effectively taking over route 21 and stopping traffic. No cops to be seen. No helmets. No rules. I got past them without incident and don’t know if the cops ever showed.

    I doubt they bothered. By the time they would’ve arrived the black/brown fleet would’ve been home.

    Makes you realize how fast trouble can come up on you though.

    • Agree: Bruce County
  23. @By-tor

    Why do you guys feed this obvious troll.

    Think you’ll bring him over to your side?


  24. @Mr McKenna

    “I see an America where criminal justice is applied equally and any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color is repealed.”

    Then the first laws to be repealed should be those against murder, rape and robbery.

  25. This burb is still salvageable. If if a cadre of white firearm owners band together and begin carrying in a daily basis they may be able to quell the spike in crime.

    The article doesn’t spell out the types of crimes that have been committed. Drugs and drug related crimes (burglary, car break ins, etc) are often committed by blacks or white addicts looking for a fix. Street crime usually occurs after their numbers increase.

    It takes a village to punish a criminal, to bastardize their bullshit, bumper-sticker logic. Over-reaction by concerned citizens when one of them is caught stealing, raping or dealing goes a long way in changing small minds.

    They’ve become accustomed to getting off scot free for their crimes. Winding up in the hospital or laid up for a few months because the town beat the sh|t out of you and your hands or knees don’t work…well.. examples are easily understood.

  26. “Sociologist” Kendra Schiffman must be utterly incompetent if she didn’t base her comparisons of Negro versus White arrest rates on populations at risk, i.e., numbers committing offenses for which one may be arrested, rather than total population. This is something usually taught in the undergraduate introduction to methods of sociological research. The county official overseeing this woman should consider investigating whether she is properly credentialed. If she’s got appropriate credentials, the county should consider suing the credentialing institution.

  27. @Anon

    “Whites in New Zealand forced to assemble while dressed like Angus Young to add some haka-dancing to make the people related to those who died in Christchurch can feel better.”

    Traditional post Haka celebrations usually involve eating people. If I were a minority group member in New Zealand, this might alarm rather than reassure me! It might be wise for the authorities to predesignate the main course or at least clarify that it will be drawn from Christian, White, native-born Kiwi population.

  28. @Mr McKenna

    Check out Fordham Law “Professor” Kimani Paul-Emile’s article titled “Blackness as Disability” in the Georgetown Law Journal. “Blackness”, as a disability covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), would open an heretofore unrealized door to unlimited ghetto lottery money. Under the ADA, plaintiffs filing suits of discrimination are required to prove neither malice nor intent on the part of the defendant (?) in order to to win.
    Think about that nightmare.

  29. @The Bland Enchilada

    Blackness as inability. The inability to live in 1st World Societies due to Black IQ, Violence, Lack of proper family structures, Overall dysfunction as a Race. Whites should and need to treat Blacks anywhere as a plague on White survival and force their expulsion and permanent segregation to the continent of Africa. Anything less and the White Race will go extinct. Non Blacks and Whites who oppose such measures should be forced into exile as well, with no right(s) of return.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  30. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Bland Enchilada

    /Although race law has been relatively effective at countering intentional discrimination, such as Jim Crow, it has failed to combat the predominant forms of discrimination that harm minority populations: unconscious bias, stereotyping, and structural inequality—inequities rooted within social systems and institutions that create inequality in the absence of intentional discrimination.”

    – From Kimani’s paper.

    While “race law” has countered intentional harm-reduction models used in the past (Jim Crow) the main forms by which minorities face what some describe as discrimination:

    1. Unconscious bias

    The type of bias someone else has to decide is bias since apparently it’s not conscious.

    2. Stereotyping

    The word used to describe the phenomenon of calling an actual spade a spade or a kettle black.

    3. Structural inequality

    Like unconscious bias, structural inequality is predicated upon people unwilling to read or work having to pay minimal/token rent compared with racist white people who pay full price.

  31. OT: Rep. Steve King..
    Things being said by people who have the balls to say it…The truth can be damning though.

    “Folks keep talking about another civil war,” the meme read. “One side has about 8 trillion bullets, while the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.”

    • LOL: Anonymous0619
  32. @The Bland Enchilada

    Very scary that this is the path this country is headed down.
    Incredible to think these are the thoughts of a “professor.
    The nightmare is that one day it will be a reality.
    America has a HUGE disability..BLACKS.

  33. @TheOldOne


    It isn’t easy, and the ice can be think to break, but they really are salt of the earth folks.

    My Ex-wife couldn’t stand it there. She thought the concept of stopping at your neighbor’s and asking if they needed anything, when you were headed to the store, was absurd. Ironically, most folks there didn’t like her either.

    Unless you have a dog, in many places, fences are considered rude.

    Then again, if you’re sick or out of town, most times you can count on your neighbors to cut your grass or shovel your sidewalk.

    Stuff like that doesn’t happen with the darkies around

    • Agree: Augustus
  34. @Bruce County


    No exaggeration, while driving through Nashville on the Interstate 3 Monday’s on ATVs rose up the embankment and onto the shoulder, then started pacing with traffic and swerving at moving cars trying to cause accidents. I was in the nearest lane, with a 26’ box truck and a trailer, one particularly wise Monday was doing it to the car in front of me who then changed lanes and took off. He looked over his shoulder for the next victim, saw me and moved way out of the way.

    The key is really high liability limits and a dash cam. Just run ‘em over. Your insurance company is required to represent you, provided you didn’t TRY to hit them.

  35. MBlanc46 says:

    Colin Flaherty has it exactly right: Crime is the new black entitlement.

  36. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    A community activist who works with young people said the robberies, gun recovery and arrests in locations normally set aside for peaceful family functions in the spring indicate the likelihood of trouble among Indianapolis teens this summer.

  37. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    The real “Momoh” challenge.

    Firefighter death ruled homicide; police say fire was arson

    Mar 15, 2019 The Associated Press

    WORCESTER, Mass. — The December death of a Massachusetts firefighter has been ruled a homicide after authorities determined the blaze he was fighting in an apartment building had been deliberately set by a tenant.

    Worcester (WUH’-stur) firefighter Christopher Roy was a single father who is survived by his 9-year-old daughter. He died Dec. 9 after he became trapped on the second floor of the six-unit building. He was rescued by fellow firefighters and died at the hospital. The cause of death was smoke inhalation.

    Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. announced Friday that a former tenant, 21-year-old Momoh Kamara, had been indicted on second-degree murder, arson and burglary charges.

    Kamara, who now lives in West Boylston, is scheduled for arraignment later Friday. It’s not clear if he has a lawyer who could comment

  38. The mind control and programming runs deep; this just proves it. The fact that we have politicians who seriously believe this is nonsense. Our grandchildren will curse us at our graves for what we have allowed to happen to this once great nation. And we, as a collective, deserve that cursing. May God have mercy on our souls.

  39. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    Amongst the gorillas was one white guy. I hope his prison time is not spent with whites.

    Willis-Kasa said her family changed forever the day her parents were attacked. Ann Willis was hospitalized for 130 days and underwent more than 50 surgeries to her abdomen.

    “Her entire abdomen from top to bottom was open for over 60 days and could not be closed on its own. Skin had to be grafted from her legs to cover her organs in her abdomen,” Chandra Willis-Kasa said. “Per the head surgeon, my mother almost died three times in the operating room due to Mr. Williams and the other defendants shooting and stabbing her.”

    Solicitor Wilkins said each of the co-defendants has intimate knowledge of the Willis family and their whereabouts given the premeditation of the criminal acts. He said for that reason the Willis family’s safety would be in jeopardy if any of the suspects were released on bond.

    Judge Alex Kinlaw Jr. denied bond for all three suspects, citing flight risks and dangers to society.

  40. Glock45 says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    I think these very deluded leaders should prove that blacks are being unjustly arrested, or shut the hell up!

    Come on now! Only mature adults demand proofs. But we live in an infantile, emasculated, feminized society that’s based on feelings, and demanding things like “proofs” might hurt peoples feelings and bring up truths that we would rather ignore.

    So we will continue down this path of pretend and make-believe, chanting “diversity is our strength”…until it all suddenly collapses around us.

  41. The police are not only forbidden to arrest blacks the prosecutors must meet a chimerical standard to convict them. The courts have been reduced to venues of absurdity to black appeasement.

    ‘Supreme Court to hear latest case of racial bias in jury selection’

    JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Curtis Flowers has been jailed in Mississippi for 22 years, even as prosecutors couldn’t get a murder conviction against him to stick through five trials.

    Three convictions were tossed out and two other juries couldn’t reach unanimous verdicts.

    This week, the Supreme Court will consider whether his conviction and death sentence in a sixth trial should stand or be overturned for a familiar reason: because prosecutors improperly kept African-Americans off the jury. …

  42. @BruceCounty on the ATV “drag”. I saw one brief news clip in which the reporter called it a”parade.” What? Q-When does a wild, dangerous mob on wheels become a “parade?” A-When it’s comprised of blacks, who cannot be negatively referred to in any manner, no matter what their conduct.

  43. Tenrten says:

    I was in Law-enforcement for 32 years, and I have a Masters degree, you could hire all black policeman and have a black police chief and if they did their job there would be no difference in the statistics !
    I know it you know it they know it it’s a game they’re playing across the United States of America in every democrat run city.

    • Agree: Bruce County
  44. Trevor says:
    @Negro Antidote

    ‘ Non Blacks and Whites who oppose such measures should be forced into exile as well, with no right(s) of return.”

    I agree with you. But Democrat liberal politicians want to do and do exactly this (oppose such measures) – FOR THE VOTES Squaw Warren just proposed eliminating the electoral college.

    They will do anything to win elections including letting the white race go extinct. Unfortunately, that is part of what they want.

  45. OT: Several generations of Canadian taxpayers are still on the hook for the ill wills of the governments treatment of Natives. Like blacks they will never stop wanting handouts.

    Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Signs Historic $116-Million Settlement With Ottawa.
    The agreement settles 29 specific claims related to Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg reserve land that was taken between 1873 and 1917 to develop the town of Maniwaki, Que.
    “You can’t move forward as a country until we’ve addressed the wrongs of the past. And settling claims is one of those important steps on the shared journey of reconciliation,” said Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett.
    No one hands out money to me and my family. All they do is take!!!! Taxed to the limit for a very few useless people.

    • Replies: @Anon
  46. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    Why is it that nationalism is in poor taste of your name is Trump but something else if your name is Puigdemont?  Look at two news items on the front page of

    “Why won’t Donald Trump talk about white nationalism? Because he enables and supports it”

    “Exclusive: Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont on reinventing nationalism in a new century”


    Dang! That was nasty Centurion. My eyes! My eyes!!

    Longknife6 out.

  48. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    Idris Elba (who played Roland Deschain of Gilead in Gunslinger) is getting married! I can’t begrudge anyone love, companionship, lifelong friendship, etc…

    But his wife-to-be has her bachelorette party in Utah with a gaggle of friends. Funny in that she doesn’t seem to prefer the company of persons without much African ancestry… Well, not in places to which she may want to return!

    Enjoy the link showing what kind of people the “beautiful people” seem to prefer spending their time with.

  49. PK’s Twitter account disappeared …

    • Replies: @Jim Hansen
  50. @Jim Hansen

    Ok – relieved – found his other one.

  51. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    Funny article from the 90’s which seems like more realism than most would dare.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  52. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bruce County

    But… but… if it wasn’t for them you’d be a bit light on frybread, alcoholism and diabetes!

  53. KenH says:

    Based on those numbers blacks are overrepresented by a factor of 17.5 while Mexicans, assuming they are about 4% of Rock county’s population, are overrepresented by a factor of around 3. Mexicans do seem to be anywhere from 2-3X more likely to commit crimes than whites so Rock County is very consistent with Mexican crime rates around the country.

    The real story is that whites, at 91% of the population but only comprising 9% of the arrests per 1000, are underrepresented by a factor of 10.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  54. Hmmm. 91% Caucasian? Might have to look it up for myself. Tired of living in the midst of vibrant diversity.

  55. @Anon

    Thats one hell of an article my friend. The numbers are truly mind boggling. They breed like rats, rape like Muslims and kill like the Bubonic plague. How can a reasonable mind not see this shit and understand its not “rasicm”. Its race. Its genetics.

  56. Augustus says:

    When I saw a video of this I thought, “Okay, a female chimp out, how typical of the sub species?” No manners allowed, only fat.

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