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In 2017 Louisville, Kentucky (a 71% White/23% Black City), Blacks Represented 82% of Individuals Arrested for Homicide
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Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky. Its population is 71 percent white and 23 percent black. It has a violence problem, documented in the excellent show The First 48.

The source of this violence? The black population. The 2017 Louisville Uniform Crime Report shows there were 107 criminal homicides in the city. There were 26 white victims, though whites represented only 10 of those individuals arrested for homicide.

There were 75 black victims, with blacks representing 47 of those individuals arrested for homicide.

For homicides in Louisville in 2017, the majority (50) of the cases were not cleared.

But we do know this: 82.4 percent of those arrested for homicide in 2017 Louisville were black.

And is the first outlet to report this crime data for Louisville, though every news affiliate, radio station, and newspaper in the area has had access to this data for going on two years. Why not publicize it?


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  1. Diggs says:

    If Louisville is “just” 23% black, that would mean it has among the lowest relative percentages of blacks for a comparatively large city east of the Mississippi River (where the vast majority of U.S. blacks reside).

    Just comes to show how quickly a city turns to junk if they even break the 10% barrier.

  2. Why not publicize it? Simple. Any newspaper that printed these stats would instantly be accused of being racist and just trying to make black people look bad. Any radio station that reported it would suffer the same fate. Any politician pointing it out would face calls for him/her to be removed from office for attacking the black community….and being racist.

    The only surprise here is that the Louisville Uniform Crime Report hasn’t been denounced as racist and that there haven’t been calls for the reporting of crime by race to be eliminated.

    Black people are like coked up parrots screeching “racist! racist! racist! Bwak! racist!” anytime anything they don’t like is reported. My guess is that the Crime Report is something they don’t pay attention to or know about- otherwise they’d be screeching.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  3. Why not publicize it? Because Weez bee Kangz an Queenz and Wakandanzzzz an sheit!

  4. Why not publicize it?

    Much like the national debt, each administration hopes to ‘kick the can’ of racial disharmony down the road.

    If it was just the orcs, a government might be able to put a huge dent in the problem with increased penalties, more prisons, etc.

    But it’s not just the orcs. The racial grievance industry’s bread and butter is orc-sploitation, as is fake news’ hysteria. Bureaucratic forces within the government which will always outlive and outlast the current elected dolts depend on human failure to survive.

    Why would any administration–whether deserving or not–draw the ire of Orcs Incorporated? The dumb (m)asses feel better believing all races have their criminal elements in proportionately equal numbers.

    Why rock the boat when we can all just ‘gets paid?’

    • Agree: By-tor
  5. Doright says:

    Politicians and law enforcement along with the media move about as if they are in la la land. Never a word about how the blacks hate Whites, law enforcement, and order. Blacks rob, murder, assault,rape and destroy whole neighborhoods and cities and never a word about it from politicians at any level, law enforcement will be actively searching for violent black criminals and never a mention of race or description of the raging black criminal and just forget about the media unless some White was caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

  6. Zero says:

    Here’s my question. What’s the percentage of city/state jobs in Louisville held by White people? I’m talking city bus drivers, school bus drivers, unemployment office/welfare office, city council and school board, police dept etc.

    I’ll guarantee it’s NOT even close to 71% White.

  7. A little data dump on Louisville that folks here will find “amusing”… :-):,_Kentucky

    This has been a stunningly corrupt city for decades–I know more but I am _not_ going to go there.

    Astute readers can put the pieces together for themselves.

  8. @Zero

    It probably isn’t even half that percentage.

    Probably maybe 25% at best.

    Gub’memt gotta hire all the rest of the mystery meats that the private sector doesn’t hire for higher paying jobs. The gub’ment fills in that gap in order to make it accessible to these unwanted mystery meats the source of income in order for them to be able to afford to move into our once majority lily white suburbs.

    Financially, this method is just filling in the rest of the gap that they don’t otherwise fulfill with their “suction-ape” section 8 replacements supplanted into our once peaceful neighborhoods…

    Who else can spread this cancer faster than themselves? You guessed it!!! Genocide at it’s finest… just one of the many ingredients added to get the “job” done. ✅

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  9. Louisville is already past its point of no return. With a population out of single-digit percentages, even if a police department wanted to correct the issue, they’d have difficulty. The fact that they’re past 20% and still debating the cause of their problem shows the real problem.

    Very much like our own Hudson and Essex counties here in Jersey, they are chin-deep in negros and have pretty much taken a ‘wheels up’ stance. That means they’re not going to actually police the issue… just monitor and discuss further.

    Until we get fed up and start to fight back, this will all continue and get worse.

  10. Hey, PK!

    Since you’re the research guy, how about looking into the state rosters and find out exactly what percentage of state-paid employees are, in fact, black.

    I think the result may be eye opening.

    Even for those among us who are truly jaded.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  11. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Might be something, might not.

    19-year old white girl mauled to death in Tennessee by 5 dogs, a collection of rottweilers, mastiffs, and pit bulls. A neighbor of the dogs’ owners called 911. Then there is a cryptic line from the police report in the article:

    The report said one of the owners said the dogs were “just doing their job.”

    No names or descriptions of the dogs’ owners was given. Hmmm…

    Meanwhile, on an unrelated note, if you keep going down the rabbit hole of stories linked to that one, you find not one, but two stories of black guys raping 14-year-olds:

    • Replies: @By-tor
  12. loren says:

    Named after King Louis XVI of France, Louisville was founded in 1778 by George Rogers Clark, making it one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachians.

  13. @Jim in Jersey

    No need to research–Louisville is not what you think–yet.

    For now they just have vague bureaucratic “goals” which they are _not_ meeting–yet:

    I am so glad I am retired out of the workforce–imagine trying to live in that world of bureaucratic double-talk and double-think.

    The big story is mind-boggling corruption, people….

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  14. @Justvisiting

    I see Louisville as you discribe it but my comment was more about previous commenters who mentioned the role of government as a ‘catch all’ for black employment.

    It’s true that every venue of state and local government is plagued by do-nothing blacks who exist only to show you how powerful they are in their little world.

    I mean, we know about the government handouts and ‘gibs’ and section 8 housing and free phones and healthcare.

    But the ones who ‘work’ for a living… how many of them are simply swinging on the opposite government tit, holding unneeded jobs and getting paid with the same taxpayer funds.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  15. AceDeuce says:

    Meanwhile in Cleveland:

    “A veteran Cleveland city prosecutor declined to bring criminal charges against Mayor Frank Jackson’s grandson after a woman accused him of choking her and hitting her several times with a metal truck hitch.

    Assistant City Prosecutor Aric Kinast, who has worked in the city prosecutor’s office for 18 years, declined to proceed with criminal charges despite two witnesses and the victim naming the grandson as the attacker.

    “The case is the latest in a growing list of incidents involving the mayor’s relatives and their friends.

    The grandson involved in the beating case, Frank Q. Jackson, 22, was arrested in a separate incident in May and later pleaded guilty in a case where he was accused of driving a truck where the passengers shot paintballs at other cars.

    Officers found two guns and two prescription painkillers in the truck. The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to several misdemeanor crimes and was sentenced to two years on probation.

    In June, the mayor’s 16-year-old great-grandson was arrested and accused of driving a car carrying a passenger who fired several shots at Cleveland police officers, according to police and prosecutors. That case is still pending.

    On Wednesday, a car registered to Frank Q. Jackson was spotted speeding away from outside a crime scene where a 30-year-old man suffered a fatal gunshot wound. A car matching the description of Frank Q. Jackson’s car was found torched two days later next to an abandoned building.

    Cleveland homicide detectives went to the mayor’s home and towed Frank Q. Jackson’s truck.

    Sometime this summer, a 19-year-old suspected gang member with several prior felony convictions posted to social media a photo of himself in the mayor’s driveway with what appears to be a large gun in his pocket. Law enforcement sources previously told that suspected gang members made frequent visit the home.

    The mayor and his spokespeople have thus far declined to comment on all of these incidents”.

  16. @Zero

    Office jobs probably have a few whites.
    But yea , I’d estimate 90% + minorities have those jobs that us regular joes don’t have a prayer of ever getting.
    It’s been like that since the early 80s.

    • Agree: Augustus
  17. @AceDeuce

    I’m impressed !
    the mayor actually knows who his grandson and great grandson are.

  18. By-tor says:

    Herald is the last name of the family who owned the five dogs that killed the girl. They had an illegal electric fence that did not keep the dogs contained from the sound of it. The dogs’ names sound like names given by white people. One of the dogs was trained to attack if a gun was pointed at it, and that is the one the police shot. I have been attacked by a pit bull mix that was not restrained on a retractable leash. The owned fled the scene. I found him later, but the local PD would not investigate, so I had to have the rabies series of shots last year.

    • Replies: @Dave453
    , @By-tor
  19. @Jim in Jersey

    how many of them are simply swinging on the opposite government tit, holding unneeded jobs and getting paid with the same taxpayer funds.

    This is a legitimate issue for sure. Also, if you dig into the Louisville plan you can see it is MBA boilerplate with no teeth or followup–a perfect environment for the abuse you are describing.

  20. Butch says:

    I live here from what I’ve seen its way more than 71% black.

    • Agree: Love Street
  21. @Love Street

    Regarding Cleveland…

    Awww, there’s nothing to see here, those are the Mayor’s 3rd and 4th generation family of criminals in the making…

    Bet a majority of Cleveland’s “replacements” will still vote good ole’ Frankie into office again when his latest term is up for election…

    Latest news out of Cleveland, 2 (more) shot dead yesterday evening… they’s tryin to challenge all our other fabulous culturally enriched cities, eh?

  22. Dave453 says:

    Dog owners name is rodnee. Could be black ow write….
    “A witness at the scene told investigators Adrieanna was coming over to pick up her purse because she had left it there the night before. ”
    She was going to the neighbors of the dogs to get her purse. Drunken and drug addled? Night before slumming with who knows who.
    Maybe she was trying to be sneaky, thats why dogs went at her. Maybe not.
    Either way, it seems she was doing dumb things with bad people

    • Replies: @loren
    , @Jim in Jersey
  23. @Non PC Infidel

    Non PC Infidel——-Pattern recognition be raciss. Stereotypes be racis Statistics be raciss. Maff ( math ) be raciss——well,’cept for lottery.

  24. @AmericaTheIrredeemableLand

    AmericaTheIrredeamable—– My experiences in S.C.——Public Housing is a cancerous tumor. Section 8 is terminal metastatic cancer.Don’t matter where the primary tumor is at.

  25. loren says:

    Either way, it seems she was doing dumb things with bad people–stop hating her.
    Dogs killed her. Could happen to anyone.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  26. @Dave453

    Yeah, I looked at the story too.

    Seems to have been acquaintances of hers that she returned to without notice. Dogs were out and obviously regarded her as an intruder. Knowing their names doesn’t help when multiple dogs are attacking. Not much does.

    Generally, the folks that keep those types of dogs don’t keep them as ‘support dogs’. They are bred and trained to attack meaning they are likely guarding some unscrupulous business within.

    Girl was where she was by choice though.

    Bad choices.

  27. By-tor says:

    Does sound kind of black if the name is Rodnee, you are correct. Maybe someone from the Knoxville area can comment on the details of the case.

  28. Raccoon says:

    Was it as victimless crime by the grandson?

    Impossible to ascertain from the report whether any humans were involved.

  29. @loren

    Really loren ????? As John Wayne famously said,” Life is hard.It’s harder when you are stupid.”

  30. @Lancelot Link


    Take a white name and prefix it with ta-, de-, ke-, whatever, and it becomes a black name.

  31. @AceDeuce

    Frank Q. Jackson.

    Does the Q stand for “quality” or “quarrelsome”?

  32. HT says:

    The white Lefty mayor in Louisville is a complete cuck and even with regular black teen flash mob attacks he tells police to stand down and do nothing. Meanwhile he builds housing for Muslim refugees and cuts fire and police services. But the blacks and the large liberal population think he’s great because he does nothing to black criminals and flies a rainbow flag over the courthouse.

    • Replies: @Piglet
  33. Piglet says:

    My own hometown has become very liberal and is doing the same. The publisher of the local free rag newspaper is an openly gay leftist and in June the front page of his rag carried a picture of the flag poles outside of city hall where the rainbow flag was flying all month in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall gay bar riot in New York. (June was also 75 years since the Normandy invasion in France and the invasion of Saipan in the Pacific, but that’s Straight White Man stuff so we’re not supposed to notice.) The rag also carried a story about the “low income housing” (ready-made slums) the city plans to build to “increase die-versity,” fairness, opportunity, equity, blah, blah, blah. The city has become highly taxed and an expensive place to live, and it plans to tax residents to bring in those who will drag down their own property values, steal their cars, break into their homes, assault them, deal drugs, etc. I’m glad I don’t live there anymore!

  34. gkruz says:

    (June was also 75 years since the Normandy invasion in France and the invasion of Saipan in the Pacific, but that’s Straight White Man stuff so we’re not supposed to notice.)
    Normandy and Saipan are why you have negros running wild in the streets of cities under the dominance of the rainbow flag.

  35. @Lancelot Link

    Looking at it’s mugshot I’d say the “Q” stands for “Queer”. 🤣😂😂

  36. gkruz——World Wars 1 and 2 ,like the American Civil War were “brother” wars. Who benefitted from Whites killing each other ??? Follow the money.

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