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In 2018 Birmingham, Alabama (a 75% Black City), Not One of the 99 Criminal Homicides Involved a White Male Suspect
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It’s called the “Tragic City” for a reason. [Magic City murder 2018: Birmingham’s chilling homicide numbers, Birmingham News, 1-1-19]:

Birmingham ended 2018 with 107 homicides, down from 111 in 2017.

Still, it was one of the deadliest years in recent Magic City history. Had Birmingham suffered seven more murders before midnight, the city’s homicide total would have reached a 22-year high.

Numbers tell a chilling tale of Birmingham’s struggle with violent crime in 2018.

The city’s west side is the community most plagued by homicide. Nearly 8 percent of the city’s violent deaths were the result of people using deadly force to protect themselves or others in what were ruled justifiable homicides. Retaliation for other acts of violence frequently fueled Birmingham homicides.

Most of the homicide victims were killed inside homes. Many had prior criminal records. The vast majority were African-American males.

And, as a new year begins, more than half of Birmingham’s 2018 homicides remain unsolved.

Here is a look at Birmingham’s 2018 homicide numbers:

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  1. Wh*te Nazi kkk klan members (mostly police officers) are wearing life-like African-American masks and murdering African-American Males in the prison-ghettoes that We People of Melanin are imprisoned in every day. This is well-known in the Black Community.

    Once again, We People of Melanin have been framed. For shame, wh*te amerikka.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  2. What caught my eye was

    “Most of the homicide victims were killed inside homes.”

    Home invasion pandemic? Baby showers gone wrong?
    Nah, just over one third.
    Two thirds “acquainted”.
    Two thirds had rap (NO pun! ;b) sheet.
    Now, that´s more like it.

    Fun fact:
    For every Son of O´Bummer self-defended by eebil wayciss YT (whose life therefore matters),
    over 40(!) are flatlined by their bruthas (and do not matter).

    But not one single White male suspect – that´s rich 😀

    • Replies: @athEIst
  3. Anon[260] • Disclaimer says:

    Magic City?

    Have they had some successful marches against violence? Have they ended the white supremacist run police occupational force and staffed the now peaceful ghetto with violence interrupters? Are black people now living happy, healthy lives (Healthy Holly, straight outta Baltimore, yo!) in clean neighborhoods with winning schools and parks?

    You could say that it is a magic city if it’s inhabitants largely practice voodoo such as they obviously do in Birmingham. Martin Luther Kong only wrote his famous letter from the jail because he got all liquored up and crazy with his friends since there was no movie theater!

  4. Really thanks for these stats!

    I have another one for you. Negroids are absurdly violent in Trinidad and Tobago where they face no “white supremacism” simply due to the general absence of whites!

    It is a country of East Indians and groids. Predictably East Indians are keeping the economy running while groids chimp out and bitch about muh racism an shiet.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  5. despite being only 75 percent of the population, blacks commit over 80% of the homocidal crimes. hmmmmm…

  6. Our crime rate is ZERO. If you get a parking ticket here, you get your name in the paper. The cops are so bored they will come get your cat out of a tree for something to do. I forgot my wallet and the local grocery store told me to drop off payment the next time I came by. The Wal-mart has excellent service and the local fast food restaurants are staffed with pleasant high school kids who speak English.

    According to the Census Bureau my zip code is 99.1% Caucasian. Co-incidence? I think NOT….

    • Replies: @Jason Calley
    , @TWS
  7. @King Jamal al-Osiris Thutmose Jackson III

    Excellent investigation my King!

    Spectral analysis (invented in nearby Wakanda) proves white (!!!) sugar was added to the flying pyramids’ engines!

    These masks have been with us much longer than previously believed!

    • LOL: Augustus
  8. Nine white people were murder victims in 2018, leaving one to ask a simple question: were the suspects in these homicides black (non-white)? Were they interracial in nature?

    Birmingham is part of the story. Jefferson County suffers from the same ailment. This is the story of one white man killed in Jefferson County. Sitting in a hotel room minding his own business while the black carnage unfolds around him.

    Brad Watkins

    Watkins, 50, was killed when a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting entered his room at a Fairfield hotel on Jan. 13, 2018. Watkins owned The Vintage Station, which was located in the old train station and specialized in salvaged materials for custom furniture and remodeling. The business also served as a ministry. Watkins attended Huffman High School.

    The shooting happened at 10:36 p.m. outside America’s Best Inn & Suites on Kelco Place. Police said dozens of shots rang out in a drive-by and many of them struck the hotel. Watkins was in a third-floor room when he was struck by a bullet that penetrated the wall. He was pronounced dead on the scene at 11:04 p.m.

    Multiple shell casings were scattered in the roadway in front of the hotel, and there was a bullet hole in the glass of the front door leading to the lobby. Workers put duct tape over the hole and were sweeping up glass as the investigation was ongoing. Police marked at least 36 shell casings in the roadway, but witnesses on the scene estimated about 100 shots were fired.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Fairfield police at 205-786-4111 or Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.

    The entire list of 2018 unsolved Jefferson County homicides is here. The pictures tell the story.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  9. MarcB. says:

    Out of 99 homicides, and nine White victims, there was only one White suspect. The non-white on white crime rate is not statistically insignificant.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  10. @MarcB.

    Hmmm… better go round up a bunch of white guys so we don’t offend anyone.

  11. Let’s see if the second try is a charm. Posted this last night when I first saw the new topic…still in ‘moderation’ in the morning.

    You would think that with the astonishing rate at which they kill one another, the problem would’ve resolved itself by now.

    How is it, with rate at which they abort their children and kill each other, are they still even a footnote in our history?

    It would seem that all we need to do to remedy this atrocity that has been forced upon us is to take a giant step back, drop cases of ammo into every large city along with drugs and cheap liquor and allow the problem to work itself out, once and for all.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  12. “Most of the homicide victims were killed inside homes. In 65 of the homicides, the victim and suspect were acquaintances.”

    Easy to figure out. Killings over disrespect, the last piece of chicken, tennis shoes scuffed by accident, arguments over koolaid recipes or bitches and ho’s. Or someone smoked someone else’s last blunt without permission or drank da last 40 in da fridge. Or it could have been arguments over whose bakkaball team (or player) wuz better. Then again, it could have been something like Jonquil wouldn’t gib DeMonstrous a dolla fo’ de sto’. These things will kill over the slightest provocation with no thought as to the consequences. The only thing that matters to them is “ain’t nobody gonna treat me like dat!”

    There was no mention of any of the victims being children but they too have fallen prey to adult groids for such major offenses as eating a piece of birthday cake or other heinous misdeeds.

  13. Biloxi police officer executed in precinct parking lot. The suspect is described as a thin man. He is thin. He is also something else.

  14. @AmandaTrebiano

    My wife and I moved to a town with very similar demographics and found the same to be true. Crime, and even rudeness, is almost nonexistent. Our previous home was in a city where we had to have bars on the windows. Any guesses what the demographics there were? Any guesses? You can figure it out without me even saying, can’t you?

  15. @Feedsackroad

    Anyone with information is asked to call Fairfield police …

    Of course they are.

    Literal urban firefights between rival gangs in the wealthiest country on the planet, and nobody don know nuffin.

  16. Marooned on Red Mountain, a hulkin’
    Effigy of the Roman god Vulcan
    Surveys with pity
    A once-magic city—
    Washed-up, like McAllister Culkin.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  17. Groid loses video game and decides to batter his new born son to death out of frustration.

    Murder took place in Louisville, Kentucky. Just wanted to add this as an illustration that groids will even kill children for little to no reason whatsoever. I’ve also read reports where they’ve killed babies for pooping their diapers or for crying. It seems to be a common occurence in da hood. Also reports of groid daycare workers brutalizing children or killing them. We won’t even talk about defenseless senior citizens in old age homes- that too happens on a regular basis.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  18. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Why do wipipo refuse to help? 😉,amp.html

    ‘They told us this before’: Baltimore community disillusioned, fearful after violent weekend

    Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison and Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young talk to a Baltimore resident about crime that is affecting his neighborhood.

    Baltimore’s newly installed mayor, Bernard C. “Jack” Young, joined Police Commissioner Michael Harrison on Sunday afternoon for a joint news conference and canvassing event in the Carrollton Ridge community to address the weekend’s spate of gun violence and ask residents for tips. But the dreary afternoon yielded few responses and instead elicited words of frustration and panic from residents, who said they fear for their safety and that of their children.

    Few neighbors answered their doors or opened up to the men. But Marvin Walker — who said he is a relative of two of the victims of Friday’s shooting, including a 1-year-old child — said fellow residents feel disillusioned by what they perceive as false promises by elected and public officials.

    See more: Now officially Baltimore mayor, Jack Young inherits city’s problems — particularly violent crime »

    “This is the norm in this community,” said Walker, 39. “Those people who stood up there before and looked us in our face and said, ‘We’re going to take care of this’ — nah. They told us this before, but they haven’t.”

    In his first day in Baltimore as its official leader, Young reiterated his commitment to driving down the city’s homicides and called Friday’s mass shooting on Ramsay Street, which involved two toddlers, 1 and 2 years old, “unacceptable.”

    “It’s not OK for us to live in this city where our babies are suffering gun violence,” Young said. “My heart breaks for our babies, for the families. I’m also heartsick for the many people in this city who are fed up and drained by this level of violence.”

    The 1- and 2-year-old children were two of five people shot Friday evening in Carrollton Ridge on Ramsay Street. Police are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of the perpetrator of that shooting.

    Seven others were shot overnight Friday. On Saturday, one person was fatally stabbed, two people were fatally shot, and three others were injured in separate incidents, according to Baltimore police.

    The city is nearing 100 reported homicides so far this year. Almost a dozen of the victims were killed within the last week.

    Young and Harrison, two of the city’s highest ranking officials, appealed directly to residents for information about Friday’s shooting, asking them to come forward or leave an anonymous tip. Harrison said officers followed a smart and technological deployment strategy over the weekend and remain committed in tracking down the suspects and serving justice to the affected families.

    “If you are committing the violence, if violence is the life that you choose, then we will see to it that prison will be the price that you pay,” Harrison said. “The people who committed this crime have to be held responsible now.”

    But Walker said while he feels some relief at seeing Young and Harrison come out to show support, the neighborhood needs tangible solutions. Failing to address the community’s needs, he said, perpetuates the cycle.

    “It’s really a sickness in these communities, and if you work on the people instead of building and construction, instead of kicking them out and bringing in new demographics — we need to focus on the people,” he said. “We can’t ignore the trickle-down effect, and these people on the bottom don’t have the control that you people on the top have.”

    Young, who assumed his position Thursday after Catherine Pugh resignedamid the controversy surrounding her self-published “Healthy Holly” book sales with the University of Maryland Medical System and other entities that had business dealings with the city, said he understands the anger and frustration among residents, especially after losing family members of his own to gun violence.

    “We’re going to show that there are consequences for these terrible actions,” Young said. “To the person or people who pulled the trigger — we’ll find you.”

    “To the person or people who pulled the trigger — we’ll find you.”— Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young

    But, Young also said, he can’t drive the violence down alone — and that it can’t happen overnight.

    Harrison said that while Sunday’s canvassing may not have produced the information they sought, maintaining a strong presence in every neighborhood serves as an important step in reducing violence overall. He added that “this mayor cares” and he has confidence in Young’s ability to lead them through this dark period.

    “It’s a good start,” he said. “But you have to build that trust.”

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  19. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:,amp.html

    Johns Hopkins students occupying administrative building call president’s letter ‘deceptive’

    The group that has taken over Garland Hall, chaining doors shut and forcing the building’s closure, are demanding that the university cancel plans for a private police force, which was approved by the Maryland General Assembly during the recent legislative session. They also want the university to end contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Students said they intend to remain at Garland Hall, which they’ve been occupying since early April, until Daniels negotiates with them.

    Also on Saturday, the same Twitter account posted a plea for “fans” because the air conditioning in the building was no longer working on a day when temperatures reached 73 degrees. The Tweet accused the university administration of turning off the cooling system “in an attempt to sweat us out.”

    A university spokeswoman said that the claim about air conditioning is “not accurate.”

    “The utilities in Garland Hall are functioning normally,” said spokeswoman Karen Lancaster in an email. “The HVAC system is currently programmed to a temperature that is cooler than is typical for the building when it is closed, and is well within regulatory requirements.”

    Daniels sent a letter on Friday via email that called the student protest “a troubling and untenable situation.”

    “What started as a strong expression of disagreement with university positions and policies has since been dramatically escalated by the protesters and now involves a number of serious health and safety issues,” Daniels wrote in a letter sent to students, faculty and staff.

    The student-led lock down prompted the university to suspend or relocate services such as financial aid, disability, academic advising and student visas, Daniels said in the letter.

    The student protesters posted on their JHU sit-in social media accounts Thursday morning that they hope the lockdown has “shifted the path of this campus” and “changed the history of Johns Hopkins and its relationship with Baltimore and the broader world.”

    The protesters said that more than 80 faculty have urged president Daniels to meet with the students.

    Daniels wrote in his letter that he would meet with students, but not until they leave the building and “bring their protest activities back in line with legal requirements and university guidelines.”

    The students accused the university administration of misleading undergraduate students’ emergency contacts listed in school records, “misinforming” the campus about Daniels’ requests to meet, conducting surveillance on students “including while sleeping,” and of falsely claiming that city residents “have been manipulating students into taking action.”

    The letter stated the students “wholeheartedly reject this paternalistic positioning,” which it labeled “racist” and “classist.”

    “The Garland Occupiers are committed to nonviolent direct action to achieve our collective purpose and are staunchly opposed to bringing harm to anyone,” stated the letter from students. “In contrast, President Daniels has repeatedly leveraged his office and resources to intimidate students, faculty, and the residents of Baltimore.

    The students stated in the letter that they “reject [Daniels’] caveat that we vacate the building as a condition of negotiation” and that they will not end the occupation “until the terms of our negotiations are met.”

    “The participants of the JHU Garland Occupation demand that the University immediately terminate its plan to form an armed private police force and end all contracts with ICE,” the letter stated.

    The letter also called on the university to “mobilize its resources to bring justice for Tyrone West and his family.”

    West died in 2013 during an altercation with police during a traffic stop in Northeast Baltimore.

    “We demand you negotiate now and that amnesty for all participants or visitors to the space is assured,” the letter stated.

  20. D-FENS says:

    But the negro unemployment rate is at historic lows. Trump said so. I thought the negroes turned to crime only because of Confederate statues and the lack of jobs.

  21. D-FENS says:

    “The suspect is described as a thin man between 5′7″ and 5′10″. When he approached the officer, he was wearing a black T-shirt, navy blue shorts and a rolled up red skull beanie. He also had dark high tops with red heel caps.”

    Oh, and he was wearing BLACK skin.

  22. athEIst says:

    But doncha know the police let the white suspects go and then frame the black suspects. This is also well-known in the blac(oops African american) community. Doncha know like what I’m saying.

  23. @the one they call Desanex

    Though I do believe you meant “Macaulay Culkin”.

  24. By WLOX Staff | May 6, 2019 at 10:38 AM CDT – Updated May 6 at 6:01 PM

    BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Police have identified Darian Tawan Atkinson as the man accused of killing a Biloxi Police Officer…

  25. TWS says:

    We moved to a small town children play in the streets and yards, ride their bikes for miles without supervision and if you stop by the school you’ll see bright cheerful kids. There are such places but you have to look

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  26. @Anon

    he can’t drive the violence down alone — and that it can’t happen overnight.

    smh.  It would be SIMPLE to drive it down, and it could be done overnight.  Let the cops stop, question and frisk.  Take no plea bargains for weapons offenses.  Make sure the sentences are stiff and the minimums followed.  That would get the most-violent actors off the streets, either in jail or in hiding.

    The problem is blacks WON’T do what works.  “Too many black men in prison”, they say.  Like everything else, they have this totally backasswards.

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
  27. @Mr. Rational

    smh. It would be SIMPLE to drive it down, and it could be done overnight. Let the cops stop, question and frisk. Take no plea bargains for weapons offenses. Make sure the sentences are stiff and the minimums followed. That would get the most-violent actors off the streets, either in jail or in hiding.

    Please give me an example of a safe groid country without significant genetic input from non-groids (so Sudan, Cape Verde and Madagascar will never count under any circumstances).

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  28. SafeNow says:

    “killings over disrespect…”

    Not only in homes. Here in Calif, the Driver’s Handbook cautions not to honk at drivers who misbehave, because they might get angry and “retaliate.” “Retaliate” does not mean “return the honk.” Rather, it is a polite way of saying “ kill you.” Yes, different ethnic group, but same idea.

  29. followed by one white female and one Hispanic male.

    Was the Hispanic black, too? Usually they’re white when they’re the perpetrators.

    And the one white suspect is female. I want to know more about that story!

  30. @Mr. Rational

    The joke is that he’s so washed-up I misremembered his name.

  31. @TWS

    Oh, I know that town.
    It’s called 1962.

    • Replies: @TWS
  32. OT: DNA exposes another black male in the death of an elderly white woman. The Ministry of Propaganda reports the arrest but ignores the frequency these crimes occur.

    ‘Man arrested for 1988 murder of Alice Ryan in Greenville, police say’

    GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Greenville Police Department officials announced Monday during a news conference that they have identified and arrested a suspect in a 30-year-old cold case.

    According to Chief Ken Miller, Brian Keith Munns, 51, has been charged in the death of Alice Haynesworth Ryan.

    Ryan, 80, was stabbed to death in her Cleveland Park Home in October 1988.

    Miller said Munns was charged with murder, burglary, armed robbery and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

    He was booked into the Greenville County Detention Center, where he is being held without bond.

    According to Miller, in April 2017  the newly formed Cold Case Unit at the police department began an extensive review of the Ryan murder case file.

    “I was working that day and we got the call to the Ryan home,” recalled retired Captain Don Belue. “We found that Miss Ryan had been stabbed and was laying on the kitchen floor.”…

  33. @Mr. Rational

    The blacks living in these crime-ridden toilets like Baltimore would rather endure black criminals in their midst than help whitey put them in jail. And then they have the gall to complain that whitey isn’t doing enough to bring down the crime. Ridiculous… 🤡🌍

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  34. @EastKekistani

    Please give me an example of a safe groid country without significant genetic input from non-groids

    We’re not talking about another country.  We’re talking about Alabama here; it just FEELS like another country to you.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  35. @EastKekistani

    Was watching a series on dictators…Idi Amin Dada was one of them…We got to learn the mind of a negro.. A cook turned military officer.. Im surprised Snoop Dog hasnt wrote a rap song about it. Negroes like to take things that aren’t theirs. In their pea sized brains they believe when some one is succeeding it must mean they have taken something from them. Their magical juju…Because.. if you know how to fly pyramids around the galaxy no one can ever get to that level. Quite an accmplishment even for a cook. Then…….Amin declared that he had defeated the British and added “CBE” to his title for “Conqueror of the British Empire”. Radio Uganda then announced his entire title: “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE”. Indeed!!!!!

    This from Wikipedia….
    In August 1972, Amin declared what he called an “economic war”, a set of policies that included the expropriation of properties owned by Asians and Europeans. Uganda’s 80,000 Asians were mostly from the Indian subcontinent and born in the country, their ancestors having come to Uganda in search of prosperity when India was still a British colony. Many owned businesses, including large-scale enterprises, which formed the backbone of the Ugandan economy.
    On 4 August 1972, Amin issued a decree ordering the expulsion of the 50,000 Asians who were British passport holders. This was later amended to include all 60,000 Asians who were not Ugandan citizens. Around 30,000 Ugandan Asians emigrated to the UK. Others went to Commonwealth countries such as Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Fiji, or to India, Kenya, Pakistan, Sweden, Tanzania, and the United States. Amin expropriated businesses and properties belonging to the Asians and the Europeans and handed them over to his supporters. The businesses were mismanaged, and industries collapsed from lack of maintenance. This proved disastrous for the already declining economy.

    Negroes do not create… They destroy…

  36. @Mr. Rational

    We’re talking about Alabama here; it just FEELS like another country to you.

    Sure. Do you have any example of groid communities in America that are safe?

  37. @EastKekistani

    I know this one!

    Wakanda, Kansas

    • LOL: EastKekistani
  38. @Bruce County

    I’ll go you one better…

    Negroes CAN not create… only destroy.

    • Replies: @Endgame Napoleon
  39. @Bruce County

    We got to learn the mind of a negro..

    Yep. I’m fascinated by Negroids and their nonsense.

    Amin declared that he had defeated the British and added “CBE” to his title for “Conqueror of the British Empire”. Radio Uganda then announced his entire title: “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE”. Indeed!!!!!

    LMAO. I can’t stop laughing because it is so ridiculous. “A konqa’d da fucking Britishh Empair an shit!”

    In August 1972, Amin declared what he called an “economic war”, a set of policies that included the expropriation of properties owned by Asians and Europeans. Uganda’s 80,000 Asians were mostly from the Indian subcontinent and born in the country, their ancestors having come to Uganda in search of prosperity when India was still a British colony. Many owned businesses, including large-scale enterprises, which formed the backbone of the Ugandan economy.

    Yeah it is awful for non-groids folks in Uganda and other groid countries.

    Negroes do not create… They destroy…

    Yes. Anyway we really need peaceful and humane solutions. Segregation is a necessary first step to contain. Then we need to abolish groid countries altogether and put them under international supervision.

    • Replies: @Bruce County
  40. @EastKekistani

    Do you have any example of groid communities in America that are safe?

    New York City under Guliani and his “broken windows” policing.  Relatively speaking, of course.

    “Stop and frisk” really pissed off the groids but it made them stop packing heat, so shootings went way down.  Of course they cared more about “disrespect” than stopping the shootings, so when they managed to get rid of the policy gunplay shot up again.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @EastKekistani
  41. @EastKekistani

    Its not just awful for non groids, its absolulutely horrendous in non groid countries as well..At least in North America where they nest in large numbers, kill in packs and rape and rob anything with a heart beat. They are godless animlas…parasites … a savage, feral creature hatched upon the world to which humanity hasnt seen the likes of. Ignorant and deadly.
    Cutting off funds to Africa and all other failed black countries is key.. No plane ride.
    Total separation is the ONLY answer.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
    , @AnalogMan
  42. AceDeuce says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Blackimals in NYC aren’t really a “groid community” or anywhere near a majority in NYC like they are in ST Louis or Detroit or Baltimore–I mean, obviously, they are/were the majority in some NYC areas, but they’ve never been more than 28% of the total 5 borough NYC population. It just seems like more becaue they ruin so much.

    In 1900–blessed days–they were 1% of the NYC population–as they were in Chicongo, Detroit and Cleveland back then. When they talk about “building” the U.S.–they weren’t even in the great cities back then.

    They did like they did during “slabery”–doing menial tasks half-assed in a handful of Southern states.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  43. @Jim in Jersey

    Some aren’t like that at all, but they either live in middle class neighborhoods or out in the country.

    The most interesting part was the murder-solving success rate: under 50%.

    So, of the 107 murderers, over half of them are still walking the streets of Birmingham.

  44. @Bruce County

    Its not just awful for non groids, its absolulutely horrendous in non groid countries as well..At least in North America where they nest in large numbers, kill in packs and rape and rob anything with a heart beat.

    Yep. We have already experienced some of Africa in Guangzhou, Okinawa and Tokyo. Our conclusion is that NE Asia does not need to experience more of Africa.

    parasites … a savage, feral creature hatched upon the world to which humanity hasnt seen the likes of. Ignorant and deadly.


    Cutting off funds to Africa and all other failed black countries is key.. No plane ride.

    Yep. We need a wall from Morocco to Egypt, cutting off Negroids from the rest of the world permanently.

    Total separation is the ONLY answer.

    Yes. Although I won’t really just stop at that. They can be allowed to exist in Sub-Saharan Africa. However they should not be allowed to prevent mines and fields there from being utilized by non-groids.

  45. @Mr. Rational

    New York City under Guliani and his “broken windows” policing.


    Relatively speaking, of course.

    That’s the key. To me groids are just really weird.

  46. AnalogMan says:
    @Bruce County

    Total separation is the ONLY answer.

    I once lived in a country where that was government policy. It was called Apartheid.

    For some reason, the people who didn’t live there really didn’t like it.

    That country is gone, now.

    How many of you people took part in those anti-apartheid protests as a way to meet easy girls? Thanks, guys.

    • Replies: @Piglet
  47. @Non PC Infidel

    When I lived in that insufferable $hi+ hole called Atlanta, there were a couple black nursing home workers who let a WWII decorated vet suffer and die, rather than get off their fat “backs” and tend to him in his final moments.

    That, and the one who just couldn’t be bothered to check the daycare bus Friday night and let a kid die over the weekend.

    Sure, there was the wealthy white guy from Home Depot HQ who did the same, but he was busy with the Tinder looking for the kinder and thought he had the perfect crime.

    Whites do deplorable stuff too, but blacks are masters of unspeakable brutality.

  48. @AceDeuce

    They did like they did during “slabery”–doing menial tasks half-assed in a handful of Southern states.

    My Gramps was in charge of labor at a factory in the 20s-40s. Of note, especially during WWII, was the problems with blacks. He didn’t like them as workers because they were lazy, couldn’t understand moderately difficult concepts, there Work was inconsistent and poor quality. They had lots of blacks that hauled materials, would fetch tools, take completed parts from one area to another, Be janitors, or even watch people, but rarely any precision work. These black men would get very upset when a white woman would get a machinists job. They would complain and make a big scene, but during WWII if you made too big of an issue, you’re drafted or worse.
    He told me they tried to get a group of 4 “intelligent” black men to train as machinists. After a couple weeks they worked a full shift, 100% failure of their work. They couldn’t do it.
    This was in the north and these were parts our fighting me. Depended on to survive.
    Gramps wasn’t really racist, he was a realist. If they didn’t provide good products to the War Department, they would lose their contract, all those people wouldn’t work, and no one would get paid. So yeah, the black men swept floors while the white women ran machines. Another little known fact…some women were paid by the factories to watch children for the working moms. Rather than risk poor quality from the blacks.

    The reality of this stuff is eye opening.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  49. @Jim in Jersey

    “You would think that with the astonishing rate at which they kill one another, the problem would’ve resolved itself by now”

    My guess is that their birth rate is very high so even with their high abortion rate and high murder rate the population of Africans in America will continue to increase. Currently at 40 million it is expected to grow to 60 million by 2050. African are way more sexually aggressive then Asians and Europeans.

    The problem will only grow worse.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  50. TWS says:

    It’s real but the outside world is slowly encroaching.

  51. @europeasant

    This is the reason for my proposal to require long-term contraception for all fertile females supported by welfare programs.  Further, offer substantial bonuses for all children who are academic and/or behavioral (criminal) failures to get permanently sterilized when they reach 18.

    Let them be the grasshoppers at the onset of winter, and cease to bother the ants.

    • Replies: @Anon
  52. Anon[218] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr. Rational

    It was a moon-cricket, not a grasshopper! 😉

  53. Birmingham is another dump. The suburb near there, Hoover is pretty white, but the black plague pulls it’s shit there as well. I won’t go into that area unless it’s during the daytime and I have another clip of ammo in my purse.

    There are plenty of white towns in AL that I go to that has everything I need. My area is getting whiter. I’ve noticed less blacks. As the economy starts to tank and I believe it will, things will change. I did vote for Trump, but he’s lying about the economy. You could shoot a cannon down my AO without hitting a car. Even when I traveled to see family, restaurants, fast foods and other retail establishments weren’t that busy. The only people I saw dining out were older white in their 50’s and beyond.

    I avoid blacks in my area like the plague. I will not use a black cashier, I’ll do the self check out before I do that. If I go into a restaurant and they place me with a black server, I just leave. Blacks were really bad to me when I had to work in restaurants. No tip, running me ragged, no thanks. They don’t deserve the kindness that whites give them.

    In fact, the relationship with blacks is completely non-reciprocal. They got all the love and attention, but won’t give it back. I don’t give them an opportunity to use me.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  54. @Annie Oakley

    You sound like a wise woman. Actually, and I certainly mean no insult by it but you sound like my mom!

    92 this year and watched her beloved Jersey City turn into an inhabitable shit-hole. She never forgave them for that. She gets right on the topic with almost every commercial that comes on TV. ‘Why do they have to put blacks in there?’, is the inevitable question. Already told her grandchildren that if they married outside their race, don’t expect her at the wedding and don’t bother bringing any kids around.

    It’s that harsh, scorched earth playfulness you embody as well.

    I remember visiting her in the hospital once. Walked into her room and in the bed next to her… big, fat black woman.

    Took one look in her eyes and I knew. It was the source of many new stories.

    Stay alive. You sound like a gem.

    • Replies: @Annie Oakley
  55. @Jim in Jersey

    Why thank you Jim. I’m in my late 50’s.

    I grew up in a sundown town, a town that was completely white until it’s demise. Now it’s a ghost town.

    I can only imagine the stories your Mom told you about her new roommate. My grandma and mom told me the same thing, marry outside your race and you or your kids won’t be welcome.

    Most of Birmingham looks like war torn Europe. Many parts remind me of pictures of Detroit or the seedy areas of Manhattan.

    I don’t remember what commenter it was but he said he’s quite rude to either clueless whites or paycheck whore whites who either accept dirty money or are the useful idiots for the Dark Left.

  56. Piglet says:

    I visited that country for a couple of weeks in the fall of 1986. The people were very pleasant and not at all like they were portrayed in very biased news stories or in films. (One of the Lethal Weapon films portrayed white South Africans as a bunch of brutal Nazis.)

    The women were just plain beautiful. I didn’t see one that was even homely, much less ugly or unattractive, during my entire time there. It seemed to be bred into them.

    The Africans themselves looked even more primitive than those were have in the US, and I mean truly primitive. There were straight out of the bush and truly looked the part.

    Our polite hosts admitted their country had problems but thanked us for coming from so far away to see their country, “warts and all” as they would say, to make up our own minds.

    I enjoyed my time there and the friendly people I met, but now I would never think for a moment of returning. The country I visited then is gone and a hellish place has replaced it.

    Unfortunately I think it is a preview of what is coming here.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  57. AnalogMan says:

    Thanks for your comment. I like to read an outsider’s views.

    Where were you in South Africa? SA is a mosaic of different cultures, and the English of Natal (the “Last Outpost of the British Empire”), e.g., are very different from the Boers in the Orange Free State. Did your hosts speak English or Afrikaans?

    The girls are indeed beautiful. I worked at Stellenbosch University in the winelands outside Cape Town before retiring, and the town was swarming with those lovely ladies, any one of whom could be a beauty queen, but the occasional exception seemed to really work at being ugly. If I saw a really fat girl, she would usually have a ragged mop of hair dyed like a skunk in yellow and purple, tattoos, a nose ring and a cigarette. But there are a lot of lovely old-fashioned girls there; if any of you young men are looking for a wife you could do a lot worse than give South Africa a look. Unfortunately, after 25 years living under the African yoke, a lot of the kids are brainwashed into leftism. And be sure to meet her mother before you propose; a lot of those Afrikaner beauties don’t age well. On the other hand, my own mother, a small-town Afrikaner from the Free State, was beautiful all her life, and the term I heard most often to describe her was a lady.

    You could score a treasure, and rescue a very grateful girl. But if you go looking, be very, very careful. It’s a jungle there.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Piglet
  58. @AnalogMan

    AnalogMan, perhaps you could start running a White Escape Service, using those beautiful girls as ways to get “family reunification” visas for the rest and get them out of SA?

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  59. Piglet says:

    To answer your question, I’ve had to dig up the itinerary given to our group, which I hadn’t reviewed in many years.

    Our flight landed at Jan Smuts Airport in Johannesburg and we went from there to a tour of Pretoria. The next day we had a tour of the Premier Diamond Mine and had lunch at the Military Catering School at Elandsfontein, hosted by the SADF, followed by a military display at the school.

    That evening there was a “briefing by the Bureau for Information in the Burgerspark Small Room at the hotel.” That was to be followed by a cocktail party in the Committe Room at the hotel that was to be hosted by Mr. Pik Botha, the Foreign Minister, but he was unable to come due to a crisis to which he had to attend. (This was about the time that Samora Machel, leader of Mozambique, was killed in a plane crash, and of course a lot of people blamed South Africa. I recall hearing later that it was due to pilot error as well as the fact that the navigational equipment on the ground was out of service due to parts having been stolen – who would guess that blacks would steal anything they could lay their hands on and ruin everything handed to them by the former colonial rulers – and I’m not sure if the airfield was able to illuminate its runway due to the same reason.)

    The following morning we went to Pretoria to visit the downtown area, the financial district, Braamfontein with the Miners Memorial and “cosmopolitan Hillbrow. Continue to Gold Reef City.” The afternoon included “a guided tour of the ‘City,’ a replica of Johannesburg as it was at the turn of the century.” We went 220 meters below ground level to a gold mine. The evening featured a “formal dinner in the Cullinan Ballroom at the hotel. A ‘Volkspiele’ cabaret will entertain you during the evening.”

    The following day we went to the Heia Safari Ranch and had a braai (BBQ) lunch served by the pool. “The throb of African Drums invites you to the arena where you will see a spectacular display of tribal dancing from several regional tribes.” That evening we flew to Bloemfontein where we were met by members of the SADF and went to our hotel.

    The next morning we went on a tour of Bloemfontein and attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the Parachute Battalion, followed by lunch hosted by the battalion commander. (Note: This tour was for former and current paratroopers to make a parachute jump with the SADF Airborne.) That afternoon we practiced for a parachute jump with SADF equipment and aircraft and according to SADF procedures. That evening we were “collected from the hotel by the SADF for a night in the ‘Veld.’ A braai dinner will be served during the evening.”

    The next morning we went out to an airfield for a parachute jump from a twin-engine C-160 Transall. A C-47 was on the parking ramp and that caught our eyes, as the aircraft is a true piece of Airborne history. Our hosts hadn’t thought of using “that old thing” for the jump but agreed to carry aloft a limited number of jumpers, as it wasn’t large enough for our entire group. We drew lots and unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. (I had already jumped many times from Bundeswehr C-160s, the most recent being two weeks earlier in northern Germany, so that plane was no big deal.) After landing on the drop zone I looked up and saw the C-47 fly over with its jumpers exiting the aircraft. We had just enough cooperation from Mother Nature and it didn’t start to rain until we had made our jump. Following the jump we were honorarily awarded SADF jump wings.

    That evening we flew to Cape Town and our “hotel via Signal Hill for a beautiful view of the city by night.” According to the itinerary, the hotel was the Cape Sun.

    The next morning we left the hotel for “a tour of the Western Cape’s coloured townships. Visit Crossroads, Kyalitsha and Mitchels Plain. Refreshments served en-route. Continue to Paari. Lunch at the famous Spiers wine estate. This afternoon you take a tour of the Winelands area and have the opportunity to same some of the Cape’s well known wines.”

    The next morning we went by cable car to Table Mountain. I recall we couldn’t see much due to being socked in by clouds but it was quite a ride. “Continue over to Kloofnek and pass Llandudno before arriving at the small fishing town of Hout Bay. Drive over the awe inspiring Chapmans Peak to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve and Cape Point itself. A small bus takes you to the ‘Toposcope’ from where you can see the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Return northward along the Indian Ocean coast line into the Constantia Valley.”

    After lunch at the Alphen Hotel we visited the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gards and the “historic homestead of Groot Constantia,” and we returned to Cape Town late in the afternoon.

    The next day we had a full day of leisure before flying that evening to Johannesburg.

    The next morning we went to the airport to fly to Skukuza to visit Kruger National Park. “Depart on a game viewing drive through of the park.” This day was truly amazing. We saw all sorts of animals and spent the night at the Skukuza Rest Camp.

    We were up for an early morning game drive that ended at the Skukusa Airport “where you are met by your game ranger from Sabi Sabi Game Reserve and transferred to the lodge in time for lunch. Late afternoon game viewing through the reserve in open vehicles” and spent the night at Sabi Sabi.

    The next morning featured more game viewing and a “drive northward to Blyde River Canyon, third largest canyon on the world.” Following lunch at a local restaurant we returned to Skukuza. Later that afternoon we flew to Johannesburg and spent the night at the Sandton Sun Hotel.

    Next morning: “Leave the hotel for a visit to Soweto, Johannesburg’s largest black township. A stop will be made when you will meet local dignitaries.”

    I remember a presentation given by a police major about how they had teams going around to the homes in the township, instructing people to turn off the water (supplied by the SA government in a country without an overabundance of water) instead of just letting it run all the time. Apparently the primitive locals just regarded a water tap as something akin to a stream and didn’t mind letting it run and run.

    He described a firefight one night to which his force of about 100 policemen responded. He had his group pause on the edge of the battle instead of getting between two groups. The “comrades” (communist-aligned) were shooting it out with the “Wit Tuchs” (white cloths — sorry if my spelling is off), who wore white bandanas and arm bands for identification and were aligned with tribal ways, and the night was lit up by tracers and RPGs as each side battled for supremacy. The next morning his unit went through and confiscated thousands of weapons. Had they gotten between the thousands of blacks trying to kill each other, they would have likely been wiped out.

    I recall the major noted there were about two dozen or more different languages spoken, there were numerous African “nations” broken into many, many tribes and they all hated each other. The situation in South Africa was portrayed as a struggle between “oppressed” blacks (who flooded into the country from adjacent countries, seeking a better life) and the wicked, racist whites. The reality was that blacks were killing each other in far greater numbers than anything whites may have been doing. (Sound familiar?)

    During our tour of the township we notice black guards patrolling the areas around schools. This was to keep students from burning them down. Apparently they believed that, if they couldn’t pass the classes, they could just burn down the school and they would all just be given passing grades. (African logic at work.)

    Western reporters were of no help. Being there but not seeing anything going on, some were caught paying “yoofs” to set cars on fire and throw stones. Then they took pictures and applied captions about “black South Africans demonstrating for civil rights” that would be published in the western world. The police caught on to this racket and tossed them out of the country.

    I remember coming into town, shortly after our arrival, and seeing blacks lying all over place, flooding parks, just snoozing away, and not being particularly productive. I’d never seen anything like it anywhere else. I discovered from our hosts that this was TNB for South Africa. Again, members of the media were of no help. They’d take pictures, add captions about “brave black South Africans, demonstrating for their rights, were shot dead by white South African police,” and sell their pictures to their home country newspapers. The South Africans denied it and tried to point out the reality of what was going on, but who is going to believe those “racists”?

    Another thing I remember from the trip is visiting a museum dedicated to the Boer War at the turn of the century. The Brits, having been unable to defeat the Boers, rounded up their families and put them in concentration camps. The pictures in the museum would remind you of what the Allies found in the closing days of WW II – people who were reduced to skin and bones. The Boers had to give up in order to keep their families from being exterminated. One of our SADF paratrooper hosts said that it was a long time ago and they didn’t hold a grudge anymore, although some of the others still didn’t like Brits. On another occasion I was in the UK to visit a British Airborne unit in Aldershot and there I came across a monument to the British soldiers who lost their lives in the Boer War. I don’t recall any mention on that monument of what had been done to Boer families.

    Anyway, our trip ended and we flew out the next day, with memories to last a lifetime.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  60. AnalogMan says:

    Thank you for that reply. Aah, memories…

    Bloemfontein is the town I was born and grew up in. I did my military training at Tempe (Special Services Battalion), adjacent to the Parachute Battalion. That was simply a training battalion, no reference to what you call Special Services. I was in an armoured car regiment. I assume the Boer War museum you refer to was the one at the Women’s Memorial outside Bloemfontein. That was for many years a sore point that stoked hostility between English and Afrikaners. It’s not as bad now as it was when I was a kid, when being English-speaking in the capital city of the old Boer republic was about as popular as a pig in a synagogue. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, a good, interesting and not-too-long book, a travelogue, really, is Douglas Reed’s Somewhere South of Suez**. Describes it the way it was in my childhood, after the World War.

    I have lived (briefly) in Pretoria, then in Johannesburg, where I got married, and in Cape Town, where I raised my children, so your comment brought back many memories of the country that alas, as you say, doesn’t exist any more. I know most of those places you mentioned. Thank you again.

    ** Douglas Reed was an international correspondent for the London Times who wrote a series of books, eye-witness accounts, commentary and opinions mostly, from his experiences before, during and after the War. They make fascinating reading. After the war, he settled in South Africa. It was there that he wrote his magnum opus, truly the best book I have ever read, on any subject: The Controversy of Zion. All his books are available for free download, though I have noticed download sites for Controversy seem to be gradually going dark. Get it while you can. If you have problems, get in touch with me here or at The Irish Savant blog.

  61. AnalogMan says:
    @Mr. Rational

    A good suggestion, and something worthwhile doing, but unfortunately I’m the very worst person for the job. I’m an Aspie; I have Asperger’s Syndrome, more lately and less specifically called Autism Spectrum Disorder. That last term tells you very little, since autism is a spectrum of behaviours, stretching from the normal male brain at one end, all the way to head-banging non-verbal disability at the other end.

    As an Aspie, I can’t read faces. This makes it impossible for me to have any insight into what other people are thinking. I’m a social klutz. Can’t read non-verbal cues. The last person you want managing your love life.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  62. @AnalogMan

    I’m not saying you should try your hand at match-making.  I’m saying that you are in the right position to help make the initial connections and then let the two parties sort things out.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  63. AnalogMan says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Not really. I left SA five years ago.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  64. @AnalogMan

    Unless everyone you know is also out, you still have connections.

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