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In 2017 Illinois, Blacks Represent 14% of the Population of the State and 66 Percent of Known Homicide Suspects
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The statistics are right there, if you just know where to look. Illinois is a 64 percent white state. Its population is 14 percent black.

The 2017 Illinois Uniform Crime Report provides an interesting look at violent crime in the 64 percent white state. 

  • There were 1001 homicides in 2017 (650 of those were in Chicago).
  • There were 409 arrests for homicide in the state in 2017. In 409 arrests for homicide where police identified race, blacks represented 271 of those suspects arrested (54 Hispanics arrested and 83 whites were arrested for homicide)
  • The race of the homicide offender was unknown in 601 homicides
  • Though they represent just 14 percent of the state population, in 2017 Illinois, blacks were 66 percent of known homicide suspects…
  • It should be noted Chicago had a clearance rate of 17 percent for homicides in 2017, the lowest on record…

Per capita…

Despite being…



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  1. OT in Chicongo: Interesting and feel-good story from the frontlines. Six “teens” from the south-side of Chicago decided to conduct a crime spree 50 miles away in the wealthy northwest suburbs of Lake County on August 13th. They decided to steal a car from the driveway of a 75-year old white man who lived in Old Mill Creek, IL. This man heard something suspicious at 1am, called 911 and confronted a black savage in a hoodie (it was 90 degrees out that night btw) attempting to break into his car. At which point five more black teens (one of them a she-boon) jumped out of a Lexus (stolen 2 days earlier) armed with a knife and tire iron to intimidate and attack the homeowner. The old man pulls out his revolver (.357 Magnum most likely), lights them up and strikes a 14-year old thug in the coconut. The whole group hastily retreats and before pulling onto the expressway dumps their now dead 14-year old accomplice and his cousin onto the street before racing back to Chicago (wait…the story gets better). The Lake County Sherriff and Illinois State Police engage in a 120 mph chase which ends up back in the city where the stolen Lexus SUV runs out of gas (that whole future time orientation thing again) in front of news cameras! They bail out but K-9 units and the CPD track down the remaining 4 hiding in dumpsters in a nearby alley. The thug in the black hoodie upon peeking out of the dumpster to see several officers pointing carbines and a hungry K-9 at him actually pissed and crapped himself (he was taken to a hospital to clean up before lockup).
    Now if this happened in Cook County the 5 would have most likely been charged with misdemeanors and traffic offenses…but Lake County ain’t Cook County. Instead they were all charged with Felony Murder and the Lake County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement stating that their residents are armed and they will back their citizens who defend themselves and their property. How refreshing is that?
    The CPD kept their fingers crossed that the old man wouldn’t be charged by a left-wing prosecutor or harassed by the media and made into the next George Zimmerman. (Street cops especially know full well how racial socialism can turn on police or citizens defending themselves nowadays). So far that hasn’t been the case but I’m hearing war drums in the distance coming from the radical left. A legally armed white man (probably {gasp} a Republican) successfully defending himself against young violent black predators is not a story BRA wants to get out. And Black Dindus from Chicago spreading like a cancer and terrorizing rural areas in Illinois and Indiana is definitely not a story this city wants to get out. I’m hearing some law school and journalism graduates from Northwestern and University of Chicago are investigating the old man and his wife and BLM are desperate to target him on social media. I’ll keep you posted if BRA turns on him and he needs legal and financial assistance. Stay tuned.

  2. Prole says:

    Mr. Dees has done a great job of fighting white supremacy in the South and all across the U.S.
    Death to White Nationalism.

    BTW, Jared Taylor has been banned from Europe. That is great. A black person from Angola can go and visit his White Baby Mama in Germany but this so called “Huwhite Nationalist” can not even enter Europe. LOL.

  3. Vinnie O says:

    I would note that East St. Louis is technically in Illinois, but it acts like REAL St. Louis. Decades ago, East St. Louis went bankrupt, and policing the place became the responsibility of the Illinois State Police. I heard that the worst punishment the State Police could use to threaten a trooper was to send him to patrol East St. Louis.

    My father grew up in what was then the IRISH slum on the South Side. He said the Irish regularly had street fights with the German and Italian guys who lived a couple blocks away (in their own slums). But you never KILLED anybody.

  4. Gunga Din says:

    If there’s every a story on here where blacks are a small minority but DON’T account for most of the shootings/homicides, I’ll probably faint.

  5. anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    Chicago is the place where they’re literally getting away with murder what with its ridiculously low clearance rate. Murderers roam around free to do it again. On lesser crimes the black state’s attorney has a policy of low bail for repeat offending criminals, putting them out to commit more crime. Being allowed to commit crime, the new black civil right.

  6. Realist says:
    @Blue Juice

    The old man pulls out his revolver (.357 Magnum most likely), lights them up and strikes a 14-year old thug in the coconut.

    Good for him, but the gun was described as small caliber, he needs to get a large caliber. He might not be so lucky next time…hitting a couple of the dozen or so brain cells.

  7. @Blue Juice

    I really got my morning jollies reading that one! One question, the old guy shot the yoof in the coconut, was that his head or his balls? Just curious.

  8. I occasionally have to stay overnight near Charlotte, which has the potential to become the Chicago of the South — the 10 PM news every night is a hair-raising array of black criminality, plus a few crazy whites stirred in for some editorial balance. It’s well past 10:30 before you get any non-crime news, usually poor blacks complaining about something not being done for them.

    Anyway, the most disturbing story the other night was a gang of “teens” using dirt bikes to quickly descend on a business or a neighborhood and then disappear just as quickly to spread their terror elsewhere. If this tactic becomes a trend …

  9. Glock45 says:
    @Blue Juice

    I’m hearing some law school and journalism graduates from Northwestern and University of Chicago are investigating the old man and his wife and BLM are desperate to target him on social media.

    Yep, as we speak, these types are poring through whatever social media presence he has. Woe to him if they should find out that he ever posted on any right-wing, let alone a race-realist website.

    If he has, you can pretty much guarantee that BLM and their leftist buddies WILL use that and get a prosecutor to go after him.

    He posted on this website! He MUST be a racist!! Therefore, when he went after those feral nogs threatening him with a buckknife and a crowbar, he was motivated by “racist hate”, not any desire to defend himself.

    And, as the Left (and Trump) reminded us last week, “hate has no place in America!!” Especially “racist hate!!!”

    And, because “racists” are worse than rapists and murderers in clown world America, he can forget about getting even a Republican “elected official” to come to his defense, should he end up getting charged with a crime for defending himself from these feral apes.

    Yep, it’s be said before, but in another decade, it will be illegal for whites to defend themselves from blacks. We’re almost there now.

  10. OT:
    Anyone following the Philly cop shooting incident.?? Oh… its not a mass shooting.
    His name is Maurice Hill according to AP. No other description in the story. NO FUCKING WAY!!!!
    So I searched a bit more… yup… he’s black. And get this… they took him alive!!!! That ought to shut down the blacks and lefty loons for a bit.. How long before this non-story just fades away??
    There used to be a news reporter in Toronto many years ago that would endhis news show will a little story. Then his final words would also be….”Thats not news folks, but that too is reality”.
    And his most famous…“Even if it’s absurd to think you can change things, it’s even more absurd to believe that it is foolish and unimportant to try.”

    Just a shout out to Bluice Juice.. good to see ya back.

  11. ‘Blacks Represent 14% of the Population of the State and 66 Percent of Known Homicide Suspects’

    If we conduct a thought experiment and imagine a population of a thousand in which there are 15 murders, that means the 140 blacks committed ten of the murders while the 860 non-blacks committed five of the murders. That is to say, one out of every fourteen blacks murders, but only one out of every 172 non-blacks murders.

    Blacks are twelve times as likely to murder as non-blacks. That’s slightly more than the usual proportions, which range between six to one and ten to one across the various possible settings — but I’d guess that’s because Illinois’ blacks are even more urban compared to the non-blacks than the usual. That’d bump the black proportion of killings up a bit.

  12. M.Anthony says:

    I make one or two trips a year to visit relatives and friends in the Chicago area. Relatives are in the NW burbs, in the Glenview area and also up in Kenosha, WI. Friends are closer to the city in the area around Wrigley Field. Over the last decade or so, they all echo the same remarks to me about the slow, steady uptick in crime outside of the notorious “hoods” of the South Side, mostly because the bones are being picked bare in those areas and, like a cancer, the animals are moving on to where there is “food”, just like the story in comment #1 above by Blue Juice.

    I love visiting Chicago because it’s a great city and has a lot of great people, places to go and tons of good food to eat. But believe you me, when I’m there, my 360 degree peripheral vision and my “street smarts” are turned up to 11, and for good reason. Chicago is a 24/7/365 living case study and example of the absolute and dismal failure of gun control laws. Bottom line for me, you can legislate all the gun control you want until you’re blue in the face, but no amount of laws will EVER keep guns out the hands of criminals, regardless of their ethnic group.

    Of course our “lawmakers” in government don’t really care about guns and criminals, because the end game is not to disarm criminals, but to disarm the rest of us.

  13. m. says:

    black criminality is an old (not new) civil right

  14. @Blue Juice

    Well Blue Juice——–This is the kind of story that used to end with ” and they lived happily ever after”. Too bad the old dude,Mr. Old Dude, didn’t smoke the whole tribe.

  15. @Known Fact

    Hey Known Fact—–Couple years back Charlotte Blacks rioted over the Po-po shooting an armed Black guy resisting arrest.Whitey was to blame even though it was a Black officer that shot the low IQ dindu. We were treated to news coverage showing Black rioters stopping cars and threatening White occupants. I suspect that much of the footage was staged for TV.. Charlotte Whites just can’t be that different from Upstate S.C. Whites.We are all armed. Had that occurred in Spartanburg or Greenville,the herd would have been thinned out considerably. Thank you Mr. Ruger,Mr. Glock,Mr. Smith,and Mr. Wesson.

  16. @Known Fact

    It already is happening, the bikes are usually stolen.

  17. Glock45 says:
    @bruce county

    How long before this non-story just fades away??

    Oh it already has.

    Shooter: Black
    Victims: Cops

    Media = ignore

    • Agree: anon19
    • Replies: @bruce county
  18. @Glock45

    It sure looks that way right now… Then make mine a Gin and Tonic…

  19. @Known Fact

    We have the same exact thing going on in Cleveland. Check out the news stories online or fb-(for the awesome comments since most news websites have closed their comments sections. Most of us that aren’t stalkers or troll know exactly why)

    A couple of news channels that reported on the one we just had here in Cleveland this past weekend. Over 100 dirt bikes and ATV’s invovled, this past sunday, causing chaos and mayhem through the city of Cleveland, starting east and headed to the west sude. One of the riders hit a truck driven by a 72 y/o male, (and reportedly was dragged by truck, which, of course, karma, good for the yoof) in which “they” brought him to a stop, pulled him out of his truck and pistol whipped him.

    Clevleland has a “no chase” policy in place from a shootout that took place years ago in Cleveland from a fleeing car that refused to pull over until it ended up in a dead end, where the police fired 137 shots into the car, 2 occupants inside.

    The “no chase” policy basically gives them “space to destroy and/or enables the yoofs to wreak havoc and chaos on our city streets, pretty much anytime they choose to.

    I’ll post a couple links in the next msg….

  20. Frustration growing as packs of illegal dirt bike riders continue flooding Cleveland streets

    Posted: 5:23 PM, Aug 13, 2019 Updated: 6:01 PM, Aug 13, 2019

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Trevor
  21. @Known Fact

    The 10pm news in S. Florida is the same way, and I’m sure they aren’t covering all the actual stories, just a few of the more sensational ones.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  22. @Detective Callahan

    Great comments on that article.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  23. @Johnny Paytoilet

    (Sorry…coconut = head shot) The 14-year old took one in the head.

    • Replies: @Johnny Paytoilet
  24. @bruce county

    Thanks Bruce…I read the posts here almost every day. Just don’t post myself every time as I’m getting my s*** together in case things kick off in the near future.

    But nope…the blacks in Philly were attacking the cops at the scene while the standoff was still ongoing (see link below). They seemed to enjoy the fact that the police were running for cover and hiding after they got shot and it just emboldened them some more.

  25. Luludog says:
    @bruce county

    The Philly shoot up story is already gone from the MSM. No pictures of suspect – no problem, it never happened.

    • Replies: @anon19
  26. @Gunga Din

    No such place exists in the non-fictional USA.

  27. @Sick 'n Tired

    Why are you people watching the 10PM propaganda broadcast?

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  28. gp says:
    @bruce county

    Not to mention the Philly “community” lambasting the cops for taking down the thug shooter. Bongino has the video. It’s like the people who live in these free-fire zones ENJOY the shooting, as a form of fireworks or whatever. I live in sh!thole Rockford, about 80 miles from Chicago, and the shooting never stops here.

  29. @Blue Juice

    Thanks for the reply. I guess you could say this yoof was a real bonehead. Loved the part where the other dindu crapped & pissed his drawers. I think the media would call this a botched robbery attempt or something like that………….

  30. Loren says:

    off topic..via Drudge

    More than a decade later, Martinez is one of hundreds of patients who have accused Awaad of intentionally misreading their EEGs and misdiagnosing them with epilepsy in childhood, all to increase his pay. In June, Martinez’s case became the first to go to trial in Michigan. The case shines a light on the grim world of health-care fraud—specifically, the growing number of doctors who are accused of performing unnecessary procedures, sometimes for their own personal gain.

    At Awaad’s trial, Martinez’s lawyers painted a portrait of a man on a quest to conduct as many EEGs as possible, and of a hospital that looked the other way as red flags flew up around him. The lawyers accused Awaad of being hired by Oakwood Healthcare on a contract that compensated him for each EEG he performed. In his time at the hospital, from 1999 to 2007, his salary rose from $185,000 to $300,000, and he qualified for bonuses up to $220,000 if he met certain billing targets. Brian McKeen, Martinez’s lawyer, told jurors that Awaad had “turned that EEG machine into an ATM.”

  31. @Sick 'n Tired

    And surprising, as Yahoo is not exactly a conservative hangout. A ray of hope?

  32. anon19 says:

    The MSM formula…. see no (black) evil, hear no (black) evil, speak no (black) evil.

  33. AceDeuce says:
    @bruce county

    The 80 IQs and their white cuckfluffers have been marveling that they took this skidmark alive. Are they really that dumb? In their next “breff’” they argue how the jails are bulging full of groids (presumably alive). Well, how did they get in there alive-under their own power? Evidently the cops don’t shoot that often (not often enough).

    Many of the most heinous criminal groids were taken alive-(too bad) The Wichita Massacre killers, railroad killer Colin Ferguson, the Utah Hi-Fi murderers, the Richmond Spree killers, the Knoxville Horror killers, and Mumia. Among many others.

  34. AceDeuce says:

    LOL. The Mayor of Cleveland is a worthless mulatto who looks like a crackhead. In the past few months alone, his grandson has been arrested on gun and drug charges, and his 16 yr. old great grandson was arrested last month for shooting at police.

    • Replies: @eah
  35. eah says:

    Generally Ohio has crime rates lower than the national average (not too surprising really) — but several of its cities have very high crime rates, and Cleveland is one of them — it’s the same sad pattern nearly everywhere in the US: urban centers, which should also be centers of civilization and culture, have been largely ceded to feral Blacks, with predictable consequences — it’s insane really.

    Cleveland (50% black)

    Cincinnati (45% “)

    Dayton (45% “)

    Cleveland is also very segregated (purple = Blacks, red = Whites)

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  36. AceDeuce says:

    You’re right, and there are also a bunch of small Ohio towns overrun by Mexicans and their ilk. That’s all over the Midwest.

    FWIW, 2010 census has whites in Cleveland at 37%. Blacks at 53% w/ 10% hispanics. (both those numbers probably low). That demographic map of Cleveland looks 30 years old–the West Side used to be mainly white, but not no’ mo’–even the west suburbs are half gone now–with a predictable rise in crime.

  37. @Known Fact

    the most disturbing story the other night was a gang of “teens” using dirt bikes to quickly descend on a business or a neighborhood and then disappear just as quickly to spread their terror elsewhere. If this tactic becomes a trend …

    … people will start keeping lengths of steel cable handy to string across streets so these clowns can clotheline themselves.

    After the first few you can take the cable down and use the bodies for speed bumps.

    • LOL: Love Street
  38. Trevor says:

    African negroes grossly abusing another White technology, like they do with firearms and practically everything else wherever they are.

    They need to be removed from access to all White technology and limited to African inventions.

  39. @SaneClownPosse

    Why are you people watching the 10PM propaganda broadcast?

    1) track crime trends/locations.
    2) learn tactics. People love to brag.
    3) Weather Girl.

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